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I have become wirelessly fused to a computerized centralized control system by bi-directional wireless links from by brain and body to said computerized human control system. The control system collects electrical data from my brain and body on a continual basis which it automatically translates into my verbal thoughts, words and actions. The control system sends me voices, visions, pain and other bodily sensations. On several occasions the control system used wireless signals to place me in a virtual reality hold for a short space of time where I was obliged to watch moving images against my will. They can also place me in a frequency hold which they did for a whole year back in approximately 2009 where the frequency which generates terror in a human being was locked on to my unique brain or else DNA signature during the entirety of that year.

The computerized control system which I am being controlled by is also being used to influence the thought processes of government officials such as politicians and the police to the extent that in most instances they are not inclined to even believe this invisible wireless human control system exists. We can provide a large number of patent numbers which prove it exists. The United States patent office has been proven to be corrupt to the extent that any and all patents which are being registered there are being automatically being stolen by a cabal of criminals who wish to take over and enslave the human race. We can also provide proof of the existence of the fact that many of us are wirelessly tethered to this system by our brains and bodies by the use of spectrum analysers and other equipment which would prove without any doubt that there are irregularities in our human energy fields.

Bryan Tew is a well known targeted individual who has experienced similar wireless harassment and psychological torture experiences to what I have experienced because of being non-consensually linked to said system. He has stated online that according to his research the neuro operatives who operate the computerized human control and enslavement system do not actually need any physical equipment to run it and instead they can be placed into a virtual reality setting by wireless means where they can then use virtual reality screens to run said system. If this is in fact the case I believe that they would have to have a variety of electrical implants implanted throughout their heads and bodies which would allow such a virtual reality workspace to be manifested by wireless means around them. The reason that we must discuss this further is because if the police show up at the home of anybody who is thought to be electronically harassing and furthering the wireless enslavement of any of their fellow human beings, they would not be able to find the equipment they would expect to find in order to arrest the suspects. They instead would need to bring a high quality spectrum analyser to the home of all suspects in order to detect anomalies in the energy field of the suspect.

Many targeted individuals of remote neural monitoring and remote neural manipulation complain of also being stalked on an occasional basis. I myself am a bicycle user and I cycle my bicycle to my nearby towns of Claremorris or Ballinrobe several times per month. On many occasions when I am travelling to or from Ballinrobe by the Cloongowla Road I encounter a man walking alone while wheeling a bicycle and wearing a chain either around his waste or hanging from his trouser. The bicycle walking man who I encounter is a different man each time. The Cloongowla Road is level and continues on for a distance of six kilometres. It is isolated. It has a total of nineteen houses throughout the whole six kilometres. Most of those houses are near each other and are near the town. There is no need to walk a bicycle if the road is level. The chain which is worn by whatever man I happen to meet that day is suitable for tying up the hands and feet of human being. Has any other targeted individual encountered men who wear chains either around their waist or hanging from their trousers. I have written and posted online about these encounters on the Cloongowla Road outside Ballinrobe, County Mayo, Ireland once or twice before but it has not deterred these men. This is a situation which I have encountered at least seven times already. It could have been happening longer than that but it took me a while to wake up to the pattern of their odd and intimidating behaviour. They don’t look or dress like Irish men do. I will continue to post information on this phenomenon.

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I have become non-consensually wirelessly linked to the smart grid from a programmable bio-chip implant.   The operatives who monitor and control me force me to listen to their dictates every day whenever they wish.   I heard one of them say the following today via the wireless link as follows  "This is a cost effective way of monitoring people while they are inside their own homes.  If they have nothing to hide they wont mind."   I mind very much.  My website where I outline in extreme detail some of my experiences of being non-consensually wirelessly linked to said smart grid is called  

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