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Software inside your smart phone or a variety of other digital media devices can be externally programmed from a remote location to transmit frequencies which would change your mood from suspicious to apathetic, or to gullable or even to naïve, and this can all occur without you having any conscious awareness of it ever occurring. We are now being slowly enslaved and our Irish politicians and both senior Gardaí and senior civil servants continue to use smart phones which is very worrying for the rest of the Irish race.
The senior politicians of the Republic of Ireland have signed over some of the resources of our country, the Republic of Ireland in the past to foreign prospectors. Were said senior Irish politicians using smart phones or other digital media devices during the time when they signed the relevant documents which entitled foreign interests to own and control resources which previously belonged to the Irish people and if they were using digital media devices when signing any and all legal documents in the past were they aware that externally programmed frequencies could have been transmitted from their digital media devices at that time to negatively affect their ability to think clearly?
Can we ban all digital media devices from all government work places and if so when can it be done?

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My nether regions are being photographed by the use of energy imprint technology while I am alone in the privacy of my own home with the doors locked, and the images gained by this energy imprint technology are being transmitted all over the world under my own name totally against my will and totally without my permission. I am a non-consensual and totally unwilling targeted individual of neuro research and I have been so for more than fifteen years. I live in the west of I...reland. I am a good living, good will woman. Please do not treat me like this. I have not seen any such pictures but the technologically induced voices which are transmitted inside my head by the use of microwave hearing technology have informed me that this is the case.

The microwave hearing transmitted voices once informed me that a map can be made of my body shape by the following means:-
Neuro research staff send pulses of energy to the surface of my body. My skin registers these sensations. Signal processing software technology allows for the recorded data to be transmitted from my skin surface to the computers of the neuro staff for translation into the exact shape of my body. They can then use this information to see my naked body and to send said images around the world.

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