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Our perceptions of reality are being broadcast as a frequency. Those frequencies are then interacting with a cosmic version of wifi and we are picking out of the cosmic field of endless possibilities and probabilities that which synchronises with the frequencies which we are putting out. In that way our perceptions of reality eventually become manifested and experienced reality. The world that we are now perceiving is the one which our collective perceptions have created. It is a feedback loop.
You must begin to self-identify with "I am infinite. " You then interact with that cosmic wifi field of endless possibilities and probabilities in a much more expanded frequency of possibilities, so that the range of possibilities which you can then manifest as an experience vastly increases.
This world is simply a manifestation of collective human perception and that is why the control system constantly targets human perception. That is why it wants to control all information.
Change your self identity to " I am infinite " and you will manifest a different reality. That is the doorway to break out of this enslavement.
Here is the link to the youtube video called "David Icke on Alchemy Radio" where he states the above

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If you breast feed your baby and align with nature and natural law then four generations later your descendents will not have developed crooked teeth or crooked bones, and they wont have become psychopathic or homosexual and they wont have developed irritable bowel syndrome and your female descendants will not ever menstruate. We have been falsely let to assume that having crooked teeth and needing to wear braces is natural when it is not. We have been falsely let to believe that outward manifestations of menstruation is natural but in fact the lining of the uterus is naturally absorbed back into the body in women who have not degenerated. We are not being told the full truth about how far we have degenerated over the past few hundred years or more. For further information please read a book called "Pottingers Cats" by Francis M Pottenger which is widely available at online book stores

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The existence of "Black Magic"  is a hoax.  The whole concept of the existence of the supernatural has been hoaxed for thousands of years by the use of secret science and technology and by the use of black operations.  Dark occultists own and control most organised religions and secret societies which they have set up thousands of years ago.  In order to effectively control the human race they use fear.   Demonic possession is easily hoaxed.  Human beings can be made to grimace and contort and swear against their wills and without their permission either by the use of imbedded technology inside them or by outside control of their human energy fields, thereby controlling their muscles.   Dark occultists can not conjour up anything whatsoever.  They can falsely lead you to believe that they have the power to conjour up the supernatural in order to instill fear in you.

The clergy do not think logically.   They support faith over logic.  Faith is a vice.  Logical thinking is a virtue.  The dark occultists twist every human belief by 180 degrees.  The clergy support organised dishonesty.  They have been inculcated at an early age.  It is not their fault that they have been deliberately misled.  Money and ingenuity has been used to deliberately mislead them.  Please align with the truth rather than with popular sentiment.

Natural law is backed by science.   Always align with nature.  Do not align with transhumanism.  It has been created by dark occultists in order to enslave and torture the human race.

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