sleep deprivation (3)

"In some people, one nights sleep deprivation can give you as much insulin resistance as six months on a junk food diet."
The above is a Quote by Dr Rangan Chatterjee on the following Ted Talk "How to make diseases disappear | Rangan Chatterjee | TEDxLiverpool" which I found at the following online link
I am an unwilling and non-consensual victim of Remote Neural Monitoring combined with Remote Neural Manipulation and I am often being wakened up several times per night by Remote Neural Monitoring operatives who are destroying my health by depriving me uninterrupted nights of sleep and they are also destroying my health by many other means including inducing constant stress in me. Why are they being allowed to continue to destroy my health by many and varied means. My name is Gretta Fahey aka Margaret Mary Fahey and my postal address is Newbrook, Claremorris, Co. Mayo, Eircode F12 Y560, Republic of Ireland and my landline home phone number is 094 9360901,

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1.     睡眠時,腦控賤人利用我作為定位系統併芯片竊聽,又但心我知道他們的竊聽內容,所以在我清醒前,將併我芯片時段的記憶全部刪除,令我感覺有如發夢,清醒後夢中的內容完全沒辦法記得。






2.  賤人繼18-20日持續遙控電子武器令我#頭痛44小時後,21日上午6時又發起另一次電子武器摧殘,令我5-7級頭痛約6小時,然後持續兩日#睡眠剥奪。


22日閱報紙知道#武漠肺炎病例又多幾名,因為同病患#併芯片引起相同的反應。 另一方面,持續50小時電子武器摧殘,據講是同他們正在坐牢的大佬有關,年近歲晚,同監獄大佬索錢不逐,唯用遙控電子令他就範,以前大佬教他們怎樣害人,今天全部回饋到坐監大佬身上,也是報應也。




3.  近日持續有政界名人子女被綁架事件發生,請各方小心謹慎,密切保護下一代。


Mind Control News this week (January 18 to 24, 2020)


1. When I sleeping, the metamorphosis chip controller used me as a positioning record and mapping me with someone who #eavesdropping, to avoid I knew what they were eavesdropping, before I awake, used to deleted all my memories during mapping period. I felt like dreaming but I can remember the content of the post-dream after awaked.  


According to the information I collected, the brain control machine has this function, which can delete and increase the memory of the person who being brain controlled at any time. Unfortunately, if you become a #victim of brain control, your daily memory may be lost at any time, so keep more records to recall your memories. 


On the other hand, the most worrying thing is that as an academic research, the memory in your brain can be deleted at any time and become as same as dementia, and the person who plagiarizes your knowledge of research result will input to your memory and replace it. When under mind control, the right for protection of intellectual property is gone! So the patent register will be necessary. 



2. The metamorphosis chip controller after electronic harassment #headache for 44 hours on the 18th and 20th, continuing on 21st at 6 am to 12 noon, electronic harassed over 6 hours, which caused me headache at level 5-7, and then continued to #sleep deprivation for two days long.

Reading the newspaper on the 22nd knew that the deadly coronavirus has spread far and wide, of cause, since this few days wide mapping with patients and remote electronic #harassment, making people got a same symptom as coronavirus.


On the other hand, the electronic harassment also related to the big brothers who were in jail. At the end of the year, the gangster begging for money from their big brother in prison. Only remote electronics harassment can force to pay.  As said they big brother were taught them how to harm people to live, now they pay back to their big brother as well as retribution.


The perps who Disasters against the country: Paul Chun and his brothers, Francis Ng, Timothy Cheng etc. 


3.  The #kidnapping was case by case, the victims most of the children of political celebrities. Please keep more attention to your children and take a closely protection.


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Wow, I'm looking at my "John Reed" comments from five years ago. I actually made sense on occasion. I was then experiencing sleep disruption with the current situation showing more clarity but not much progress. I identified the bad guys as quasi-religious (faith based initiatives) along with quasi-Gov. Not too far off.The reason thought broadcasting isn't mentioned on these sites is:1) it is one of the main offshoots of induced prolonged sleep deprivation (for 6-8 months) which, along with sleep disruption and psychic driving are the primary methods of control. IOW, using sound as a weapon and causing total sleeplessness and then disruption. Sound frequencies are invisible and leave no evidence. The perfect brainwashing tool.2) TSD or total sleep deprivation for 6-8 months involves, among other things, inducing or causing "thought broadcasting" as a reflex, hearing your own thoughts seemingly outloud. An auditory hallucination frequently associated with schizophrenia. When it is induced it isn't (except there will never be credible citations anywhere about the induced kind). No one can believe that the thing called "thought broadcasting" can be experienced completely apart from schizophrenia or psychosis or delusion.Why does thought b'casting happen? TSD, total sleep deprivation, overstimulates the verbal centers of the brain which causes you to hear your thoughts as you are thinking them. In addition, in these rare cases, your thoughts are caused to be reflected word for word (subvocally) in the area of the throat right next to the teeth (hmm, that's interesting). Which means your thoughts are reflected also in the chest area, on the breath and possibly where the brain stem almost touches the vocal cords. (This area, in the back of the neck, shows up as overly sensitive in my case). I remember seeing a metallic device that was worn across the chest which was advertised as being able to pick up occassional thoughts and heard as words.I heard and occassionally still hear my thoughts in an electronically disguised e-voice. Pretty insidious. This is the extent of the brainwashing. Your own thoughts heard but not in your own normal voice. When delivering nonsense like, "this is what we're saying to you" it is heard in a disguised e-voice, as if filtering software were being used resulting in a machine-like up and down sing-song pattern which conveniently disguises voice patterns of the person on the recording software or doing live talking. The method of delivery is no longer a complete mystery.The reply I received 4-5 years ago actually made linear sense except the the person replying pretended not to have any knowledge of what I was talking about except to bring up things like thought insertion, a typical complaint of schizophrenics who mistakenly think, in their case, an outside agency is inserting or controlling their thoughts. All of which means it is close to impossible for any person to believe any of the above or anything happening to me. Case closed. Which leaves it up to certain creeps on this site to make false reports about fake or exaggerated court cases. This site is not "infiltrated". Most of the ppl claiming to be targeted are play-acting. It is overrun. Mixed in are ppl experiencing actual delusions. br/>
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