right (8)

Over compliance with the wishes of others,

to live in ways which are expected of us by others,

to live in ways in order to please others,

or to live in ways designed not to offend others,

or to live a false life on reactions to external stimuli,

leads to an individual living an inauthentic life.

That individual creates a false self which is not based upon their own true feelings and instinctive needs.

In this situation life becomes pointless and futile.

Further to this, unquestioning obedience to the orders of  false authority figures leads to an individual feeling that they are unable to  assess whether some act is objectively right or wrong before carrying out that order, which often leads to that individual going on to commit acts of extreme evil because they are afraid to disobey a direct order from an army general or some other false authority figure.

I am currently reading a book called "Solitude" by Anthony Storr and that is where I am obtaining the information about the  extreme dangers of over compliance.  

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Advanced technology now exists that can make you commit an act of extreme evil against your will. Many individuals throughout the world are being selected at random and are being forced to commit acts of extreme evil against their wills because their brains and central nervous systems can be hijacked for a short time in order to make this occur.
Technology has penetrated our brains without warning which allows any and all of us to be connected to the cerebral internet. The cerebral internet is very similar to the physical internet in the sense that instead of having your computer connected to a terminal, your brain is instead wirelessly connected to a similar terminal where input and output can be controlled externally.
Many are attempting to gain access to their governments in order to raise awareness of this situation. However, governments have been set up against their own people due to interference from outside interests. Whenever this serious topic of being non-consensually wirelessly connected to the cerebral internet is raised in public, the individual who raises it is deemed to be mentally unstable and they are escorted by uninformed police to also uninformed psychiatrists where they are administered poisonous pills which go on to damage their brains if they are ingested on a continuous basis over many years. I am now attempting to circumvent normal government structures in order to access the inner core of my own government in the Republic of Ireland where I reside. If you know of any senior politician in Ireland or overseas, please make him or her aware of this information.
This cerebral internet technology is so advanced that when your brain technology becomes activated by wireless means you can then be made to hear the voices of the neuro operatives who control the system from behind the scenes in our lives. You can be made to see visions and you can be even forced to move your muscles against your will in some instances if a lot of technology has lodged inside your spinal cord in order to enable this occurrence.
This advanced cerebral internet technology has been covered up for many years because anybody who was given unusual experiences by the use of said cerebral internet were wrongly said to have experienced a supernatural event. Their experiences of being sent voices, visions and other unusual experiences via a wireless link to their brains from the cerebral internet was covered up by the use of false cover stories such as religious apparition hoaxes, demonic possession hoaxes, extra-terrestrial visitation hoaxes, and a multitude of other hoaxes. All super-natural events can be easily explained away by the use of the cerebral internet. Further to this, unwary and unsuspicious individuals do not realize that advances in science and technology have created robots to such advancement that they could be passed off as extra-terrestrial visitors when combined with the administration of frequencies of trustfulness to the brains of all interested parties.
The cerebral internet is also being used as a spying tool. If or when your brain technology becomes connected to the cerebral internet and activated by the neuro operatives, all of the electrical activity being generated by your brain and body will be sent to the cerebral internet control terminal in real time and some of what you see will be translated into images by the equipment being used by the neuro operatives, if and when they feel it is necessary. If you look at a human face or a page of writing, that very human face or page of writing will then be available to the neuro staff and their owners to use in any way they wish. This form of intelligence has been in use for several decades if not longer on a much smaller scale than is available to the neuro operatives and their owners at this time.
Many individuals have already been unknowingly connected to the cerebral internet where their brains have been entrained into a state of apathy. Mind control data is being sent to them by wireless means through the cerebral internet in order to make them only and ever believe information which comes to them from a controlled government source. Please attempt to ride above said mind control and brain entrainment while you are attempting to decipher this information herein.
We aught to urgently disassemble and ban all wireless enabling capabilities across the broad as soon as possible so as to free ourselves from this form of slavery now. I believe that nanobots which are networked throughout the human brain is what is linking myself and millions of other individuals to the cerebral internet. I also believe that the human energy field which is sometimes known as the human aura is also being used in a myriad of ways to assist said nanobots to connected the human race to the cerebral internet.
I have been wirelessly connected to the cerebral internet since the spring of 2003. Ever since then I have received voice commands from neuro operatives which are sent via the cerebral internet where said neuro operatives threaten to damage my property and sometimes do so if I refuse to obey them. They also hurt me physically by sending information to my brain and body throughout the wireless two way link which permanently tethers me to the cerebral internet. These neuro operatives also block information which I post online on an almost daily basis to the extent that I do not know if this post will be made available online at this time or indeed ever.
My name is Gretta Fahey from Newbrook, Claremorris, County Mayo, Republic of Ireland. My website is www.targetedindividualsireland.net.

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We have been given a conscience in order to use it to discern what is objectively right or wrong before we say or do anything. Under natural law, which is a known and respected science we are not allowed to abandon use of our conscience for any reason whatsoever. However, when nuns profess total obedience to the Pope they are abandoning use of their conscience from that day forward without knowing the true agenda of the Pope and the papacy which he serves. I believe that at the time that novices profess to become nuns they are under a state of brainwashing. They have effectively been manipulated to enslave themselves to an institution which I believe do not have the good of the human race as their agenda. When a religious ceremony is performed in which novices officially become nuns nothing of a supernatural nature actually takes place. This religious ceremony is simply an act of mesmerism. During the brainwashing that subtly takes place in order to get these novices to profess obedience to the Pope for the rest of their lives, a shift happens inside their brains moving them from a central and balanced position on the left brain/right brain continuum to a position of extreme right brain dominance. The characteristics of left brain dominance are cruelty, authoritariansim, intolerance, sadism, vindictiveness, selfishness and greed. The characteristics of left brain dominance are subservience, naivety, obedience, submissiveness and total compliance.

I do not wish to insult nuns. I wish to urge women to reconsider before professing obedience to the Papacy whom I do not trust. The Vatican are considered to be the wealthiest corporation on the planet. A corporation is a business. A business has money and power at the top of its agenda. Please reconsider before you become a nun.  Supreme obedience to the papal authority is always wrong under moral law.

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Our minds should remain balanced at the centre of a bell curve. 
If we become left brain dominant we become cruel, intolerant, selfish, greedy, sadistic, unmerciful, intolerant, domineering, controlling, tyrannical, inhumane, vindictive and authoritarian.

If we become right brain dominant we become subservient, docile, trusting, obedient, servile, submissive, naive, timid and humble. We become religious extremists and unquestioning order followers.

We all veer from left brain dominant to right brain dominant throughout our lives especially when under stress. However, we strive to remain centred.

I believe that nuns are right brain dominant. They have been manipulated to enslave themselves to the Papacy. We do not know what the true agenda of the papacy actually is. The Vatican is the wealthiest corporation on the planet so we can be sure its agenda is not generosity. The Pope and the Cardinals appear to be left brain dominant.

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Knowledge has been hidden from us for thousands of years because a differential in knowledge leads to a differential in power. Power hungry dark occultists have hoarded all types of knowledge including recent advances in science and technology in order to further their own ability to control and even enslave the rest of the human race. However, now that we have the internet where there is no central focus which they can control we have learned of their trickery. Here below is some psychological manipulations which they have been subjecting us to and which we were totally unaware of until recently.

When we are put through the government run school system at the lower schooling levels we become right brain dominant. Right brain dominant people are usually unquestioningly obedient to the control system. Some of their other characteristics are naivete, total trust in church and state, religious extremism, submissiveness, shunning worldly goods in favour of rewards in the afterlife, wrongly believing in the false concept of authority and keeping their heads below the radar.

When the police and military graduate from their respective training academies, they have become left brain dominant. Some of the characteristics of left brain dominant people are authoritarianism, skepticism, athiesm. They tend to believe in survival of the fittest, and they are prone to put material concerns before spiritual beliefs.

If you have a balance between your right brain and your left brain you are in a place of common sense and can see truth more clearly. It has been discovered by students of natural law that there are hidden laws at work in the invisible/mental/spiritual domain. These natural laws inform us that we have free will but that we do not have the ability to escape the consequences of our free will decisions. Natural law behavioural consequences are in place for our maximum evolutionary progress. The overarching ultimate law within the set of Natural Laws is as follows:- Freedom and Morality are directly proportional. As morality increases freedom also increases in any society. I obtained all of the above information from Mark Passio at www.whatonearthishappening.com.

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Things are changing on a wider basis maybe the word on the street about the scandal and history of this group has finally hit home elsewhere but it is still at the core nothing has changed got through to them this locality is still the bermuda triangle despotic criminal regime-

I am living in total uncertainity actual danger without legal redress and my home life and externally well is dominated by this terrible group the physical violence and of a group that I am having to not only encounter the oppression of cowards bullies on the street and their pretence at averting the situation they created and attempting cover up externally.

Have other people named the criminals whom have committed offences on a log for safe keeping in case of emergencies or accident.....this group have criminal surveillance in my home and other hideous techno and they live very close by.

Everything I write say or do is being monitored and I am being told by them audio orally directly they seem to continue to avoid any formal group accountability.

No police have ventured into this street over the past few years when the open criminal offences has been blasted out like street audio theatre or police gone into these others houses taken away their technology or full scale police inquiry?

In the meantime these felonies are now continuosly side-winding pretending they are suddenly all into group interaction in a wider sense but never them personally

 and possible destroying relevant material...... I am literally been done over it is basic cruelity

As to privacy tag does it mean just everyone in peacepink. ?

and unfortunately I have to point out in my case the controlling abusers

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WASHINGTON--(ENEWSPF)--January 17 - Haiti should arrest and prosecute former dictator Jean‑Claude "Baby Doc" Duvalier for grave violations of human rights, Human Rights Watch said today.

Duvalier returned to Haiti yesterday from France where he has lived in exile since 1986.

"Duvalier's return to Haiti should be for one purpose only: to face justice," said José Miguel Vivanco, Americas Director of Human Rights Watch. "Under the presidency of Duvalier and his Tonton Macoutes, thousands were killed and tortured, and hundreds of thousands of Haitians fled into exile. His time to be held accountable is long overdue."

Jean‑Claude Duvalier was Haiti's "president for life" from 1971 to 1986, succeeding his father  François "Papa Doc" Duvalier.  The Duvaliers are estimated to have ordered the deaths of between twenty and thirty thousand Haitian civilians. The brutality of their government created the modern Haitian diaspora, driving hundreds of thousands of Haitians into exile in Canada, France, the United States, the Dominican Republic, and elsewhere.

Official torture and murder were commonplace under both father and son, Human Rights Watch said. The Duvaliers stunted civil society with harsh repression of any signs of independence among political parties, trade unions, and the press.

The Duvaliers created multiple military and paramilitary institutions to impose their will on the civilian population and to avoid creating a single center of power outside the presidency, Human Rights Watch said. These included several units of the army: the Presidential Guard, the Casernes Dessalines, the "Léopards," and the military police. As a counterweight to the army, "Baby Doc" Duvalier created the paramilitary Volunteers for National Security, the so-called Tontons Macoutes, whose membership and power ultimately dwarfed that of the army.  At the local level, section chiefs exercised control and presided in often corrupt and violent fashion over each of Haiti's 565 rural sections.  Jean‑Claude Duvalier relied on the Tonton Macoutes and the other paramilitary institutions to enforce his will until he and his family fled Haiti on February 7, 1986, boarding a U.S. military plane on the first leg of their trip to comfortable exile in France.

Duvalier has never faced prosecution abroad. In September 1999, four Haitian torture victims filed complaints with a French prosecutor charging crimes against humanity. The prosecutor rejected the complaints, because France's 1994 law on crimes against humanity was not retroactive.

"Haiti has enough troubles without Duvalier," said Vivanco. "Duvalier's presence - unless he is immediately arrested- is a slap in the face to a people who have already suffered so much."


Human Rights Watch is one of the world's leading independent organizations dedicated to defending and protecting human rights. By focusing international attention where human rights are violated, we give voice to the oppressed and hold oppressors accountable for their crimes. Our rigorous, objective investigations and strategic, targeted advocacy build intense pressure for action and raise the cost of human rights abuse. For 30 years, Human Rights Watch has worked tenaciously to lay the legal and moral groundwork for deep-rooted change and has fought to bring greater justice and security to people around the world.

Source: commondreams.org

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Call, fax and/or email your Representative and also spread the word to everyone you know (you can copy this alert and forward to people in your email address book.)Nothing you can do will have as much impact as contacting your member of Congress TODAY. Further information is given below.The earlier in the day that you call, the better! Help pave the way for your colleagues holding the meetings!•TAKE ACTION NOW!Don’t know who your Rep is?Visit www.congress.org and put in your address to find out.•CALL YOUR REPRESENTATIVECall your member’s office directly or call the U.S. Capitol switchboard at (202) 224-3121, and ask for your Representative’s office.Is Your Member a Cosponsor?Tell the staffer who answers how grateful you are for their support and ask your member to commit to enrolling more cosponsors of HR 808, the bill to establish a U.S. Department of Peace. You can check the list of current cosponsors online.Is Your Member not a Cosponsor?Tell the staffer who answers that you want your Representative to sign on as a cosponsor of HR 808, the Department of Peace legislation. Request a written response explaining your member's position and the reasoning behind it.You can call your local office as well, but it is most effective if you call the D.C. office first, then follow-up with a fax or email.•WRITE YOUR REPRESENTATIVETo write your Representative, click here to get started. This will allow you to send a fax and/or an email to your congressperson.•CONTACT SENATORSPlease contact your Senators as well. There is no bill number as legislation has yet to be re-introduced into the Senate. Urge your Senator to be an initial sponsor in the Senate.•REPORT YOUR ACTIONPlease tell us that you took action. Fill out this simple form to let us know what you did. 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