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Our bodies and brains are now immersed in neural dust. The electric current which is generated in our neural system every time we move a muscle can be read and examined by external means by neuro scientists while they work from an unknown remote source. This capability allows them to know what muscles you are moving at all times while you are in the privacy of your own home if they should wish to do so. This capability also allows them to reconfigure these electrical signals and then transmit them back to your neural system and force your muscles to move entirely against your will if they should wish to do so. This system also involved you being implanted with many and varied types of implants at a time unbeknownst to you which you may never be allowed to know about.
The neural dust which is now inside our brains and bodies can only allow us to be either mind controlled or body controlled in the presence of strong electromagnetic radiation which comes from microwave transmitters as well as from our digital devices. We also need to be in the presence of an electric field.
We must switch off all microwave transmitters, electric grids and telephone transmissions for a period of at least three weeks in order to allow our leaders to think clearly again because they are certainly not able to do so at this time of technological enslavement of themselves and their people.
We must place dyes in our food supply which would indicate which foods contain neural dust and which foods do not so that we can choose to eat only safe foods and drink safe water.
We must cease to register all births, marriages and deaths because by registering the birth of a child you are signing that child into enslavement to the control and now enslavement system. Nothing can be done to your child without your consent if you refuse to register them.
We must provide all police officers with non-linear junction detectors and spectrum analysers so that individuals who confirm that they are experiencing forced muscle movement will have their claims confirmed and further to that the non linear junction detector will enable police detectives to determine what direction the forced muscle movement signals are coming from in order to determine who is carrying out the bio-robotization experimentations.
We must ensure that police officers are no longer forced to carry weaponized communication devices close to their person because I believe that these weaponized communication devices are being used to help mind control the police.
We must banish all dictators to an offshore island collectively where they will be treated with kindness and given homes, educational reading material and the ability to generate their own food. Under natural law which is the only fixed and immutable law known to humanity and which ultimately governs us all we are not allowed to cage or murder our fellow human beings. Banishment to an offshore island which is surrounded by an impenetrable electric fence is a moral way of dealing with those who wish to enslave, torture and genocide us by technological means. This is easily achievable in spite of whatever initial ridicule is directed at it and it costs the tax payer nothing in food or security services.
Many individuals including myself are reporting that our muscles are being made to move against our wills. The online youtube channel known as ‘ Ramola D Reports’ features an interviewer called Ramola Darmaraj from Boston, Massachusetts, USA who interviews many individuals who have experienced their muscles being made to move against their wills to the extent of having their own fist hitting their own face against their wills. This type of information is being buried by the main stream media because it is now 95% privatelty owned by dark occultists and it no longer serves the public interest. Please listen to her interviews of Christopher Burton, Galina Kurdina and Philip Walker in particular.

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The voices of neuro scientists which I have been hearing coming from inside my head for more than fifteen years have just informed me that I will be a fully automated human being within weeks. They further explained that a fully automated human being is a human being who they would fully control. They explained that I would have no further say in my life whatsoever and that I would be fully wirelessly remote controlled from that time on. I have been experiencing forced muscle movement for several years. The muscles in my face are being moved by remote wireless means almost daily. My head can be nodded and shaken vigorously by the will of the unknown neuro scientists who I have never met.  I may have programmable biochips imbedded in the muscles of my brain and body
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My name is Gretta Fahey from Newbrook, Claremorris, Co. Mayo, Ireland. My landline home phone no is 0949360901. I am not and have been a subject of Remote Neural Monitoring combined with non-consensual neuro manipulation for more than fifteen years. I am being monitored from a remote location by a systems analyst at all times due to the fact that I am being wirelessly linked by a two way stream of low frequency electromagnetic energy from implants which were placed inside... my brain and body without my knowledge or consent to a network of super-computers as well as a wide range of personal computers. My personal brain and body readouts can be accessed by a wide and growing range of human beings from all parts of the world. To that end, said systems analysts who study the continuous flow of data that comes from my brain and body at all times are keeping me under extreme scrutiny. I am being monitored to such an extreme degree that I could not possibly have managed to get the level of data to public awareness which I have now done without the assistance of said data analysts. These data analysts are obliged by law to inform their own parents and all concerned that they work in insurance even though their work involves all aspects of both Remote Neural Monitoring and data analysis. Remote Neural Manipulation is being done from another location which is unknown to said data analysts who work primarily from a large office block in central London which is famous for blockading the press.

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