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  • THE WHITE HOUSE June 4, 2012

    Dear Letitia:

    Thank you for sharing your thoughts with me. Many Americans have written to me about human rights around the world, and I appreciate your perspective.

    The United States was founded on the  principles of freedom and equality, and our history is marked with triumphs and struggles in fulfilling these timeless ideals. Our task is not finished, and protecting these core values is a shared obligation and a priority for my Administration. No nation should be silent in the fight against human rights
    violations. When innocents in places like Sudan, Syria, and the Democratic Republic of Congo are raped, murdered, or tortured, it is a stain on our collective conscience. I am committed to reinvigorating America's leadership on
    a range of international human rights issues.

    As the struggle for human rights continues around the world, we have witnessed an extraordinary change in the Middle East and North Africa. Country by country, people have risen up across this region to demand their human rights; too often, these calls for change have been answered by violence. The United States opposes the use of
    violence and repression against these men and women. Rather, we support a set of universal rights, including free speech, the freedom of peaceful assembly, freedom of religion, equality for men and women under the rule of law, and the right of people to choose their own leaders. We also support political and economic reform in the Middle East and North Africa that can meet the legitimate aspirations of ordinary people throughout the region. While change may not come easily, America will stand squarely on the side of those who are reaching for their rights, knowing their success will bring about a world that is more peaceful, more stable, and more just.

    As you may know, the United States has joined the United Nations Human Rights Council and is working to make
    this body as effective as possible. My Administration will also advocate for human rights in other international settings. In our relations with other countries, the issue of human rights will continue to be raised as clearly,
    persistently, and effectively as possible. Among other things, we will continue to promote accountability for mass atrocities; respect for the rights of minorities and women; freedom of association, speech, and religion; and freedom for people to live as they choose and love whom they chose.

    Our commitment to human rights is an essential element of American foreign policy and serves our national security. Through it, we will help to shut down torture chambers, replace tyranny with good governance, and enlist free nations in the common cause of liberty. To learn more about my Administration's human rights agenda, please visit www.HumanRights.gov or www.WhiteHouse.gov/CPo. Thank you, again, for writing.
    Barack Obama

  • Dear Jonathan,

    I was very sorry to read your letter and learn about the difficulties you have faced. Unfortunately, CCR is unable to offer you any legal assistance. We receive hundreds of inquiries each week and can no longer accept public requests for assistance. I apologize for the inconvenience this may cause.

    If you are seeking legal help, the Legal Aid Society (or 212-577-3300 for the NYC office) may be able to assist you. If you visit LawHelp.org, you can click on your state and find resources in your area. You might also try the American Bar Association (312-988-5522 ), the National Lawyers Guild, or the American Civil Liberties Union.

    I wish you the best of luck in your struggles.

    Leah Todd

  • Alan Stein <Alan@steinandstein.com> 3 de maio de 2012 18:30
    Para: ...@gmail.com>, Neil Stein <nstein@steinandstein.com>, Donald Michelin <Donald@steinandstein.com>, Stephanie Rassam <srassam@steinandstein.com>

    Unfortunately our firm cannot help you on such a matter. Alan Stein



    Yours truly,


    (s) Alan M. Stein


    Me Alan M. Stein, Attorney

    4101 Sherbrooke Street West

    Montreal, Quebec    H3Z 1A7

    Telephone:  514-866-9806, Ext. 212

    Telecopier:  514-875-8218

    Email:          alan@steinandstein.com


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  • amnestyis@amnesty.org <amnestyis@amnesty.org>

    Para: …@gmail.com

    Dear Susana,

    Many thanks for your e-mail. Unfortunately, your query appears to fall outside the remit of Amnesty International.

    If you wish to check which kinds of cases AI can deal with, please check our Web page located at:


    Sorry we are not able to be of further assistance in this matter.

    Kind regards,
    Communications Team


  • First response to the House of Commons of Canada after our petition was refused with significant conflicts.


  • The Challenge of Exotic Weapons

    (Foreign Affairs and International Trade Canada )



    For those states that are on the leading edge of exotic weapons development, opposition will be high to any attempt to formulate a convention that bans whole categories of weapons, let alone have a verification regime that would necessitate intrusive inspections into the very heart of secret facilities and technologies. Since it is not clear at this writing which states are the leading competitors in specific types of weapons systems, more transparency will be needed to contemplate arms control treaties. The best short-term possibilities to address the implications of the upcoming generation of weaponry are non-proliferation control regimes that are national and possibly international in nature. Concerned officials and ex-officials in the United States have recently recommended using national controls such as the “Critical List.” The motivation for making this prescription has more to do with preventing the diffusion of affordable technologies as part of weapons that are a threat to national infrastructure. Careful application of the Geneva Protocol (1949), specifically Article 36 of Additional Protocol I by national governments, would allow policy makers to ask critical questions as to the stated purpose or intent of the weapon.67 Many states that are not yet party to Additional Protocol I have adopted procedures to ensure their weapons are subjected to this type of review.68

    The current international situation is ripe for a discussion about the paths that several governments are taking with new generation weapons, including those classed as so called “non-lethal weapons. Conducting this dialogue is a complex issue. Development of exotic weapons that have the capacity to be both lethal and non-lethal raise questions as to the actual intent of the weapon and their effects. Setting an agenda internationally on these new technologies is not simplified because of the proliferation argument or the notion that the misuse of such weapons will likely be caused by rogue states. Due to its large investments in DEW, the Russian Federation may also be a critical link to future dialogue. The issue is more sensitive because the states where dialogue should begin are friends and allies of Canada. The United States, United Kingdom and France are states that are leaders in exotic technologies. Attempts to establish some controls or regimes may also be complicated by our commitments to NATO and possibly our own future technical involvements through research and bilateral projects.

    There have been enough warning signals that should propel NGO’s and concerned governments to action. Why should there be concern? What weapons systems should be the subject of prompt action? The Moscow theatre gassing in October 2002, is a significant cause for alarm. Reassessing the prohibitions in the CWC regarding calmative agents should be a start. What is even more of a concern is that the use of Fentanyl by security forces illustrates the specious nature of the argument that advocates of non-lethal weapons are making with regards to notions of reduced casualties and minimal effects to human beings. This incident should be a critical example of what necessitates Article 36 reviews and international attention. According to one U.S. military study, “Directed energy (EMP and HPM) and acoustic technologies offer the greatest near term promise for a credible war fighting capability.”69 The Swedish designed High Energy Whirls device utilizing vortex technology is also a cause for concern regarding trauma injuries. The use of microwave technology for “area denial” applications is an operational reality in the U.S. military. If this capability is enhanced without proper reviews and transparency, the issue of superfluous injury and unnecessary suffering will be a missed opportunity. Careful scrutiny of these areas is essential and urgent. In many areas however, there is not enough information on new systems and their full capabilities, particularly when programs are taken over by national militaries.

    Numerous analysts studying these issues have stated that discussion is long overdue and should begin immediately, particularly with more transparency, accountability and information available to the public in several countries. The domestic and international implications of the use and misuse of several exotic weapons and nonlethal variants are serious and require a higher priority by the Canadian government and international fora.

  • From: Wendy Davis <Wendy.Davis@senate.state.tx.us>
    To: "dixjoes@yahoo.com" <dixjoes@yahoo.com>
    Sent: Fri, March 25, 2011 3:14:00 PM
    Subject: RE: Ban mind control/directed energy weapons abuse and torture

    Dear Mr. Dixon,

    Thank you for taking the time to contact my office regarding international human rights. I truly appreciate you sharing your comments with me.

    As this is a federal, and not state issue, my office is not able to offer you any assistance. Please contact your U.S. Congresswoman, Kay Granger, who can be reached at:

    320 Cannon Hob 1701 River Run Road, Suite 407
    WASHINGTON, DC 20515 Fort Worth, Texas 76107
    (202)-225-5071 (817) 338-0909
    (202)-225-5683 (fax) (817) 335-5852 (fax)

    Thank you again for writing. I hope you will continue to share your perspective with your elected representatives.


    Wendy R Davis
    Texas Senate - District 10

    -----Original Message-----
    From: joe dixon [mailto:dixjoes@yahoo.com]
    Sent: Friday, March 25, 2011 11:02 AM
    To: Wendy Davis
    Subject: Ban mind control/directed energy weapons abuse and torture

    Sen. Wendy Davis
    Capitol Extension, EXT E1.608
    1100 Congress Avenue
    Austin TX 78701

    Dear Representative,

    Thousands of people are asking for an international investigation of enormous human rights violations that are silently taking place worldwide at this moment.

    In recent years the numbers of those crimes against humanity rose so much that we can openly speak about the civilian population being under attack.

    This attack is committed with technology working invisibly at a distance, beyond the bounds of borders, and is at this moment being used against helpless and unsuspecting citizens.

    The victims are constantly lobbying to report these crimes to government officials, human rights organizations, world leaders and the press. Mostly, they don't get answers because of a general lack of knowledge about the technology. Mental institutions may diagnose the victims as delusional. And complaints lodged at local police stations are often treated as psychological problems or ignored.
    It may take several years, before the "silent holocaust" becomes public knowledge. And for the victims, the comparison is very real.

    The scale of the crimes being reported, and the seriousness of the accusations, justifies an urgent international investigation.

    Because there are so many victims worldwide, spawning a worldwide movement coordinated via the Internet, it is only the most diligent and conscientious of victims who are able to report this crime; the actual number of victims being many times larger than this group of activists.

    In January 2007, the article "Mind Games" appeared in "The Washington Post", written by journalist Sharon Weinberger, about the American victims and the activist organization, Freedom From Covert Harassment and Surveillance.

    Meanwhile, from all parts of the world new victims are showing up in greater numbers. They are asking for these crimes to be made public and are insisting on an international investigation of this problem.
    And starting a collective campaign against abuses and tortures of the following:-

    DIRECTED ENERGY WEAPONS; NEUROLOGICAL WEAPONS; MIND CONTROL WEAPONS; BODY AND BRAIN MANIPULATION WEAPONS; PSYCHOTRONIC WEAPONS; SPACE WEAPONS; NON-LETHAL WEAPONS; COINTELPRO; AND any other unacknowledged or as yet undeveloped means inflicting death or injury on, or damaging or destroying, a person (or the biological life, bodily health, mental health, or physical and economic well-being of a person) through the use of land-based, sea-based, or space-based systems using radiation, electromagnetic, psychotronic, sonic, laser, or other energies directed at individual persons or targeted populations or the purpose of information war, mood management, or mind control of such persons or populations.
    Thank you and Best Regards!
    Your sincerely,

    Note: this email was sent as part of a petition started on Change.org, viewable at www.change.org/petitions/ban-mind-controldirected-energy-weapons-ab...  . To  respond, email responses@change.org and include a link to this petition.
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