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The recent days

Hello my friends and friendlies.

I thought I would post something about the recent torture I've been through.

I have nearly entirely been off drugs for two and a half weeks.

I experienced a fairly minor form of what I know to be torture related to overheating, some kind of transmogrification through my use of diphenhydramine, Vyvanse, and other substances, as well as slowly being fried over time. Electronically. Strangely, especially with the love of my friends, I experienced only minimal trauma.

I apologize for my inaccurate grammar. I'm being suppressed right now, but thought it would be worth posting.

Generally, I enjoy my life day in and day out.



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Tactile hallucinations used in my enslavement

This is a text-message I sent a friend not long ago. I thought it could be a valuable thing to post.
I was basically asked, "What kind of tactile hallucinations do you experience constantly? How do you feel about them?"

The hallucinated drooling... That started after I drooled in sunnybrook hospital. I associated my saliva with poison. But the drooling doesn't happen spontaneously, it happens when I have creative or imaginative thoughts, or when I try to think of evidence that sunnybrook harmed me, or evidence that something is still harassing me. It slows my thoughts right down, often to the point that I can't think and forget what I was thinking about.

I am under the impression this is a mind-hacking/controlling tactic used by a secret authority to disable creative thinking. It also symbolizes my being mentally slow, something I think they might be using to reduce my self-esteem (they do this a lot), etc. I get hallucinated tears below my eyes. This also reduces my thinking, but reminds me of helplessness and sometimes trauma, as in "we removed your ability to cry, but here's a tear whether you like it or not, just to remind you of what we did to you."

Both of these hallucinations can also be upward (i.e. drooling toward the mouth, crying toward the eye), where they will give me a feeling similar to adrenaline or fear (instead of blankness/sedation), and is occasionally used by the authority as an attempt to backtrack by one programming step (reversed movement in a hallucination can symbolize going backward, and in sunnybrook I tried to rethink the last thought to allow them to program my brain more effectively when I thought submitting to them would reduce the torture. They just turned that backtracking into an automatic reaction, triggered on command, using fear/trauma-based programming that ingrained the reaction in a part of my subconscious mind. I think).

There are also itches they produce all over my body, which happened every night since about age 10, but I didn't know what it was. Now, when I ask them to stop, they specifically increase the frequency/severity. This can prevent me from sleeping and wake me out of a dream unless I'm fully immersed in it. Sometimes, they will try to make me scratch myself, then punish me by adding itches at the exact time I decide to scratch. The itchiness can really distract me and increase my irritability. In the past, it's been a bit of a trigger for drug use, too.

I also experience gentle prick-like hallucinations on my fingers, which I feel are like commands/communication from the authority. Example: prick on the index finger symbolizes waving of that finger, as in "no, don't do that" or on my thumb it symbolizes thumbs up, as in approval or encouragement. On my middle finger it's like using the middle finger, which symbolizes humorous, rude discouragement, a sarcastic remark like "that's a ridiculous idea."
And so on.

There are muscle spasms, strange interpretations related to other hallucinations, twitches, and visual impressions I get, also with their own special meaning, but those aren't really tactile hallucinations.

Oh, and how I feel about them... I hate them. They constantly suppress my mind, are used to program me thought by thought and action by action, change my decisions based on whether or not I'll be harassed with the hallucinations if I make one choice over the other, etc. They are mild hell. They weaken my ability to have hopeful and beautiful thoughts that make me resistant to them and their programming.

Sometimes I experience mild "artificially induced" pain in parts of my body but this doesn't bother me very much.

The End. :)

Love, Daniel

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Things to know about brainwashing

1. What is brainwashing?In psychotronic assault the technical means used by perps with which it is possible to control all brain functions are very often complemented by the traditional method called brainwashing. The reason of using this traditional method is possibly the following: total fabrication still causes some discomfort (at least in EU) and the perps want to transfer responsibility from themselves to TIs, pretending that the TI him/herself is acting, therefore the responsibility being not with those who use psychotronic weapos, but with the TI. Despite of this unwilingness to totally fabricate, there is the desire to control the person‘s behavior, and to achieve this goal not only technical means are used, but also traditional brainwashing.The purpose of brainwashing varies and the perps employ an entire arsenal of methods. The purpose ranges from mass ideological propaganda using mass media to interogation tactics. In any case the goal is to achieve the desired behavior and the way of thinking. The techniques range from information/disinformation control, to causing unpleasant experience, for instance, resorting to torture. There is a clear difference between brainwashing and simply informing, with which one also may wish to influence behavior, as in brainwashing the information is usually misleading, fabricated, while simply informing, it is taken from experience. Second, in brainwashing the person is not free, while simply receiving information he/she is free and can assess the information critically and choose.2. Types of brainwashingThe purpose of brainwashing is behavior control, which is widely used by secret services, when they want to ruin and remove someone. For this purpose both psychotronic control and simple brainwashing is used, the purpose of which is to "hook" somebody so that it was possible to control his/her behavior. Therefore the TI "has to do something" and do it so that he/she was "responsible for it". Since, if the TI is controled like a zombie with implants, the resposnibility is with the perps who control him/her.The situations of brainwashing may be different, as was mentioned before starting with a) mass propaganda, the purpose of which is to control a large mass. Going to b) psychotronic brainwashing when the person is still „free“, so that he/she could „do something“, and they had the pretext to „react“. Finally, c) interogation in detention, when, in addition to usual brainwashing, physical violence and torture are used, since the person reacts more to contact and pain then to words.3. Neurolinguistic programming (NLP)In this post I will review the psychotronic brainwashing used by perps when the TI is still free, and he/she has the freedom to act and realize their aim. The main means that will briefly be discussed is called Neurolinguistic programming (NLP). NLP tries to control mind/brain through language, and through mind/brain to control behavior. Since brainwashing is used to control behavior, NLP is very often used by perps as the main method. NLP use various techniques, but I am not going to discuss them here. It will be enough to show the principle, so that people knew and were able to resist.It is common knowledge that behavior is guided not only by free will, but also is influenced by the environment and context. This principle is used in Neurolinguistic programming which is called framing, the essence of which is the replacement of context, so that the usual behavior in the old context became inadequat after having realized the new real context in which for instance destructive behavior became acceptable. For this purpose various tales are used for brainwashing about the „real laws“ in the „real world“, which is different from the world of the brainwashing victim.This trick is simplistic and does not affect critically thinking people. However, secret services and mafia select sitting ducks, belonging to lower class, who live in the bubble of illusions and are illusory EGOs. Showing the capabilities of psychotronic weapons, "openning the eyes", making an example that one can do „whatever one wills“, this sort of brainwashing may make an impression and affect the behavior of the target.4. The control of illusory EGOA person's behavior is governed by two systems: dynamic and static. The dynamic system is active cognitive process, which processes information and cognizes the reality. This system shapes the static system, which is the persons world view, affecting the behavior. Using brainwashing with the aim to control behavior, the purpose is to affect the static system, only affect it or totaly replace erasing the old one, i.e. to reshape the person in order to achieve the desired goal. But the static system can be influenced only by the dynamic system, if the psychotronic weapones are not used. This is done by isolating the person from reality, trying to cause disbelief in the environment. Then pumping the disinformation into the brain by Neurolinguistic programming, for example, employing the technique of framing.

This kind of brainwashing can continue several years, while the person is free, so that he could „realize“ his/her knew personality and start behaving inadequatelly and it was easier to remove him/her from society by showing what sort of persong he/she is, and that he/she cannot remain free and in society.5. SummaryOf course, if the person understands the world and him/herself, does not let isolate him/herself from reality, has a sharp mind, and whose dynamic system does not give in to external influence, the TI cannot be fooled by brainwashing. However, this does not save him/her from the terror of the state organization, since it has other methods as well: torture, terrorrization, fabrication, libel and has the capacity to ruin life or simply remove.However, it is easy to withstand to such brainwashing simply not believing any word of the criminals, paying no attention to the efforts to make impression with new psitechnologies – thought and imagination control, fabrication of memory and intimidation. Critical mind (dynamic system), community and reality are the things that help.
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