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A cartel of individuals have been projecting frequencies containing information into human brains within the frequency band of human brain activity and senior politicians and others who unknowingly receive the information contained in the projected frequencies believe that information is their own private thoughts and private opinions. Senior politicians who receive their thoughts and opinions from a central preprogrammed data base go on to enact laws based on that information. Said senior politicians have signed documents which have initiated the erection of enslavement technologies throughout the world based on that information which is coming to them from the central proporgrammed data base. Psychiatrists, police officers and others are being controlled by the same method which is leading to our slow enslavement.
Because the brains and bodies of our senior politicians have become wirelessly linked to said central data base of mostly misinformation from metallic particulates inside their brains and bodies which is sometimes called neural dust, we must urgently act to locate and to switch off those super computers. Those super computers can also be used to take over and control the physical body of a human being through control of their central nervous system as described in patent number US6965816.
We are now receiving frequencies from the central data base which is making us all wish to wear nothing but black, white and grey clothing, decorate the interior of our homes in many shades of black, white and grey and purchase vehicles in mostly black, white and grey. Many high profile women such as Caroline Kennedy Schlosburg and Deborah Taveres are mostly wearing black, white and grey. Many clothing stores contain black, white and grey clothing for the most part. Two thousand years ago the Romans only allowed their slaves to wear one uniform colour while the slavemasters wore multicolour clothing. The current would-be slavemasters of the human race appear to wish to return to this mode of dress which would identify the status of an individual by the colour clothing they wore. All of this is occurring gradually and incrementally. When purchasing clothes in future please purchase and wear multicolour garments if you can still source them.

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I have been wirelessly tethered to a network of computers combined with a super computer on a constant basis for fifteen years. During that time I have been hearing the voices of an independent security company combined with the voices of military intelligence personnel twenty four hours per day. These voices are being carried wirelessly to a location inside my head. I have no mental privacy.

I am very concerned that senior politicians both in Ireland and throughout the wi...der world are similarly being wirelessly tethered to an artificial intelligence run super computer, which I believe is owned and controlled by dark luciferians. The thoughts of these senior politicians may be being monitored and also may be being stored in a cloud storage facility. That may be the reason why they failed to warn the human race about the grave danger which humanity faces as this point in time. A large selection of our fellow human beings are being wirelessly harassed and both psychologically tortured and sometimes even physically tortured by wireless means while they are inside their own homes and while they are going about their everyday lives.

All laws that have been enacted by politicians over the past several decades can now be considered null and void because the senior politicians both inside Irish shores and throughout the wider world are under remote influencing technology or under technological duress or both.

Please allow us, your fellow human beings to demolish all microwave and milliwave transmitters inside Irish shores and also allow us to sever all undersea fibre optic cables in order to stop this slow wireless enslavement of the Irish race in its tracks. Please also allow our fellow human beings across the world to follow suit.

I have done fifteen years of dedicated research ever since I became a targeted individual of non-consensual neuro weapons research, which is also known as remote neural monitoring. I have come to strongly believe that the existence of satellites is a hoax and that there is no supernatural presence. It is all an elaborate hoax. There exists extremely advanced technology combined with dark occultists who mean us great harm. They can easily be stopped.

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