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Our minds should remain balanced at the centre of a bell curve. 
If we become left brain dominant we become cruel, intolerant, selfish, greedy, sadistic, unmerciful, intolerant, domineering, controlling, tyrannical, inhumane, vindictive and authoritarian.

If we become right brain dominant we become subservient, docile, trusting, obedient, servile, submissive, naive, timid and humble. We become religious extremists and unquestioning order followers.

We all veer from left brain dominant to right brain dominant throughout our lives especially when under stress. However, we strive to remain centred.

I believe that nuns are right brain dominant. They have been manipulated to enslave themselves to the Papacy. We do not know what the true agenda of the papacy actually is. The Vatican is the wealthiest corporation on the planet so we can be sure its agenda is not generosity. The Pope and the Cardinals appear to be left brain dominant.

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Knowledge has been hidden from us for thousands of years because a differential in knowledge leads to a differential in power. Power hungry dark occultists have hoarded all types of knowledge including recent advances in science and technology in order to further their own ability to control and even enslave the rest of the human race. However, now that we have the internet where there is no central focus which they can control we have learned of their trickery. Here below is some psychological manipulations which they have been subjecting us to and which we were totally unaware of until recently.

When we are put through the government run school system at the lower schooling levels we become right brain dominant. Right brain dominant people are usually unquestioningly obedient to the control system. Some of their other characteristics are naivete, total trust in church and state, religious extremism, submissiveness, shunning worldly goods in favour of rewards in the afterlife, wrongly believing in the false concept of authority and keeping their heads below the radar.

When the police and military graduate from their respective training academies, they have become left brain dominant. Some of the characteristics of left brain dominant people are authoritarianism, skepticism, athiesm. They tend to believe in survival of the fittest, and they are prone to put material concerns before spiritual beliefs.

If you have a balance between your right brain and your left brain you are in a place of common sense and can see truth more clearly. It has been discovered by students of natural law that there are hidden laws at work in the invisible/mental/spiritual domain. These natural laws inform us that we have free will but that we do not have the ability to escape the consequences of our free will decisions. Natural law behavioural consequences are in place for our maximum evolutionary progress. The overarching ultimate law within the set of Natural Laws is as follows:- Freedom and Morality are directly proportional. As morality increases freedom also increases in any society. I obtained all of the above information from Mark Passio at

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