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Use of psychics and remote viewing

When I was a student at Belfast Royal Academy in the 1960s there was a girl at the school with a birth defect. Her parents had worked at the embassy in Moscow. So experiments in microwave and other types of energy were known to be being carried out as long as 60 years ago. But also, at the same time, the Soviets were spending a fortune in para-normal research. A practice which the CIA soon copied in a race to produce the perfect mind-reading spy. I wonder at the concentration on DEW weapons and the possibility of the use of psychics being completely ignored. What we know about misinformation on the web is that the ideas which damage the cause of TIs most will be repeated ad nauseum and the ideas they don't want acknowledged will be suppressed. Logically, going on the track record of the spy agencies, they rarely abandon any line of research which might be of advantage. After all the taxpayers purse is bottomless. As both the Soviets and the Americans were studying microwave type weapons and para normal abilities at the same time, the logical progression would be to marry the two. Enhancing the brain to bring about remote control has been demonstrated with paraplegics, suitably wired, operating computers with their thoughts.Apart from this history lesson, which you all knew anyway, what is my point? Just a thought really. Someone messing with your mind is horrendous. Everyone appears to assume it is solely technological and therefore unstoppable. But if psychics are being used PRAYER can be used to stop it. Prayer counters magic. If your prayers are not strong enough get on a prayer site such as Prayonit and ask for prayers to protect you from magic. Pray that those who use magic against you that their magic will be taken away permanently. This suggestion is experimental and could only work against telepathy and remote viewing. Sadly prayer won't counter a technological weapon. Feedback is welcome - if you think it works - or not. Best of luck.
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There is no doubt that technology is being used against victims but why? What is not being understood is that the interconnected satanic occultists across the globe are using the principles of physics to manipulate matter, space and time. They, the government scientists of the world, had at one time discovered that "electromagnetic fields, radio waves and or microwaves" are able to "open up door ways" into parallel dimensions and into other worldly space continuum's. This is why there is such a push for all the electromagnetic and microwave technologies to be built up around us..."everywhere".

In effect, they are not only creating doorways but attempting to make the entire planet one big gateway, to where the veil between the parallel worlds will no longer exist, allowing other worldly beings (the demons) to enter into our world with ease, just as the bible predicted. The electromagnetic grid that is slowly encompassing our world, I believe, in theory,is affecting our global ecosystem and disturbing our planets natural magnetic fields. Research these three subjects below and you will put the pieces of the puzzle together.

Philadelphia Experiment;

Montauk Project;

Voodoo and Quantum Physics;

Paranormal, Spirits and Electromagnetic fields;

T.S. aka egy

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