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I have been subjected to Remote Neural Monitoring combined with Remote Neural Manipulation for slightly more than sixteen years. During all of that time I have been monitored twenty four hours per day for the entire sixteen years. This type of continual monitoring is achieved wirelessly because I am non-consensually linked by a two way stream of energy to a network of computers and other equipment from implants in both my brain and body. In this way all electrical activity being generated by both my brain and most parts of my body are available for scrutiny as well as data analysis and collation by teams of remote neural monitoring combined with remote neural manipulation staff.

These criminal staff use the two way stream of energy linking me to their equipment to speak to me on a continual basis and I hear their voices coming from inside my head. Earlier today I heard them say the following “We have not ascertained any social problems with the human subject of Remote Neural Monitoring combined with Remote Neural Manipulation so therefore we can not code the system yet.” My own response to that was as follows “What does the phrase “code the system” mean in the context of my own situation of being continually monitored?” The response which I heard from that particular voice which I heard coming from inside my head was as follows – “We can not code the system until we gain substantial evidence against you. Whenever some body causes a problem in the social world we then ascertain that they may cause a similar problem at some time in the future so we frequently make that problem occur ourselves by outside manipulation of either or both the human brain and/or human body of the human subject that we have earlier placed on both remote neural monitoring and remote neural manipulation.

I have not been working since 1992. I was suffering from irritable bowel syndrome on and off for a large part of my life and I had been attending general medical practitioners and specialists in an effort to get help for it. I was refused disability allowance by Dr John Connolly of Pontoon Lodge, Pontoon, Castlebar for irritable bowel syndrome even though I had attended him on and off between five and seven occasions about my problems. He informed me at the time that people in receipt of disability allowance lead aimless lives and eventually commit suicide so he denied me my request for disability allowance. I was so worn down and impoverished by that time that I did not have any further energy to beg any other medical practitioners for help. Many years later I am now in receipt of disability allowance for irritable bowel syndrome and I don’t go out very often but when I do go out I am monitored by wireless remote means by teams of remote neural monitoring combined with remote neural manipulation staff who have informed me that they have total wireless control over my bowel and they have also informed me that they plan to make me have a bowel malfunction in a public place in order to use the opportunity to then create laws which would disempower all individuals who continue to receive disability allowance for irritable bowel syndrome so that they can bring them under strict government control

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I am being non-consensually subjected to a process commonly known as remote neural monitoring in combination with a similar process known as remote neural manipulation.   Nano sized electrodes have become trapped in the brains of many individuals due to ingestion of certain types of foods which have been made to contain said electrodes, mostly food containing grains..   These nano sized electrodes have formed networks inside the brains of a selection of individuals over many years of ingestion of said grain containing foods.  The industrialist Elon Musk has named such a networks of brain  electrodes " neural lace."

Because I personally have a network of electrodes inside my brain I have become wirelessly tethered to a computer system where I am being monitored and surveilled on a continual basis for more than sixteen years.  Neuro operatives who operate that computer system are able to force me to listen to their voices against my will whenever they wish both night and day over many years.  They are also enabled by this cruel system to force me to see internal images,  feel sensations all over my body, smell odours, and experience my muscles moving against my will.  

Whenever one of the aforementioned neuro operatives places a neural connected helmet on their heads which I am informed is on a continual basis, that neuro operative is then able to feel what I feel, hear what I hear and  smell what I smell and see what I see.  Today, I was suffering from acid reflux and just afterwards the voice of an unknown neuro operative was heard by me to say the following "the brain to brain technology which I am using is so advanced that just when the control subject was suffering from acid reflux  I could feel the acid reflux coming up my own neck through the energy link which tethers her to my computer system.

My name is Gretta Fahey.  My place of residence is at Newbrook, Claremorris, Ireland.   My landline home phone number is 0949360901, My website which I alone own and control is called, ;

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Many good living and good will individuals throughout  the world have been targeted by an illegal rogue criminal enterprise for the purposes of non-consensual human experimentation.    This system is sometimes known as Remote Neural Monitoring combined with Remote Neural Manipulation.   The individuals who are selected for this control system are commonly known as targeted individuals and they are electronically harassed and psychologically tortured on a constant basis, every waking moment by a myriad of mostly classified wireless technologies.   Whenever they complain to the police they are routinely being sent for psychiatric evaluation because they can not prove their claims due to the fact that the technologies being used against them are wireless and invisible.

I am a non-consensual targeted individual  of Remote Neural Monitoring combined with Remote Neural Manipulation and I have been so since 2003.  I am wirelessly connected to a super-computer which is operated by unknown neuro operatives who work from a remote location and  who speak to me by wireless means throughout each day.  I believe that I was selected for this program of unlimited surveillance and human experimentation because  I was at the time and still am in receipt of disability allowance for irritable bowel syndrome which they wish to research.   They have informed me that legal constraints will be placed on individuals who suffer from irritable bowel syndrome to the degree that they are no longer in the workplace, or even everybody who complains  to their general medical practitioner of suffering from irritable bowel syndrome to any degree.   I hear their voices coming from a location inside my head.   I record some of what they say to me and I post it online on an almost daily basis so that others may know the severity of my situation.   Here below is a  small sample of what these  unknown neuro operatives have said to me in the past day or two.

"Produce a recipe for simpering ass Fahey to see us in court."

"Do yourself a favour and stop writing this."

"Any photo shame."    Response   "No. nothing."

"Power outages do not benefit us.  Is there any way we can force her to leave the electricity on in her house each night."

"What the heck are you lying down for, Gretta."

"Remote Neural Monitoring is not only a system of analysis.  It is also a system of correspondence with the client.   Our correspondence is coming back to us."

"We have to deal with this ongoing system of control.  It is encroaching on all of us."

"You think you are the only one writing our comments online.  We hobbled those people straight away just as we are hobbling you."

"I will burn your house by wireless means."

"I don't really like her writing style.  She mentions too much of what we say, on her online social media posts."

"Has she washed yet today."

"Get out to work like the rest of us."

"Put a hole in her shit box so we can get access to her."

"I am taking a reading of the area outside of your anal canal to see if I could detect any leakages."

"This information is going to be posted online tomorrow by Gretta herself.  We will have to contain the information.  We can not allow it to get out."

"A dog wouldn't be treated with this level of disrespect."

"She is lifting the lid on everything.  I didn't see this coming."

"She has no respect for herself if she is going to write this."

"You have nothing on her.  Have you?"

"She watches her Ps and Qs to an extreme degree.  There is no way that we could persuade her to do anything unforeseen."

"Twelve pounds of shit in the colon right now."

"Be careful with this system.  You are being far too incautious." 

"You are being incautious with our words."

"You will be punished suitably."

"We are going to cut back on your income."

This cruel control system is being expanded around the world by agents of the dark new world order evil cabal.   Unlimited money is being spent on this system in order for it to be used to eventually enslave most of the human race by wireless and other means.  The system of paralysing a human being by wireless means could possibly be fully automated in the future for the purposes of human enslavement.   We aught to urgently disassemble and ban all microwave transmitters and other transmitters throughout the world as I believe that they are the linchpin that holds this human enslavement system together.  The existence of satellites are now believed to be an elaborate hoax.  NASA are the one and only source of satellite information in the world and they may all be wirelessly controlled or compromised in some other way.  

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I am a non-consensual subject of Remote Neural Monitoring combined with Remote Neural Manipulation.  I am wirelessly linked by a two way stream of low frequency electromagnetic energy to a super computer which is controlled by unknown neuro operatives.  These neuro operatives force me to listen to their voices both day and night on a constant basis from imbedded implants inside my brain.  These neuro operatives also send signals into both my brain and body in order to gradually gain more and more  control over me.   They have informed me that whenever I am sleeping they can access parts of my brain which they can not access while I am awake.  They have also informed me that they have now gained so much information on my body and brain that they could now  kill me without anyone knowing about it simply by distorting the information which they send to my body and brain via said two way stream of low frequency electromagnetic radiation which binds me to their computer system.   They have also informed me that they may engineer me to fall over at inappropriate times and break a bone in order to physically get me into hospital where they would then have even more control over me during the night.

These unknown neuro operatives whose voices I hear coming from inside my head by wireless directed energy means have informed me that a significant number of the police throughout Ireland know about this Remote Neural Monitoring control system now, more than is comfortable for the neuro operatives and their controllers.   

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The neuro operatives who electronically harass and psychologically torture me by the use of wireless weapons are becoming dispirited recently for many of the following reasons but mostly because of the first reason.
I hear the voices of these neuro operatives coming from inside my head due to the fact that their are using voice to skull classified bio-communication technology to non-consensually communicate with me . I repeat almost everything they say to me in a loud voice using the following phrase each time they say something to me " WHY AM I HEARING YOUR VOICE COMING FROM INSIDE MY HEAD, WITHOUT MY PERMISSION, WHILE SAYING THE FOLLOWING" ……...and then I repeat exactly what they just said.
I do this many times throughout each evening and night while I am lying in bed. Everything I say is then distributed widely among the student body who are helping to analyse my bodily functions which they are able to do because I have become implanted with bio-sensors and other technology throughout my body and brain. This is all being achieved by wireless means and without my permission or consent. I do not know these people or their location. They have been wirelessly experimenting on me for sixteen years and they have bio-communicated with me on a non-consensual basis throughout that sixteen years, often hundreds of times each day.
Other reasons why they are becoming dispirited are because I live in the countryside in a family owned stone farm cottage so I am not easy to access.
I have never broken any law in my life so they can gain no leverage on me.
I am not addicted to any substance. I do not even drink coffee or eat refined sugar.
They can not surreptitiously befriend me in order to gain access into my life because I do not make any new friends. I am friends with four other Irish targeted individuals who all have high online profiles so in that way I can know that they are genuine targeted individuals.

I have never and I never would at any time in the future accept money, gifts, bribes or favours from these unknown neuro operatives even though they have attempted to offer me bribes through the wirelessly enabled classified voice to skull bio-communication system on many occasions throughout the previous years since I have become non-consensually wirelessly tethered to their computer system. I personally believe that the reason they have asked me by wireless means if I would accept bribes is so that they would then have legal permission to continue with their wireless harassment and psychological torture of me. If you ever become targeted by wireless weapons you must never agree to meet up with these perpetrators and you must never allow them to do you any favours or to offer you any gifts or money.

Many targeted individuals who are being electronically harassed by a combination of remote neural monitoring and remote neural manipulation no longer complain to the police, because the police refuse to believe us when we do complain.  Instead of helping us they send us for unneeded psychiatric evaluation.   Therefore we can no longer trust the police.

I plan to continue repeating the phrase "WHY AM I HEARING YOUR VOICE COMING FROM INSIDE MY HEAD WITHOUT MY PERMISSION WHILE YOU WERE SAYING THE FOLLOWING …….and then repeating what ever they have recently said , because it is really annoying them and at appears to be compromising them also because their extremely cruel methodologies are being revealed to some of their colleagues and to whoever purchases their findings. If you are hearing voice to skull bio-communication on a non-consensual basis please try this tactic of repeating everything they say back to them while using the phrase "WHY AM I HEARING YOUR VOICE COMING FROM INSIDE MY HEAD WITHOUT MY PERMISSION WHILE YOU WERE SAYING THE FOLLOWING."..……...
My name is Gretta Fahey. My address is Newbrook, Claremorris, Co. Mayo, Republic of Ireland. My landline home phone number is 0949360901. My website which I alone own and control is called MY facebook page is called

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According to the Wikipedia definition, the Milgram experiment on obedience to authority figures was a series of social psychology experiments conducted by Yale University psychologist Stanley Milgram. They measured the willingness of study participants, men from a diverse range of occupations with varying levels of education, to obey an authority figure who instructed them to perform acts conflicting with their personal conscience. Participants were led to believe that they were assisting an unrelated experiment, in which they had to administer electric shocks to a "learner.   I am being subject to remote neural monitoring and remote neural manipulation which appears to have a built-in Milgram experiment attached to it.  I am wirelessly linked to computers which are operated by neuro staff.  These neuro staff were informed that they must systematically abuse a woman until she broke down and told them something.   They have abused me night and day  for sixteen years.   I have not broken down and told me anything.  I don't know what I am supposed to tell them. 

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Remote Neural Monitoring is a mind and body invasive security system which has been developed to deal with terrorism.  It involves implanting a suspected terrorist with brain and body implants and then wirelessly connecting those implants to a supercomputer.  This implantation occurs without the suspected terrorist knowing that they have been implanted.   From that time on all of the electrical activity being generated within the body and brain of the suspected terrorist is transmitted by a two way link to a supercomputer which is operated by criminal neuro operatives.    The data collected from the suspected terrorists body is data analysed and collated into various categories.   The neuro operatives can tell from reading this collated data what the suspected terrorist said and did each and every day and night.   The suspected terrorist no longer has any mental privacy whatsoever.    The two way link from the supercomputer and other computer networks allows unknown criminal neuro operatives to send their voices by wireless means to the brain of the suspected terrorist.    These aforementioned  unknown criminal neuro operatives also use the two way wireless link to send moving images, odours, forced muscle movement signals, false emotions and feelings, sensations and even pain signals to the brain and body of the suspected terrorist.    These unknown criminal neuro operatives can cause the victim to suffer from sleep deprivation.   They also send false digital signals into the spine of the body of the victim in order to cause neurological damage.  They can even cause total paralysis if they persist in sending false signals to the spine of the victim over a long period of time.   This Remote Neural Monitoring in combination with Remote Neural Manipulation system may also be a method of electronically mind controlling large portions of each population so that they are unable to react appropriately to the extreme level of danger that the human race is now in from this and other technology.  

The United States, the United Kingdom, Spain, Germany and France are among some of the countries that use Remote Neural Monitoring combined with Remote Neural Manipulation on their own people.   The definition of suspected terrorist has now expanded to include almost everyone in the world.   The dark new world order evil cabal now wishes to wirelessly tether all  of the human race except themselves to this Remote Neural Monitoring combined with Remote Neural Manipulation extremely invasive control system.   It is a system of full spectrum dominance of the human being.  It is a method of enslaveing the whole human race and making them become grovelingly obedient to the dark new world order evil cabal. 

I have been a non-consensual and extremely unwilling  subject of Remote Neural Monitoring combined with Remote Neural Manipulation for approximately sixteen years.  I have experienced all aspects of it.  I have studied the matter for sixteen years.   I have written about my experiences in debth on my website which is called and on my facebook page which is called  

The reason I believe that I have been placed on Remote Neural Monitoring combined with Remote Neural Manipulation approximately sixteen years ago is because I applied for disability allowance for irritable bowel syndrome and I also complained to the disability assessment doctor that I had been treated inappropriately for irritable bowel syndrome in the past my many general practitioners and specialists and I had also been denied disability allowance for it.   I became a targeted individual of both Remote Neural Monitoring and Remote Neural Manipulation soon after my complaint.  

I hear the voices of the neuro operatives and their agents coming from inside my head on a continual basis.  I often post what the voices are saying to me and about me online so that others may know what it is like to experience constant voice hearing.   Herebelow is an example of what some of these neuro operatives have been reproducing inside my head in recent days.--

"You don't get to make any decisions any more, not even the smallest kind."

"When the client has no sleep she is far more prone to suicide attempts"   followed by another inner voice which replied to the first inner voice as follows  "We have no policy on the matter,   Get on with your work."

"We have an old bitch writing down what we say.  She posts it online then the following day."

"Slowing down our economy deliberately in order to eventually attempt to take over the whole economic system in Ireland."

"I can see from my computer screen that you evacuate your bowels regularly."

"Extreme anomalies in her bowel.  She hasn't a system of cogency at all."

"Get an imprint of her energy field while she is writing her signature.  Then control her to sign her signature when she is in a state of distraction.   Then take her for every penny she has.  It has been done to targeted individuals all over the world."

" We will wreck her gut.  We will wreck it."

"We don't wish to be seen while inspecting the goods."

"It is my job to monitor the activities of the client on a constant basis."

"There is somebody assessing the system.   They will locate us easily due to the signals coming out of our location."

"There is mutiny in the ranks."

"Did she drop her drawers for anyone recently."

"Predicated on the fact that this woman is involved in something nefarious."

"No.  She is not involved in anything nefarious."

"We don't care if they are Christian or not.   We have to take a broad spectrum."

"What the heck have we done to deserve being discussed in ways that are unbecoming."

"A lynch mob will come and kill her."

"We are fitting her up."

"We haven't been minding our affairs. There are agents of ours in cahoots with events that are not in our favour."

"There is an amusing situation going on here.  We have to tally a woman's bowel outages."   This was responded to by another internal voice which was heard to say by me "Who is paying you to tally bowel outages".  A further internal voice was also  heard to say by me "I am."     A still further internal voice was then heard to say by me "What is your name."   A further internal voice was then heard to say by me   "My name is Anison Anderson".  A further internal voice was then heard to say by me "Is it happening when in public".   A still further internal voice was then heard to say by me "We only tally bowel outages when she is in her own private ground".  

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Each individual man, woman and child would be wirelessly tethered from implants which are already deeply imbedded in their brains and spinal cords to super computers which would be run by pre-programmed computerized algorithms. All of the electrical activity generated by the brain and body of each individual would be uploaded on a constant basis to said super computers where it would be data analysed. All data collected would then be used to build a profile of each individual. That profile would appear along side the individuals face each and every time that individuals face was captured by a facial recognition system which is built into closed circuit television cameras. I know this to be the case because I have been wirelessly tethered to this system for many years. The system I refer to is known as Remote Neural Monitoring in combination with Remote Neural Manipulation.

In combination with the afore mentioned system, wirelessly enabled microwave mind control is also being used to lull most of the population into a false sense of security and the main stream media is now privately owned and controlled.

In order to free ourselves from this full spectrum dominance system we must urgently disassemble and ban all wireless enabling capabilities throughout our respective countries. The individuals who have engineered this full spectrum dominance system have lied to us about the existence of satellites and space based weapons. They themselves are outside the system and above the law.

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Many targeted individuals of Remote Neural Monitoring in combination with Remote Neural Manipulation have been experiencing a phenomenon known as electronic rape. They first became wirelessly linked by a two way connection to a network of computers which is both owned and operated by neuro operatives. These neuro operatives are generally unknown to the electronic rape victim. These neuro operatives can send signals through the two way wireless connection in order to make the victim feel sensations in specific areas of their body while the victim is most probably alone in the privacy of their own home. Said neuro operatives must also send information to the brain of the victim simultaneously in order to make the victim feel that they are being raped.
I am a non-consensual subject of Remote Neural Monitoring in combination with Remote Neural Manipulation and I constantly hear the voices of the neuro operatives which come through the two way wireless link into implants inside my brain. I have been informed wirelessly via voice to skull bio-communication by colleagues of said neuro operatives that the neuro operatives who perform the electronic rape do not feel an emotional connection when they are electronically raping the victim. They further said that they do not even need to know what the subject is feeling or thinking while the electronic rape is taking place. They electronically rape the victims by wireless means in order to make them come to terms with the system of control so that the victim will not question the control system or them at any time in the future. They electronically rape as part of their job.
Many people throughout the world have yet to come to terms with the phenomenon known as wireless Remote Neural Monitoring in combination with Remote Neural Manipulation. There is still time to disassemble and ban microwave transmitters and related paraphernalia in order to make electronic hostage taking come to an end.

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