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The Best Arguments to Use If Someone Tries to Control You.



Insubordination is impossible among human beings because we are all equal. Nobody can be subordinate to anybody else. How can equals be subordinate to each other. Individuals who believe in the concept of insubordination live in a false reality construct, a false hierarchical based chain of command.

We all came into this world empty handed. We will all leave this world empty handed a few decades later. We are all of infinite value. How can one human being be subordinate to another human being for the short time we are here on this earth. Authority is the concept of a diseased mind. Authority only exists inside heirarchies which are false reality constructs.

We must return to a linear based self-regulating system, as system of rules without rulers, a system of self-government. We must make it happen ourselves. If we were to return to self government the first tasks we should implement is to disassemble and ban all wireless enabling capabilities as well as microwave and millimeterwave transmitters and all telephone towers and all related paraphernalis. We must then ban all registering of babies at birth to government control and enslavement.


It has recently been claimed by people within the targeted individual network that plans are taking place to sub-divide the people of Ireland into two classes, a middle class for the wealthy elite and a lower class for everybody else.

Most people would be initially classified as middle class in order to get the people of Ireland to agree to the proposal. However, it has been further proposed that at a much later date a small group of wealthy people will be further classified as the elite and the remainder, which is most of the Irish people, will be further re-classified as lower class. It is proposed that the lower class will have less rights than the elite. This is where we are currently heading because of the use of directed energy weapons being used on people behind the scenes in our lives, without the knowledge or concent of most of the Irish population.

If we should erroneously agree to the heirarchical division of society, which runs contrary to every value system of the Irish people, this would more than likely result in discrimination in all areas of life, in such areas as political, economic, social and cultural rights.

As each human being has hundreds of different facets to their characters, there can be no objective way to classify a human being. An accident of birth can not be grounds for conferring a high status on a human being.

We are all equals in this planet of equals. We are all made from the same genetic material. We are all of infinite value, therefore human beings should never be classified into groups. Most people believe that we are all immortal beings who are here to have an earthly experience. The hidden establishment are currently initiating this human classification system in order to polarise groups of people against each other, so as to divide and conquer.

"We are not our positions in society, our occupations, our culture, our beliefs, our financial status, our social status, our matrimonial status, our sexuality, our clothes, or how we speak. Take away all of these and we are still ourselves underneath. All of these are superficial identities, like masks. All of these superficial identities are transitory. We are consciousness, having a human experience." By anonymous.

Some human beings attempt to convince their fellow human beings that they have a higher status than the rest of the human race. They achieve this by using mind control tactics over their fellow human beings. They also send messages of their supposed superior status by acting superior at all times. They enhance the message by displays of superiority in the public arena by the skilled use of oratory. They also employ uniforms, titles, credentials , possessions and opulent surroundings to further enhance the lie that they are superior to others in some way. They sometimes pay attendents to attend to their every need and to bow to them when they are in the public arena. They have their staff organise large gatherings of fawning fans whenever they wish to push the notion of their supposed superiority further.

If one of these so-called superior individuals was erroneously locked in an elevator for several days during public vacation time when said elevator was finally opened the elevator would be filled with faeces and urine. This proves that they are equal to the rest of the human race and can in no way be considered superior.


We are all equal. We came into this world empty handed and we will leave this world empty handed approximately eight decades later. We must value equality in the world above all else. Unquestioningly following the orders of our equals leads to acts of extreme evil because when we do so we refuse to take responsibility for our own actions by refusing to assess whether the order given is moral before we carry it out.

I have noticed some online high profile individuals on youtube and elsewhere have begun to only wear black and white and grey clothing most of the time. I have noticed that new apartments being showcased on youtube are invariably decorated in black and white and grey themes. I have noticed online clothing websites display clothing that are mostly black, while and grey. I have noticed that currently most bath towels and hand towels come in block colours with no design. When I was a child back in the nineteen sixties all of the towels available had a multitude of colours and elaborate designs. If fact you would find it difficult to purchase a plain towel. This trend of losing our choice of colours would only be noticed by somebody in the older age group as it appears to be happening gradually and incrementally. I am fifty seven years old. If you wish to purchase colourful clothing they are still freely available, especially in the most expensive clothing stores and in the clothing stores that are not owned and controlled by the self-proclaimed elite. If you are not sure of my claims please try to purchase womens clothing online yourself and try to ascertain what percentage of those clothes are black, white, or grey or a combination of same. I have learned that in ancient times slaves were not allowed to wear colours. Colours were only available to slave owners. The self-proclaimed elite always work through gradualism and incrementalism and if nobody notices and complains they bring it into being. I would not like to live in a world where individuals were classified for no good reason and were obliged to wear coloured clothing which denoted their classification. All human beings are of infinite value.

School children are erroniously being taught to believe in the concept of survival of the fittest, which is one of the four evil tenets of Satanism.

The worldwide would-be controllers are also attempting to create a top down chain of command throughout the world, which would include all people of marriageable age. The marriage laws are currently being tightened throughout the world in order to slowly erode our freedoms by incremental means over the next few years.

Deliberate Encouragement of School Leavers to Emigrate Overseas.

School leavers of Ireland are encouraged to emigrate to overseas countries such as Australia and Canada, which have no ties to Ireland. Polish school leavers are strongly encouraged to emigrate to Ireland. Even though a set policy of encouragement is being denied by top level officials within Ireland we can all see a strong pattern where this is constantly happening. There has to be some form of manipulation that is occurring that is not evident. This policy of encouraging school leavers to work overseas is occurring all over the world. This helps to disenfranchise large amounts of individuals so that if the self-proclaimed elite and their agents wish to make major policy changes within a country which are not in the best interests of the people of that country there might not be enough native people left within that country to say to them "This is our country. You have no permission to make any changes to our internal policies."



I dont wish to live in a meritocracy, where people are awarded medals and knighthoods. Awards are only ever given out by people who have something to gain by giving out those awards. The awards are only and always given to people who have been knowingly or unknowingly conforming to the dictates of a certain ruling class, and that ruling class give out the award merely to accentuate the morality of accepting their and only their dictates. The people who receive the awards are compromised for the rest of their lives. By accepting the awards, they are silently consenting to abiding loyalty to the givers of the awards, be they government or crown. If at a later date they realise that the award givers are corrupt in their dealings in any way, it is much more difficult for the award receivers to speak publicly against said corruption.

By having a built-in award system in a country, we are teaching our children to look outside themselves for approval rather than looking for their validation internally. When children have internal self-belief, they are confident and stable. When children are taught to look outside themselves constantly for approval, they become like puppets, who are only happy when there actions are approved of by society, even if those actions are questionable.

A meritocracy is more about the award giver than the award receiver. Award givers may have an agenda of wanting their ego stroked by people who are anxious to receive an award, which often comes with an increase in status. We are all equals in this planet of equals. We are all made from the same genetic material. We are all of infinite value, therefore human beings should never be classified into groups. Most people believe that we are all immortal beings who are here to have an earthly experience. People who try to classify human beings into various groups according to their income or credentials or superficial beauty or health levels or indeed any type of classification do so in order to polarise these groups of people against each other, so as to divide and conquer. Meritocracy is being used for evil purposes in this war of attrition that we are now living through.

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V2k victim since 4-5 months

Hello everyone,

I am a 19 year old german voice-to-skull victim since may this year. I figured out that the mind control started about a 1.5 years ago.

At that time a feeling in my nose started which felt like something is pressing from the inside plus it was running all the time. I thought it was some kind of nose disorder but after getting information I now think it is an effect caused by the infection of the V2 nerve

I got my information over the months from various sources (, multiple blogs and homepages, videos and pdf documents) and I also found out that they are able to do this since at least 2001 (

My guess would be that it is some kind of nanotech infection but I still think about wether they do this with single persons or entire populations. And there is also the big question wether we talk about use or abuse of this technology. The book by electric angel offered a lot of information, especially when it comes to the V2k, which electric angel tells us does not mean "voice to skull" but is an acronym for the parasitic infection of the V2-nerve with k which is a technical short for coupling coefficient

You have to spread that information about the V2k acronym, it is very accurate and important!

Now there are limits for guessing what the technology might be but I specialized on analyzing the crap they talk all the day and I can tell you it is nothing but Hypnosis! They use a technique called "classical conditioning , it is very important for you to look that up and study it!

They use this ->

Maybe they also use NLP - Neurolinguistic Programming where we come to my next guess that we are all confronted with coldblooded/pedophile/sociopathic/cocaine-snuffing satanists.

Well, NLP is just some specialized form of hypnosis and there we got its (german) mascot called Vakog:

VAKOG.pngNow let's compare it with this picture of Baphomet:

baphomet.gifSatan is also referred to as "the one-eyed".

Now don't get me wrong I'm not a strict christian, but it is very much likely that these people are devil worshippers.

So I wanted to ask you all some questions about your experiences with this particular problem of being mind raped day after day:

1. Did it start all of sudden? Was it that you woke up and there they were discussing like it was the most regular thing on earth? Voices that you never heard before?

2. Do they use words or simple phrases often and always with the same accent? Words and phrases that you didn't use to say?

3. Do you see flashing lights when you close your eyes, hear a steady frequence noise, hear clicks in your head or notice radical changes in mind activity or elselike?

4. Did you notice difficulties in visual imagination, loss of eyesight, blury vision, loss of focus?

5. Do they keep on radically talking their hypnosis bullshit no matter what you think?

6. Did you notice memory loss or especially short-term memory loss?

7. Did you find countermeasures/methods/tactics/devices/body movements which help?

I will continue this post and tell you some experience how to use psychological warfare to beat them at their own perverted game. Never forget that you still have your imagination which is more powerful than bullshit talks, you can use to harass them with their own strategy.

Good luck and keep it up everyone!

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