gaslighting (4)

Few weeks ago, I saw an Albanian guy who was talking about studying computer programming with a Turkish woman. But he said that he wants to study Biology in Germany.

Today, a Russian pregnant woman asked me what I wanna do and if I want to study in Germany or not.  I said I wanna go back to Switzerland and I have IT degree already. Then she talked with the Albanian guy and he said he wanna study IT. The Russian woman said that she wants to study medicine but she needs mechanical engineering exam to pass in order to take master for her study. Later, another teacher who used to teach the class came and she asked the Albanian guy for help after the class. She needed someone to help computer set up and he is skilled for that. It seemed a typical gaslighting and showing off one's ability for the competition against the TI. Perps often do that and he never asked something like that before. I'm pretty sure that all the classmates are perps as there are not many people.

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This Target Is Not Safe With Her Family

The whole point is to institutionalize me.  My family is complicit - no, more than complicit, they are the main harassers - in my targeting.  The gaslighting is unrelenting.  They try to get me to go places at night so I can be "brighted" by the oncoming cars.  My sister-in-law tried to get me to steal from a church donation box!  And also a donation box for the Goodwill!  That's one of the tactics:  try to get you to perpetrate petty crimes, so they can further the agenda of demeaning you.


Last night, I went with my brother and part of his family to get a hamburger.  While we were there, his granddaughter McKayla said she liked the song, "call me maybe".  The way I was manipulated into the targeting was a man named Mark Freeman (aka Michael F) played me.  Flirted with me every time I went grocery shopping, about twice a month, for a year or more.  I tried to ask him out but didn't have the nerve, so I went back to the stupid store over and over, and left a note for him with someone in customer service, to call me.  Anyway, my brother said, "who would leave their phone number with someone and ask them to call them?".  If you've ever heard the song I mention above, that's the gist of it. 


Another big "theme" with my targeting is shit.  And before we left for the hamburger joint, McKayla took one and left it in the toilet, so when I got back and had to go to the bathroom, there was her "present" for me.  This is really nasty stuff that people (if you want to call them that) do.  Over and over I hear, from family and every other person that's still asleep (and that doesn't want to wake up), is "I just want to live my life".  If I thought their conscience bothered them it might make a difference in how I feel about them now.  But I have serious doubts about them being human (no, I don't think they're aliens!).


And when I first got to my brothers house (he "rescued" me too), there was pesticide everywhere!  So bad my lips were numb for the first week!  I finally confronted him about it and it seemed to stop.  But the point is, when I die (not if I die) my family will be directly responsible for my death.  I don't care if they were manipulated or coerced into it by someone with more power than them.  Let God forgive them (if He can), because I never will.

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Fact, Fiction, or Manufactured Fantasy

This past week I finally realized that what I have been living with for the past year and half is not a figment of my imagination (which I already knew but now it is confirmed) nor am I the only one on the planet being followed by multiple individuals 24/7, being electronically monitored every way imaginable (and then some), or having any number of other unthinkable attrocities inflicted on them at any given time. Is this good news to learn that I am not alone in this hellish nightmare? At first I think so. At first I experience an overwhelming sense of relief and for the first time since this all started I feel validated and understood. I realize that if I want to I reach out to others who are in the exact same position as I and potentially befriend some of you i can. This hits me as a tall glass of water would to someone in the desert. I haven't had a real friend to talk to in months I have been forced to live as though I am a hermit for months now and I trust no one!It is with these thoughts in my mind that I start scouring this site as well as several others. I have learned of things that are happening to us all that until a few weeks ago I thought only existed in Sci Fi movies. I have learned that most likely I am being targeted with microwave energy attacks, V2k (a form of brainwashing but the person doesn't have to even be physically close to you but instead uses a microwave to transport their message to my brain), other types of direct energy weapons that can cause any type of physical symptom and/or pain, they can project holograms (that I could potentially believe are real), manifest any type of sound either at will or continuously depending on their chosen tactic dejure and the list can go on and on.So far I have only mentioned the physical attacks to your person which does not say anything about what all of this does to us psychologically. For the past year and half my personal items have been hidden randomly from me on a regular basis. My children have been directed by "them" to also hide my things which has meant that I have to guard my keys, phone, and anything else I don't want to lose my mind over when it isn't in the place I left it only 5 minutes before. My husband then went on a smear campaign to everyone in my life using my paranoia, erratic behavior, and anger as evidence of my new mental illness. To this I say, heck yes I am paranoid, erratic, and down right pissed off! I don't know many (actually nobody) people that wouldn't be given the above mentioned circumstances. So yes, when I found out that there was a whole community out there who not only understands what I am going through but knows what it feels like because they suffer from the same things I was relieved.However the reality of this has now sunk in to what is left of my energy damaged brain and I am saddened beyond belief in fact I am broken hearted. The idea that there are millions of people in our world who are all being tortured 24 hours a day, 365 days a year is almost more than I am able to fathom. I can honestly say to you all that I wish I were alone in this nightmare that all of you out there could not fathom the kind of pain (emotional and physical) I have endured or the level of fear I live with on a daily basis. No one should be able to comprehend this kind of life!But here we are and this is our reality now we deal with it, right? I am sincerely grateful for all of you who are here before me who can offer their experience, strength, and hope as to how you all live with this day in and day out. I need all the help I can get because I am fresh out of ideas. Please post anything you can think of that you think any "newbie" should know.I would also appreciate it if you would check out the pictures I have posted on my page and let me know what you think it is or if you have seen anything like this in your communities.Thank you and God Bless
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Here is the file. Open Office format. I do not want to share the direct link to the total strangers, but I want to make the file ready for the people interested.


Here is the riddle: last 3 parts, you must consider the Northwestern wind. You must solve the riddle to get the right address.


If you don't get the riddle and still want the file, please contact me at FB.

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