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Posted on October 17, 2019 by gretta fahey
I and many other of my fellow human beings are being wirelessly electronically harassed and tortured while we are attempting to peacefully go about our everyday lives. We have been non-consensually wirelessly connected to the wireless internet of things which is also called the brain net by our brains and central nervous systems. Psychiatrists are unwittingly being used to censor all knowledge of this phenomenon because if we dare to complain we are immediately and wrongly deemed to be mentally unwell and we are then incarcerated inside psychiatric hospitals for a short time but long enough for us to lose our credibility. We are then forced to ingest poisonous substances which hinder our ability to communicate effectively because these poisons block access to parts of our own minds. This situation has come about because Sabbatean-Frankist Satanists are now in controlling positions at the top of the world hierarchical based chain of command.
I am wirelessly connected to a network of computers where hundreds of different operatives ask me questions and issue me voice commands by a live wireless bi-directional link. I have never met any of them and I don’t know who they are but their work appears to be compartmentalized to the extent that most of these operatives do not know what their colleagues do to me to the extent that while they monitor me via their remote neural monitoring capabilities they often draw wrong conclusions about me. This is mainly because they have admitted that they can not tell the difference between information which I generate with my own mind or information which has been wirelessly sent into my mind by their own colleagues who because of work compartmentalization are normally unknown to them. If some of their unknown colleagues download disturbing images into my mind, these individuals often have wrongly assumed that those disturbing pornographic type images were generated by my own mind. I am a woman of late middle age and I never watch pornography and I dislike it intensely and any pornographic images which manifests inside my mind have come by wireless means from unknown individuals who either send such an image directly to my mind or they have pre-programmed such an image to be generated by my mind every time I hear a trigger word. These unknown neuro operatives once send me a pornographic image of a religious icon in a sexual pose.
We must ban all brain to brain link capabilities because they are being used for torture. Because of the wireless internet-of-things capabilities I can now be placed on a type of virtual reality hold which I can not escape from where pain can be administered to me. Brain weapons are being used to enslave the human race. We must ban 5G and related paraphernalia urgently.
Occasionally I post online a small sample of what the unknown operatives say to me and about me to their colleagues so that if you should become wirelessly linked to the wireless internet of things in the future you will know what to expect. Here is some of what the voices of these unknown neuro operatives were heard by me to say recently :-
“She must be stopped from wearing trousers. She must wear skirts. It is the requirement.”
“They are going to do an analysis just when I am in the middle of my work. I cant stand it. Multi triangulations going on.”
“I want her locked away.”
“The scientists here believe that this woman Gretta Fahey doesn’t have anything to hide and that you have been inforcing this woman through extreme punishment.”
“How dare you speak to me like that. You are a subordinate and you will always remain so.” ( One neuro operative speaking to his own colleague.)
My name is Gretta Fahey from Newbrook, Claremorris, Co. Mayo, Republic of Ireland. My landline home phone number which I publish in order to prove my identity is 0949360901. My website which I alone own and control is called

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Who are We?

WE ascertain you

the voice of a cuckoo


Who are WE?

Soliloquized me.



WE make it our business

to know your business

WE create heroes

like MLK the dead hero

recites the cuckoo.


Electric wires ignite fire in my head

The agony makes me plead to be dead

Stop!  I beg

as currents jolt my leg

You don’t play ball

with men tall

Do you want to be a dead symbol

or keep playing the cymbal?


My brain is burning

while learning

about the enigmatic WE

and the minute me

a wiggling worm in a fastidious net

long ago set.


WE oversee you

reaffirmed the cuckoo


My voice wound like a toy

by the mystic WE.


WE write the script

or rewrite the script

as WE deem the case to be

WE set the stage

WE manage the play

The role you play!

Commanded the cuckoo.


WE hold the light

that guides your path


or illusions WE create.


WE are the monkey

superior in this jungle

the cuckoo claims.



MLK—Dr. Martin Luther King (the African American Civil Rights leader in the early 1960s).


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#1406 Surveillance Role Players Lockheed Martin Corporation - Fairfax, VA

Check this out: Surveillance Role Players
Lockheed Martin Corporation - Fairfax, VA

Req ID 268656BR Industry Job Title Surveillance Role Players Job Code/Title E4413:Training & Development Rep Sr Job Description Candidates will operate as Surveillance Role Players in support of field training exercises within the Washington Metropolitan area and surrounding areas. Role players should be trained and have various levels of expertise in surveillance tradecraft skills (Basic – advance) in order to meet this requirements. Qualified personnel should demonstrate an understanding of surveillance tradecraft, surveillance detection techniques and terminology. Role Players will conduct surveillance activities, evaluate students’ performance, provide feedback and participate in exercise debriefing. Candidates supporting role players responsible will be responsible for providing any support props and clothing articles. Basic Qualifications • Experience as role player supporting field exercises
•Map reading and navigational capability
•Availability to work flexible hours on a part-time basis
•Physically fit and capable of walking, standing for extended periods of time
•Valid US driver’s license
•Experience working in DoD special operations or Intelligence community training environment highly desired
•Active Top Secret clearance with SCI access
Equivalent experience/education combinations are permitted based on the Typical Minimums required for this job which are 5 years of related experience and a Bachelors degree in a related discipline. Security Clearance TS/SCI LMCareers Business Unit ESS8806 MISSILES AND FIRE CTRL (S0806) Business Area Missiles and Fire Control Program SRP Department R865:MFC-TS P5 Eng Svc - LMOS Job Class Intelligence Analysis Job Category Experienced Professional City Fairfax State Virginia Virtual No Relocation Available No Work Schedule PART-TIME-less than 40 hrs/wk; Req Type Part-Time Direct/Indirect Direct Shift First
Lockheed Martin Corporation - 30+ days ago
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