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Software inside your smart phone or a variety of other digital media devices can be externally programmed from a remote location to transmit frequencies which would change your mood from suspicious to apathetic, or to gullable or even to naïve, and this can all occur without you having any conscious awareness of it ever occurring. We are now being slowly enslaved and our Irish politicians and both senior Gardaí and senior civil servants continue to use smart phones which is very worrying for the rest of the Irish race.
The senior politicians of the Republic of Ireland have signed over some of the resources of our country, the Republic of Ireland in the past to foreign prospectors. Were said senior Irish politicians using smart phones or other digital media devices during the time when they signed the relevant documents which entitled foreign interests to own and control resources which previously belonged to the Irish people and if they were using digital media devices when signing any and all legal documents in the past were they aware that externally programmed frequencies could have been transmitted from their digital media devices at that time to negatively affect their ability to think clearly?
Can we ban all digital media devices from all government work places and if so when can it be done?

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Our bodies and brains are saturated with metallic particulates. Small light magnets will now stick to our heads. Our cereal will sometimes move across the cereal bowl if we place a magnet near it.
If you place metallic particulates in a microwave oven they burn brightly. If the microwave transmitters are turned up to full power we too will burn brightly.
Who is responsible for placing metallic particulates in our food in order that we would then ingest them and thereby saturate our brains and bodies with said metallic particulates? How do we get ourselves out of this dangerous situation? We must disassemble and ban microwave transmitters immediately. We must ban all metallic particulates from food, water and air. If our governments refuse to disassemble and ban said microwave transmitters we must all erect jamming devices inside our homes which when active would jam all transmissions of electromagnetic energy which would be directed at our homes.
These metallic particulates which are now inside our brains and bodies are being used my neuro operatives to monitor, measure and manipulate the electrical signals as they travel from our brains through our central nervous system down to our extremeties. They use frequency modulators to modify these electrical signals and then send them back into our bodies where they can now force a selection of our muscles to move against our wills. We can now be forced to punch our own faces with our own fists against our wills, and this can all be triggered by wireless means by unknown neuro operatives while they work from an unknown remote location. We can now be sent voice commands, pain, electric shocks, moving images and immobilization if we dare to disobey the dark Luciferians at the top of the worldwide hierarchical based chain of command if we dare to disobey their evil commands. We must return to the use of common law rather than civil law which is a tool of said dark luciferians. Do not register your children at birth because you are in effect signing them over to enslavement to said dark luciferians. Do not allow yourselves or your children to be innoculated or to have your or their teeth filled with mercury amalgam fillings. Human beings have no impact on the temperature of this earth. Distrust everything that they promote including the climate change hoax.

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For millions of years well informed human beings have known that it is much easier to use mind control cults in order to control their fellow human beings rather than to keep them under their control by the use of a standing army.   These well informed  bloodline families have become experts in the type of psychology that is necessary to keep the masses under mind control rather than body control.   These bloodline families have created most if not all of the organised religions on the planet and they have done so over thousands of years if not hundreds of thousands of years.

Logical thinking has no part to play in organised religions.   The control cult leaders dissuade all use of logic in the primary and secondary school system.   When initiating any new organised religion the control cult leaders use any and all means possible to initiate their possible followers into a new false belief system.   They use repetition  and reverence and ritual.  They use opulent displays and magnificent surroundings.  They use fear as the corner stone of all belief systems.    If they succeed in convincing their congregation that something of a super-natural nature has taken place during a solemn procedure then they are well on their way to success in the takeover of the whole country via the minds of the population.

From that day on they begin to organise themselves into a hierarchical based control system.  Heirarchical based systems are always intrinsically evil because once you belong to a hierarchical based system you are expected to be obedient to the hierarchical based chain of command.  You are dissuaded from using your own free will.  You are persuaded to unquestioningly follow the dictates of the leader.   In order to do that you must never exercise your own conscience.   Whenever somebody asks you to ignore your conscience and obediently follow their orders without any perspective of their true objectives they are the embodiment of evil.

Human beings have enjoyed freedom of expression ever since we first lived on earth.  Archaeologists  have found evidence to suggest  that humans have lived on earth for at least five hundred million years.    Therefore human beings have enjoyed freedom of expression for at least five hundred million years.   Who has the authority to take away our freedom of expression after five hundred million years of us enjoying it.   Nobody of course.  However,  leaders of control cults are well aware that their organised religions will fall into disuse if we are freely allowed to express the truth of what they really are.   They really are mind control methods which are in widespread  use to persuade us to abandon logical thinking,  and  to give away our money and our free will to individuals whose true agenda we can never know.

The logical definition of the phrase " a faith based belief system "   is a belief system that has been given to children at a very young age.  They have never been taught to analyse the faith based information logically.   It is taught  that if they question the faith based teaching they could face eternal damnation.  They are inculcated into the false  belief that having "faith" without analysis is a positive attribute when in actual fact it is a negative attribute.  Constant repitition in the form of prayer and church attendance is then used to keep the faithful inside the false belief system.   Because of this repetition, they are unable to deprogram themselves for the entirety of their lives.    The controllers of the organised religion then become wealthy and powerful and enjoy a high status in society.

If the Irish referendum is passed on 26th October, 2018, blasphemy will no longer be a criminal offence and that is wonderful news.

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