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I have already become linked to the wirelessly enabled cerebral internet-of-things. My experiences are so extreme that most uninformed individuals can not believe that neuro science and neuro technology has advanced to this extent and they prefer to disbelieve me when I recount my experiences. First of all, back in the spring of 2003 my brain and body were linked by a two way stream of low frequency electromagnetic energy to a network of computers, and those computers may well be also linked to a super computer. This link enables the neuro staff who operated these computers to force me to listen to their voices coming from inside my head at all times of the day or night. They wake me up from sleep whenever they wish by speaking to me or by sending me a pain signal.
Over time the neuro operatives built up a brain map which then enabled them to take control over my facial muscles and some of my neck muscles as well as my vocal cords on some occasions. When I move my facial muscles of my own accord the exact sequences of events that happens in my brain is then tabulated and repeated so that the criminal neuro operatives can later move my facial muscles against my will. Now, whenever the neuro operatives take external control of my vocal cords while speaking through me they also take external control of my facial muscles at the same time. If the neuro operative who is speaking through me is angry I now can tell that that is the case because my own eyes blaze up in anger and my face grimaces in anger when I am being spoken through. These experiences mostly occur when I am alone, but they could easily be made to occur when I am out in public. I have many friends and acquaintances who are also experiencing similar experiences. We are all attempting to raise awareness of this horrific situation but one of the main reasons we sometimes fail to be believed is because everyone else may already be linked to the internet-of-things besides us and it appears that they have become locked into a state of subliminal hypnosis where they are unable to believe us and this state of subliminal hypnosis may also be combined with wirelessly enabled brain entrainment because their responses are not normal. It is as if the general public have been rendered unable to think past a certain point. The only way we can return to normal as a human race is by disassembling and banning microwave transmitters and all related paraphernalia in my opinion.

My name is Gretta Fahey and my website is I write about my experiences of being wirelessly and non-consensually linked to the wirelessly enabled cerebral internet-of-things simply in order to raise awareness of the extreme danger humanity is now it. I never have, and I never will accept payment for what I write and send to the public and for what I post online.

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I have been wirelessly connected to the cerebral internet-of-things where unknown neuro operatives have gained direct wireless contact with my brain and central nervous system.   The neuro operatives can force me to listen, speak, see visions,  force unwanted images into my minds eye, move my facial muscles, as well as forcing me to experience a wide variety of other unwanted experiences.   The neuro operatives force me to listen to their voices whenever they wish to communicate with me at any hour of the day or night and they often wake me when I am sleeping in order to force me to listen to them.   This morning I heard one of the unknown neuro operatives saying the following to some of his colleagues about me the following    "This woman remains unclean."    I replied as follows " I take a daily shower at least ninety nine days out of one hundred and I wash all of my clothes on a daily basis so why do you inform your colleagues that I remain unclean."   The neuro operative was then heard by me to say the following "You have a bowel and bladder problem that sometimes leaks."   Much later,  another inner voice was heard by me to say the following about the same subject as follows " There is no medical model for this."

The reason that I a posting this  information on my own and other public online forums is because I believe that the fact that I was and still am claiming disability allowance for irritable bowel syndrome without significant legislation being made available to regulate claims for disability allowance for irritable bowel syndrome is the one and only reason that I have been wirelessly connected to the cerebral internet-of-things sixteen years before everyone else is due to be connected to it.     I sincerely hate being connected to it.   It is hell on earth and I feel as if I am on a continuous virtual torture program.  Take me off it now.

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