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A cartel of individuals have been projecting frequencies containing information into human brains within the frequency band of human brain activity and senior politicians and others who unknowingly receive the information contained in the projected frequencies believe that information is their own private thoughts and private opinions. Senior politicians who receive their thoughts and opinions from a central preprogrammed data base go on to enact laws based on that information. Said senior politicians have signed documents which have initiated the erection of enslavement technologies throughout the world based on that information which is coming to them from the central proporgrammed data base. Psychiatrists, police officers and others are being controlled by the same method which is leading to our slow enslavement.
Because the brains and bodies of our senior politicians have become wirelessly linked to said central data base of mostly misinformation from metallic particulates inside their brains and bodies which is sometimes called neural dust, we must urgently act to locate and to switch off those super computers. Those super computers can also be used to take over and control the physical body of a human being through control of their central nervous system as described in patent number US6965816.
We are now receiving frequencies from the central data base which is making us all wish to wear nothing but black, white and grey clothing, decorate the interior of our homes in many shades of black, white and grey and purchase vehicles in mostly black, white and grey. Many high profile women such as Caroline Kennedy Schlosburg and Deborah Taveres are mostly wearing black, white and grey. Many clothing stores contain black, white and grey clothing for the most part. Two thousand years ago the Romans only allowed their slaves to wear one uniform colour while the slavemasters wore multicolour clothing. The current would-be slavemasters of the human race appear to wish to return to this mode of dress which would identify the status of an individual by the colour clothing they wore. All of this is occurring gradually and incrementally. When purchasing clothes in future please purchase and wear multicolour garments if you can still source them.

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Opulent surroundings combined with elaborate posturing , titles, expensive possessions and ornate uniforms have been used throughout human history in order to help persuade the human race to erroneously believe that some human beings have a higher status than others. This form of trickery is widely used within all organised religions in order to make some individuals erroneously believe that religious leaders have become empowered with mystical capabilities owing to having had rituals performed on them earlier in their lives.
During the sacrament of holy orders elaborately dressed arch bishops perform grandiose displays in an atmosphere of candle light and incense and background organ music in order to create a mesmerising show which is inclined to hold an audience spell bound long enough to make them believe that something of a supernatural nature has just taken place. The young men who have just become ordained are in most normal cases willing to believe that they have now become imbued with supernatural powers which they previously did not have.
After the supposed sacrament of holy orders has taken place the young man who has become supposedly ordained is never again seen out and about while wearing jeans and short sleeved tee shirts because the individuals who run the organised religion are aware of the extreme importance that uniforms play in the minds of the human race. If the Pope, Cardinals or Arch Bishops appeared out in public while wearing track suits we would not be held spell bound in their presence. If fact we might even treat them with distain.
If organised religions were harmless I would not bother to write this article drawing attention to their methods of mesmerism. They have become extremely dangerous. The Vatican have known for many decades that a plot exists to enslave every man woman and child on this earth by wireless technological means and they have not warned us in spite of the fact that they have their own private army of intelligence agents located throughout every country of the world. Many individuals throughout the Republic of Ireland and throughout most of the rest of the world are being slowly and incrementally wirelessly bio-robotized inside their own homes and organised religions have not lifted a finger to make it stop.
You have a moral duty to withdraw all financial support for the Vatican in every way possible as a matter of urgency. Do not contribute any more funds. The individuals who own and run the Vatican are profoundly evil in my opinion. It is time they were officially investigated. Set about making this occur.
Because of the power to mesmerise us through uniforms there appear now to be plans to colour code our clothing in future years if the predatory new world order cabal who appear to have strong alignments with the Vatican get their way. Colours are being slowly and incrementally reduced in the clothing supply which is being made available to the human race. Many clothing stores now sell mostly, black, while and about fifty shades of grey. Vehicles are now being manufactured in shades of mostly black, white and grey. New Apartments are to be found online with their interior decoration in shades of black, white and grey for the most part. Ikea now seems to sell mostly black, white and grey furniture. Why is this? In ancient Rome, slaves were only allowed to wear one or two colours while slave owners wore as many colours as they wished. This situation appears to be on the return but many human beings are under microwave mind control via close proximity of their brains to their smart phones or some other reason and they are still asleep to the dangers we are in form wireless technological enslavement.
The closer we align with the truth in this world the more harmonious life will be for the human race as a whole. Please use logic rather than faith to govern your life.

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My new paper back and eBook Invisible Stalker

Hello Friends,
I am writing to see if your organization, website will list my book on your publications section. 
I am computer scientist / psychologist turned author since my targeting became too great to work in technical positions I once held. My new book INVISIBLE STALKER is written to appeal to both targeted individuals and non targeted alike. 
The advantage of this books is that it allows for targeted individuals to read another's extreme story and it has references and best practices for survival. 
The real advantage of this book is that it is being sold as science fiction and conspiracy.  This will appeal more to the non-targeted causal readers who are interested in conspiracy theory science fiction stories. Once the book has you hooked on the narrative (especially the eBook) the supporting links to YouTube exposing the technology as real will have the causal non-targeted reader question if this is real thereby raising awareness of our circumstance. 
My paper back is well written, and has reference words of reader consideration and study.  My eBook is more comprehensive as  actual information that support my narrative. 
This being said I would like to have my book listed on your site. Please inform me on the best way to do this. You can be forwarded to the Amazon page for the two versions of my book at www.invisiblestalker.com  Once at the site you can preview the eBook and sample the paperback online for free. 
Best Regards,
Dave Huber
Arcadia, California USA
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I discovered that using ear plugs shut down the outer noises but the one is able to hear the Hum / white noise.

If you don't know what the white noise is, please check this video, the sound from the hair drier.

The noise itself might be smaller when the V2K perps tries to talk to the victim. And the V2K perp voices seems to be heard much clearly from inside of one's body like around the back of one's ear or through the vibration of one's breathing.

Can you hear the white noise while you experience the V2K? I think that's the key of how the V2K perps accessing one's brain EMF.
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