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Anybody or any group with a certain type of directed energy equipment can send energy signals to an unaware individual and by that means they can build up a three dimensional image of the naked body of the unaware and fully dressed  member of the public because the energy coming from the directed energy equipment meets resistance when it encounters the skin surface.

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Technology has been placed inside my body against my will and without my permission at a time when I was unaware it was being placed there.    According to voice to skull induced voices which I constantly hear coming from inside my head I was first innoculated with a myriad of biochips many years ago.   They further informed me that I have since inhaled and ingested further technology  from chemtrail spraying of the skies over my head.   They also added that my human energy field is also being manipulated.  Because of this technology that has become imbedded into all of my primary systems inside both my body and brain, remote analysis of my body and brain functions can be carried out by a team of scientists and neuro operatives whenever they wish to do so.  The voice to skull induced voices have informed me that the town of  Monisterevin in Ireland has played a large part in the attempted destruction of my sense of automony.  They also have informed me that they will download more information into my hearing centres at a later date.

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Alternate Places & Idea's to Live

* Intentional communities;

* Teach English Overseas; Many countries will pay for your visa's, a car, your housing, medical insurance and more. Here is one site that you can attain your TEFL English certification for around only $400.00 for the complete teaching credentials;

* A TEFL job board; showing all the countries hiring English teachers

* House swapping!; There are many sites that help you "swap" your home for someone else's home, in any part of the world you are looking to move to. You can swap an RV camper for a home, vehicles for a home, get the idea :)

* Temporary home exchange;

Good Luck! T.S. aka egy :)


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