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FBI, CIA, Internet Crime Protection Organizations

Please help me save my baby!

I have no way of communicating to the outside world anymore. I can no longer find the mobile phones I hid in my room so I could use it in emergencies like this. My laptops have been messed with. I am only allowed to use PCs that are compromised, browsers that are controlled. The network that I discussed in earlier entries control this town.

I can not find work in companies they DO NOT CONTROL. They have control over my online and mobile communication and they always block calls from companies not in their roster and allow me to establish contact in companies they OWN or are affiliated with. In  these companies, I am bullied to the point where they want me to freak out or give up. This last time, I documented everything knowing now how they operate. They duped me so they could ensure I would exhaust all my funds trusting our agreement and that's when they suddenly turned their back on it.  I documented everything. 

They were able to force me to go back to a place they have FULL CONTROL over, with my neighbors and family being controlled by them. 

They have actually said this technology is owned by the military and they have said they have family members in the FBI and CIA so I know this is a shot in the dark but I will do everything - as long as it's right - to ensure that whether I die or not for making a stand for the truth - I have done everything to ensure I fought for my baby's right to live a normal life.

They have already destroyed my life as people gawked and participated, will you let them destroy another child's future, too?

Please, I am praying, may God work through you. I need to do this, I no longer have the energy, they have managed to harm me physically. I am already weak physically. I need to do something for my baby before  they manage to finally silence me. 

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