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Ti with implants

Posted on September 7, 2009 at 3:07am 0 Comments

They have implanted devices in my back. I was wondering what I do to go about getting them removed. Can anyone help me?

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At 6:23pm on February 22, 2020, Margery Prunner said…

Hello .

I am Mrs. Margery Prunner, an aging widow suffering from long time illness (Esophageal Cancer). I have some important information (charity proposal) for you, May God continue to bless you, Please reply ( for more details.

your sister in the Lord,
Mrs. Margery Prunner.

At 2:36pm on August 08, 2010, Kelly Caslar gave Jennifer a gift
I just want to say "hello."
At 12:04am on June 10, 2009, Corey Wen said…
Jennifer, please remove Silvia's post - she is in the job market and any simple search for her name brings up your page. Thank you (this request was made also several times to Soleil with her agreement)
At 2:25am on November 22, 2008, mara said…
Sorry Jennifer, I didn't understand what a house group is, I would also do or join any activism to put this atrocities in the open, I've been a victim since 1987, it seem like, my whole life it's been harassment and torture, I found God, and then Jesus. To me this times of tribulations are coming to an end. The times of bringing all of this in the open is now, and more and more people are realizing what's going on, the deception is not working like it work before, and the numbers don't lie, the overwhelming evidence of the torture and the use of the technology is obvious, the military is into this 100%, since more and more in Internet are coming the news of these weapons, what they can do and how much technology is available, it's a shame that the experiments are done to us without regards and our immediate family are torture too. It's also obvious that the Government is backing this up with the help of the agencies, but the "cleaning up" is comming, just like any other "leader" from other Nations that wanted to " control " the world, they all went donwn, there's no power in the world that will stop the falling down of the "conspiracy" where the "ones"that are orchestrating this crimes are the "corrupted people" of the Government and therefor "offering" this "program" that it's for sale, for other Nations that can afford it, to make a profit and to control everybody in those Nations.
And because there's a God, we are going to be VICTORIOUS, something is telling me that all of this was meant to happen, and a clean-up is already in the horizon, extermination of the bad seeds, we all know who are the "losers", the scum bags, the parasites, the society haters, the baboons, etc. The ones that sold their souls for a few dollars a day, there's the "bad guys" like in any other cult or Organization, the crimes are always committed by the "fool" of the story, the ones that pay for the "broken dishes" are always the followers, don't doubt that the ones that are going donw are "the usual suspects" . The Government will deliver the "Pestilence", that are actually the ones that commited the crime.
To me the Government had "plan B" since everything started as an experiment, never thinking would last this long, but now the time of the AntiChrist is coming to an end, and theMesiah is here to end this tribulation, for everything that comes around , goes around, for everythig that goes up, it has to go down, everything that is born, it has to die, this is the circle of life, it's the universal law of atraction, therefore for everything thats has a BEGINING , has an END, AND THIS CRIME IS HAS OVERDUE TIME.
I sincerely hope you get your freedom soon, I'm praying for you and your family. God bless you.
At 2:30am on November 16, 2008, mara said…
Hi Jennifer
I hope you are doing well, under the circunstances, are you using any type of shielding to block the DEW or V2K?. I actually stop trying anything awhile ago. Since I didn't see any improvement but I'm just curious to see if actually something is working if any.
At 9:03am on November 15, 2008, Peace General Bruce said…
It's really a big thing BUT prayer helps and family. I've not looked into this very much BUT will try. AS I wrote to Gina, Purposly, faithfully pursuing God's mission for you may eliminate the room in your mind for them. Peace and LoVe, PG Bruce
At 4:08am on November 15, 2008, Zhou said…
I have being attacked by the Nazi Criminal and Terrorist for a few years about from the beginning of my study in Germany on. The attacks by means of electromagnetism, microwaves, sonic waves, lasers and directed energy including mind control, remote manipulation of Central Nerve System, covert harassment, torture and surveillance etc are inhumane. The targeted citizens suffer cruel physical and psychological injury. Why is the Nazi against humanity again, again and again?
At 6:21pm on November 11, 2008, Peace General Bruce said…
What is TI war?

I spent my whole childhood wanting to be an Army General. The hippies got to me at age 17 and introduced me to the peace movement. I then said (4 years later) why not a Peace Army. We need I think the same determination, courgae and stratagy to achieve peace.
At 2:23pm on November 11, 2008, 寒冰 said…
In human's brain the thought is in the citizen individual information is most radically most important also the most privacy information.Carries on the independent thought ,but in the brain not to disturb, to steal with the operation, is most sacred inviolable core right which human any civilization can establish and exist until now.Humanity's energetic characteristic and brain thought autonomous, attributes human's basic value attribute, is establishing the human nature dignity and the individual personality core foundation.It not only is individual a series of economies, social, the political rights own constitution premise, also is the human all wisdom creation basic condition.In the former social life, anybody still did not have obtains in his human brain the thought information engineering factor.Regardless of the individual life is bad in social environment condition, anybody exists at least may not disturb to carry on in oneself brain the independent thought the final privacy space, this also is the human society prosperous energetic field, the rational knowledge thing exclusive area.
At 12:34am on November 10, 2008, 寒冰 said…
In the world, there are many victims.. They are experiencing the reading thought (Mind reading), the spiritual control (Mind Control), the electromagnetic wave weapon (Electromagnetic weapon), the sound wave weapon (Acoustic Weapon), perhaps also has the ultrasonic wave weapon (Ultrasonic Weapon), infrasonic wave weapon (Infrasound weapon), microwave weapon (Microwave Weapon) and other weapons of torture abuse and harassment.. They also expose the fascists, brutal, there are new victims were their abuse..The victim has been deprived the freedom and the human rights which the legitimate citizens all are authorized to enjoy.The victim has been deprived the right which studies; Has been deprived the normal work right; Has been deprived the health right; Has been deprived normally the right which associates with the human; Is deprived has enjoyed the joys of life the right; Also has been deprived the normal sleep right; Even the political rights feels better limits.Also has very many victims to encounter hungry \ to be impoverished, loses the independent life ability.Each kind of environment needs which the human survival destroys, pushes to the human culture morals backs up the edge. There has been faced with the technology to facilitate more hidden danger to society and the safety of citizens, to adopt a more clear and strict technical legislative measures to deal with it a legal and social challenges. To guarantee citizens' human rights.The advantageous various countries carries on the international investigation and the trial.

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