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What would it take to ensure that we all have the same opinions as each other.
1. We would have to deprogram ourselves from any inculcation into any organised religion.
2. We would have to have gotton rid of all unresolved incidences of complex post traumatic stress disorder which might be blocking our human energy fields so that our perceptions of reality would not be distorted in any way.
3. We would need to know how to think logically.
4. We would have to eliminate all neural lace from our brains which is injectable and programmable and which many if not all people have inside their brains now and which is being used to externally control their thoughts, emotions and feelings and which is also being used to upload subliminal and sometimes overt suggestions into peoples brains. Advanced technology is also being used to broadcast images of non-existent scary creatures into people's fields of view leading them to believe that those non-existent images are real.
5. We would also need to stop listening to any and all information coming from both church and state because by those means we are being lied to on an almost unimaginable scale and we have been so ever since we were infants.
In other words, in order for us all to have the same opinions as each other we would have to have lived on a desert island away from all knowledge of hoaxes and lies and organised religions for our entire lives. Then we would be able to see reality objectively.

I am having false information downloaded into my brain and body by means of injectable programmable nano technology permeating my brain and initially when it first began to occur it was difficult for me to understand what was behind my new and unwanted experiences of hearing unwanted voices, seeing unwanted moving images and feeling unwanted touching on the surface of my skin, and seeing holograms in my bedroom at night.   I now fully understand the scientific process which makes this occur and I am no longer in a state of abject terror similar to what I was when it was first done to me.   My name is Gretta Fahey and my postal address is Newbrook, Claremorris, Co. Mayo, Eircode F12 Y560, Republic of Ireland.

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The undetectable crime of placing random individuals under wireless neural control by linking these random individuals to computer networks from electrodes which have become embedded inside their brains and spines  is not yet common place but is spreading rapidly throughout most of the world.   Because the individuals who are informing the general public of this crime are outside the general sphere of influence of people in power nothing gets done to stop its continuance.  It is my belief that government staff who are generally mandated to use smart phones are under electronic mind control to the extent that they do not accept information which does not conform  to government group think.   In fact, it is widely believed that inculcation methods as well as electronic mind control is now being used against individuals who are in charge of government departments, as well as judges, lawyers, university staff and journalists.   They believe that collectivism is the way forward.   We are now being led to believe that the whole world is being prepared to be governed as one large communist state in the future.   I know this because I have been placed under wireless neural control for many years and standard inculcation methods are being used on me every day by the use of voice to skull direct communication.

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The dark new world order crime cartel wish to take away the confidence of the rest of the human race in order to destroy our individuality and our self belief so that they can inculcate us into a collective.  This is a vital part of the inculcation process which happens inside all cults.   I have been implanted with bio-technology to the extent that voices of criminal neuro operatives can force their voices inside my mind anytime they wish.   These neuro operatives constantly insult me in order to attempt to take away my rock solid self belief so that they might inculcate me into a worldwide  collectivism, which is another word for slavery.   In order to inculcate somebody into a collectivism, the target is made to feel guilt and fear.  They are informed that the group does their thinking for them and they are kept so busy that they have no time to question anything.  

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