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Silicea 30 ch experiences

I have been taking silicea 30 ch since January of this year. So far I had episodes of simple mindedness. I would have times when I would become simple. Luckily I formulated a plan to never open the door for anyone and keep a low profile during these episodes. I have an implant in my brain, it was implanted deep when I was about three or four. It's been in there for quite a while. So far it seems like I'm making progress. The implant feels like it's working it's way out. I believe it will be out soon. Something to note for other T.I's. If you have an implant in your brain, there will be a reaction as it comes out. Recently I've been having less episodes. The perps will confuse me and make me believe that the implant has come out. This happens all the time. I might be wrong but I think the implant is working it's way out. If you have one in your brain and are thinking about taking silicea, have a plan for what to do when these episodes happen. It's scary but I feel it's worth it to try something.

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If I constantly criticize the catholic church I have been informed via voice to skull direct wireless  communication  that it means certain death for me.  I plan to continually criticize the Vatican and all organised religions from now on because death is preferable to being continually and wirelessly remotely psychologically tortured while being slowly physically  bio-robotized by unknown individuals who use frequency modulation  to take more and more control over the muscles of my body.

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Every time you think a thought, feel an emotion, move a body part, speak or act, then the neurons in your brain fire up and they generate an electromagnetic frequency which would then show up as a unique pattern on an electroencephalogram machine which is more commonly known as an EEG machine.
Each of these electromagnetic frequencies which you are generating all day long have totally unique patterns similar to words in a book. These unique patterns have all been identified and categorised and placed in a type of computerized dictionary. Software has been created that uses that computerized dictionary to translate all of the electromagnetic frequencies that a human brain and body generates at the same speed which the brain works at into the thoughts, words, feelings, actions and movements of that human being on a continual basis.
Therefore if you were continually attached to an electroenchepalogram machine as you went about your daily life and if some body else had access to the software that automatically translates the unique electromagnetic frequencies that your brain and body were generating they could know from looking at their computer screen every word that you say each day in combination with every emotion that you feel, every thought that you think, every time you move a body part, how long you sleep and how often you eat, among other deeply personal details of your life that you thought were private.
People have been illegally implanted with either nano technology or micro technology or both to the extent that it allows unknown criminals to wirelessly translate and to wirelessly analyse and store all of the electromagentic frequencies which their brain and body generate against their wills and without their permission. The unknown criminals now can know everything you say, do, think, feel, how long you sleep for and how often you eat. They can analyse the data and sell it to foreign powers so that other unknown criminals can also know your most private thoughts, words and actions.
The story is alot worse than losing all of your privacy. These unknown criminals can also broadcast frequencies into you without your permission if they have obtained your unique brain signature. They can broadcast frequencies which contain words, images, pictures, pain, forced muscle movement as well as emotions and feelings. They can broadcast pornographic images into the mind of a child. They can broadcast voice commands to you and if you disobey them they can then broadcast a pain signal into your brain and body. They can broadcast frequencies into you that cause your brain or body to malfunction and you might never know who they are or why they are doing it.
We need to urgently disassemble and ban whatever technology is enabling the wireless capabilities which allows human beings to be tortured inside their own homes on a continual basis. There could be devices on the electricity poles ajacent to peoples homes which is allowing them to be wirelessly tortured on a continuous basis for years at a time. What do we in Ireland need to have disassembled and banned in order to free ourselves from being constantly tortured by this evil technology?.
I got much of this information from a youtube channel called Sherry’s Research and Reviews

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My brain and body have been directly connected to a computer network by wireless means without my permission.    I have been implanted with either one or more RFID chips.  The unknown criminal operatives who control the network of computers which I have become wirelessly linked to could end up controlling me.  The technology which is being used to wirelessly and non-consensually link me to said computer network is classified and the neuro operatives who monitor me take readings of all of my bodily functions on a continual basis.  Because they have the ability to monitor my inner dialogue and assess my memories they now know everything about me.   I am not allowed to have any mental or physical privacy at all.  These neuro operatives speak to me via a two way link on an almost constant basis.  I keep a daily blog on several social media sites about some of what they say to me throughout each day.    They oppress me to an extreme degree by what they say to me.   Here is some of what they said to me in the past twenty four hours.

"I am on board with this system.  If this woman Gretta Fahey needs a problem solved we will solve it for her.  Nobody else will solve her problems for her from now on."

"Is Gretta Fahey wearing clothes?"   The response was "Yes".   This was further  followed on by the following enquiry  "How come I can not see her wearing any clothes?"    This was further followed on by the following reply  "Because we have built up a picture of her based on her internal structure and not her clothes you can not see her wearing clothes.  We see all targeted individuals who we have built up an internal picture of as naked.  It can't be helped."

"What stage are we at with Fahey?"    "We could now give her enough pain to force her to commit suicide any time we wish.  However, we wont do that right now.  She is harmless enough."

"Will the bodies of the people who have been targeted in Ireland be examined by the state after they die."   "Yes".      "They will find evidence like no other evidence they ever found before to prove these people have been targeted with energy weapons."

"This woman was woken up in the middle of the night when she was sleeping by the neuro staff on several occasions during the night."   The response that came through was as follows   "Nobody here cares."

"I got a suicide ideation out of that woman, Fahey."   "You seem glad that you got a suicide ideation out of a woman by the comment you made to her."

"Make a cannibal out of Gretta Fahey.   Put human meat in her food."   This was followed on by the following response.  "I wont because she is a vegetarian."

The neuro operatives read my inner dialogue on a constant basis and I sometimes think aloud because the neuro operatives have manipulated my brain to speak my thoughts aloud.   I said the following "The people in my village don't get up early on a Sunday morning because they go out on a Saturday night. "   The response I received from the neuro operatives was as follows  "What the people of your village do of a Saturday night is of no interest to me but if they stay in bed of a Sunday morning they will be penalised."

"She keeps inside her budget.  She purchased two food choppers and a radio."  This was followed on by another voice which was heard by me to say the following  "Don't tell me what she is entitled to purchase.  I decide that."


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Many good living and good will individuals throughout  the world have been targeted by an illegal rogue criminal enterprise for the purposes of non-consensual human experimentation.    This system is sometimes known as Remote Neural Monitoring combined with Remote Neural Manipulation.   The individuals who are selected for this control system are commonly known as targeted individuals and they are electronically harassed and psychologically tortured on a constant basis, every waking moment by a myriad of mostly classified wireless technologies.   Whenever they complain to the police they are routinely being sent for psychiatric evaluation because they can not prove their claims due to the fact that the technologies being used against them are wireless and invisible.

I am a non-consensual targeted individual  of Remote Neural Monitoring combined with Remote Neural Manipulation and I have been so since 2003.  I am wirelessly connected to a super-computer which is operated by unknown neuro operatives who work from a remote location and  who speak to me by wireless means throughout each day.  I believe that I was selected for this program of unlimited surveillance and human experimentation because  I was at the time and still am in receipt of disability allowance for irritable bowel syndrome which they wish to research.   They have informed me that legal constraints will be placed on individuals who suffer from irritable bowel syndrome to the degree that they are no longer in the workplace, or even everybody who complains  to their general medical practitioner of suffering from irritable bowel syndrome to any degree.   I hear their voices coming from a location inside my head.   I record some of what they say to me and I post it online on an almost daily basis so that others may know the severity of my situation.   Here below is a  small sample of what these  unknown neuro operatives have said to me in the past day or two.

"Produce a recipe for simpering ass Fahey to see us in court."

"Do yourself a favour and stop writing this."

"Any photo shame."    Response   "No. nothing."

"Power outages do not benefit us.  Is there any way we can force her to leave the electricity on in her house each night."

"What the heck are you lying down for, Gretta."

"Remote Neural Monitoring is not only a system of analysis.  It is also a system of correspondence with the client.   Our correspondence is coming back to us."

"We have to deal with this ongoing system of control.  It is encroaching on all of us."

"You think you are the only one writing our comments online.  We hobbled those people straight away just as we are hobbling you."

"I will burn your house by wireless means."

"I don't really like her writing style.  She mentions too much of what we say, on her online social media posts."

"Has she washed yet today."

"Get out to work like the rest of us."

"Put a hole in her shit box so we can get access to her."

"I am taking a reading of the area outside of your anal canal to see if I could detect any leakages."

"This information is going to be posted online tomorrow by Gretta herself.  We will have to contain the information.  We can not allow it to get out."

"A dog wouldn't be treated with this level of disrespect."

"She is lifting the lid on everything.  I didn't see this coming."

"She has no respect for herself if she is going to write this."

"You have nothing on her.  Have you?"

"She watches her Ps and Qs to an extreme degree.  There is no way that we could persuade her to do anything unforeseen."

"Twelve pounds of shit in the colon right now."

"Be careful with this system.  You are being far too incautious." 

"You are being incautious with our words."

"You will be punished suitably."

"We are going to cut back on your income."

This cruel control system is being expanded around the world by agents of the dark new world order evil cabal.   Unlimited money is being spent on this system in order for it to be used to eventually enslave most of the human race by wireless and other means.  The system of paralysing a human being by wireless means could possibly be fully automated in the future for the purposes of human enslavement.   We aught to urgently disassemble and ban all microwave transmitters and other transmitters throughout the world as I believe that they are the linchpin that holds this human enslavement system together.  The existence of satellites are now believed to be an elaborate hoax.  NASA are the one and only source of satellite information in the world and they may all be wirelessly controlled or compromised in some other way.  

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We are all aware that a social credit score system has been set up in China and is due to become mandatory in 2020. Data is being collected by electronic means on every citizen in China. Computerized algorithms award or deduct points based on every piece of data which has been collected. These include amount of hours worked each week, the amount of taxes paid to date, credentials, financial debts, financial credits, motoring penalty points, grocery purchasing history, clothing purchasing history, legal involvement, history of raising children, as well as many other pieces of data. A profile is being built on each human being who uses a smart phone, based on everything they say while in the proximity of their smart phone, and also everything they do while in the proximity of their smart phone based on electronic signals which come from their bodies and are being read by said smart phone. The smart phone also collects data on wherever they travel to and how long they remain at each location.
If the amount of points awarded to a Chinese citizen is low they are penalized in many and varied ways. They could possibly be denied access to public transport or be denied access to public buildings such as libraries or art galleries. Their credit card could cease to work if they attempted to purchase luxury items and would only work if they attempted to purchase groceries or other basic needs.
In order to set up a social credit score system which works by computerized algorithms in Ireland, this social credit score system but be first set up manually. Individuals, including myself have been selected for around the clock monitoring so that all of our words and actions can be studied in great detail in preparation for setting up a social credit score system at any time in the future. We are also being monitored in order to conduct many and varied types of research on us. I feel that I have already been partially if not fully incorporated into a manually run social credit score system already. My debit card ceases to work at inopportune moments. The individuals who speak to me via classified wireless voice to skull bio-communication methods have informed me that they deliberately wirelessly disabled my debit card so that it would not work because I have not answered them respectfully. Many other negative occurrences in my life have also been instigated by these same individuals. A social credit score system is an enslavement system. We must stop it ever being set up in Ireland. In order to stop we need to disable the technological infrastructure that supports it.
A social credit score system could possible be installed in Ireland above the heads of our senior politicians because a remote neural monitoring system combined with a remote neural manipulation system has already been instigated throughout the whole island of Ireland and our senior politicians claim to know nothing about it. Has the Irish nation lost its sovereignty?
For information about my unique experiences of being a targeted individual of directed energy weapons in Ireland, Europe please read my website which is called www. targetedindividualsireland.net.

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There is a crisis occurring behind the scenes in all of our lives. Many individuals throughout most countries of the world are having wireless body sensor networks which are also known as WBANs implanted in and on their bodies, where they are then wirelessly tethered to a computer system which effectively turns them into electronic slaves, where all electrical activity in their brains and bodies are being monitored on a constant basis throughout each and every moment of their lives . When they complain to agents of the state nothing of any value is being done to help them to the extent that most of these so-called electronic slaves have stopped consulting the police, psychiatry, social workers, general practitioners, politicians, and clergy men about this growing and extreme problem. They can not effectively prove that they have been implanted by this wireless body sensor network, as the implantation is taking place at a time where they have been rendered unaware that they are being implanted by the use of frequency weapons.  However, when tested under controlled conditions, the frequencies which are being emitted from their bodies differ profoundly from the frequencies which are being emitted from the bodies of human beings who have not yet become wirelessly linked to this computer system. 

The ongoing process of turning human beings into electronic slaves has become a large and growing industry which is being conducted behind the scenes of our lives by a growing army of human beings some of who are being allowed out of prison early in order to continue the process of surreptitiously implanting their fellow human beings with WBANs.  Some human beings have been singled out for extra punishment whereby their whole bodies are being prepared for rigid immobilization also known as paralysis if they refuse to obey the would-be slave masters.   Some human beings are experiencing a relatively new phenomenon known as forced muscle movement due to the fact that their muscles can be wirelessly remote controlled by outside operatives. They can be made to commit a crime against their will. They can be made to have super human strength.

Some individuals who are deemed criminals by the false worldwide establishment are in reality victims of this technology.    We must not worry about how this information will effect the economy for now because the corporate shareholders who are behind the worldwide initiative to implant everybody other than the would-be slave masters with WBANs have stated that they are implementing  plans to ban the use of personal money in a future of worldwide electronic human slavery and worldwide wireless tethering to a network of computers.    A Remote Neural Monitoring super-computer would monitor and manipulate all electrical activity in the brains of human kind on a constant basis throughout each day. Currently fourth generation wireless capabilities can conduct remote neural monitoring on a few individuals in any community on a continual basis. If or when fifth generation wireless capabilities would be rolled out then all electrical activity in the brains of thousands of human beings could be both monitored and manipulated on a constant and simultaneous basis throughout each day to the extent that a wirelessly tethered human being would have no privacy of any kind for the rest of their lives.  Wireless human electronic enslavement would then become main stream. Please deny the Irish government the right to install fifth generation wireless capabilities within our country. Act now.  My website is called www.targetedindividualsireland.net. ;   For further information see attached link  by well known online journalist Ramola D https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0Jn05nne7TU

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The layman's truth in a nutshell

An email that was sent to me that I want to shareBegin forwarded message:> From: kim stirling> Date: 18 April 2009 19:59:34 BST> Subject: The layman's truth in a nutshell>> The layman's truth in a nutshell (or the bigger picture) by Joe> Stirling>> The NWO (New World Order) is very real and a serious threat to your> future. Don't take my word for it, do your own research via the best> websites recommended here. All of these humanitarian, academic,> professional people have done the research for you. I wrote an article> more than two years ago called "Freemasonry is a criminal> organisation" it was published all over the Internet. Guess what? not> one person has disputed this or even defended Freemasonry. I will> continue to help and educate you.>> Top of the pyramid is the Zionist Mafia (aka The Illuminati). The> English dictionary says "Zionism: movement to found and support a> Jewish homeland in Israel" Do not take this out of context as there> are lots of good Jewish people who are totally against the Zionist> plans, checkout http://www.jewsagainstzionism.com/ The NWO is> something the Satanic Zionist Mafia have been planning for centuries.> They control almost everything and they do this through The> Bilderberg, (secret meetings by corrupt leaders), the CFR (Council on> Foreign Relations), The Trilateral Commission, Royal Families (see 13> Satanic Bloodlines) and all the way down to dodgy shadow governments,> CIA, FBI, MI5, MI6, Military, NHS, Police, Local Councils, their> Media, etc. They use extremely evil tactics to destroy anything good> or anything thats a threat to their evil plans. They use their MCDs> (Mind Controlled Drones), and DEWs (Directed Energy Weapons). They> also use low level ignorant foot soldiers within all Religions, Secret> Societies, Gangs, Debating Groups, etc. Incidentally, only affiliated> members (+ a few ignorants) get gongs from the Queen of Crooks. (fact)>> Here is some of the the main tactics that they use on unsuspecting> victims and their own members. They use the members of all secret> societies and religious cults (and ordinary religions) to carry out> collective Gang-Stalking (where they psychologically terrorise their> chosen victims), Mobbing (where a mob of them get very close to their> chosen victim in shops and car parks, etc) Gas-lighting (where they> sow seeds-lies into people's heads), Brighting (where they blind their> victims with their car headlights on full beam, even on sunny days),> Stasi tactics (the East German evil in the community during the second> World War), Mind Control via MK-Ultra> http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mk_ultra and Monarch Programing at> http://educate-yourself.org/ This site also covers all of the topics> listed above. These tactics are all done stealthily and most people> don't know or see these invisible terrorists within every community.> See Les Dove's brilliant article called "The Torture Report" at> http://www.lesdove.blogspot.com/>> Security..... every law abiding person should become an independent> policeman, journalist, investigator or whistle-blower. Get yourself a> small hand held "FLIP" video-cam (its about the size of a mobile> phone) its really simple (and fast to start) and will record for about> one hour (costs £60-£70) Also get yourself a Digital Voice Recorder> approx. £30-£50. You should watch and document the activities of> people you suspect of being a member of these criminal networks. You> can even set them up as they would do to you. A Freemason (and all> other secret societies and religious cult members) is a person who> knowingly destroys innocent (law abiding) people's lives for self> gain. Every MCD is an active terrorist and will follow orders as soon> as instructed. Their minds have been hijacked and they are controlled> by fear. Their Masonic handlers can flick their psychological switches> anytime. MCDs have to develop multi personalities to try to help> themselves cope. They will be ex-communicated by their pretend> brothers and sisters and their lives destroyed if they don't perform.> There are some really deranged MCDs who realise that they are above> the law, they are the most dangerous. One of their initiation rules> is to become a prolific liar for the brotherhood. (fact)>> Checkout this about mind control and unanswered questions about the> inside job of 911,> http://freedom4um.com/cgi-bin/readart.cgi?ArtNum=18651&Disp=0 sourced> from www.rense.com Also search for Alex Jones's "The Obama Deception"> buy it or get it on YouTube (best quality)> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eAaQNACwaLw or read this mind blowing> article "A Conspiracy Too Monstrous To Conceive" at> http://www.henrymakow.com/000166.html Do your research on "Masonic> Theatre" (911 was classic MT), the NWO's G20 summit was their stage> and coincidentally they own the media. Did you fall for it? Were you> impressed? We have all been duped again, big time.>> Fact. Masonic charity only helps Masonic charity. Most lower> Freemasons are not aware of the evil inner core of Freemasonry.>> Here are some of the other good Scottish guys/groups exposing the> truth for you at www.ljpr.info or www.sacl.info or> http://petercherbi.blogspot.com and my own website with all of the> other good guys (world-wide) at www.joestirling.com>> More facts for you.... If you mug someone, you go to jail. If a Banker> mugs you, he gets rewarded?> The Government makes us feel guilty about our carbon footprint while> they agree to build new runways?> Masonic controlled CCTV only works when it's in their favour,> otherwise the CCTV wasn't working that day.> Corruption and closed doors or transparency and true democracy? it's> your choice. Fight for your FR33DOM, now, today.>> I have tried to keep this brief as there is much more to add. Get> focused, I/we are trying to help us all to "STOP THIS MADNESS" by> these devil worshipping ZIONIST NUTTERS ! It just doesn't have to be> like this. Don't be foolish as hatred, revenge or riots are not the> answer. If you don't trust your lawyer, judge, doctor, police,> politician, etc. Get them to sign a DOT (declaration of truth) that> they are not a member of any secret society, society with secrets,> religious cults, etc. Please forward this information to everyone you> care about. Do your own research and blog, website, flyers, truth> groups, expose them. We all must do our bit or they win.>> The immediate answer....... Give us a public register of all> Freemasons. This will comprehensively prove if it's a good or criminal> organisation. It will also reveal who are the NWO/ Illuminati's> foot-soldiers. Get rid of the secret societies, it's ridiculous that> we continue to ignore them. Their very sophisticated networks control> all organised crime and illegal drugs. If someone you know says its> just conspiracy or made up nonsense, then they are obviously part of> the problem. Here are some quotes from www.rense.com>> "If we don't believe in freedom of expression for people we despise,> we don't believe in it at all." -- Noam Chomsky>> "Economic crises have been produced by us for the goyim by no other> means than the withdrawal of money from circulation." - Protocols of> Zion>> "Every time we do something you tell me America will do this and will> do that . . . I want to tell you something very clear: Don't worry> about American pressure on Israel. We, the Jewish people, control> America, and the Americans know it." - Israeli Prime Minister, Ariel> Sharon, October 3, 2001>>--~--~---------~--~----~------------~-------~--~----~LEGAL JUDICIAL POLITICAL REFORMERShttp://www.ljpr.infoMasonic judges OUT Juries IN
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