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I am a carnivore because the human brain and body much prefers fat based fuel to glucose based fuel and a carnivore diet can cure all chronic illnesses provided those chronic illnesses are not being caused by poison or undue stress. I love animals and I deeply empathise with them. I cry inside when I see a sick or hurting animal. Yet I eat lamb or beef almost every day. I have not reconciled the fact that animals feel pain while they are being slaughtered so that I might eat them so I am going to outline my thoughts on the topic here below:-
I wish to continue to eat animal products as my own food for the rest of my life and I wish to abstain from all plants because by doing so I am ensuring that I enjoy good health. I also believe that the whole human race should only and ever eat animal products if they wish to enjoy excellent health and I also believe that vegetarianism leads to chronic illness and does not sustain life long term. We as a whole human race can easily eat animal products only without hurting our fellow animals and without ever suffering from famine as follows:-
1. Chickens can be kept in suburban back gardens provided that their fence is embedded at least one food deep in the soil so as to hinder foxes and other wild animals from burrowing under the fence to kill them. In this way we would be self-sufficient in eggs.
2. A hydrophonic system of raising fish would easily fit in each suburban back garden. The fish are raised in chambers which also grow plants. The plants are fertilized by the fish droppings and the fish in turn are fed by the plants. This system is self-sustaining.
3. The people of France eat snails as a delicacy. We could possibly investigate the idea of keeping our own snail farms in order to help us become self-sufficient in food, especially now that there is a danger that the under the U.N. Agenda 21 protocol for sustainable development the United Nations wish to centralize and control the food supply of the whole world and they wish to ban meat the eating of because they claim that it is unsustainable.
4. Animals can easily be killed in meat factories by means of frequency weapons without be made to feel any pain what so ever. First of all, the frequencies of their brains are entrained in such a way that they can be made comatose. When they are comatose they can then be killed without ever having to suffer. Why hasnt this system of killing animals been implemented in meat factories throughout the world by now? No animal needs to suffer in behalf of those who eat meat.
We must return to becoming self-sufficient with food because those who own, control and run the United Nations do not have our best interest at heart.

(Switch to eating mostly foods which come from animals rather than foods which come from plants.)

"I was blown away by a study by the Californian neurologist, Professor Dale Bredersen. He took ten patinets with Alzheimers disease and cured nine out of ten of them with a Paleo Ketogenic diet (mostly animal products) plus other simple nutritional interventions. (The one failure was a lady who could not stick to the diet.)
The above is a Quote from the PK COOKBOOK by Dr Sarah Myhill and Craig Robinson.

Amy Berger, MS, CNS, NTP, author of a book called "The Alzheimers Antidote" has written in her book that Alzheimers Disease is largely a problem of brain fuel metabolish. She further wrote that the brain is an energy-hungry organ and that anything that interferes with fuel delivery or processing in the brain will have dramatic effects on memory, emotions, behaviour and cognition. The human brain becomes unable to metabolize glucose efficiently . At its core, Alzheimers disease is the deterioration and death of brain cells via starvation.
Dr Amy Berger went on to say that glucose uptake and utilization are impaired in the Alzheimer's brain and she further said that a Canadian Research Team led by Stephen Cunnane, PhD, has proven that brain ketone (fat) uptake and metabolism are not impaired in Alzheimers Disease. Results show that fats are actually the preferred energy substrate for the brain because they enter the brain in proportion to their plasma concentration irrespective of glucose availability: if the energy needed by the brain are being met by fats, then glucose uptake decreases accordingly.
Fats are sometimes interchangeably called ketones because ketones are produced as a by-product of the breakdown of fats.
When you switch to a low-carbohydrate diet for a prolonged period your body eventually uses up all of its glucose and glycogen stores. Once you run out of glucose, your body starts to use an alternative source of fuel and in the case of the low carbohydrate ketogenic diet ⁠— it’s mostly fat.
People following a ketogenic fat based diet specifically reduce their carbohydrate intake (which is plant food) to a very low level in order to force their body to use fat for its primary fuel for energy. The human brain, even an aged Alzheimers ravaged brain can fuel itself with fats efficiently, leading to a full recovery from Alzheimers in nearly all cases.
Both a ketogenic (fat based) diet and a carnivore diet (also fat based) will cure Alzheimers.

Breakfast - Eggs beaten with a whisk plus sea salt and fried in butter plus sliced bacon.
Lunch - One tin of sardines, or else one tin of tuna or mackerel or whatever tinned fish is available,

Dinner - Either minced lamb, minced beef, fresh fish, bacon, chicken, brisket or liver,

Snack - Container of full fat natural yoghurt. ( make sure the yoghurt is full fat and not low fat.)

Plant food contains oxalates which inflame the intestines causing irritable bowel syndrome and which also inflames the joints causing arthritis. A diet of primarily animal products is a known cure for both epilepsy and bi-polar disorder. According to medical personnel who promote the carnivore way of eating, fat based fuel is the preferred fuel for both the human brain and the human body and in ancient times carbohydrates (plant based foods such as potoatoes, bread, cereal, bananas and apples) were seldom eaten.
It takes the human body approximately three weeks to adjust to using fat for its primary fuel rather than glucose so you will feel tired periodically for the first three weeks of the dietary adjustment.
Eskimoos have lived on fat as their fuel for thousands of years and they do not suffer from chronic illnesses. Babies use fat as their only fuel for the first several months of their lives. It is recommended that they continue being fed fat as their fuel in the form of soft boiled eggs and minced meat rather than ever switching them to using carbohydrates/glusose as their primary fuel.

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A diet high in carbohydrates and sugar causes an increase in the levels of insulin in the human body. High levels of insulin causes the intestines to become inflamed which is just one of many possible reasons to experience chronic irritable bowel syndrome.
A diet high in carbohydrates is recommended by nutritionists who developed the food pyramid. It is not the optimum diet for human health. When the levels of insulin in the human body become far too high due to eating a diet high in carbohydrates this invariably leads to the that human being experiencing false hunger. This false hunger then leads to constant eating of still more carbohydrate food which allows the chronic hunger to increase which often leads to irritable bowel syndrome, type two diabetes and obesity among many other chronic illnesses.
The real reason we have been wrongly encouraged to eat a diet high in carbohydrates instead of the optimum diet for human beings which is a diet very low in carbohydrates is because slaves are more easily controlled when they are chronically hungary and the individuals who created the food pyramid belong to the new world order cabal whose ultimate aim is to enslave the rest of the human race by any and all means possible.
When human beings avoid carbohydrate and sugar rich foods their insulin levels then stabilize. After several weeks of eating a low carbohydrate diet of mostly above ground vegetables, freshly ground flax seeds, chia seeds and a large variety of other seeds as well as any and all animal products the cells of their bodies then become adaptive to burning fat as their body fuel instead of glucose as their body fuel. Fat is a much cleaner fuel to sustain the human body than glucose. Once the human being who adheres strictly to a low carbohydrate diet becomes effecient at burning fat as their fuel they lose all of their false hunger, the can easily skip a meal without becoming weak, they lose excess weight, the recover from type two diabetes and they cure their irritable bowel syndrome over time.
I suffered from irritable bowel syndrome for many years and I received disability allowance for irritable bowel syndrome during that time. I still am in receipt of disability allowance for irritable bowel syndrome. As there is no legal medical model to assess if somebody who is in receipt of disability allowance for irritable bowel syndrome is entitled to it I was secretly placed on a new type of a constant monitoring and control system by wireless means from what I believe are either illegal implants inside my body or micro technology inside my body or else my unique brain signature or unique DNA signature or my energy field or all of the above. This new type of constant monitoring and control system is now known as the cerebral internet-of-things and it is a human enslavement and psychological torture system which I have written about in extreme detail in my website which is called
I now eat only a low carbohydrate diet which is composed of mostly above ground vegetables, a large variety of freshly ground seeds and any animal products I wish. My irritable bowel syndrome is almost completely cured but it will probably be a few more months before it is entirely cured. The individuals who have illegally wirelessly tethered me to the human control and enslavement system which is called the cerebral internet-of-things have informed me that they wish to introduce legislation to control all applicants of disability allowance under the cerebral internet of things so that they become enslaved by the system. However, I believe that it would be much preferable if they promoted the optimum diet for human health instead. However, I belive that they do not wish to do this because their ultimate aim is to enslave the whole human race and they know that they can not enslave a vibrantly healthy and intelligence race of human beings. Therefore it is in their interests that we remain unaware of the optimum low carbohydrate diet and continue to live lives of chronic ill health.
I have been illegally wirelessly tethered to the cerebral internet-of-things for sixteen years. I am wirelessly tethered to it by what I am led to believe is a two stream of low frequency electromagnetic energy which allows unknown neuro operatives to send me voices, images, sensations, feelings, forced muscle movements and a wide variety of other experiences. These unknown neuro operatives collect data from my body and brain and they translate this data into what is occurring throughout my brain and body throughout the course of every day as I go about my life, while I myself am totally aware that I am being monitored to a level bordering on the forensic. These neuro operatives speak to me constantly and I am forced to hear their voices coming from inside my head. They interfere with my minds eye to the extent that they often send me unwanted and upsetting mental images whenever they wish. They can and have sent me visions of various kinds. They force some of my facial muscles to move whenver they wish. They have once nodded my head vigorously against my will and on another occasion they have shaken my head against my will. They have moved my eye balls around in many directions against my will. At this advanced stage of brain scientific and technological research anybody who has access to specific brain scientific and technological equipment can enslave a human being by wireless means and from a remote location, while leaving no trace of their crime.
I have so far been unable to prove that this has happened to me and that I am now a neuro slave. However, I write about it constantly in the hope that somebody, somewhere will believe I am telling the truth and will come to my aid and free me from wireless enslavement. I know of many others throughout the Republic of Ireland who are currently undergoing the same fate as myself and I know of one young lady who committed suicide because of being targeted by this technology.
Yours Sincerely,
Gretta Fahey, Newbrook, Claremorris, County Mayo, Republic of Ireland.

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 Unknown neuro operatives are  reproducing their voices inside my head using wireless embedded systems.  This process is known as microwave hearing, synthetic telepathy, or sometimes voice to skull direct human communication.  The military and intelligence services have been using this process to communicate with each other as well as their enemies for many decades.  It is being used on a world wide scale, mostly in secret.   Strong radio frequeny signals come from my ears at random times throughout each day as a result of this embedded system which possibly came about due to inhalation and ingestion of nano technology or through direct implantation of micro receivers and transmitters in the hearing centres of my brain.  

 I believe that the reason  that I am being non-consensually interrogated by voice to skull direct human communication technology every day for nearly sixteen years is because I am claiming disability allowance for irritable bowel syndrome and the validity of my claim can not be verified by legal means. Therefore unknown individuals wielding advanced technology which enables them to reproduce their voices inside my head day and night  issue death threats and insults towards me and verbally harass me every waking moment for nearly sixteen years. They are also using similar technology to force me to feel unwanted sensations throughout my body.
When I reply to them by saying the following "Why am I hearing your voice coming from inside my head wholly against my will and without my permission,  that then would allow another of their colleagues to know without any doubt how they are obtaining the non-consensual data they are gathering on me.  They then react in a  frightened manner  as if their colleague now knows that they have used unethical means to collect data on me and that would enable any colleague who happened to be listening to blackmail them or even to steal the data for their own use.

These neuro operatives wish to know if I am responsible for causing my symptoms of irritable bowel syndrome by wirelessly analysing what I eat and they can easily establish what I eat by wirelessly receiving information from nano sensors in my stomach and intestines which are currently being blended into some processed foods.  This is happening on a worldwide scale mostly unknown to the general public.  

I do not drink alcohol at all. I do not smoke cigarettes or take any type of drugs and I do not drink tea or coffee. I almost never eat refined sugar. I eat a plant based diet as well as dairy products. I do not eat meat, fish or eggs and I have no plans to eat meat, fish or eggs at any time in the future. I am not responsible for causing my irritable bowel syndrome problems.

The neuro operatives who reproduce their voices inside my head have attempted to persuade me to drink alcohol and to resume smoking cigarettes which I gave up more than twenty six years ago. They are not trying to help me recover from irritable bowel syndrome. They are attempting to find a way to gain control over my life and if they do so they would then attempt to extrapolate that control system over all other human beings who complained of suffering from irritable bowel syndrome throughout the world. These neuro operatives are knowingly or unknowingly assisting the dark new world order would-be dictatorship in attempting to rigidly control everybody throughout the world by any means possible. I have never broken any law in my entire life.  I can think of no other reason why I would be put on this non-consensual program which is sometimes called remote neural monitoring along with remote neural manipulation, which I also experience.

Hundreds of thousands if not millions of people are currently complaining of similar experiences to mine. We are not being taken seriously due to the fact that electronic mind control is now  in widespread use in my country, Ireland and throughout most countries in the world.

I constantly write about my experiences of being a targeted individual of non-consensual and extremely unwilling neuro weapons research.  I do not get paid for being a neuro weapon research subject and I do not get paid for my continued writing about my experienes of being a neuro weapon research subject and I never would accept payment from these evil criminal neuro weapon researchers  who have harassed and psychologically tortured me for nearly sixteen years wholly without my permission or consent.  

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I have been in poor health for many years due to irritable bowel syndrome and bladder problems.  I attended many general medical practitioners and specialists to no avail.  I read many diet books and tried many diets which did not improve my general health.   I ate only raw food for several months but my general health did not improve because of that practice.   I once fasted on distilled water for a full twenty three days straight in order to improve my health.  My health  slightly improved for a while after  that.   However,  I now know I have found the ultimate cure all by following the late great Dr Sebi whose work is to be found online, in many youtube videos and websites.  For still  further information check you the youtube videos of Taylor Budd.

Natural plants found in nature contain the right balance of nutrients to keep us in abundant health.  When plants are combined together to create a new plant, it is called a hybrid plant and it contains starch which is highly addictive and nutritionally off balance.  In the past, starch based plants where considered suitable food for slaves because they kept the slaves in a state of constant hunger due to mineral imbalances, to such an extent that they were easy to control by the feeding them starch based non- foods.    Starch based substances posing as real food are so addictive that they are now being seen as a gate way drug to stronger starch based drugs such as alcohol and cocaine.    The solution if you suffer from any illness whatsoever is to stay away from all starch containing hybridized plants such as potatoes, carrots, garlic, cranberries, wheat, most forms of rice and many others.   To ensure good health  keep to a vegan diet of non-hybrid plants such as mushrooms, onions, romaine lettuce, cherry and plum tomatoes, avocados, spelt, quinoa, kamut, and a wide variety of fruit except most bananas which are mostly hybridized.

"By changing the genetic order the new plant is high in starch which is corrosive to human tissues. There are many people who are allergic to wheat and are not aware of these facts. Changing the genetic order of wild life forms and creates genetic mineral and chemical imbalances and mutations in the new species and all that eats it."

Non hybrid true natural food is in short supply throughout the world.   The whole human race must return to growing all of their own food in multi shelf greenhouses in suburban back yards.  If the dark occultists who have more and more world money and power in their hands control the food supply they could eventually enslave the rest of the human race by total control of the food supply.  Purchase only  heirloom seeds for your garden and your greenhouse.  When we are eating only pure non-hybridized food we only need to eat once per day.

I am a targeted individual of non-consensual Remote Neural Monitoring and Remote Neural Manipulation.  I am wirelessly tethered by a continuous two way stream of low frequency electromagnetic waves to a network of computers from implants which were placed inside my head and body at a time when I was unaware that I was being implanted.  This allows me to hear the  wirelessly enabled  voices of unknown  neuro operatives coming from inside my head.  These neuro operatives  monitor me on a continual basis, both day and night, and they  have done so for more than fifteen years.  They constantly taunt me about the fact that I am in poor health to the extent that  I no longer work.  When I eventually  found the answer to my poor health through eating a vegan diet of non-hybrid true natural food, which is free of starch for the most part, the neuro operatives decided that they must suppress knowledge of this health giving diet plan among the public.  Therefore, their intentions in all of their work is never  about improving the health and well-being  of the general public.  It is always about controlling and enslaving the general public in any and all possible ways, especially financially, mentally, legally, wirelessly and through addictive starch-based non food.




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