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ATTENTION ALL CATTLE, SHEEP, PIG AND POULTRY FARMERS. THERE IS NOW A NEW THREAT TO YOUR BUSINESSES WHICH HAS BEEN BROUGHT ABOUT BY SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY. Many unwilling individuals have already been implanted with various types of implants which are wirelessly connected to computer networks. Some of these implants are similar in scope to coclear implants which are implants given to deaf people in order to enable them to hear. Those implants are wired for sound. Other similar implants are being used to deliver pain and various types of disablement. Voice commands are being transmitted to the implants and are being heard by the victims. If the victims refuse to obey those aforementioned voice commands then they can go on to receive pain or various other types of punishments. The victims of this science and technology are known as virtual wireless slaves or targeted individuals or by a variety of different names. I myself am a virtual wireless slave and I have been so for many years. State controlled governments could provide the finance to supply the police with technology which would prove beyond any doubt that we are indeed virtual wireless slaves but they appear to have been forbidden from doing so. Instead they have chosen to regard us as delusional. State controlled governments could also have provided the finances necessary to create firewalls for our brains and central nervous systems in order to protect us from this virtual wireless enslavement which we have been placed in but they appear to have been forbidden from doing so possibly by the Dark Luciferians and Satanists who own and run the world from behind the scenes of our lives and who have been doing so for thousands of years. Voice commands are being transmitted into implants in my brain which tell me that my meat is contaminated on some occasions when I am about to eat it. In this way the meat industry is being destroyed by covert means. Those voice commands which I hear clearly can also be transmitted subliminally in others in order to eventually generate a distaste for meat in the general population. A wide variety of subliminal messages are now being transmitted inside the brains of those who have embedded technology in their brains which make the general population hold opinions which were not generated by their own private thought processes and which they may wrongly believe are their own opinions. The dark luciferians and satanists who control all access to this technology are planning to destroy cattle, sheep, pig and poultry farming throughout the world so that they can have more control over the worldwide food supply. This would allow them to artificially engineer famines if they should wish to do so in the future. Please ask your politicial representative to provide the police with technology which can identify those who are wirelessly virtually enslaved and provide absolute proof that this is the case. Please also ask your political representative to provide financial resources to independent scientists in order that they will create firewalls for our brains and central nervous systems so that others may not be forced to endure virtual wireless enslavement such as I and others are enduring now and have endured for many years. My website is called

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Happy New Year!


I hope and pray that everyone has a much better year.

I greatly appreciate every member in peacepink, supporting each other, hand in hand together.

And I pray for an end to these crimes and for peace in all the world.

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(1)   Police throughout most of the world are now being trained using the same inculcation methods which are being used to inculcate individuals into religious cults.   

(2)   Many police stations are now being deliberately located close to microwave transmitters, which are being used to mind control the police.  We are bathed in a sea of electromagnetic waves. Unbeknownst to most of us, messages are being secretly carried on those carrier waves into the heads of most of society without their consent.   Our brains work electromagnetically and with frequency vibration. The predatory satanic New World Order cartel agents have been projecting frequencies containing information into the human brain within the frequency band of human brain activity, and the individual human being who unknowingly receives the information contained in the projected frequencies then believes that information is their own thoughts and opinions.
(3)   Police are being used to enforce civil law which is a weapon of dark occultists who wish to enslave us via civil law as well as via technological means.   We must return to the use of common law which is a justice system based on natural law and which empowers the human race against the  dark occultists who sit at the top of the worldwide hierarchical based chain of command.  COMMON LAW serves the human race and is an avenue of justice. CIVIL LAW is a weapon used against the human race by the self proclaimed elite.
(4)   When the police are finished their training they then are being asked to attend an elaborate function similar to a wedding where their parents also attend in order to celebrate the fact that they are now about to begin their new employment.   This situation is designed  to make it difficult and shameful  for those junior police officers to leave the police force after such a well advertised elaborate function attended by their parents and families  when they eventually  discover that they are regularly being asked to enforce immoral laws as part of their work requirements. 
(5)   Police work is now being so heavily compartmentalized that the police themselves are not being allowed to know what is occurring behind the scenes inside their own countries with regard to abuses of electromagnetic weapons.   The only individuals who are allowed to see the overall picture of what is secretly occurring in any country or state are the dark occultists who run each country from the top of the worldwide  false hierarchical based chain of command.
(6)   The dark occultists and their agents, many of  who are high level systems analysts, especially in Dublin City in the Republic of Ireland,  control the actual programming of the human linked computerized control system which is being used to link the brains and central nervous systems of unwilling, non-consenting and largely unaware human beings to said computerized control system.
(7)   Because police stations are being located close to the aforementioned microwave transmitters and because police themselves are being forced to carry communication devices close to their person on a continual basis during their working hours,  it has been reported by Dr Barrie Trower, ex MI5, who is himself a microwave specialist that the numbers of  police officers  who are developing cancer is above  national averages.
(8)   When the police undergo initial training, they are being denied access to important information about the current capabilities of electromagnetic weapons, the capabilities of which would reflect in their decision whether  to complete their police training course or not. 
  I include a resubmitted  brief synopsis of only some of  the current capabilities of electromagnetic weapons here.
When the human brain thinks a thought it produces an electromagnetic frequency which can be measured by wireless means from a distance and automatically translated into what the human subject has just thought about.
When you undergo an EEG examination your brain wave tracings show up on a computer screen. These brain wave tracings show distinctive patterns all of which have been translated into individual words and feelings and they have been compiled into a computerized dictionary which can be translated at the speed of light into what you are thinking , feeling, doing and saying . By this method anyone’s thoughts can be read and anyone’s activities can be monitored from a remote location by unknown neuro operatives.
A frequency modulator can be used to take frequencies from the human brain and mix them with other incoming frequencies so that the incoming frequencies over ride the original brain frequencies and in this way you can effect the thoughts and emotions of a human being, thereby modifying their behaviour, even without their knowledge. A frequency modulator can be used to modify the behaviour of a law court judge and jury so as to manipulate them to find a defendent guilty or not guilty. It can be used to sports men and women to change the outcome of a football match. It can be used to change the outcome of an election. It can be used on senior politicians to change their decisions. It is being used on psychiatrists to make them wrongly believe that individuals who are being remote neural manipulated are mentally insane. It can be used to turn followers of any organised religion into fanatics which I believe is currently allowed to occur.
Electrical signals are generated inside your head and body whenever you move a muscle. When you decide to move a finger an electrical signal is steered through our brain and central nervous system and travels right down to your finger via your neural system. The movement generates and electric current which generates off your brain and body and which can be read by external means by unknown neuro operatives who work from an unknown remote location. These neuro operatives can then read that electric signal and they can reconstruct the strenght of the current and in what direction it is flowing because we have implants and microdust which contains sensors inside our brains and bodies which now allows them to conduct these manipulations on us from an unknown external location. Neuro scientists and neuro operatives who are agents of the dark occultists can now read out elecromagnetic fields in great detail and have a computer analyse them rapidly so that they can now know what a human being is doing inside the privacy of their own home at all times, down to how many times that human subject blinked their eyes or breathed each day.
Further to that, a frequency modulator can be used to demodulate all electrical signals and then remodulate them and send them back to the human subject in ways that can then force the human subject to move a muscle entirely against their will, either knowingly or unknowingly. The electromagnetic field which surrounds your body when you are in inside such and electromagnetic field can be used against you to force an electric current inside your head and force it to travel down your neural system and into your limb and make that limb move against your will. This can be used to make you fall a break your ankle against your will while allowing you to believe that it occurred accidentally.
The hand proprioception and touch interfaces (HAPTIX) program is used to wirelessly stimulate the peripheral nervous system, forcing people to unwillingly feel vivid sensations of touch and proprioception while they are alone in the privacy of their own beds at night. It is very frightening if you have not been informed about this technological capability. I have experienced it many times against my will and without my permission.
Brain chips will be commercialized as deep brain stimulation devices or chip/biosensors for mankind to experience in their homes or businesses, for virtual enjoyment, pleasure, treatment for diseases of the mind, monitoring, diagnostics, energy harvesting, augmentation of artificial intelligences and computers, counter control measures, exploitation, the declaration of a cyber war and physical dominance of human beings at many levels of life according to Dr Hildegarde Staninger in her book “Global Brain Chip and Mesogens.”
The Richard C Walker patent which has also come to be known as the wireless internet of things patent number US6965816 describes the ability of neuro scientists to aggressively go in, take over, control, track and manage any system whether it be an airplane, a car, a motor cycle or a human being.

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The third world war will be the easiest war ever fought and it will be won on behalf of the majority of the human race who will easily defeat the dark new world order crime cartel and send them packing for good. Nobody will even have to die. Our soldiers will simply destroy every telephone mast in sight as well as every microwave transmitter, every millimetre wave transmitter, every HAARP phased array, every GWEN tower and all other paraphernalia which enables us to be tortured in our own homes by wireless means by agents of the dark new world order who work by remote means and leave no evidence in their wake.

All of the technology that enabled wireless warfare is either ground based or is being propelled by drones which are low enough to be shot down. Space based weapons are simply an elaborate hoax for the simple reason that outer space does not exist. The second law of thermodynamics proves that air and space can not co-exist side by side. If outer space existed the vacuum of space would suck all of the air from the surface of the earth and we would be unable to breathe. Air and space can not be made to co-exist side by side in a laboratory setting.

We have been lied to about the existence of outer space satellites. Stationary drones have been wrongly identified as satellites. False video footage has been created by agents of the dark new world order crime cartel who falsely portrayed themselves as living and working in the international space station which is an easily proveable hoax. The people who are obliged to falsely portray themselves as working in the non-existent international space station are more than likely neuro slaves, which means they have become wirelessly tethered via internal body and brain implants to computer networks where they can be hurt by remote wireless means if they refuse to obey the orders of the dark new world order crime cabal and their agents.
We live in a world of indoctrination, a false reality construct where we are being asked to believe something because a group of dark occultists tell us it is so without providing a shred evidence to back up their claims. For every non-existent satellite they claim to launch they get five hundred million dollars of tax payers money. We must wake the world up and organise the militia to disassemble and ban all wireless enabling technology before another human being is forced to commit suicide due to being wirelessly tortured inside their own homes while being unbelieved by the unsuspecting population, many of who are under electronic mind control due to living in locations where electronic mind control frequencies are reaching them, which are claimed to be large urban populations.

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I am a non-consensual  victim of an unknown crime syndicate who use formerly classified voice to skull direct human communication to  to  speak to me by wireless means and from a remote location  against my will and without my permission.   I have been brain to computer linked for more than fifteen years.  These criminals are able to decode much of the electrical activity generated by my brain and body throughout each day via a two way stream of electromagnetic energy which is wirelessly linked to embedded material inside  my brain and body.   I sometimes write down what these individuals who reproduce their voices inside my head say to me and post it online in many and varied social media sites and on my own website which is called ; Here is some of what these voices which I hear coming from inside my head have been saying to me over the past few days.

"Sidney house corporation has asked why is this woman being allowed to send secret information around the world".

"It is highly inappropriate to throw out that many carrots".

"How dare you write down what we say.  It was never in the bargain. Certain people are extremely distraught."

"I have become an accomplice in this so I may as well destroy the woman".

"If we fail to get her married off we will instead deem her to have borderline paranoid schizophrenia."

"They will kill us or they will kill her if that goes out".

"She is neither elegant nor astute."

"She is not one of us.  Why the heck didnt we know that before we came here?    This was replied to by another unknown voice as follows  "We did know it because none of them are with us.  They are all non-consensual.  It server us better to pretend we believe that they have consented to being neuro research subjects.  

"The Antifada are here at the lookout post.  The lair of the neuro research group is underground in London.  It can be accessed through a chamber inside the house of Lords."

"How many chances does this woman need.  Speak to me or else".

"There is no income stream coming from this woman.  This was responded to by another unknown voice as follows  "An income stream will be now set up to come from this womans estate.   Further to that I heard the following information also coming from inside my head   "This is against all known laws of the circuit courts".   The response I heard then was as follows  "Signalling each other is not the way forward.  I have killed your information source".    While this was being said I got a strong feeling that the individual who I was brain to brain linked at that exact time had been killed because I can feel their emotions and I felt something very strange and unexplanable coming from the brain to brain link into my own head.

"We will decommission the system if this much information is out there".

"This pig of a woman has no right to exist".

"We will have to abandon ship.  We are in danger".  

I had been kept awake at night because of hearing constant voice to skull direct human communication voices coming from inside my head.  I had complained about this during the day via the voice to skull direct human communication system.  I had been unable to carry out my own business due to extreme tiredness.  They then informed me that they had deprived the night staff who had been keeping me awake of work for four weeks as a punishment.  However, other night staff had then later on  begun to keep me awake.  I complained to these individuals that they were keeping me awake by their continual talking during the night.  I then heard the following voices coming from inside my head while speaking to each other "Do you want a four week vacation?.  This was followed by "Yes."   This was followed by "Well keep her awake then."  This was followed by still another inner voice which said "You are going to have to leave this employ.  You are turning against the welfare of this woman."

"If this woman had had a hysterectomy we would have had her by now.  We would have got to the bowel and scared it a bit in order to cause her problems in the future".  

"You have gone out of your way to make me cross".

"Keep your head above the radar and I will slowly inform you that we will kill you".  

"We can pretty much do what we like here.  We have no consideration for you.  Obviously we care enough to keep you alive.  It would be counter productive otherwise."

I would like to strongly advice other recepients of voice to skull unwanted voices to reply to the voices in the following manner as a matter of course.  "Why am I hearing your voice coming from inside my head entirely without my permission while saying the following   (then you repeat whatever you heard them say).  This may lead to exposure in the future for the following reason,   A permanent electronic record of anybody who uses wirelessly enabled  technology  in order to speak to unknown targeted individuals remotely and without their permission might be kept for security reasons.  If and when the courts obtain those electronic records the perpetrators will not be able to claim that they did not know that they were projecting their voices inside the heads on non-consensual and extremely unwilling human beings if you inform them each time they speak to you that you are hearing their voices coming from inside your head and it is non-consensual.  .

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I am non-consensually wirelessly linked to unknown neuro operatives who speak to me whenever they wish, and this is happening totally against my will.   In the past ten minutes,  I heard the voice of a female neuro operative coming from inside my head who said the following to one of her colleagues  "A single lady, living alone in the West of Ireland, she is out of the house most of the time.  Why haven't we done something to discourage her from living in her house?"

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I used to be a fan of  the American singer  Donny Osmond when I was fifteen. That is where I learned about Mormonism as he is a Mormon.  I am an agnostic and I believe that belonging to an organised religion weakens people because they must abandon logic in order to embrace faith.
However, the Mormons appear to be a stronger group than adherents to other organised religions because they lead sober lives. Drinking alcohol, smoking cigarettes, being sexually promiscuous, gambling and taking hard drugs weakens people as individuals and as groups.
We are being socially engineered by agents of the dark new world order criminal cabal to do all of those things in order that we become weaker and weaker so that we can be eventually enslaved by them.
Small children are being strongly encouraged to eat sugar coated cakes at birthdays, Christmas, easter and every other possible occasion. Sugar is poisonous and it weakens us.
The dark new world order criminal cabal normalize the habit of individuals and groups indulging in weakening behaviour at every opportunity, and I imagine that they rejoice whenever they see somebody in a weakened state so that they can then exploit them further.
We are living through a war of attrition now. Watch everything you do at all times. You are being profiled through your smart phone. Whatever you say while your smart phone is on your person is being used to build up a profile of you and I imagine your weaknesses will then be highlighted for others to exploit. 

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Conversion technology combined with spectral imaging allows anyone who has wireless weapons to see any and all human beings naked and up close. This is being done by agents of the dark new world order crime cartel who work from unknown remote locations. We must urgently ban all wireless enabling infrastructure and return to using only wired technology.

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The new world order cabal have been using the strategy of "divide and conquer" in order to gain power over families, communities, nations and the whole human race.  They have attempted to break down the family unit by many and varied subtle means.  They have used both church and state to push their agenda.  Most agents of church and state can not see the big picture.

Many decades ago before electronic mind control took over, trauma based mind control was used by schools and churches.  The clergy urged parents to severely physically discipline their children on the understanding that if the children were not totally obedient to the teaching of the church they would burn in hell for all eternity and the parents might also burn in hell for not disciplining the children enough.  Many parents believed this dictate because there was no conflicting information allowed into circulation via the main stream media at the time.  This practice alienated many children from their parents.

Parents were also encouraged to lie to their children when the children were at a vulnerable age where they needed to totally trust their parents for reasons of survival.  Parents forced the Santa Clause lie and the Tooth Fairy lie on their children so that the children could never fully trust their parents again in the future.  This also served to inculcate the children into the belief that it is acceptable to be dishonest.

The main stream media attempted to break down strong family units through promoting promiscuity in magazines which were published for teenagers.

Church and state encouraged parents to send children to school when the children had turned four years old.   A childs mind can be compared to liquid which does not set into a solid mind set until the age of seven on average.  When the  state has access to the minds of children before the age of seven agents of the state  can easily inculcate the child into a heirarchical  based mind set to the extent that the child  becomes unable to challenge false authority in adulthood and in this way they can allow themselves to be enslaved.

The new world order cabal is actively building conflict between ethnic groups in Ireland at the moment.  They have achieved this by first of all enacting unfair laws in favour of the travelling community so as to set up the travelling community as a hate group.  They then subtly inflame hatred against the travelling community in a process where they use gradualism and incrementalism to achieve their aims.   I believe that many travellers are being subjected to remote neural monitoring because I heard of one travelling family where four members committed suicide within a short space of time.  The travelling community are difficult to control because they constantly move around, which is their birth right.  The new world order cabal wish to rigidly control and eventually enslave all of us.  They may wish to eliminate the travelling community entirely.    In order to solve this situation, we aught to set up motor home parking facilities which we all can use at the edge of each town for the purposes of taking vacations, and which the travelling community can use for the purposes of continuing their nomadic lifestyle.  In that way, we can befriend and integrate with the travelling community and protect them from hate groups.


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The dark new world order crime cartel wish to take away the confidence of the rest of the human race in order to destroy our individuality and our self belief so that they can inculcate us into a collective.  This is a vital part of the inculcation process which happens inside all cults.   I have been implanted with bio-technology to the extent that voices of criminal neuro operatives can force their voices inside my mind anytime they wish.   These neuro operatives constantly insult me in order to attempt to take away my rock solid self belief so that they might inculcate me into a worldwide  collectivism, which is another word for slavery.   In order to inculcate somebody into a collectivism, the target is made to feel guilt and fear.  They are informed that the group does their thinking for them and they are kept so busy that they have no time to question anything.  

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Some human beings are having their biological processes directly affected by the unethical imprinting of unnecessary digital signals into their auras. Even though we dont know what method is being used against us, many human beings throughout most of the world are now reporting that they are experiencing their own body energy fields being forced to move against their wills thereby forcing their own muscles to move also against their wills. One possible method being considered may be that surveillance operatives can now imprint said unnecessary digital signals into human auras by the use of a spectrometer which may be capable of being used to see inside the home of the individual being unethically interfered with. It may even be necessary for the targeted individual to be using a digital media screen because there may be reverse energy field cameras being built into digital media screens so as to enable the unethical operatives to see the human aura of their target.

I am a targeted individual of directed energy weapons and voice to skull voice harassment  for more than fifteen years and my facial, eyes, neck and body muscles move against my will occasionally.  When ever I have informed state officials in the past that I hear voices coming from inside my head and involuntary muscle movement,  I have been disbelieved and I have been sent for psychiatric evaluation.

Demonic possession does not exist. It has been hoaxed over many decades and perhaps even more than a century in order to provide a cover story for unethical human energy field interference which is ongoing on a large scale throughout most of the world now.

I currently am experiencing extreme disharmony in my human energy field.   When I am in bed at night my energy field appears to take on a life of its own and moves about against my will.   Neuro operatives who are accessing me by wireless means and from a distant location against my will and without my consent are inserting unwanted codes into my body energy field which then may make changes within my physical body.   These same neuro operatives can conduct a whole body analysis of my body whether I have access to a digital media screen or not by using a spectrometer.   They frequently conduct analysis of various parts of my body.   I know this to be the case because I can feel strong surges of unwanted energy going through that part of my body while they are conducting the unwanted analysis.   They speak to me via voice to skull direct communication while they are doing this.  In the distant past, when I have posted important information online, they would then request  that I should come back online a few hours later so that their staff could then verify that I had indeed written the post myself.  They would achieve this by comparing the energy imprint of whoever wrote the online post with my energy imprint while I am sitting in front of my computer in order to check if they compart.  Based on the validation of my energy imprint readout they would then decide whether to endorse the content of the material in  my online post.   They have now informed me that most of my posts have been declined for endorsement in the past.

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 Hi, been a while. Still kickin'.

I discovered a new shielding fabric, plastic! I use a mosquito net over my head and have as much polyester on, including gloves, in overlapping layers. A plastic or just regular pup tent woukd work it seems. Plastic blocks the signal, not entirely in some cases but it does help quite a bit.

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The following is information which I obtained from a youtube video by Joe Imbriano which is called " 5G- The Game Plan is Depopulation" which can be found at the following youtube link
" There is a new breed of radio frequency poisoning coming to us. Paid agents of the dark new world crime cabal are increasing the frequencies of the 5th generation wireless technology to 60 gigahertz. The 60 gigahertz frequency has been chozen for a specific reason. That is the frequency that ozygen molecules absorb radio frequency energy. The oxygen molecules have electrons that they share with each other. Oxygen is a diatomic molecule. What we breathe are two oxygen molecules stuck together with these electrons which they share with each other. It is these shared electrons that bind to the hemoglobin in our blood. When oxygen is hit with radio frequency energy at 60 gigahertz it effects the orbital properties of these shared electrons because hemoglobin is a magnetic compound.
When you alter or interfere with the orbital spin properties of diatomic oxygens electrons you then interfere with the exchange of gas in our lungs where the oxygen is being absorbed into the bloodstream and the carbon dioxide is being expelled from the bloodstream.
Agents of the dark new world order crime cabal are attempting to poison us with a frequency that effects our oxygen molecules and this is by design. This may be the reason that the science of magnetobiology is being censored everywhere. "

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                                         FREEDOM FIGHTERS FOR AMERICA
                                     "FIGHTING FOR FREEDOM AND LIBERTY" 

Is interviewed by Nick Spinner of Electronic Harassment/ organized stalking  on Talk shoe
channel # 97862

Chris speaks on targeting issues that people under the govt-mob assasination program
are experiencing , and the subject of the new world order in the targeting system



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Mind Control Victims attend Occupy Washington

Freedom From Covert Harassment and Surveillance

from Derrick Robinson 

Occupation Events in New York and Washington, DC

accounts by Targeted Individual (TI)

Community Participants of Last Week's Demonstrations



Thanks to all of you who attended and are attending the Occupation events in New York, Washington, DC and other cities.  This is a historic occasion and an opportunity our community cannot afford to miss!  Wherever you are, there is an occupation event nearby.  They are happening in all of the major and mid-sized metro areas, and in many small cities and towns. The TI's that participated often spoke of receptive audiences to our issues by event attendees. These people are keenly attuned to government abuses and seem to listen to us with an open mind. 

According to information from JoJo: is the main contact point for demonstrations in now 1,018 cities and towns.  Look up the nearest demonstration near you. 

Below are accounts from Sandy Fields, Marc Burnell, Cynthia L., Karen S., and Max Williams. The place where they "occupied" is listed beside their name. Due to privacy concerns, I've used the last initial for some of the TI's here.


Marc Burnell, Washington, DC
4_w221_h166_s1_PT0_PR15_PB0_PL0_PCeeeeee.jpgReally enjoyed the demonstration. There was a lot of energy in the air. People were very serious. I spoke to a lot people while handing out flyers. A lot of them seemed really smart. Weather was perfect. The artists were better than people thought. Great speeches. The walk to the Chamber Of Commerce was great. They were playing the drums, chanting, singing, etc. Loved the costumes they were wearing throughout the demonstration.

Sandy Fields, New York City

8_w190_h253_s1_PT0_PR15_PB0_PL0_PCeeeeee.jpgOccupy NYC accumulated...over 130,000 people from all over the country who want to eliminate
Wall Street greed, but its focus is beginning to become real society-changing to meet the needs of 99% of the people, a need to update an obsolete society. We came together and spent hours deciding on forming groups of interest. We currently have a legal group-(high powered legal
attorneys) currently suing Mayor Bloomberg, NYPD, and others, for the pepper spraying of people on the Brooklyn Bridge last week.

There is a Community Group, a Media Group, and almost every type of group forming that will serve as a new type of way of reformatting our government and addressing the issues we have not been able to address- like better education, ways of creating more jobs, and ways of living and working communities, utilizing newer money exchanges, and ways of housing homeless. The group has people of all ages and all are very passionate about really making this effort grow and change our society.  We have outgrown our laws.

Everyone asked me about gangstalking and I reached hundreds of thousands of people. There was media coverage and very concerned people about this crime. Media people were all over. The sign was photographed and distributed all around on the Internet, in the media, and by reporters who were writing about issues of grievances.

There will be growing groups of people assembling in many more cities, and it's free advertising and getting the word out about our issues to hundreds of thousands of people. 

Derrick, you need to get people to other cities tomorrow and every day to educate the public on our issues. We cannot let this opportunity pass us by. I will be going back tomorrow and all weekend with flyers and my sign.  There will be food for all and people will make signs for you. All of this is much better than anything else we tried to do. All targeted individuals need to get out to these meetings Now! We can stop this crime.  Media people are listening and taping segments for news casts. We will be heard. 

Cynthia L., Washington, DC


Cynthia L., Washington, DC


There was a cross-section of America at the "October 2011" rally and "occupation," people of all ages and races and from several geographic areas.  I shared photos with Derrick taken from my cell phone and called Derrick and Cassandra a few times during the day to share what was happening and our progress in talking to people.  It was enlightening to me to see so many people who are committed to changing the economic and social justice conditions in our country.  This was the first time I have attended such an event (except many years ago when there was a movement to make Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.'s birthday a national holiday).  There were young people in their twenties, middle-aged follks, Baby Boomers, and seniors.  There were veterans, mothers with their children, organizations, and private citizens.  People held up large banners to protest the economic condition in the United States.  Others held up modest signs and walked throughout Freedom Plaza to display their message.  There was an air of mutual tolerance and solidarity. 


It was encouraging to be with other TIs, meet them in person, and share our experiences.  This is an important aspect of working together to achieve our mutual goal.  As we work together, we learn more about how to deal with the targeting and recognize that together we can make a difference to end the system of directed energy weapons.  The opportunity to meet in person is especially helpful.


Lessons Learned


Others probably already know these steps.  If we ever gather as a group at an event like this in the future, we could:

- Wear the same tee shirt or other identifying clothing to help us stand out

- Prepare signs in advance to help people know our issue

- Have business cards for Derrick or have his contact information pre-printed on hand-outs


Freedom Plaza


The location of the protest is situated on Pennsylvania Avenue, the corridor between the Capitol building and the White House and the route of many protests and demonstrations throughout the history of the United States.  Freedom Plaza is a broad open area with quotes enscribed in the walkways that reflect the importance of democracy and citizenship.  A stage was set up at one end of the plaza.  The backdrop on the stage was a huge replica of the Declaration of Independence with the words "We the People" emblazoned in large letters.  Music and song was woven throughout the day with recorded protest music, and people with banjos, guitars and other instruments who sang and played their songs.  A huge drum was surrounded by at least a half dozen people who beat the drum to call attention to this social justice movement.




One of the first events of the day was the entry of the parade of veterans into Freedom Plaza.  They had special flags to announce they were veterans and chanted slogans to call for change now.  The assembly welcomed them with applause.  Various stations were set up around Freedom Plaza -- a truth-telling area to video-record people who wished to tell their stories, a "soapbox" area for any who wanted to command the attention of an audience, the Legal Table, and the Registration Table for volunteers to help with logistics.  Reporters and cameras moved throughout the area to ask people what they expected to achieve from the protest.  They were from U.S. media outlets and several from other countries.  In the afternoon, many people in the assembly paraded along Pennsylvania Avenue throughout a route in downtown Washington, DC to the Chamber of Commerce.  Marc was among the marchers.  Max, Karen, and I continued to pass out flyers and talk to people who remained at Freedom Plaza.  The large parade group returned to Freedom Plaza clapping and shouting slogans accompanied by the beating of the large drum.


Outreach to Educate About Our Issues


Max, Marc, Karen, and I distributed about 100 copies of a flyer to ask people to sign the "We the People" petition at the White House website.  We talked to people to introduce them to, or in many instances remind them of, the Church Committee and the excesses of government that were investigated in that era.  Virtually everyone was receptive to listening to us as we discussed this infringement of human rights.  This was in keeping with the tenor of the day and the commitment of the protestors.  We asked them to share the petition with their family members and in their communities.  Many said they had heard about the technologies and the effect they could have on human beings.  They assured us that they would visit the website and sign the petition and share the information.  Others said they would consider our request.  The more we talked with people, the easier it was to approach them and explain our issue.  I think we raised the awareness of many people from all over the country.  We talked to people from Texas, Wisconsin, Illinois, and I'm sure many other places.  It was a rewarding experience to connect with so many people for this cause.  Our conversations included members of "The Raging Grannies," an organization of older women who dress in outrageously-colored outfits with straw hats filled with flowers to draw attention to their work for social justice.  We chatted with women from Code Pink, another grassroots human rights activist group.


Talking to Media Representatives


We gave out flyers to several reporters and shared the contact information for FFCHS.  We talked to them about directed energy weapons and the fact that they are being used against Americans and people around the world.  Some of them found what we were saying was credible.  All of the media we talked to said they would look into the information we presented to them.  I think they were at "October 2011" because they are interested in this protest movement and want to know the issues and what people want to achieve by their presence.  Hopefully, the Media Committee will identify what follow-up we will have with these reporters to share more resources with them and attempt to develop a relationship with them.


Karen S., Washington, DC
6_w174_h130_s1_PT0_PR15_PB0_PL0_PCeeeeee.jpgAdditional lessons learned that I would like to add are as follows:
1) We need to develop a personal brand for the organization. As Cynthia stated, most of the organizations had banners, similar clothing, signs with slogans, etc. Within the branding we need to identify specific communities of people that would be more open to sympathizing and supporting our organization. For instance, I noticed women over 50, (Raging Grannies), were open-minded and very sympathetic. Also, the young, motivated, and zealous men of the Media Research Center were also open.

The commonality between these two groups is that they were not representative of mainstream media.

2)  We need to develop a canned, credible script which TI's can utilize when explaining their circumstances. We need to keep it simple in laymen's terms so that most people can understand it.


Max Williams, Washington, DC
0_w221_h166_s1_PT0_PR15_PB0_PL0_PCeeeeee.jpgI drove to Houston on Sunday October 2, visited with relatives, and flew from there to Washington, DC on Tuesday October 4. On the morning of October 6, I took the metro to downtown Washington. It was 9:00am when I set foot on Freedom Plaza, and people were arriving to join those who had spent the night there. By mid-morning, a large crowd had gathered, and organizers were using a public address system to warm up the group. One of the speakers was an organizer by the name of Kevin Zeese, a very articulate spokesperson who I saw being interviewed later that evening on a couple of local TV channels.

Around noon, Cynthia, Karen, and I met and went to a nearby eatery to have lunch together, where we compared many of the effects that we get from the electronic attackers. Both Cynthia and Karen had taken annual leave from their government jobs to take part in the demonstration. Afterward, we met Marc Burnell, and the four of us “worked” the crowd. Cynthia had reproduced copies of our FFCHS petition, so we fanned out to distribute the petitions and attempt to convince others to sign it. Cynthia and Karen were remarkable in being able to spot reporters to whom to tell about our targeting. Several of the reporters took notes and gave us their cards for further contact.


The four of us became separated as we sought petition signers and listeners. In mid-afternoon, I found myself on the far edge of the crowd on the plaza toward the White House side. When the crowd started moving toward the White House, I joined the march, inadvertently marching with the Occupy Washington group. Walking behind people in the first row, who were carrying a banner that stretched from one side of the street to the other, I later found myself replacing somebody in that row and helping carry the banner. We marched up Pennsylvania Avenue toward the White House, took the right on Thirteenth Street and back to the left on H street, where we ended up in front of the Chamber of Commerce building. The crowd stood chanting in front of the entrance, which was guarded by policemen who videotaped the group through lenses contained in their dark sunglasses. The 'We the People' group later arrived. I left after about an hour at that site.


In all, I was very encouraged by the enthusiasm and the sincerity of the attendees of October2011, who, as Cynthia said, represented almost the entire American population and many of their complaints. I even met a young Palestinian student who had come all the way from Texas to expose the systematic human rights abuses committed against Palestinians and demonstrate for Palestinian statehood. I was pleased that every person with whom I spoke seemingly found my story of targeting credible. However, among all the positive points of my participation, getting to know Cynthia, Karen, and Mark stands out as the highlight of that event.


I flew back to Houston on October 8 and drove back home to Louisiana the following day, glad to be back but very happy to have taken part in an historic event that I hope will help us expose the human rights violations that we suffer.
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Affidavit Completion ReEXAMINE

Affidavit Completion ReEXAMINE

We were hoping to get 3 Affidavit in this weeks conference call.Unfortunately, we did not meet our mission. So I want to know how can Iget an affidavit from you so that we can start this coalition? As youknow, the coalition will be setup to assist us in addressing thesecrimes, because the coalition will be run and control by TI's.

The Affidavits will establish legal credibility, while giving TI's the confidence to know who we are dealing with.

Lets move forward with this affidavit so we don't spend the next 5, 10, 20 years being assaulted.

Contact me at with a brief description about howyour crimes started and the parties involved. Then summarize how youwant these crimes to be dealt with and I will write the affidavit foryou to have notarize.

Once this has been completed, we will start moving forward with the coalition.

Chris J. Brunson
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