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The Covid-19 pandemic was purposely devised so as to give the dark cabal a reason to inject most of their fellow human beings with hydrogel biosensors in order to connect them by means of a live two way link to the wireless internet of living things. As soon as the hydrogel biosensors enmesh with the human brain and body tissues of the recepient of the vaccine, then the bi-directional live link between the recepient of the vaccine and a computerized control network would be activated.
You may not have received this information from your own government officials because this is an act of war against most of the people of the world and as you may be aware truth is the first casualty of war. Your own government officials are also victims of this war crime because many if not all of them have already become embedded with nano technology which has enmeshed their own brains and bodies from ingredients within the covid-19 vaccine.
If you become a victim of this wireless crime then the two way live link will be used to transmit voice commands, pain, electric shock, images, visions, cold, heat, partial or total paralysis, torture and even transmit information into you to kill you if ever they wish to do so and all of this is transmitted wirelessly directly into your brain and body. This aforementioned two way link will also be used to collect all types of very personal data from your brain and body such as your thoughts, emotions, memories, imagined images, blood pressure, temperature, what you hear, what you see, your location, the ingredients of what you eat and drink, how many times you visit the toilet each day and for what reason, how many times you have had sexual intercourse and with who, who you speak with on the telephone, who you email and the topics you discuss in your emails as well as any other information they can collect about you. I know this because I have been connected to either this or a similar system for many years and I have experienced most of the above.
The police and psychiatry have been unknowingly used to cover up this covert crime for many years because they have been programmed to believe that anyone who insists that they are already wirelessly connected to the wireless internet of living things is mentally insane.
Psychiatrists force the victims of this crime who complain to them about it to ingest poisonous substances which have extremely distressing side effects. The patients know not to complain of those horrendious side effects because if they do so they are then required to return to the psychiatric hospital for the purpose of being placed under observation for a week or two while their medication is being changed and they have no way of knowing if they will ever be released from the psychiatric hospital ever again. Psychiatric patients are not like prisoners in the sense that psychiatric patients are not ever given a definite release date once they are placed inside a psychiatric hospital and because of this a dishonest psychiatrist might keep them inside for years at a time and even might mandate that they ingest brain damaging substances so that they are never released again. There is no oversight available to protect psychiatric patients from dishonest and corrupt psychiatrists. The psychiatric advocacy system has no real power. It simply has the illusion of power.
Is the internet of living things privately owned and if so who owns it and if it is privately owned then who so ever is using it against myself and others is committing a crime against us. However, if it is owned and run by governments throughout the whole world then they aught to have it disassembled and banned immediately because it is a cruel enslavement system which most of humanity would never knowingly agree to if they were not under strong technologically induced mind control programming.

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There are many men and women living  in the Handmaid's Tale. There are, above all, the experiences of those who survived the camps during the wars. Special attention should be paid to the experiences of targeted individuals in digital concentration camps  whose persecutors already had some experiences related to real and not digital crimes. Electronic terrorism or our gang stalking are  a bigger nightmare off the future than the world of dystopia Margaret Atwood.

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Letter sent to Pope Francis

Dear Pope Francis,

I would like to express my great respect for your unusual personality, which I learned about through the press, Serbian and abroad.

I loved reading about your ring-kissing controversy which I was trying to explain to myself. I read the articles “Pope washes the feet of prisoners”, “Pope washes feet of Muslim migrants and refugees”, about your modest living arrangement…

I came across this article in the British Guardian by chance:

“Pope Francis kisses Holocaust survivor’s Auschwitz tattoo

Pope Francis has kissed the tattoo of an Auschwitz survivor during an emotional meeting at the Vatican.

Lidia Maksymowicz , a Polish citizen who was deported to Auschwitz from her native Belarus before the age of three, showed the pope the number tattooed on her arm by the Nazis, and Francis leaned over and kissed it.

Maksymowicz, 81, told   Vatican News she did not exchange words with the pope. ‘We understood each other with a glance,’ she said.”

There is a strong possibility that I missed your statement about digital concentration camps scattered around the world, which are school examples of digital Auschwitz where people whose contemporaries you are, right now are suffering severely and that the number of those exposed as their defenders is shamefully small. As a member of the Serbian Orthodox Church, I felt a great obligation to inform the Serbian Patriarch too about the suffering of targeted individuals, because my persecutors are from his flock and also because I am a member of the Peacepink organization (in addition to some others) who constantly emphasize these words – God bans this.

I have never visited the Auschwitz Museum. My children are. They told me about the heavy sadness they felt there. I had the opportunity to see an exhibition dedicated to Auschwitz at the War Museum in London and I couldn’t separate myself from the photos of beautiful, skinny faces of children with big, dark eyes. I still remember them.

We were all convinced that the Holocaust and genocide would never happen again in history.   

I do not want to sadden you for facing the fact that your struggle and hope (and many like you, victims and descendants of victims) with the goal not to be forgotten, not to be repeated - failed.

I am a targeted individual for 34 years for political reasons, My older son was targeted individual too. He is no longer with us.  As an opponent of the ruling dictatorial regime in our own country, he was “driven” to suicide a year and half ago.

It can be read on the pages of our activist that “the proliferation of mind control and their accompanying abuse has become one of the twenty-first century’s greatest violations of human rights Thousands of innocent victims across the globe have become activists for their freedom. We are demanding an international investigation into these crimes which constitute immense violations of the United Nations’ Universal Declaration of Human Rights.”

I remembered these sentences of the victims of gang stalking or electronic terrorism about the perpetrators, persecutors and abusers: “Their unethical go beyond the Nazi…”, “They realize the unfulfilled dream of Josef Mengele, torture the body and follow the mind…”.Some of us say that we are the greatest martyrs and saints in history.

Digital concentration camps with the aim of punishing, humiliating, trafficking and kidnapping people in digital, leading to murders and suicides are the nightmares of the future of us and all those who follow us. That is what we who are fighting this evil are convinced of. Many are no longer among us and have given their lives in that struggle for essential freedom.

In the hope that in the near future you will be one of the new defenders of us “most modern” detainees and slaves in sophisticated digital torture chambers,

Thank you and Best Regards

Yours sincerely

Gordana Filipovic


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Ongoing  terrorism, psychological torture, and MK Ultra in Ontario of Canada .

UN Human Rights Council
Forty-third session
24 February - 20 March 2020
Agenda item 3

Now, I accept economic aid by Western Union due to the reason you must understand.

UN Human Rights
UN Human Rights Council
Amnesty International
International Bar Association
International Criminal Court
International Court of Justice
Canadian Government

CC :

For 17 years since "they" started their terrorism, psychological torture, and MK Ultra because of out of thin air reasons which astonished me, they never stop  covering up their grave crimes against humanity by every possible means, which you can imagine and you can't imagine. They can at once shut down my internet, disconnect the VPN I am using. By wall for "go"  and interception for " come", all emails, including secure and anonymous emails, have been controlled. That is,  I can hardly stand up for my rights;  I can not  lunch international (legal  ) proceedings against "them".

What are they doing? What are they covering up? And, what are UN Human Rights' responses and stand?  Please see this video. If this video is not "OK" , UN Human Rights Office and UN Human Rights Council have everything I provided.


By  psychological torture, and MK Ultra and  terrorism, they are attacking and remotely controlling my heart rate, my hearing, my head and my body. 17 years, I rarely have one good entire sleep in home. 17 years, I rarely have one day normal work in work places.

Is it true?  Enough evidence has been provided to you. And, UN, UN Human Rights and UN Human Rights Council swear to investigate those atrocity crimes.

UN Human Rights Council
Forty-third session
24 February - 20 March 2020
Agenda item 3

Who are they?

my neighbors, who are now again wearing invisibility cloaks to enter, stay in my house to do everything possible, evil and brutal, something in my house "told" me.



, those who are gathering around and in my work place

, those who are driving aircrafts, military force?

, those who...

You all must receive the file I sent to you a few days ago.

Fight  for my life being  threatened ; fight against ongoing (psychological ) torture, terror, poison, death threats and attempted murder by every possible means and with all possible Non-Lethal Weapons. I am not alone and I need your help.

Robin Yan

Canadian victim of torture


Please transfer to International Bar Association, UN Human Rights Office , UN Human Rights Council by fax  and , thanks.

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Dear Bioethics Commission:

I report that a rogue CIA crime ring is illegally using human subjects in illegal and immoral CIA experiments on torture. In fact, I wish to remind you that the CIA recently was exposed to Congress for lying about torture.


Our group of 5000 are being used in illegal research without our consent and without fair pay. We are represented by many groups.  The primary groups who represent us include Mind Justice, Keep the Ethical Light Burning, and International Coalition Against Torture, and Freedom from Harassment and Surveillance.


I also report that the report the FBI is cointelpro harassing those brave citizens who expose the rogue CIA crime ring by labeling the persons of interest who report the crimes with false cointelpro labels of paranoid if they dare suspect their government of wrongdoing.

As evidence of cointelpro related harassment I remind you of the Church Committee finding in the 70s that certain government agencies would assign false mental health charges and/or crimes to certain activist to discredit their political activism.  (Wikipedia, Church Commission).


 More precisely, the case we report is on point with the government harassment experienced by the Duplessis orphans.  In this situation, the Canadian government harassed 20,000 orphans by assigning them with false mental charges in order to detain them and exploit them as low-cost labor, human guinea pig for bio-medical research. Years later the Canadian government was forced to admit this and was forced to settle with the victims. We note that the hospital provided false mental health charges to keep the patients powerless so they could not be believed when accusing their captors, {Duplessis orphans, Wikipedia}.

As evidence of illegal studies, I remind that it is historically documented that on several occasions doctors and hospitals lied to patients when conducting illegal studies. We note that in the notorious Tuskegee study in the 1940's to the 1970's, doctors lied to patients and told them they were being treated for “bad blood” when they were being studies of syphilis. {Wikipedia}. In addition, in the Mkultra study in the 1940's to 1970's subjects were given LSD without their consent. {Wikipedia} The Mkultra study was quite large and used at least 80 universities and 44 hospitals.  {Check facts} In many other large studies such as the Aches study and Guatemalan study, it took years for the “patients’ ‘victims” to prove that the doctors had lied. {Wikipedia}.

Our group, Freedom from Harassment and Surveillance reports a similar situation. Our group members know that they are being used in off the record illegal testing which is conducted by a rogue CIA. When we try to report this illegal behavior to doctors, we are falsely labeled paranoid and cointelpro harassed by the state. In addition, we are subjected to rude, abusive treatment by doctors.   The doctors allege that we are paranoid because we suspect others and a rogue CIA of conducting illegal activities.    We are told most people are good people.  When we report that the prisons are overcrowded and that there are many bad people, we are ignored.  When we report that there are many cases of biomedical experimentation in which CIA doctors and CIA employees lied to the public and individuals—we are told not to say that again or we will be involuntarily committed,  Many doctor are refusing us our American right of skepticism about authority.   We do note that illegal activities are happening as we speak.  We point out that our government has done wrong before as evidence in Watergate, Mkultra studies, Tuskegee studies, Aches studies, etc.  and only recently that the CIA proved guilty of lying to the President, Congress, and public about torture and torture studies.  


In addition, when we logically point out that there is much interest in rogue biomedical CIA projects in our regional areas, we are told we are paranoid. We observe and note that there is much funding and military interest in our regional areas in such areas such as electronic signaling research, brain research, and psychological/torture research. {Welsh, Mind Justice}. It is known that the rogue CIA does not reveal the full truth when asked, and if must get is subjects somewhere.  Thus, many of us cite many of us our twins and in large families that are convenient specimens for scientists looking for similar or identical DNA to others. We also note that many of us online report similar pains, vibrations, batteries, and strange occurrences during similar years, {see Surveys, Freedom from Harassment and Surveillance. 


Please help expose this crime against humanity. We ask that you support and enforce the right of citizens to the truth and government transparency from their government and a rogue CIA.   We also and ask that you demand the aggrieved subjects be compensated with restitution because of the years of prolonged exploitation via Torture Matrix experimentation and retaliation at the hands of the rogue CIA.   Stop this practice of political intimidation of false cointelpro mental health charges by the government and biomedical corporations. Please launch a Senate Investigation to demand justice for all those used and exploited by the rogue CIA crime ring.


Thank you

Angel Law


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Source Link : Online Tutoring: Explore The Significance Of Digital Education To Improve Learning

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Barbara Rogers <>

Thu, 27 May at 15:43

There are other registration that need to be reported NJ56 0HF - Blue Ford Focus of a Police officer relative that's involved and knows about the gang stalking , and is looking other way this is s lady that is assoc with them as a relation and we believe she has heard the gang stalking too. Told that she is Suzanne Hall's mother.  Connection to gang stalking.  There's been a man on the wall of starbucks that also has carried a blue ring and swooped his finger to keep it running also I believe a member of Franks Family that mentioned in the body of the complaint.  There has been IPT gone to over it. To do with the Investigatory Powers Tribunial


Don the Ambulance man also that's been mention seen in a white station wagon WX53 PWF.

By the way they have tried to interfere with my phone, payment of rent and they broken in my home last night.  I've heard them scramble the payment line and I have had to send a bank draft.

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Barbara Rogers <>

Thu, 27 May at 15:43

There are other registration that need to be reported NJ56 0HF - Blue Ford Focus of a Police officer relative that's involved and knows about the gang stalking , and is looking other way this is s lady that is assoc with them as a relation and we believe she has heard the gang stalking too. Told that she is Suzanne Hall's mother.  Connection to gang stalking.  There's been a man on the wall of starbucks that also has carried a blue ring and swooped his finger to keep it running also I believe a member of Franks Family that mentioned in the body of the complaint.  There has been IPT gone to over it. To do with the Investigatory Powers Tribunial


Don the Ambulance man also that's been mention seen in a white station wagon WX53 PWF.

By the way they have tried to interfere with my phone, payment of rent and they broken in my home last night.  I've heard them scramble the payment line and I have had to send a bank draft.

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Barbara Rogers <>

Thu, 27 May at 15:43

There are other registration that need to be reported NJ56 0HF - Blue Ford Focus of a Police officer relative that's involved and knows about the gang stalking , and is looking other way this is s lady that is assoc with them as a relation and we believe she has heard the gang stalking too. Told that she is Suzanne Hall's mother.  Connection to gang stalking.  There's been a man on the wall of starbucks that also has carried a blue ring and swooped his finger to keep it running also I believe a member of Franks Family that mentioned in the body of the complaint.  There has been IPT gone to over it. To do with the Investigatory Powers Tribunial


Don the Ambulance man also that's been mention seen in a white station wagon WX53 PWF.

By the way they have tried to interfere with my phone, payment of rent and they broken in my home last night.  I've heard them scramble the payment line and I have had to send a bank draft.

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Gardai refusing to validate a statement made by a member of the public


gretta fahey <>

8:00 AM (0 minutes ago)
to info
For the attention of the Minister for Justice, 
                                                                                                                                                                                                                   27th May, 2021.
Dear Minister Helen McEntee, 
According to the Covid-19 Vaccine Information Page of the U.K. Government, the active substance of the Covid-19 messenger RNA Vaccine BNT162b2 is a multi dose concentrate of RNA containing lipid nano particles.
I am aware that those aforementioned  nano particles while inside human bodies  are being wirelessly connected to a central enslavement system thereby wirelessly  enslaving anyone who recieved most if not all covid-19 vaccines.   It takes a period of time before the nano particles permeate the whole body and brain of the vaccine recepient and when that occurs their wireless enslavement system connection  can be activated from an unknown remote location.
   I and many other Irish people  have already been wirelessly enslaved by this method.  Whenever we have attempted to inform the Irish authorities of this we have been disbelieved.  When I myself informed the Claremorris Gardai of this in February, 2014,  they did not validate my statement and they instead brough me for  psychiatric evaluation which made it unsafe for me to speak further on the matter.   By their actions, the Gardai made it unsafe for me to ever return to them with any complaint whatsoever lest they repeat this action against me of refusing to validate my statement and instead   sending  me for psychiatric evaluation.  By their actions, they have made it unsafe for me to speak about this to any member of the Irish government whatsoever.     In my opinion, the Gardai in question broke the law.   The Gardai are not employed by the public  to refuse to validate statements made by members of  the public about crimes being committed against them even if the public can not prove the crimes are  taking place due to the fact that  the wireless remote controlled weapons are being used against them are invisible to the naked eye.    
Because of my wireless connection to a central enslavement system I receive voice commands and pain signals among other unwanted experiences.   This is now a widespread crime being committed against Irish men and women  throughout the Republic of Ireland.  It is not being reported by the main stream media because in my opinion a phenomenon called 'Silent Sound Spread Spectrum' electronic mind control programming is in widespread use against most government employees, most main stream media personnel, most Gardai  and most if not all senior and local politicians throughout the Republic of Ireland.   Do you accept that this is the case?
How can these crimes being perpetrated against me now be resolved in view of the fact that it is unsafe for me to report them to the Gardai because if I do so I will undoubtedly be incarcerated inside a psychiatric hospital indefinitely and forced to ingest poisonous substances if I do so?
Yours Sincerely,
Gretta Fahey also known as Margaret Fahey,  Newbrook, Claremorris, Co. Mayo, Eircode F12 Y560,  
My landline home phone number is 094 9360901.  My mobile phone number is 087 1046096.
My email address is
I plan to place a copy of this email online on a public forum.

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Sind selektive Firmen an der militärisch-geheimdienstlichen Organisation und Durchführung der Massenvergiftung beteiligt.

Welche Rolle spielt das Wort "Limited Maneuver" hierbei.

Wenn es öffentlich passiert, welche Rolle spielt geschicktes Vorgehen, untere Grenzwerte schwierig zu detektierender Toxine.

Downplay und dauerhaft fehlende Erklärungen für extreme Produktbelastungen, keiner erfährt die Inhaltsstoffe.

Langfristig bis mittelfristige Toxine, Entstehung von Leukämien, Bewirkung von Schlaganfällen und Lähmungen.

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 1.         本週變態控芯片賤人將他家中的老少,其中有便溺,放屁,因便溺而全身發臭者同我併芯片精神虐待。有時甚至將來經期的家中女性同我併在一起,令我全身帶有血腥味。其變態程度令人沒法理解。




2.         腦控空間有百無一用的文人,以我的相,用waterfront做筆名,瞥竊他人智慧,侵犯他人私隱,肆意搽黑他人,挑潑離間,利用他人來達到打擊我的目的。卑鄙!


3.         本週變態控芯片賤人剥奪我睡至早上七時,然後遙控電子武器令我昏睡至中午十一時。當我調教好閙鐘八時起床後,賤人遙控我手機關機,令我閙鐘失靈。最後當我將手機定好密碼,不被遙控後才能準時8:30起床,但當我起床後,賤人遙控電子武器令我有濃濃的睡意,沒法工作。




4.         本週賤人仍五感操控。聲覺:經常發出汽車引擎和抽氣扇的聲音,間中有某國家發出預警信號聲音。腦部經常覺得很噪, 很多雜音, 只好用除噪耳機作為舒緩。

       眼覺:因賤人經常併我芯片作為定位以眼部跟蹤目標人物,我擔心被圈涉, 經常出外,因外面光線太亮他們沒法跟從,但賤人將我的眼壓調低,當我在室內時, 光線變得太暗,眼睛模糊, 閱讀困難。

       味覺: 變態賤人經常同我併芯片飲食,將他們的飲食嗜好強加於我的身上,同時進行味覺操控,令我食不知其真味。  

       嗅覺:變態逐臭賤人經常將他自己家中洗手間的臭味,便溺不清潔的臭味發放滋擾; 當受害者煮食時,關閉其嗅覺掣,令其味道失調,失去正常的水準。 




Mind Control Space News this week (December 28, 2019 to January 3, 2020)


 1.         This week, the metamorphosis chip controller used his family members including uroclepsia, farting, and the whole body stink because of uroclepsia; Sometimes even his female member during the menstrual period that also mapping with me, I can smell the bloody body. They used all above for Psychological and physical harassment.

On the other hand, the metamorphosis chip controller within someone who got parasite, and caused navel itch, inflammation, and stinks with me, which was suspected to be a patient with some kind of microwave disease.

2. There is a writer who good for nothing and earn to living in the brain control space, he used my photo avatar with “waterfront” as a pseudonym, plagiarize the wisdom of victims, infringe the privacy of victims, arrogantly spoof to someone who they don’t like, provocate alienation between I and others, and use others to hit me back with their intention purpose. mean!


3. This week, the metamorphosis chip controller deprived my sleeping until 7 am, and then remote control electronic weapon made me asleep until 11 noon. When I set the alarm to wake up at 8 o'clock, the perp remotely turned off my cell phone, disable my alarm. finally,  I set the password on my phone to get up at 8:30 on time without remote control, but when I get up, the perp still remote control electronic weapons make me felt very tired and got want to sleep sense, and I can't concentrate on my work all day.

The perp claim it is used to test the victim's willpower and ability to resist adversity. But the truth is intended to turn the new generation into a good for nothing garbage as bitch as perps, finally becoming a member who harm people to living in mind control space.


4. This week the metamorphosis chip controller still manipulated my five senses:


hearing: The sounds of car engines and exhaust fans are often issued, and occasionally, hear warning sounds issue from unknown countries when emergence. My head often felt a lot of difference noisy, so I have to use noise canceling headphones as a soothing.


sight: Because the perp bitches often mapping me as a positioning to track the target person with eyes, to avoided involving, I often going to outside to stop, because the sun was bright and the perp can't used eyes stalking, but the perp used to darkness my eye pressure, such caused me got blur eyes and have difficulty in reading. 


Taste:  the metamorphosis chip controller often mapping me for dine, impose their dietary habits on me to perform taste control, which make me cannot have the food real taste. Sometime when I have some food which they don’t like, they will turn off the taste key which caused me tasteless.



Smell: The metamorphosis chip controller often mapping me when I going to toilet, and issued the stinks smell of his own washroom to misled the people that my washroom got dirty; On the other hand, when the victim cooking, the controller turn-off the smell key, making the victim cannot smell the food and the cooking skill below the standard.


Touch: The metamorphosis chip controller often mapping someone who got skin allergy to the victims for harassment; on the other hand, when the victims get on clothing and bathing, the metamorphosis chip controller mapping the victims for sexual harassment; even it is non-touch, but when used mapping, the bitch’s hand same as your hand, they can felt all you felt, they can touch what you touch, so remember to wear the rough gloves for protection.


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1.         有很多受害者在分開所有芯片後, 做身體檢查, 發覺血壓偏低, 有部份甚至是無緣故地極低. 因平時大家都被不知其數的腦控賤人併芯片, 所以並未感覺到異樣, 當還原自已身體時普遍都很瘦, 血色素也偏低. 有受害者堅稱被併芯片會引致血液無故流失.

而腦控空間有某離職的星島專欄作家, 每月收取吸血鬼一萬港元, 帮尋找阿笨 即不知情的被腦控受害者供其併芯片吸血 即血液轉移, 並講出所需的血型. 令人更加相信併芯片技術上能做到血液轉移.

近期讀到一些報導, 2016年的腦控技術, 已可利用電極通過血管運行, 令兩個不同的人有腦部感應, 發展到今時今日, 利用一種高寛帶的神經接口, 接駁醫療器, 令被腦控受害者的血液在睡眠中不知不覺地被轉移是絕對有可能的. 的進遠遠超的認和想, 此也解釋了為何很多受害者聲稱越睡越疲累的原因.  

我很明白, 很難令人相信此一事, 只可待醫學科進一步披


2.         有被腦控的受害者問如何行法律程序提出訴訟:

             a.         鑑定被腦控 - 找耳科醫生做檢查, 聽覺錄音可鑑定出是否被腦控, 出報告;


            b.         電子武器造成的身體痛症鑑定- 熱能圖;


            c.         找到訴訟目標, 即找到害你的變態腦控賤人;


            d.         找專打腦控訴訟的律師;


            e.   法庭排期提出訴訟.


3.         據講扮我的人是曾志偉兒媳婦, 通常在晚間我睡覺的時間出現, 有時日間遙控電子武器令我昏睡時出現.



4.         26 日由香飛溫哥華, 在航機上, 我坐經艙的中間位, 坐於我傍邊的女士投訴我身上的大褸過界, 再而投訴我手踭經踫到她, 令她感到很困, 我對此感到很抱, 並當場向她道. 同時我作出自我檢, 但令我百思不得其解的是我完全沒有感到自同她有任何碰和接, 而追根究底於變態控芯片賤人將超肥者同我併芯片, 令原本已狹窄的坐位空間變得更緊. 但是否因此而碰到她而我不自知? 其中有很多疑問?


有人講出原來有變態男賤人乘搭飛機時以手踭碰傍坐的女, 被投訴性騷, 以此上演一場戲, 利用我帮他澄. 但他不知我認得坐於我傍邊的女是腦控空間中人, 此一切原是有心人的刻安排, 實在是用心良苦.




Mind Control Space News this week (December 21 to 27, 2019)



1. Many victims did body check after removal all mapping, and found that the blood pressure was lower than normal, some were even extremely lowest for no reason. Because all victims were being mapping with countless perps who may got high blood pressure, so they cannot get the real feeling. When all mapping blocked, their body was very weak and the hemoglobin was in low level, and some victims insist that mapping can cause blood flew out without consent.

And there is a resigned Sing Tao columnist in Brain Control Space, who received "Vampire" 10,000 Hong Kong dollars each month to help find same blood type victim who was being brain control without self-awake, using for mapping to got blood transfer. Such made me believed that mind control mapping technology can achieve blood transfer.

Recently, I have read some reports of brain control technology issued at 2016, it was use Synchron’s tiny, flexible “stentrode” travels through the bloodstream to the brain, two people can have brain-to-brain communications, and a high-banded neural interface was used to connect medical devices. Up to day end of 2019, It is absolutely possible for using being brain-controlled victims’ blood transferred during sleep without victims’ consent. The advances of technology were far exceeding our cognition and imagination, which also explains why many victims claim sleep more, but got tired more. 


I understood the true is difficult to believe, we can only wait for further disclosed by medical technology


2. A brain-control victim asked how to initiate legal proceedings:

a. Identification that you are being mind controlled, getting result from Ophthalmologist, which audio recordings can identify.
b. Identification of physical pain caused by electronic weapons-
thermal map
c. Find the target who harmed you, and whom you will suing;
d. Find a lawyer who specializes in brain control lawsuits;
e. file a action for the court schedules.

3. As said, the person who acting as Monita was Eric Tsang’s daughter-in-law, who usually appears at night when I fall asleep, and sometimes appears when the remote electronic weapon makes me sleep during the daytime. 


4. I flew from Hong Kong to Vancouver on the 26th. On the plane, I was sitting in the middle of the economy class. The lady sitting next to me complained that my toggle Coat was out of bounds, and then complained that my elbow often touched her.  She was very distressed, I was sorry for it, and apologized to her at once.


At the same time, I made a self-criticism, and what puzzled me was that I did not felt any collision or touch with her at all, finally I blamed the metamorphosis chip control mapping me with someone who in over size, which made the already narrow sitting space more tight. But why I cannot felt any touch with her? There are many questions?

After that, someone told me a true story that there was a freak male who used elbow to touch a lady whom sitting next to him on an airplane before, and being complained of sexual harassment, he performed a drama above, try to used me to prove he was innocent.  But the freak male did not know that I recognized the lady sitting next to me who working in brain control space in my first view, all above was deliberate arrangement by a freak male, it is really attentively.


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