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I DO NOT CONSENT to 5G covid-19 electronic flu genocide of 90% of the worlds population planned by major governments of the world and by the secret space programs of Antarctic, Moon, Mars, and Ceres.  The 5G electronic flu is a planned epidemic conducted in secret by the governments of the world to reduce the world population by 90% by 5G electronic flu and covid-19 vaccines that kill or sterilize the populations of the world.  I do not consent to genocide openly nor in secret,. 
I DO NOT CONSENT to the depopulation of the world with ALL the unnatural vaccines that have been used to kill and maim populations for the past 80 years,  I do not consent to covid-19 testing, tracking, and vaccinations of any kind as these are a gross violation of individual and human right of a sovereign people and individuals.
I DO NOT CONSENT to the wholesale poisoning of drinking water with the rat poison fluoride used worldwide to pacify and reduce brain function of the pineal gland to dumb down the world populations and make them susceptible to mind control from illegal subliminal ads flashed on television programming of broadcasters.
I DO NOT CONSENT to the wholesale destruction of livestock and food crops in the past nor in the future to create starvation of 1/4th of the world populations.  Animals with the flu symptoms recover in a few days time like humans and cooking easily deactivates ANY germs and pathogens in them regardless.  Animal and crop destruction in the past was used to harm small farmers and make the public think this is normal and permissible in the future for the planned starvation of humans with further destruction of food animals and crops.
I DO NOT CONSENT to the wholesale ownership of the media in corporate hands nor to the wholesale use of fake news by most ALL major television newscasters worldwide to deceive the public about world and national events.  Propaganda and fake news in the television media is fraud and a crime against humanity and will be prosecuted to the full extent of the law against those who cooperate with this fraud to terrorize and mind control the public with fake news,
I DO NOT CONSENT to false flag operations by ANY government, military, or private agency to create wars, race riots, and a "New Normal" of activity to intentionally divide populations by race, ethnics, or gender to create wars, violence, riots, and divisions to make populations compliant to the loss of civil liberties,  False flags, fake news, and crisis actors that participate in these events to create them are performing a terrorist act and a crime against humanity.
I DO NOT CONSENT to secret space and satellite programs in or outside of our solar system especially those on the Earth, Moon, Mars, and Ceres.  Until full disclosure of these secret space programs to the public is given all humans must stop cooperating with their activity and productions that supports them.  Secrecy begets decisions such as the current depopulation of 90% of Earth's populations by our own world governments and will not be tolerated by a free people.
I DO NOT CONSENT to the hoarding of technology by individuals, corporations, and governments of the last 100 years by the elite that have sought to create their own break-away civilizations in space and on other worlds.  Free energy, anti-gravity, and medical advancements that heal all diseases and allow voluntary birth control by both male and females must be for all mankind and not just the elite and privileged few.
I DO NOT CONSENT to any secret oaths by government, military, and private organizations which have conspired against humanity,  All oaths kept or not shall forever be the decisions of the individual as a sovereign individual with the love and concern for their fellow man,
I DO NOT CONSENT to the use of many human clones, AI robots, cybernetic beings in society without full disclosure of their existence and education of their benefits and harms which might result from their widespread inclusion in our society,
I DO NOT CONSENT to the secrecy of humanities' past and of alien life contacts and important discoveries from other worlds whether hostile or friendly.,  Humanity must meet the future together with informed consent and debate on how to go forward and not allow leaders to work in secret.
I DO NOT CONSENT to the secrecy of time travel and past and future viewing technology.  Public understanding and use of these technologies will enable humanity to move forward and understand the past and future in ways that no other technology has done before.  The discovery of the nature of our reality is of prime importance and interest to all of humanity to learn better how to go forward in the future, -- J.E. Ante
All of my text articles may be shared, translated, EMAILED, copied and texted, and reprinted anywhere without permission., -- J.E. Ante.
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If you are a Remote Neural Monitoring neuro operative and you happen to be one of the operatives who remote neural monitor me while I am quietly going about my private life inside my own family  home and if you should choose to submit a negative report about me I am now at a stage where I can be immobilized to the extent that I would not be able to move a muscle in the forefront of my body.  My hands and legs could also be rendered immobile at some time in the future.   Be careful before deciding to join the ranks of the Remote Neural Monitoring neuro operatives because you will eventually be required to torture the good people who you monitor.  This Remote Neural Monitoring System is being set up with most of the men, women and children of the world in mind.  It is an as yet invisible enslavement system for most of the worlds people.  If you are in a position to prove  that this is happening in secret please report the matter to the police immediately.   Thank you.  Gretta Fahey.


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Apesar do descrédito dos ataques sofridos por milhares de pessoas em todo o mundo, eles são reais para as vítimas e suas famílias.
Alguns cidadãos estão inconscientes e percebem, apesar de suas mudanças e movimentos faciais, que são TIs.
Essa conexão psico-crônica / psíquica pode ser estabelecida de duas maneiras:
- vítima corpo a corpo a peça humana na qual eles produzem efeitos físicos da tortura, cujas dores refletem nas vítimas;
- ondas cerebrais e controle neurocerebral apreendidos em CPDs de monitoramento ininterrupto com mudanças de equipe e em que todo o conteúdo da vítima é arquivado e se torna produtos comercializáveis, gerando renda para a manutenção do sistema de tortura e crime organizado.
Este vídeo é de uma vítima em tempo real.
Naly de Araújo Leite
canais para mais informações:
1 - GRUPO FACEBOOK - ESTAMOS TIS - RESISTÊNCIA! https: //www.facebook.com/groups/16334 ...

https: //www.facebook.com/groups/Brazi ...


Apesar do descrédito aos ataques sofridos por milhares de pessoas em todo o mundo, são reais para vítimas e seus familiares.
Alguns cidadãos são inconscientes, e percebem, apesar das mudanças e movimentos faciais das TIs.
Essa ligação psicotronica / psíquica pode ser usada de duas formas:
- vítima corporal ou corporal pode ter peças humanas produzidas efeitos físicos de torturas, aquelas dores refletidas nas dores;
- como ondas cerebrais e controle neurocerebral apreendidas em CPDs de monitoramento interrompidos com trocas de equipes e nos quais todos os conteúdos de vítimas ficam arquivados e se tornam produtos comercializáveis ​​que trazem ganhos para a manutenção do sistema de torturas e crime organizado.
Esse vídeo é de uma vítima em tempo real.
Naly de Araújo Leite
canais para maiores informações:


Несмотря на дискредитацию нападений, которым подвергаются тысячи людей во всем мире, они реальны для жертв и их семей.
Некоторые граждане находятся без сознания и осознают, несмотря на изменения и движения лица ТИ.
Эту психотронную / психическую связь можно использовать двумя способами:
- телесные или телесные жертвы могут иметь физические последствия пыток от воздействия человеческих частей, эти боли отражаются на боли;
- такие как мозговые волны и нейроцеребральный контроль, используемые при мониторинге CPD, прерванных изменениями в команде и в которых весь контент жертвы архивируется и становится товарной продукцией, приносящей выгоды для поддержания системы пыток и организованной преступности.
Это видео жертвы в реальном времени.
Нали де Араужо Лейте
каналы для получения дополнительной информации:


Malgré le discrédit des attaques subies par des milliers de personnes dans le monde, elles sont réelles pour les victimes et leurs familles.
Certains citoyens sont inconscients et se rendent compte, malgré les changements et les mouvements faciaux des TI.
Cette connexion psychotronique / psychique peut être utilisée de deux manières:
- un caporal ou une victime corporelle peut faire produire aux parties humaines des effets physiques des tortures, ces douleurs se reflétant dans les douleurs;
- tels que les ondes cérébrales et le contrôle neurocérébral saisis dans le suivi des DPC interrompus par des changements d'équipe et dans lesquels tout le contenu des victimes est archivé et devient des produits commercialisables qui apportent des gains pour le maintien du système de torture et de criminalité organisée.
Cette vidéo représente une victime en temps réel.
Naly de Araújo Leite
canaux pour plus d'informations:


A pesar del descrédito de los ataques sufridos por miles de personas en todo el mundo, son reales para las víctimas y sus familias.
Algunos ciudadanos están inconscientes y se dan cuenta, a pesar de los cambios y los movimientos faciales de los TI.
Esta conexión psicotrónica / psíquica se puede usar de dos maneras:
- Las víctimas corporales o corporales pueden hacer que las partes humanas produzcan efectos físicos de torturas, esos dolores reflejados en los dolores
- como las ondas cerebrales y el control neurocerebral incautados en el monitoreo de CPDs interrumpidos por cambios de equipo y en los que todo el contenido de las víctimas se archiva y se convierte en productos comercializables que aportan ganancias para el mantenimiento del sistema de tortura y crimen organizado.
Este video es de una víctima en tiempo real.
Naly de Araújo Leite
canales para más información:
https://www.facebook.com/groups/Brazi ...





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Currently, the capability exists to spray minimal sized electrodes close to individuals so that they adhere to the mucus membranes of the mouth, nose, ears and eyes of those individuals and these devices would then navigate the human vasoculture, cross the blood brain barrier and precisely auto-position themselves among or even within brain cells. They would then wirelessly transmit encoded information to and from a cloud based super-computer network for real time brain state monitoring and data extraction. The minimal sized electrodes provide real time monitoring and control of signals to and from brain cells. Please watch any youtube videos presented by Professor James Giordano of Georgetown University, U.S. for this and further information.

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I have become wirelessly and non-consensually connected to the human computerized control and enslavement system which has recently become known as the wireless internet of things. The wireless link which I am connected to the system by is a two way energy link which sends and receives data to and from my brain and body to said computerized control and enslavement system on a continual basis. The data which I receive through said link is composed of sound, images inside my field of vision and my minds eye, both sensations and pain in various parts of my body, partial disablement of one of my limbs for a short space of time, external interference with my intestines, external control of some of my facial muscles and external control of my vocal cords to the extent that I can be forced to speak words and phrases which do not originate from my own brain against my will, among many other types of brain and body interferences.
Recently each morning before I wake up, pain signals are sent to my right knee and to my right thigh which then wake me up. I scream out in pain because of these externally induced pains. The neuro staff who control the computerized control and enslavement system which I am wirelessly linked to have informed me that they can and they will administer wirelessly induced pain signals by external means to the whole of Ireland if the Irish people refuse to be obedient to their rule at any time in the future. The only way to avoid this type of wireless enslavement of Ireland through advanced technology in my opinion is to have all wireless enabling capabilities disassembled and banned outright. If anybody has more knowledge of the matter of how we can protect ourselves from wireless enslavement in Ireland and throughout the whole world they should contribute their information to this forum as a matter of urgency. I have already become wirelessly enslaved. You must stop this happening to you and to your family.
My name is Gretta Fahey from Newbrook, Claremorris, County Mayo, Republic of Ireland. My landline home phone number is 0949360901. My facebook page is called www.facebook.com/gretta.fahey.98. My website which I alone own and control is called www.targetedindividualsireland.net. I have never and I never would in the future accept payment for anything I write on this forum. I am simply attempting to raise awareness of the extreme danger to the freedom of most of the human race at the hands of a dark cabal of individuals who own and control extremely advanced wireless weapons.

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I have already become linked to the wirelessly enabled cerebral internet-of-things. My experiences are so extreme that most uninformed individuals can not believe that neuro science and neuro technology has advanced to this extent and they prefer to disbelieve me when I recount my experiences. First of all, back in the spring of 2003 my brain and body were linked by a two way stream of low frequency electromagnetic energy to a network of computers, and those computers may well be also linked to a super computer. This link enables the neuro staff who operated these computers to force me to listen to their voices coming from inside my head at all times of the day or night. They wake me up from sleep whenever they wish by speaking to me or by sending me a pain signal.
Over time the neuro operatives built up a brain map which then enabled them to take control over my facial muscles and some of my neck muscles as well as my vocal cords on some occasions. When I move my facial muscles of my own accord the exact sequences of events that happens in my brain is then tabulated and repeated so that the criminal neuro operatives can later move my facial muscles against my will. Now, whenever the neuro operatives take external control of my vocal cords while speaking through me they also take external control of my facial muscles at the same time. If the neuro operative who is speaking through me is angry I now can tell that that is the case because my own eyes blaze up in anger and my face grimaces in anger when I am being spoken through. These experiences mostly occur when I am alone, but they could easily be made to occur when I am out in public. I have many friends and acquaintances who are also experiencing similar experiences. We are all attempting to raise awareness of this horrific situation but one of the main reasons we sometimes fail to be believed is because everyone else may already be linked to the internet-of-things besides us and it appears that they have become locked into a state of subliminal hypnosis where they are unable to believe us and this state of subliminal hypnosis may also be combined with wirelessly enabled brain entrainment because their responses are not normal. It is as if the general public have been rendered unable to think past a certain point. The only way we can return to normal as a human race is by disassembling and banning microwave transmitters and all related paraphernalia in my opinion.

My name is Gretta Fahey and my website is www.targetedindividualsireland.net. I write about my experiences of being wirelessly and non-consensually linked to the wirelessly enabled cerebral internet-of-things simply in order to raise awareness of the extreme danger humanity is now it. I never have, and I never will accept payment for what I write and send to the public and for what I post online.

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A group of individuals wish to centralise world power in order to place more and more world control in fewer and fewer hands, namely their own hands. They are currently committing acts of extreme evil in order to achieve their goals. One way they are attempting to achieve their aims is through perpetrating a multitide of hoaxes on the public so as to appear to magnify their own scientific capabilities. One such hoax is the hoax of the capability to travel backwards and forwards in time. Here is how they could easily have pulled it off.

An impressionable young man is selected to be the hoax dupe. His brain is wirelessly entrained into a state of trust in the hoaxers. A film set is prepared in a remote location, complete with props and actors. The film set is well supplied with advanced technology and ultra modern buildings. The actors are all extremely well paid to present themselves as individuals from some future time.

The impressionable young man is asked to get inside a remotely operated drone which has been hoaxed to look like a time travel capsule. He is transported to the film set in a matter of minutes and he is informed that he has arrived in a future time. This hoax of living in a future time is carried on by the extremely well paid actors and actresses for as long as is necessary for the cabal to persuade him that he has travelled forward in time. When he is again returned to his normal existence no expense is spared by the cabal to place the impressionable young man in many talk shows in order to tell of his experience in a convincing manner. This scenario has taken place in reality because there are youtube channels devoted to publicising interviews with impressionable individuals who have been deliberately duped into believing in false scenarios through no fault of their own.

Further to this, we can now experience virtual reality experiences without the need to wear virtual reality headsets. This may be due to a combination of advances in technology combined with nano technology which we have inhaled and ingested from spraying of the skies over our heads, and some of which has become imbedded in our brains. These virtual reality experiences involve the stimulation of all five human senses simultaneously. These virtual reality experiences can involve seeing life size images of both humans and animals and even cartoon characters. These virtual reality experiences can now be spontaneously induced in a wide variety of people at a moments notice. What is going to become of small children in a futue filled with spontaneous virtual reality experiences without the need to wear a virtual reality headset? How will said small children learn to tell the difference between reality and fantasy? We as a human family have an urgent responsibility to disassemble and ban wireless enabling capabilities in order to protect children from all unasked for virtually reality experiences because some of these experiences can be extremely negative and can be made to involve feeling pain. We are all vulnerable to extreme abuses from advanced technology if we fail to act urgently.

Here is a copy of a previous article called Hoaxgate, which I wrote on the generation of hoaxes and their purpose in psychological warfare.


When human beings are confused and afraid they become easy to control and manipulate. For that reason many hoaxes have been created to instill fear and confusion in the human race down through the centuries. Dark occultists who wish to gain control over the human race have also fabricated hoaxes in order to provide cover stories to provide cover in order to hide the existence of advance secret technology and to engender passivity in the masses, and to make they themselves appear to have more power and capability than they actually have.

These hoaxes were created by dark occultists by the use of science and technology and many forms of trickery for example, the expedient use of magic lanterns, hollywood makeup, film sets, holograms and brain weapons combined with constant repitition in the media in order to engrain these hoaxes in the minds of humanity. In some instances they back date their hoaxes to make it appear that these occurrences were happening in the distant past. The CIA, by the use of brain warfare, are now using personal data profiles to create individualized religious experiences which they can download into the brain of an illegally implanted human being by wireless means. In addition to this, because human beings have been unknowingly inhaling and ingesting nano technology for many decades, the dark occultists can now use this nano technology which is inside our bodies and brains to make our muscles move and contort against our wills.

A selection of the hoaxes which have been created are as follows:-

The near death experience hoax, the religious apparation hoax, the demonic possession hoax, the poltergeist hoax, the past life regression hoax, the channelling hoax, the sixth sense hoax, the end times hoax, the saviour hoax, the rapture hoax, the extra-terresterial hoax, the space travel hoax, the existence of inter-dimensional beings hoax, the artificial intelligence has now become sentient hoax, the existence of satellites hoax, and the existence of space based weapons hoax, the earth is ball shaped hoax.

All world-wide information currently comes from undersea fibre optic cables. We can easily solve the attempt at wirelessly enslaveing many members of the human race who have been non-consensually wirelessly tethered to a super computer from illegally implanted microchips which have become encased inside their bodies and brains. We can do this simply by disabling and banning all microwave transmitters, 5G millimeter wave transmitters and long range wifi transmitters. We need to do this as a matter of urgency.

Please see the following link https://www.facebook.com/VICELANDTV/videos/876461789208479/UzpfSTEwMDU3NTgxMDMwNzY3OTpWSzo4NzY0NjE3ODkyMDg0Nzk

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When you are in front of your computer screen or tablet or smart phone neuro scientists can interact with your computer in such a way that it is possible for them to see and inspect if there is any nano technology inside your eyes or facial muscles or lips, jaws or tongue.  If there is a substantial amount of nano technology therein you are then selected for human bio-robotization.  Each nano strand inside your eyes or facial muscles is individually connected to a computer network where said nano strands are then co-ordinated by the use of a super-computer so that your eyes and other completed sets of muscles can be co-ordinated with the thought streams of the bio-robotization personnel to the extent that whenever the bio-robotization personnel are speaking your whole facial muscles will be co-ordinated to move in tandem with their words.   We must discontinue all use of screen time in front of computers and smart phones combined with all other digital screens.   Some of our fellow human beings have already been totally bio-robotized by this method to the extent that they are total and utter slaves without the ability to move a muscle without permission.  The solution is to disassemble and destroy all microwave and millimetre wave transmitters combined with all other transmitters throughout the world urgently.   I am in a unique position to know that this bio-robotization process is real because many of the muscles throughout my face and body can already be remote controlled against my will.

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