There is a crisis occurring behind the scenes in all of our lives. Many individuals throughout most countries of the world are having wireless body sensor networks which are also known as WBANs implanted in and on their bodies, where they are then wirelessly tethered to a computer system which effectively turns them into electronic slaves, where all electrical activity in their brains and bodies are being monitored on a constant basis throughout each and every moment of their lives . When they complain to agents of the state nothing of any value is being done to help them to the extent that most of these so-called electronic slaves have stopped consulting the police, psychiatry, social workers, general practitioners, politicians, and clergy men about this growing and extreme problem. They can not effectively prove that they have been implanted by this wireless body sensor network, as the implantation is taking place at a time where they have been rendered unaware that they are being implanted by the use of frequency weapons.  However, when tested under controlled conditions, the frequencies which are being emitted from their bodies differ profoundly from the frequencies which are being emitted from the bodies of human beings who have not yet become wirelessly linked to this computer system. 

The ongoing process of turning human beings into electronic slaves has become a large and growing industry which is being conducted behind the scenes of our lives by a growing army of human beings some of who are being allowed out of prison early in order to continue the process of surreptitiously implanting their fellow human beings with WBANs.  Some human beings have been singled out for extra punishment whereby their whole bodies are being prepared for rigid immobilization also known as paralysis if they refuse to obey the would-be slave masters.   Some human beings are experiencing a relatively new phenomenon known as forced muscle movement due to the fact that their muscles can be wirelessly remote controlled by outside operatives. They can be made to commit a crime against their will. They can be made to have super human strength.

Some individuals who are deemed criminals by the false worldwide establishment are in reality victims of this technology.    We must not worry about how this information will effect the economy for now because the corporate shareholders who are behind the worldwide initiative to implant everybody other than the would-be slave masters with WBANs have stated that they are implementing  plans to ban the use of personal money in a future of worldwide electronic human slavery and worldwide wireless tethering to a network of computers.    A Remote Neural Monitoring super-computer would monitor and manipulate all electrical activity in the brains of human kind on a constant basis throughout each day. Currently fourth generation wireless capabilities can conduct remote neural monitoring on a few individuals in any community on a continual basis. If or when fifth generation wireless capabilities would be rolled out then all electrical activity in the brains of thousands of human beings could be both monitored and manipulated on a constant and simultaneous basis throughout each day to the extent that a wirelessly tethered human being would have no privacy of any kind for the rest of their lives.  Wireless human electronic enslavement would then become main stream. Please deny the Irish government the right to install fifth generation wireless capabilities within our country. Act now.  My website is called ;   For further information see attached link  by well known online journalist Ramola D

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