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Posted on September 4, 2019 by gretta fahey
I have heard via direct wireless communication that 5G will emit artificial intelligent energy. 5G transmitters emit energy and that energy can then be beam formed and each beam of energy can be transmitted individually to each individual human being and it could contain private information meant only for them. Your smart phone would receive the information in some instances. If you are what is known as a smart citizen which is sometimes known as a targeted individual who has technology inside their brains and bodies which has already been activated to send and receive information by wireless means then the information being sent from the 5G transmitters would be downloaded directly inside your cranium.
If you are not a smart citizen but you smart phone is in your home while you are lying in bed attempting to fall asleep the wireless energy coming directly to your smart phone from the 5G transmitters could cause floating images to appear in your bedroom. Said floating images are ones which are being created by artists using computer software and by other means. They are not supernatural in nature. Further to that, demonic possession does not exist. It is and always has been technological possession and nothing more. I myself am a long term targeted individual which is also being called a smart citizen because for many years I have been non-consensually experimented on by means of wireless technology which has come to be inside my head and body. I have experienced seeing floating images around my bedroom late at night on a number of occasions. They are not at all frightening because I am fully aware that they are computer generated. Further to that, information has been sent to my motor cortex and my spinal cord in order to make me appear to others as if I was demonically possessed by having my facial muscles move against my will and by having sounds come out of my mouth which I had no control over and which were generated through wirelessly transmitted information being sent to my vocal cords and my brain.
A frequency modulator is being used and has been used for many decades to take electromagnetic frequencies from the human brain and mix them with other incoming frequencies so that the incoming frequencies then over ride the outside frequencies and in this way can effect the thoughts and emotions of a human being. This technology has been used against all of us for many decades in order to make us disbelieve that we are being slowly technologically enslaved. You must act now to stop 5G transmitters for ever being erected in your area. If they are erected you and your family will eventually receive information directly to your brain containing voice commands telling you when to get out of bed in the morning and what to do all day long. If you refuse to be obedient to the voice commands you will receive pain or an electric shock. I have been under the control of wireless voice commands for more than sixteen years and I sometime receive pain and electric shocks. I have experienced a myriad of unwanted and distressing experiences over the past sixteen years by wireless remote means. I and all other targeted individuals are being disbelieved by agents of the government because those agents of the government are now receiving incoming messages from frequency modulating technology in their area, to the extent that they are under dangerous levels of outside influencing of which there is no defence against.
When you undergo an EEG examination your brain wave tracings show up on a computer screen. These brain wave tracings show distinctive patterns all of which have been translated into individual words and feelings and they have been compiled into a computerized dictionary which can be translated at the speed of light into what you are thinking and feeling. By this method anyone’s thoughts can be read. Further to this, the brains of all targeted individuals who are also known as smart citizens have been turned into antennas to the extent that their brains can be read wirelessly in real time by unknown neuro scientists and ancillary staff who work from a remote location and without the permission and without the targeted individual ever having met any of them. These unknown neuro scientists then use the human antenna capabilities that have been internalized inside the body of the targeted individual to reply in real time to the thoughts and words generated by the targeted individual.
Please become an activist in order to persuade your neighbours to disassemble and ban all illegal and legal transmitters in your area. If you don’t you too will become a technological slave.
My name is Gretta Fahey. My address is Newbrook, Claremorris, Co. Mayo, Eircode F12 Y560, Ireland. My website is called

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There is a crisis occurring behind the scenes in all of our lives. Many individuals throughout most countries of the world are having wireless body sensor networks which are also known as WBANs implanted in and on their bodies, where they are then wirelessly tethered to a computer system which effectively turns them into electronic slaves, where all electrical activity in their brains and bodies are being monitored on a constant basis throughout each and every moment of their lives . When they complain to agents of the state nothing of any value is being done to help them to the extent that most of these so-called electronic slaves have stopped consulting the police, psychiatry, social workers, general practitioners, politicians, and clergy men about this growing and extreme problem. They can not effectively prove that they have been implanted by this wireless body sensor network, as the implantation is taking place at a time where they have been rendered unaware that they are being implanted by the use of frequency weapons.  However, when tested under controlled conditions, the frequencies which are being emitted from their bodies differ profoundly from the frequencies which are being emitted from the bodies of human beings who have not yet become wirelessly linked to this computer system. 

The ongoing process of turning human beings into electronic slaves has become a large and growing industry which is being conducted behind the scenes of our lives by a growing army of human beings some of who are being allowed out of prison early in order to continue the process of surreptitiously implanting their fellow human beings with WBANs.  Some human beings have been singled out for extra punishment whereby their whole bodies are being prepared for rigid immobilization also known as paralysis if they refuse to obey the would-be slave masters.   Some human beings are experiencing a relatively new phenomenon known as forced muscle movement due to the fact that their muscles can be wirelessly remote controlled by outside operatives. They can be made to commit a crime against their will. They can be made to have super human strength.

Some individuals who are deemed criminals by the false worldwide establishment are in reality victims of this technology.    We must not worry about how this information will effect the economy for now because the corporate shareholders who are behind the worldwide initiative to implant everybody other than the would-be slave masters with WBANs have stated that they are implementing  plans to ban the use of personal money in a future of worldwide electronic human slavery and worldwide wireless tethering to a network of computers.    A Remote Neural Monitoring super-computer would monitor and manipulate all electrical activity in the brains of human kind on a constant basis throughout each day. Currently fourth generation wireless capabilities can conduct remote neural monitoring on a few individuals in any community on a continual basis. If or when fifth generation wireless capabilities would be rolled out then all electrical activity in the brains of thousands of human beings could be both monitored and manipulated on a constant and simultaneous basis throughout each day to the extent that a wirelessly tethered human being would have no privacy of any kind for the rest of their lives.  Wireless human electronic enslavement would then become main stream. Please deny the Irish government the right to install fifth generation wireless capabilities within our country. Act now.  My website is called ;   For further information see attached link  by well known online journalist Ramola D

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the governemt police and fbi started the biggest war ever they got hacked they were told not to mess with a hacker. then the idiot citizens got involved they should all be shot. Pawtucket harbors retarted types of people. these people should not have been given this technologie the americans are unfit for such devices. there to primitive and unresponcable. the americans would not head the warnning.

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See the clear types are solid clears to touch others when logged into achip and tuned in they can sometime feel. Ghost Clears that areinvisable you can not see. Real Clears resemble real people to make theclears look real. shadow clears to make a clear that looks like a shadowon the wall to belnd in. fake clears to make it look like your anotherperson. then there is spawning like a camra in a place to use a chip tobe connected to to watch others. and the other spawned things. also theability to look through the eyes see there called still shots. see thedifferent chip type some allow this. they also tryed to use some stuffto make DEW weapons and stuff and are useing LRAD and other machineslike computers to turn on and off chips with radio and an antenna it'show they program some chips. see some people thought they could stealthis and see it there stupid i was working on alot of this and also morebut they thought they could steal from me so now you know that it is

see when it started people did not get hurt untill they wanted to steal stuff and make money on it
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ok I know some police departments are useing the weapons and government also regular citizens in different places. They need to call there government and talk to them. so they can clean the mess up my problems stem from Rhode Island and Massachuets in the USA mostly. see the problem they need to ban DEW weapons and our governments are not responding to help us. see there are people in different states and countrys blaiming evey one else. to get out of it all. so one attacks one and another then they give out a name or 2. there using computers and voice synthers to hide there identiry and every one wants to act like a robot or program and it's 2 chips or a few people and how many have the capability ?

so if there are 2,000 people ivolved in this then how many are 2 ?

see they try to keep people from talking to others then talk to a third party a few listens then tell others
then other people go talk to make it all a lie and get out of there involvment. there are alot of loosers involved in this one.

see alot of people from other states attacked each other and then they blaim other people. see these people hide between others some you know but they lie to you. then they cut up words and names and tell people stuff. some are police they figure the will never be cought others are afraid of what they will learn who is involved in this stuff. so you have people giveing others names lieing there way out of it so they can hide some are there becouse they hate you. or becouse there rapist hiding who they are lieing about others to get them killed to hide what they did. some of them are gangstalkers. this been going on for year and they do not want there machines captured or themself.

see the Police here will not admit to the chips in most states it's the same and they were spose to take my chip and my chip out for 5 years atleast i want mine and my wifes removed and they refuse to do so. so the governments and people are responsable. s they will not disconnect from out chips and do stuff to hide themself thus everyone is a program with a lieing voice...

see the police first had the idea of the 2020 Neural Chip and wanted Violent offenders and stuff but the cops now are afraid to get cought. they say it's a myth there hideing it.

so how did the drug dealers and public get chips the government will not say.

so every one invilved in this is there own fault. each has a level of involvment and the governments of the world know so they talk no action. you need to call the human rights alot and the government also. but they will probly deny it all as people die

everyone one wants a fake name and wants to be someone else to pass on the blaim.

i told my friends the police were watching me 5 years ago when i learned about the implant and they refused to remove the implants and i have been harassed for 5 years every day. this is what they do and others got involved and there afraid to get cought like i said it got to be 2 people if a 2,000 are involved.

they double talk to lie and change your words so who is safe the government and police or is everyone passing the buck to try to get out of there involvment.

see first they stick you in a mental hospital and give you a diognosis then they act like your crazy and are talking to yourself all day long. then they got others on here that are not cops that are plain assholes so they try to act like it's all in your head. i do not have thousands of people just in my head they wil not remove my implant and my wifes implant also we have been chipped for 5 years so it proves others do not want to get cought. 2 people is easy for the government to remove the chips with no harm 2,000 idiots are another problem.

Assholes are sayng im doing this to myself becouse they told me to stop thinking. who the hell do you stop thinking. i think they should disconnect me and my wife from the equipment and remove the implants they refused to remove and keep lieing about and acting like they have no involvment

2,000 people can not be 2
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the governemt started a war see i was tricked to defending myself and this is what started in 2004 the first release was 2006 the tetamony this is what conspired in the USA they are trying to hide the whole city is involved with this trying to hide it some are rapist and scum

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