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this is what i forgot about no one mentioned it and where tryIng to fix it. saw the movie the cop used some people were involved in this now thousands may be. they are using this to kill people and destroy others. the people are using fake voices and getting others to attack people. this is what needs to be stopped. see people have been doing this for years. they tryed to run a program it needs a antivirus. some is programming and other parts are people changing voices tryng to kill pople not all are americans. others are hackng people and trying to kill there enemies with the fake voices there attacking there own this is what they started im trying to get it fixed they need programers to fix it all.

some people used hacks it's jigsaw from the movie a cop that was firedput it in chip[s this is how they tricked many people into and trickthem into defending themself the presidant and others will not listed towhat's going on right now they deny my email. this came from a firedcop he is launching a war becouse he got fired im tryng to fix chips andpeople are helping and others are not stoping the attack they lied andtricked people to defend themself. these guys are in a lot of places atonce. they tryed to do this from othes chips. there are DNA chipsinvolved and other things also. this cop started the jigsaw in 2005. forsome reason. they started this thing they were fired one cop could havesetup the other they said they were going to kill people i made lots ofattempts to warn the government and hey never listened. i was notinvolved in 911. but i defended myself. they esclated thigs and used myand my wifes name like others the whole country is fucked up. wheretrying to fix it now. others need to fix chips and get rid of the badprograming. the 911 thing could have been a chip hack. ron paul may notbe involved but hundreds o thousands of people are and it was like themovie saw they used people that hate each oher to set them up. i recallwhat the fired police did just the other day im sending the story toprint. and the USA may have to be fixed or destroyed. this is all i knowabout what's happening. someone got into proples chips and fucked themup my story you can find here and my web page tells a tail of what hadto be done. we are trying to get the involvment of human rights and fixit. no one will respond. this is all peole that had reasons to do thingsto others. they tryed to make others fight back the cop started thisstuff he knew chips. then others got involved and they need to bedeprogramed or the chips need to be destroyed. many are fighting to stopit others keep putting it back in chips. they blame others and somehate others and some know others and there are tryng to use voices inheads to lie about who they are to get others to attack
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Looking for info on More Parasights i think i got a type of worm i may have more than one implant not sure could have 3 all togather. This was setup by a Pawtucket Cop in Rhode Island. I would like to tell my story lease read. read this alot of Swareing and anger over the years. i chose sweeden to post it in a safe place so the USA can not touch it and the sweedish secret police as there called may have read it already... I been contacting Goverments and Human rights people and need some input. im still looking for this cop and these people that started it you may hear me name Anubis and have a problem with that but i was lied to and was forced to protect my Wife Jennifer for year this cop and his scum friends set me up. with these people.

I need some info on who to contact about support groups and reporting stuff this page i made has most of the info on it ya i have some hostility issues with other people that art chipped and have been looking for some of them you may not like some of the words i have used but it has not pervoked them enough to walk up to me yet. these people are cowards. some of them talk alot and never shut up everything i say is turned into a lie by them and they think no one will ever find out i can name 3 basic locations of these people New England, New York and Florida. these are the first 3 regions they would most likely use my name or my voice. I learned the word ( T.I. ) Targed Indevidual not long ago. and never was able to talk to anyone other then this group of cowards. There all on a New England Frequencie.

This Cop I have been looking for is somewhere out there maybe he chipped more people maybe the ones I seek to find. There were a few cops and I go the police report on my web page with all the facts I was never convicted and i was chipped anyway. I never knew they just chipped people to be assholes. I was told it was Becouse of the Situation but i guess that was just an Excuse.
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I was on the phone with my wife someone just tryed to lie about her and tryed to say she was saying something and tryed makeing it look like she said something and she did't say it when i asked ans there on 2 frequncies with 2 radios or whatever lieing to people saying she wants to do stuff the dose not she said she never said it ans there all lieing about shit trying to act like she wants to be a hooker so they can get away with what they did. she is not even wanting to talk to them they keep claiming there her familey these people are lowlife scum. they should get there self handed to the human rights people im working on that. they are trying to do this to try to get out of that they already did to us.
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The Walking Dead Men

They wait for you while you are away they will take you while you sleep, They know no love. the dead men no longer have feeling. They will take you with out words. they will make you feel ubserd. lonelyness is the way you will become. you will become. you will never know what love is if you give into the walking dead men.their woman are many all though they may not have a penny. they will leaveyou for dead. time and time again.their words are few. they may tell you they love you. never ever knowing they are really real. you will become a victim of the walking dead men.

she thought this was me it was someone with a some equipment. there rapist these people do this to woman and are scum.

This was written by my wife Jennifer.

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