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I am an unwilling  Irish targeted individual of wirelessly enabled remote neural monitoring and remote neural manipulation.  I am aware of at least a dozen other Irish individuals, some of who I personally know,  who are being subjected to wirelessly enabled remote neural monitoring as well as remote neural manipulation.   We do not know who our aggressors are.  We have never met anybody who claimed to be wirelessly targeting us on a constant basis for years at a time.    I believe that wirelessly enabled technology has been implanted in my brain and body which links me to a network of computers combined with a super-computer.     A system of reading my thoughts and replying to them in real time is being used against me.  Signals are being injected into my brain and body which can make me see images which I do not wish to see, as well as making me hear words and sounds that I do not wish to hear, as well as making me feel sensations which I do not wish to feel, while also making a selection of my facial and neck muscles move against my will.  I believe that the process of forced muscle movement is being enabled by  programmable bio-chips having been imbedded in my muscles through inhalation and ingestion as well as a variety of other means.  I am aware of several other human beings who are reporting forced muscle movement including experiencing their own hand hitting them against their will.   This phenomenon is real and is widely reported as being easily achievable by main stream neuro weapons experts.
Technology exists now that can force a targeted individual to enunciate words and whole sentences in a court of law that said  targeted individual has no wish to enunciate.  A  phenomenon called forced speech is being used to induce this process.   Forced speech may be induced in targeted individuals  by unknown operatives who  wirelessly manipulating the human motor cortex in combination with simultaneously wirelessly manipulating the human vocal cords in order to force that targeted individual to enunciate words and sentences that they do not wish to enunciate  while simultaneously claiming to agree with sentiments that they vehemently do not agree with.  The criminal neuro operatives who induce forced speech in an unwilling targeted individual work from an unknown location by the use of wireless means.
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When the human race succeeds in destroying and outlawing all microwave and millimetre wave transmitters as well as all telephone masts,  GWEN towers and phased arrays we will then be free from wireless enslavement via both body control and mind control forever.  This ongoing wireless enslavement of human beings is called Remote Neural Monitoring and Remote Neural Manipulation.   We will return to a state of absolute freedom, forever free from the attempted enslavement of the human race by dark occultists who currently own and control all worldwide banks, many corporations, the crown corporation, the United Nations, the Vatican, Washington DC, the London Financial District, the Pentagon, the British Commonwealth and much more  The existence of satellites is an easily proven hoax.  All worldwide data travels via undersea fibre optic cables.  Many senior politicians and news editors and police chiefs may already be controlled by Remote Neural Monitoring.  Please raise awareness of the urgent need to have microwave transmitters disabled and banned forever.

Remote Neural Monitoring is being used to send digital signals to the audio cortex of a human brain thereby forcing that human being to hear voices of military/intelligence personnel totally against the will of said human being.

Remote Neural Monitoring is being used to send digital signals to the visual cortex of a human brain thereby forcing that human being to see visions put their by artificial means.

Remote Neural Monitoring is being used to send digital signals to the motor cortex of a human brain thereby forcing that human being to move their muscles against their will.

Remote Neural Monitoring is being used to detect the subvocalizations of a human being thereby enabling military/industrial personnel to read the private thoughts of said human being totally against their will and to reply to them in real time via signals being returned to the audio cortex.

Remote Neural Monitoring is being used to send digital signals to sub-dermal implants  of a human being which may be translated into pain signals at the point of impact.

Remote Neural Monitoring is being used to surveil all five senses of a human being.

Remote Neural Monitoring can effectively be carried out without any physical contact with the targeted human being.

The stringent laws of psychiatry are being used to cover the existence and extreme dangers of Remote Neural Monitoring.   Mind Control is  being used against psychiatrists and others in order to suppress all knowledge of Remote Neural Monitoring.

I personally know of many individuals throughout the island of Ireland who are wirelessly tethered to a supercomputer for the purposes of facilitating Remote Neural Monitoring of them. They no longer complain to the Gardai because they are continually being disbelieved as well as being considered insane. They can not prove that they are being Remote Neural Monitored because wirelessly enabled directed energy is invisible. Combined with this anybody who claims that they hear voices and their thoughts are being read are being ridiculed by sections of the main stream media. The overwhelming power of ridicule is impossible to fight against.

Please organise to your senior politicians to have all microwave transmitters urgently disabled and banned in your area.

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We have all been sprayed with nano particulates from chemtrail spraying of the skies over our heads.   We  have all inhaled and ingested these nano particulates  and they have now lodged throughout our brains and bodies.  Combined with these nano particulates  many people  have been implanted with microchips which connect wirelessly to  these  nano implants.  These nano implants and micro sensors have become encased inside all parts of our bodies and brains.  Anybody can now wirelessly tether us to a computer network and enslave us by this  means.

According to a book called "Project Lucid" published in 1996  by one of Americas foremost authorities on the dangers of technology,  Texe Marrs,   there are super-secret experiments by government and corporate laboratories in which unwilling human subjects are having computer chips and transmitting devices implanted into their brains, ears and elsewhere in their bodies.  The primary reason for this systems use is control.

I myself am a fifteen year long non-consensual and extremely unwilling subject of neuro weapon research, which is being conducted on me by wireless means and by unknown neuro operatives who work from a remote location.  These criminal neuro operatives  can turn the neocortex of the victim into their very own visual, verbal, and auditive communication system simply by manipulating the audio cortex, the visual cortex, the motor cortex and the sensory cortex of the victim whenever they wish.   What this means in my own case  is that the muscles of my face can now be moved against my will.  I can be made to grimace against my will.   The neuro operatives can gain control of my mouth, jaws, lips and tongue and force words and whole sentences out of my mouth against my will.   They can nod and shake my head vigorously by remote means.  They have even moved my eyes rapidly back and forth against my will on one occasion.

Added to that, the criminal neuro operatives can force both sounds and voices inside my head any time of the day or night.  They taunt me constantly and they frequently threaten to torture me at some time in the future.  They also threaten to kill me on occasion.   These criminals monitor everything I say and do.   They attempt to forbid me from every having any conversations about any other members of the human race.   When I am on the telephone I am only allowed to speak about myself or my own issues.  However, I do not obey them.  I treat them with distain.

The criminal neuro operatives who have been part of my life every day for more than fifteen years have informed me that they can see whatever I see provided it is close.  They are unable to see anything I see in the distance.   They have turned my brain into their very own visual system.  They have the capability to hear whatever I hear but they have not activated that capability because it would interfere with their thought analysis work.  Combined with all of this they can also make me feel sensations on my skin whenever they wish.  They can even make these sensations appear hand shaped as if a human hand was physically holding my wrist.  This capability is called haptic technological capability.   Their  experimentation of me is not concerned with mind control.  Their experimentation of me is about research and development of human body control methodologies.  These criminal neuro operatives could potentially place somebody inside a virtual hell if they wished to do so.

Humanity is currently being sprayed with chemtrails which contain nano technology which human beings are inhaling and ingesting.   By this means and others we have become seeded with nano technology which can be used to abuse us.  We have no option but to disassemble and destroy the totally ground based wireless enslavement system which is composed of microwave and millimetre wave transmitters and other antenna and related paraphernalia.   The future is not viable if we fail to do so.    The existence of satellites and other space based weapons is an easily proveable hoax.  Under sea fibre optic cables are currently being used to transmit all worldwide data.

I am not the only targeted individual of non-consensual neuro weapons research in Ireland or overseas.  There are hundreds of thousands of us.  We call ourselves targeted individuals.  Our stories are being disregarded because many others are being heavily mind controlled to disbelieve us.  Remote influencing technologies are being used against them without their knowledge to encourage them to only believe whatever their government or media informs them of.  Targeted Individuals no longer can inform the police, their general medical practitioner or psychiatry of their predicament because they are not being believed.  They end up locked in psychiatric hospitals where they are being forced to ingest brain damaging toxic substances which pose as anti-psychotic medication.  When they are under the influence of these toxic substances they are no longer able to explain their predicament in a plausible manner because these toxic substances blur their thinking in all cases.

The super-rich who wish to enslave the human race by technological means wish to hide their growing control over us.   To that end, the fact that they have secret means to control  hundreds of thousands of their fellow human beings throughout the world has remained a secret until now.  Their agents discredit anyone who attempts to inform the public of their experiences of being a non-consensual neuro weapons research subject.   Every effort is made to place that whistleblower in a psychiatric hospital as soon as they attempt to tell of their experiences.   Failing that, agents of the enslavement system make every attempt to place said whistleblower on a terrorist list.

The super-rich who wish to gain control over the human race have fabricated hoaxes in order to provide cover stories to cover the existence of this advance secret technology and to engender passivity in the masses, and to make they themselves appear to have more power and capability than they actually have.

These hoaxes were created by dark occultists by the use of science and technology and many forms of trickery for example, the expedient use of magic lanterns, hollywood makeup, film sets, holograms and brain weapons combined with constant repitition in the media in order to engrain these hoaxes in the minds of humanity. In some instances they back date their hoaxes to make it appear that these occurrences were happening in the distant past. The CIA, by the use of brain warfare, are now using personal data profiles to create individualized religious experiences which they can download into the brain of an illegally implanted human being by wireless means.

A selection of the hoaxes which have been created are as follows:-

The near death experience hoax, the religious apparation hoax, the demonic possession hoax, the poltergeist hoax, the past life regression hoax, the channelling hoax, the sixth sense hoax, the end times hoax, the saviour hoax, the rapture hoax, the extra-terresterial hoax, the space travel hoax, the existence of inter-dimensional beings hoax, the artificial intelligence has now become sentient hoax, the existence of satellites hoax, and the existence of space based weapons hoax, the earth is ball shaped hoax to name a few.

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Non-consensual neuro weapons research subjects are being wirelessly tethered to a super computer via the either micro or nano technology inside the human body, much of which was put there by illegal chemtrail spraying of the skies over our heads and some of what may have been put there by covertly injecting the non-consensual neuro weapons research subject with micro-transmitters.
After many years, when non-consensual neuro weapons research subjects have the motor cortex of ...their brains partially mapped to a certain level, then the criminal neuro research operatives can remote control any muscle in the body of the research subject against their will. In this way, good will human beings throughout many parts of the world are becoming neuro slaves.
Neuro slaves can be forced both to speak and to act against their wills.
Neuro slaves can be forced to place their hands on a hot stove.
Neuro slaves can be forced to hit themselves repeatedly against their wills.
Neuro slaves can be forced to cut off their own finger or even all of their fingers in their left hand.
Neuro slaves must obey all instructions from unknown slave masters who speak to the neuro slave by placing their voices inside the head of the neuro slave by means of either brain to brain interface or a number of other military communication methodologies.
Neuro enslavement may be achievable in whole populations at one time by means of allowing an artificial intelligence program to partially brain map the motor cortex of all of the population of that country.
Some senior politicians may already be neuro slaves.
We must urgently demolish all microwave transmittors.
We must stop all millimeter wave transmitters from being erected anywhere in the world urgently.

Mobile phone towers are the linchpin that holds the wireless human enslavement protocol in place for the following reasons:- Under sea fiber optic cables transmit 99% of all international data. There are now over 300 undersea fiber optic cables stretching 550,000 miles. Each cable is less than three inches thick and houses several optical fibres.

There are no satellites. The existence of satellites was created by disinformation agents. The existence of satellites is a hoax. Firstly, there is no material that can resist the heat of the thermosphere which is 2000 degrees celsius. Secondly, air and space can not co-exist side by side. This feat has never been achieved in a laboratory setting. It is biologically impossible for space to even exist other than air. This would indiciate that satellites and space travel have all been hoaxed in order to steal tax dollars and in order to make a cabal of would-be enslavers appear to have more power than they have. If we have mobile phone towers dismantled the human race would have our freedom returned to us immediately.

 Please share.

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