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When ever you register your name with your personal computer or personal smart phone that computer or smart phone is then programmed to recognise your unique energy imprint whenever you are online while using only a device which is registered to your name. and it will then uptake all of the electrical activity which occurs within your brain and body while you are online while using that device. If you are using a device which has been registered to another individual your information will be rejected as not compatable with the device. All of the electrical activity which is colleected from your brain and body is then stored in large data bases where it can then be automatically translated into everything you said, did, thought and felt while you were online. Whenever you say a word it generates a unique electromagnetic pattern which can be automatically translated into exactly what you said. Similarly, whenever you feel a feeling, think a thought or move a muscle that unique feeling, thought or action generates a unique electromagnetic pattern which can be automatically translated into exactly what you felt, thought or what muscle you moved and at what speed you moved that muscle and in what direction you moved that muscle. This is known as neuro science and it is still classified under military technological know how.
If you happen to be doing something of a private nature in front of your computer screen and you wish it to remain private your data will not be collected from you if you wear pinhole glasses because all of the electrical activity which is collected from your brain and body is collected through your eye beams. Human eye beams are real and tangible and have been protographed by Kirlian cameras which are energy field cameras and they are widely available for purchase.

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Human energy field cameras are now needed in order to tell the difference between a human and a remote controlled  robot.   Remote controllable robots are being manufactured in all shapes and all sizes which are so expertly controllable from behind the scenes by unknown operatives who work from a remote location that many humans have been and continue to be fooled into believing that they are sentient.    Humans now wrongly believe that they have encountered extra-terresterials when in fact they were speaking to remote controlled robots of every shape and size.   This is one of the main ways that the extra-terrestrial hoax has been perpetrated.    Another way in which the extra-terrestrial hoax has been perpetrated is by the fact that the sky has now been altered to an extreme degree by the use of chemtrail spraying which is sometimes known as geo-engineering.    Parts of the sky can now be turned into a cinema screen for a short space of time and various images are being reflected onto it from the ground that have the appearance of extra-terrestrial craft while flying at enormous speeds while appearing and disappearing at random times. 

If some individuals continue to wrongly believe in the existence of extra-terresterials, the dark new world order will use that false belief system to lay the blame for their own acts of extreme evil on non-existent extra-terresterials.  If you continue to wrongly promote the existence of extra-terresterials you are actively helping to further their evil agenda.    They are using reverse psychology on the human race by secretly using military psychological operations to both create and further a false belief in an extra-terrestrial presence on earth while simultaneously appearing to be distainful of anybody who buys into that false belief.

Whenever the psychological operations of presenting remote controlled robots to human beings as if they were sentient extra-terresterials, the human beings who are at the scene are simultaneously having their brains entrained into a state of believing in the false belief that the remote controlled robots are sentient extra-terresteials and perhaps they are also being subliminally hypnotized in a way that would further their belief in this hoax.   This has been played out on numerous occasions throughout the world so as to distract and terrify the masses of humanity because when human beings are in a state of fear and when they falsely believe that the source of their fear is supernatural and they feel helpless to deal with it they are easier to manipulate and disempower.   The extra-terrestrial hoax has been perpetrated by the dark new world order cabal in the false belief that we are infinitely gullible.  Please further the truth urgently.

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Hundreds of thousands of human beings throughout most parts of the world have become attached to the wireless internet of things. Most of those currently attached to the wireless internet of things have become attached to it non-consensually and at a time when they were not made aware that they were being attached to it. The long term consequences of becoming attached to the wireless internet of things whether consensually or non-consensually always results in huge distortions occurring in the human energy field of the individual who has become attached to said wireless internet of things. The human energy field is also known as the human aura. It is now understood by a large majority of individuals in the Irish government at a senior level that all targeted individuals of remote neural monitoring combined with remote neural manipulation have already become attached to the wireless internet of things. Therefore their energy fields are more than likely heavily distorted by now. Because of this truth, human energy field cameras similar to the type invented and promoted by the British inventor Harry Oldfield should be made available to all citizenry at a local level rather than at a senior government level in case certain members of the Irish government have already become wireless slaves which is what all individuals who become non-consensually attached to the internet of things eventually become. All individuals who are currently complaining of being remote neural monitored as well as remote neural manipulated should have their auras photographed as a matter of urgency. Anybody who disputes this fact is likely under the wireless external control of the wireless internet of things.

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Each individual man, woman and child would be wirelessly tethered from implants which are already deeply imbedded in their brains and spinal cords to super computers which would be run by pre-programmed computerized algorithms. All of the electrical activity generated by the brain and body of each individual would be uploaded on a constant basis to said super computers where it would be data analysed. All data collected would then be used to build a profile of each individual. That profile would appear along side the individuals face each and every time that individuals face was captured by a facial recognition system which is built into closed circuit television cameras. I know this to be the case because I have been wirelessly tethered to this system for many years. The system I refer to is known as Remote Neural Monitoring in combination with Remote Neural Manipulation.

In combination with the afore mentioned system, wirelessly enabled microwave mind control is also being used to lull most of the population into a false sense of security and the main stream media is now privately owned and controlled.

In order to free ourselves from this full spectrum dominance system we must urgently disassemble and ban all wireless enabling capabilities throughout our respective countries. The individuals who have engineered this full spectrum dominance system have lied to us about the existence of satellites and space based weapons. They themselves are outside the system and above the law.

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   What is the difference between "Blooming & Lasers"? Let's see; 

* Some will say the laser beams that you are picking up on your digital cameras are "Blooming", that

   is when your digital camera experiences what is known as "sensor saturation". Sensor saturation

   happens when the maximum charge that the image sensor can gather is saturated and then the over

   flow appears on your digital camera in different types of colored patterns BUT there is a distinct

   difference between a laser beam and a blooming beam. 

* The difference, in theory, is the "Halo" or "ball of light" along the beam columns, that are visible

   during blooming, while on the other hand, laser beams "do not have this halo" along it's beam.

   Notice the wording below, where it says halo or highlight. When one see's a laser beam, there are no

   circular highlights or halo's along the column beams.

   Notice below, the halo or highlight along the beams.

  "the source of the light may appear as a bright halo with column or line defects around the

    highlight", (Nikon).



Source of pictures and partial article;'blooming'-and-how-can-it-be-reduced%3F

* Real lasers, in theory, are projected as a straight beam, usually

   looking almost solid and about a quarter to a half of an inch wide.

* Now lets look at what, in theory, could possibly be a real military

   grade laser weapon via satellite here on Cheryl Dickason's video. Keep

   in mind and pay close attention to Cheryl's Tri-meter readings, as the readings match

   the laser beams vibrations perfectly, in rhythm, never missing a beat.

   Link below;

   Here are a few video's on how to alter your digital camera so it can pick up the

   electromagnetic/Infrared light spectrum's (Lasers).


 "Director of US Joint Technology Office says laser weapons have moved well beyond the realm of

   science fiction", (


   Here is a defense company that makes military grade laser weapons for the military. They allow you

   to download their free brochure in PDF form;


  Noise Clipping; an excerpt from a lengthy informational article on picking up "signals". 

"Certain anomalies in noise characteristics provide another indication of the approach to sensor saturation. Under illumination conditions in which the CCD is operating in the shot noise dominated regime, as light intensity and signal increase, random noise increases as the square-root of the signal. At some illumination level approaching the onset of full well, the positive random noise variations, which add to signal level, begin to be clipped, or smoothed. This phenomenon, termed noise clipping, causes the average noise level to begin to decrease, even while signal is increasing (see Figure 2(a). At full well conditions, the noise decreases suddenly as charge is spread among neighboring pixels (blooming), while the signal remains stable. When photon transfer curves are constructed, plotting noise as a function of average signal, noise increases with signal at a slope governed by the dominant noise regime (see Figure 2(b)). Full well conditions, and the onset of blooming, results in an obvious break in the slope of the curve", (Fellers,Davidson).


Saturation and blooming normally occur at a relatively high signal levels within the fixed-pattern noise regime of the CCD (Figure 2(b), in which noise is directly proportional to signal. Signal-to-noise ratio (SNR) is likewise proportional to signal in this noise regime, and this can significantly limit camera performance if the full dynamic range (up to the full well limit) is utilized. Scientific grade camera systems generally employ flat-fielding techniques to remove pixel nonuniformity noise, enabling imaging to be performed over an expanded shot noise limited regime. Within this noise regime, image SNR increases in proportion to the square-root of full well, with much greater potential for achieving high image quality, especially when high well-capacity sensors are employed. By removing pixel nonuniformity, a CCD sensor can be utilized over a dynamic range that extends at least up to the linear full well while still operating within the desired shot noise limited regime, and while maintaining high image quality up to the point at which blooming artifacts appear", (Fellers,Davidson).


Contributing Authors

Thomas J. Fellers and Michael W. Davidson - National High Magnetic Field Laboratory, 1800 East Paul Dirac Dr., The Florida State University, Tallahassee, Florida, 32310.


Other things you can pick up with your digital camera altered to pick up the infrared spectrum;

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