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I am, as you all say, a targeted individual. My mind has been used by CIA for the past 10 years or more. The COVID-19 Pandemic seemed to come into full swing around about the same time CIA began interrogating me via a virtual polygraph (voice to skull) in February, 2020. Since then, it has been non-stop harassment and torture from them via voice to skull as you would say. I've been hearing half-a-dozen or more people talking to me each and every day for the past year. They say some of the most outlandish things and call it "punishment". 

I support the Constitution and the United States of America of which I served honorably in the United States Air Force. I was finishing up my bachelors degree when this recent targeting began. I made all-A's for several semesters straight. I believe CIA targeted me for employment, but due to my past drug history they decided to "punish" me for a time. This "punishment" has been the most evil thing I have ever known. They say it will last one year. 

I came here seeking answers to why/how I am being tortured by figuratively masked individuals of an organization(s) that claim to have the right to my mind. The torture began after I was speaking out regarding secret societies and the organization that is above the Office of the President of the United States of America. I was honestly high and talking out of my mind. But, I think they didn't take it so lightly.

About my experience with them over the past year: they organize and categorize my memories and keywords to fit their agenda. They interrogate me with repeated keywords and phrases of which trigger memories and topics of interest which they push into my mind. They repeatedly say things over and over to cause me mental pain and agony. They criticize my every thought and encourage me to do things as well as discourage me to do other things.

Over the past 10 years, they were somewhat nice and encouraged good. They claimed to be CIA and said I work for them. However, after February 2020 they became evil. They speak evil, encourage evil, harass, torture, and accuse me in every way possible. They claim it is "punishment". They claim my mind is not my own. They also claim to have sold my mind to the Republican National Committee, which is when/why the torture started. I was a supporter of RNC candidates; however, I would like to say never again. I was a member of the Libertarian Party and have never paid dues to any other party, although I have supported a Republican Senator and Republican POTUS. Politics aside, the RNC and DNC have sold our constitution to the highest bidder in the name of "security."

My heart goes out to all the targeted individuals. I encourage others who are affected by this unethical and immoral treatment to reach out for support. I thank Soleilmavis Liu for creating this site. May God bless you all. 

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Whenever we expose our biofields to two way digital communication devices, other individuals can hack into our biofields and over time render us immobile. They can also read our current thoughts and our passed memories which are through to become stored in our biofields. For further information of human biofields please read a book called "Human Energy Fields" by Colin A. Ross M.D.
The electromagnetic field of the human body which is sometimes known as the human bio field or the human energy field or the human aura exists and can be photographed by a human energy field camera. There is an excellent human biofield camera currently on the market called the Samsung Galaxy New Energy Camera. This particular biofield camera was invented by a British scientist called Dr Harry Oldfield but there are many other similar biofield cameras available for purchase by the general public both on and off the internet.
It is generally believed that all of our current thoughts as well as all of our passed memories are contained in our human biofield. When we are closely located to a personal computer or smart phone which is registered to our given name we can be readily identified by staff who work for the United States National Security Agency or a similar registered secret society. These staff first of all identify us by using a special technique known as human energy field imprint identification. They then monitor all of our activities while we are in front of our computer if they wish to do so. They wirelessly connect their own biofield to the biofield of the largely unaware digital device user so that they can adjust it in ways that make it remotely controllable to them so that they could eventually get remote control over the human bodies of the individual who they are targeting for remote control.
These biofield scientists who work for the, by now, criminal elite can achieve total control over the human biofield of one of their fellow men, women or children anywhere in the world and by that means then achieve total control over their physical body while accessing them through their two way digital communication device. The scientists who work for the aforementioned criminal elite do so against their wills and without their permission because they themselves are accessed by their own human biofield and can be murdered at the will of the aforementioned criminal elite. I am in continual contact with these scientists and their staff via direct human communication which has come to be known as voice to skull or microwave hearing or synthetic telepathy because I myself am now going through the process of being bio-robotized through exposure of my own biofield to my own two way digital communication devices. However, I will shortly no longer be exposing myself to any digital technologies whatsoever in order to protect myself from this biorobotization process which has also come to be known as human cyborgization or whole body takeover.
I have over time received this information from the voices which I hear coming from inside my head via voice to skull and I am not entirely sure if I should trust it because by using our computers to share true information we can fight against the criminal elite who control the intelligence services. The intelligence agencies are secret societies whose salaries are paid by the general public but the general public are not allowed to scrutenise their activities. Why is this? What is the role of the intelligence agencies? Are the intelligence agencies controlled by any other secret society such as the Freemasons? Why are their areas throughout the whole world that are out of bounds to the general public such as Area 51. Can people be legally murdered now? Can people be murdered or tortured inside Area 51 without any public scruteny whatsoever? Who allowed this situation to come about and why? When will all areas throughout the world which are out of bounds to public scruteny be again exposed to publics scruteny?
For further information about my experiences of being remotely electronically harassed and remotely psychologically tortured please read my website which I alone own and control and which is called www.targetedindividualsireland.net. My name is Gretta Fahey and I live at Newbrook, Claremorris, Co. Mayo, Republic of Ireland.

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FBI, CIA, Internet Crime Protection Organizations

Please help me save my baby!

I have no way of communicating to the outside world anymore. I can no longer find the mobile phones I hid in my room so I could use it in emergencies like this. My laptops have been messed with. I am only allowed to use PCs that are compromised, browsers that are controlled. The network that I discussed in earlier entries control this town.

I can not find work in companies they DO NOT CONTROL. They have control over my online and mobile communication and they always block calls from companies not in their roster and allow me to establish contact in companies they OWN or are affiliated with. In  these companies, I am bullied to the point where they want me to freak out or give up. This last time, I documented everything knowing now how they operate. They duped me so they could ensure I would exhaust all my funds trusting our agreement and that's when they suddenly turned their back on it.  I documented everything. 

They were able to force me to go back to a place they have FULL CONTROL over, with my neighbors and family being controlled by them. 

They have actually said this technology is owned by the military and they have said they have family members in the FBI and CIA so I know this is a shot in the dark but I will do everything - as long as it's right - to ensure that whether I die or not for making a stand for the truth - I have done everything to ensure I fought for my baby's right to live a normal life.

They have already destroyed my life as people gawked and participated, will you let them destroy another child's future, too?

Please, I am praying, may God work through you. I need to do this, I no longer have the energy, they have managed to harm me physically. I am already weak physically. I need to do something for my baby before  they manage to finally silence me. 

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Ok here is the story people had masters and slaves a long time it's not just Remote Neural Monitering it's Remote Neural Asscess A.K.A Slaves And Masters it's how to controal some one i know they been doing this to me and my wife for years. people wanted to steal technologie and there stupid. you know how people black out and can recall what happened ?

Ok someone tryed to do this to my wife moments ago there idiots. this is how some people think there cool they try to make girls do stuff and men there loosers. see some used this for self defence and others use it to be assholes.

when they talk of masters and slaves the master can make people do things here not spose to some did this for self defence others are offencive. to try to make girls sex slaves and do harm to others.

this is what i fought against for years to end the chips. they try to access a chip and remote controal other humans this is what these losers do. there are ways of doing it some call it mastering. it''s done through a mind controal device or implant. alot of people been hideing and lieing bout this for years.

people are not spose to speak of it they do not want it stoped. since they just tryed to make my wife jennifer do something to me im releaseing the info. the more they do the more i will release.

see whit the mind controal devices it's posable to do these people are dangerous some so they want to blaim 2 my wife never realy knew about it and now she is like knowing some stuff becouse people are trying to make her know to pretend she knows alot she dose not now.

you ever have a thought you never knew where it came from ?

you ever just say something and you do not recall ?

now you know how it was done.

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Ok Now we get into hacking. seems like everyone is talking about anubis right and jennifer here is how thy did it. there useing a Voice Masknig to change a voice like a Voice synthasizer and then using fake technologie. here is a way they been doing this the guys that claim to be Jennifer And Anubis there are many people on here i figured i would reveal it today. ok people used other voices and to lie about who they are see they set it up to be on 3 frequencies this is Underhand a older Mac Hack. see chips or Frequencie A, B, C. ok nchips use frequencies and stuff so if yo got someone here on frequencie A and there talking to frequencie B then you are on C. A talks to B talks C talks to so you hear A then you never see C becoue B relays the info to A. then they cut up words and stuff and try to connect to people then disconnect. people stay in tune with chis to make it look like there others so some people thought they were talking to there family and they lied to them they cut up names. useing fake names and saying they were people this technologie is dangerous some people used this to lie for years and hide themself then they try t act like there your familey.

this is illegal and could be how people ubducted children and girls. trying to make it look a certian way like there familey and try to get them picked up it's how they tryed to cut me off from talking to people for years and tryed to setup my wife and myself see they been useing a technologie to conect to people and hide there real voices and try t act like there a computer program.

this is why some of you think there are others you know and they are not they cut up words and use voices then they try to pretend your someone. this guy thought it was his familey doing stuff o him and it could have been another. people been useing this in the USA for a long time it's what the rapist do to pretend there someone else. see they want you to think they are someone they are not and change what you say.

they try to pretend there other people and i have not hears more then 20 voices in 5 or 6 years and there are so many storys about Anubis. there are places i have never been ans people that have never talked to me and this is how people say there others

see some people are rapist and stuff and drug smuglers this is one teqniuqe they used to try to get into position to compermise one. they lie and say there other people they been useing this for years to try to setup people.

this is why it's hard to find people becouse radios are used with chips to turn them on and off and some have edited computers and chips with Mods

some chips also use hacks for illousions of seeing people it's a holutionation.

so they are alive and they need a antivirus to empty the chips

look up a Nurale chip 2020. this is a police correctional officers chip

and check out DNA Chips it's an injection. this is why they claim there are robots and dead there useing Mods.

i figured i would release this im a hacker and am trying to destroy the software. there are rapist useing names and this tequnique to hide themsef they try to use holutionatoins with a DNA chip
to connect to it and use a chip image to lie about who they are. i started to hack in 2005 and people stole software. all the chips are no good and they need to be destroyed. they need to be removed and DNA chis have a DNA chip Removal Kit your Governement should have one. they drug addicts and rapist do not want people to know about it and they need to be found show this to your government.

they also have a Coccine buy with a chip attached in the Coccien and there are also Verichips. there are also radioes connected to computers and and DEW weapons invoved chips are easy to hack but i can proove 50 or more people wanted to stay connected to me and my wife and lie all day and will not disconect. and lieing about how they are and have been useing this for years and do not want to get cought. look into the Verichip hack. they need to be banned.
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Operating System

Even with the best of "protective" programs, myoperating system is being hacked. But I have found a solution.Ubuntu.com and Kubuntu.com offer more benefits and doesn't cost youanything. It runs under a Linux based environment and that means it ismore stable than MS windows.

The best thing of them all isthat you don't have to install the operating system. You can run itdirectly from the cd you create when you download the files.

I like this option very well, because the criminals can't delete files that compromises the integrity of the system.

I'm also looking at other alternatives to MS and will be posting here. Thanks for reading.
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