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The ring roads of the Republic of Ireland are now due to be imbedded with micro dust so that each individual motor vehicle including each individual electric bicycle can be identified and tracked and stopped if the driver or passengers dare to challenge any of the dictates of the would-be enslavers of the human race who are thought to be individuals who lurk inside the Vatican hierarchy as well as the United Nations  as well as both the International banking and Corporate Control groups. The impending imbedding of the ring roads of the Republic of Ireland is due to go ahead without the prior knowledge and consent of the people who reside within the Republic of Ireland and who are most likely to use those roads.  This process is also due to go ahead without even the prior knowledge and consent of the duely elected politicians of the Republic of  Ireland who are now being entirely left out of the decision making processes of what is being made to happen to both the people who live within the Republic of Ireland and to the country itself.

Please write to your local County Councillor and ask him or her to have the process of implanting the ring roads of the Republic of Ireland with micro dust stopped now.   When are we going to take back our power from the individuals who wish to scientifically and technologically enslave us and who are our own equals under common law which is based on natural law.  Natural law is the only fixed and immutable law in this world.  Civil law is neither fixed or immutable and therefore it is illegal.  Because there are no binding laws forbidding us from reclaiming our own power there is now nothing stopping us from going to Dublin and demanding the resignation of the President of Ireland, Michael D Higgins, because he has done nothing to stop this situation from occurring.  

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My brain and body have been directly connected to a computer network by wireless means without my permission.    I have been implanted with either one or more RFID chips.  The unknown criminal operatives who control the network of computers which I have become wirelessly linked to could end up controlling me.  The technology which is being used to wirelessly and non-consensually link me to said computer network is classified and the neuro operatives who monitor me take readings of all of my bodily functions on a continual basis.  Because they have the ability to monitor my inner dialogue and assess my memories they now know everything about me.   I am not allowed to have any mental or physical privacy at all.  These neuro operatives speak to me via a two way link on an almost constant basis.  I keep a daily blog on several social media sites about some of what they say to me throughout each day.    They oppress me to an extreme degree by what they say to me.   Here is some of what they said to me in the past twenty four hours.

"I am on board with this system.  If this woman Gretta Fahey needs a problem solved we will solve it for her.  Nobody else will solve her problems for her from now on."

"Is Gretta Fahey wearing clothes?"   The response was "Yes".   This was further  followed on by the following enquiry  "How come I can not see her wearing any clothes?"    This was further followed on by the following reply  "Because we have built up a picture of her based on her internal structure and not her clothes you can not see her wearing clothes.  We see all targeted individuals who we have built up an internal picture of as naked.  It can't be helped."

"What stage are we at with Fahey?"    "We could now give her enough pain to force her to commit suicide any time we wish.  However, we wont do that right now.  She is harmless enough."

"Will the bodies of the people who have been targeted in Ireland be examined by the state after they die."   "Yes".      "They will find evidence like no other evidence they ever found before to prove these people have been targeted with energy weapons."

"This woman was woken up in the middle of the night when she was sleeping by the neuro staff on several occasions during the night."   The response that came through was as follows   "Nobody here cares."

"I got a suicide ideation out of that woman, Fahey."   "You seem glad that you got a suicide ideation out of a woman by the comment you made to her."

"Make a cannibal out of Gretta Fahey.   Put human meat in her food."   This was followed on by the following response.  "I wont because she is a vegetarian."

The neuro operatives read my inner dialogue on a constant basis and I sometimes think aloud because the neuro operatives have manipulated my brain to speak my thoughts aloud.   I said the following "The people in my village don't get up early on a Sunday morning because they go out on a Saturday night. "   The response I received from the neuro operatives was as follows  "What the people of your village do of a Saturday night is of no interest to me but if they stay in bed of a Sunday morning they will be penalised."

"She keeps inside her budget.  She purchased two food choppers and a radio."  This was followed on by another voice which was heard by me to say the following  "Don't tell me what she is entitled to purchase.  I decide that."


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