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Matthew Domin, 52, a TI who has newly-arrived in the Salem, Oregon area from Missouri with the prospect of a home there, however, the leads that he had did not materialize and he is on the streets.  

He is a Christian and in possession of many marketable skills such as accounting, was an instructor at a college, and many more.  He is a whistleblower and the system has been turned on him.   

Whatever help anyone can provide for him in terms of housing assistance and/or cash would be greatly appreciated.

Here is his contact information:  

Matthew Domin

Cell:  417-299-2653

Email:  mdomin4577@gmail.com

Paypal:  paypal.me/mattityahu

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The new world order cabal have been using the strategy of "divide and conquer" in order to gain power over families, communities, nations and the whole human race. They have attempted to break down the family unit by many and varied subtle means. They have used both church and state to push their agenda. Most agents of church and state can not see the big picture.

Many decades ago before electronic mind control took over, trauma based mind control was used by schools and churches. The clergy urged parents to severely physically discipline their children on the understanding that if the children were not totally obedient to the teaching of the church they would burn in hell for all eternity and the parents might also burn in hell for not disciplining the children enough. Many parents believed this dictate because there was no conflicting information allowed into circulation via the main stream media at the time. This practice alienated many children from their parents.

Parents were also encouraged to lie to their children when the children were at a vulnerable age where they needed to totally trust their parents for reasons of survival. Parents forced the Santa Clause lie and the Tooth Fairy lie on their children so that the children could never fully trust their parents again in the future. This also served to inculcate the children into the belief that it is acceptable to be dishonest.

The main stream media attempted to break down strong family units through promoting promiscuity in magazines which were published for teenage readership on the understanding that Teenagers are at an impressionable age and can be much easier to manipulate than adults.

Private home ownership is a source of power for families who are fighting against the interests of the new world order cabal. The main stream media successfully pushed the idea of not allowing adult children to live in the mostly privately owned family home after the age of twenty four. The new world order cabal wishes young people to either borrow large amounts of money so that they become debt slaves or else to live in rented accommodation where they could be evicted if they did not fall in line with the wishes of the new world order cabal. In recent times, algorythms have been used to place ownership of homes out of the reach of most young adults.

Church and state encouraged parents to send children to school when the children had turned four years old. A childs mind can be compared to liquid which does not set into a solid mind set until the age of seven on average. When the state has access to the minds of children before the age of seven agents of the state can easily inculcate the child into a heirarchical based mind set to the extent that the child becomes unable to challenge false authority in adulthood and in this way they can allow themselves to be enslaved.
For every one homeless person in our country there are three homes lying empty and going derelict. If a homeless person was allowed to live in one of these homes they would keep it warn and clean and they would stop it becoming derelect. All of these empty homes are a source of value to our country. However, man made laws are being used against our interests at every turn.

The new world order cabal is actively building conflict between ethnic groups in Ireland at the moment. They have achieved this by first of all enacting unfair laws in favour of the travelling community so as to set up the travelling community as a hate group. They then subtly inflame hatred against the travelling community in a process where they use gradualism and incrementalism to achieve their aims. I believe that many travellers are being subjected to remote neural monitoring because I heard of one travelling family where four members committed suicide within a short space of time. The travelling community are difficult to control because they constantly move around, which is their birth right. The new world order cabal wish to rigidly control and eventually enslave all of us. They may wish to eliminate the travelling community entirely. In order to solve this situation, we aught to set up motor home parking facilities which we all can use at the edge of each town for the purposes of taking vacations, and which the travelling community can use for the purposes of continuing their nomadic lifestyle. In that way, we can befriend and integrate with the travelling community and protect them from hate groups.

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5 Jan 2009 Mailteam works--victims work trends

5 Jan 2009 Mailteam works--victims work trends (1) Help USA victim Sara 3 Jan 2009 Final call for a TI in the Los Angeles area who may be homeless as of tomorrow night. If anyone has a spare room for a month or so in the Los Angeles area or nearby, so that she can get on her feet, please contact Sara asap at: 323-541-3054. Thanks, Derrick (2) Join our actions to let government hear our voices Please help us to rise 3000 voices to let government hear our voices. We need continue to rise our voices after 31 Dec 2008. Please join our action "Ban Mind Control/Directed Energy Weapons abuse and torture" http://criminaljustice.change.org/actions/view/ban_mind_controldirected_energy_weapons_abuse_and_torture (3) Some news from Feb hearing organized by Senator Eric Adams Timothey wrote: I understand. The Senator asked that we to provide him with professional experts that can lend credibility to the fact that these crimes are going on now and must be addressed by our officials and law enforcement. Dr. Ross is an outstanding addition to our list of experts. Only myself or Senator Adams will make direct contact with the experts we are requesting information and testimony from. As I and Senator Adams are already victims of massive amounts of e-mails from victims around the world. Keep in mind we are in New York City, a city with a huge grass roots activist community, a city that is the media capital of the world. Eric Adams is not your average State Legislator, I know this man personality. Senator Adams is one of the strongest voices to come into the political arena in the last 20 years. He will not let up, he will not stop until we are all free of this injustice . ALL HE NEEDS IS EVIDENCE! Timothy R. White (4) Eleanor White Wrote: US CBS show "60 minutes" will air a segment on mind reading. It airs at 7pm Eastern Standard Time in the Eastern Time Zone on Sunday, January 4, 2009. Check your local listings for other time zones. http://www.cbsnews.com/sections/60minutes/main3415.shtml http://www.cbsnews.com/video/watch/?id=4691834n%3fsource=search_video (5)John Mecca and Debbie Lamb are bringing a court case together and is around 40% finished. (6) Possible method to test electromagnetic waves Cindy Dyer wrote: First of all; there most certainly IS equipment that can test sound waves and energy disturbances within and around you. These perps have to do a lot of this in CLOSE PROXIMITY. There are the "other" things that they do not have to be as close, but that is the V2K and stuff. They have people out there that can test us and if we get together as a group and perhaps set this up, as with ICS, we can ask how much they want to test some of us in one specific area, which would mean that everyone else that wanted to be tested, might have to travel to one location to have this done, but I think for the record and for legal reasons, that if we combine resources, those of us that are willing to pay out some money, we could have this done. We can then combine the results and show what we have as proof. It's just a thought. We all put in some money and try to gravel with this investigator from ICS and then maybe he will take the fee from combined resources. What do you think? jlanham@embarqmail.com wrote: First of all the evidence is easy as it is available eith cameras and medical reports...Itis not far away it is done with the Active Denial weapons technology and EMF or EMR waves... Call your electric company as they can tell you if you have anything in your home that is causing these types of problems. Note from Soleilmavis : I have bought a electromanetic waves detector which can detect electromagnetic waves between 50Hz--3000Hz, but it can not detect mind control weapons. I also bought a shielding clothes which can shield electromagnetic waves between 10Hz-3000Hz, but it also can not shield mind control weapons (7) an interesting website to help you pronounce a word in different languages http://forvo.com/
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