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The dark new world order crime cartel wish to take away the confidence of the rest of the human race in order to destroy our individuality and our self belief so that they can inculcate us into a collective.  This is a vital part of the inculcation process which happens inside all cults.   I have been implanted with bio-technology to the extent that voices of criminal neuro operatives can force their voices inside my mind anytime they wish.   These neuro operatives constantly insult me in order to attempt to take away my rock solid self belief so that they might inculcate me into a worldwide  collectivism, which is another word for slavery.   In order to inculcate somebody into a collectivism, the target is made to feel guilt and fear.  They are informed that the group does their thinking for them and they are kept so busy that they have no time to question anything.  

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Church and State are being used as methods of social control to the detriment of the personal development of each individual on earth.   Adherents to any organised religion must adopt a child-like mind set of subservience and unquestioning obedience to that organised religion.  The situation is somewhat similar when applied to state control.  Observational practices of all organised religions require the adherent to resubmit to that child-like mind set of subservience and obedience on an almost continual basis.  Therefore we are never allowed to grow up and behave like a functional adult while church and state hold sway in this world.

When we are unquestioningly obedient to the twin hierarchical structures of church and state we can be manipulated to commit acts  of dishonesty to our fellow man and woman because we are not allowed to question whether any action  is objectively right or wrong before we carry it out.    In fact the act of belonging to any type of hierarchy expects both organised dishonesty and unquestioning obedience.   The only way to morally regulate our affairs on this planet is by use of a linear based self-regulating system, a system of rules without rulers, where nobody looks down on another and nobody  looks up to another.  In such a system everybody must take full responsibility for their own behaviour.  Nobody can blame another.  We need such a system urgently.

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