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Posted on October 17, 2019 by gretta fahey
There is a very high probability that you have neural dust inside your brain and body which can adhere to your neuro transmitters and to all parts of your insides. According to those in the know, this neural dust can be activated over long distances and if fifth generation wireless technology is successfully erected and activated in your own area then either artificial intelligence or your fellow human beings could be used to send voices, visions, disturbing images, forced muscle movement, feelings of being very cold or very hot, pain signals, electric shocks and a wide variety of other unwanted experiences to you. You would then be connected to the internet of things and you would be known as a smart citizen but in reality you would have become technologically enslaved. I know all this because I was non-consensually wirelessly connected to the wireless internet-of-things more than sixteen years ago and I would now be better off dead. I am on a continual live link to this system where unknown voices speak to me constantly throughout each day. They have informed me that in the future if this human control system is successful there will be two classes in society, the slave masters and the slaves. We would all be the slaves and our slave status would be known by the colour of our clothes which would either be black, white or grey and the slave status of our children would be known by the names we would be allowed to name our children which would be different from the names the slave masters would use to name their children and we would not be able to access certain types of music such as opera as that would be reserved for the slave master class.
The inner voices send me voice commands and pain among other experiences. Occasionally, they even tell me when to take a shower, when to eat, what to eat, when to visit the bathroom, what I can purchase online and where to purchase it among a wide variety of other things.
Being non-consensually connected to the wireless internet-of-things is worse that the worst form of slavery because I have no mental privacy. Evoked potentials are used to read, analyse, tabulate and store all of my thoughts, words and actions throughout each day and night. Please rush to have all microwave transmitters and fifth generation millimetre waves disassembled and banned across the world as soon as possible as this will hinder the continuing and often secret enslavement of most of the human race. The military, police, psychiatrists, general medical practitioners, nurses and other government employees are under some type of microwave mind control or subliminal influencing capability because when anyone who is already non-consensually connected to the wireless -of-things reports that they are hearing voices they are not being believed and instead they are being labelled as mentally unwell. Individuals who are already wirelessly connected to the wireless internet-of-things no longer speak to the police or to any government agents about their wirelessly enabled torment and sometimes torture because to do so would mean immediate incarceration inside a psychiatric hospital where one is mandated to ingest poisonous substances which further the torment and sometimes torture we experience.
I don’t wish to spread fear among my fellow human beings but fear is motivational and it may motivate you and others to help make this ongoing wireless secret technological enslavement of most of the human race stop.
Please read my website which is called

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Many human beings are being wirelessly harassed and tortured while they are inside their own homes. They first become wirelessly linked to a network of closed-circuit computers from implants and electrodes which have come to be inside their brains and bodies without their knowledge or consent. Unknown neuro operatives who are enabled to work from a remote location because of the wireless capabilities which they now use harass and torture the victim in a multitude of ways until they eventually die many years later. If the victim complains they risk psychiatric incarceration as well as forced medication with substances which bear no resemblance to actual medicine and which have such extreme side effects that the patient experiences these side effects as being tortured from the inside out.  You may already have the electrodes inside your brain and you may be next for wireless harassment and torture.

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The Swedish Prime-Minister Palme gave the National Swedish Police Board the right in 1973, to insert brain transmitters into the heads of human beings covertly!

A transceiver is a combination of a transmitter and receiver which is being inserted through the nose of a human being while they are rendered unconscious.    When the human victim wakes up from unconsciousness they are not aware that they have a miniature transceiver implanted inside their head.   Many weeks or months later they begin to hear voices coming from inside their head.  The human victim is then placed under rigorous interrogation on an almost continual basis both day and night.   The human victim can be kept awake for days by unwanted voices coming from the implanted transceiver inside their heads.

Many victims find that  very small magnets stick to the side of their noses because of the implanted transceiver.    The implantation of human beings with a wide variety of implants has become common place throughout my country, the Republic of Ireland as well as the rest of the world.   Anyone who complains of hearing inner voices are incarcerated inside psychiatric hospitals and are mandated to take substances posing as psychiatric medication which often have such extreme side effects that they lose the will to live.

Many individuals throughout Ireland know about this extreme psychological torture practice that their fellow Irish human beings are being put through  and they do nothing to stop the practice out of cowardice.    I believe babies will be implanted at birth with transceivers so that they can be controlled throughout their lives.   Many small children speak of having an imaginary friend  who speaks to them constantly.  Their imaginary friend could be due to the fact that they have been already implanted with a transceiver through their nose surreptitiously.  

Many individuals are being implanted in this manner not because of reasons of criminality but because a cabal of organised criminals wish to take over and enslave the whole human race so they are secretly interrogating many individuals in order to gain insights into the local customs and traditions and language of the country they wish to ultimately own and control.   My name is Gretta Fahey from Newbrook,  Claremorris, Co. Mayo, Republic of  Ireland.   My landline home phone number is 0949360901.   My website where I outline in detail what the voices coming through my transceiver have said to me over more than sixteen years is

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Can the wearing of organic copper ear rings or indeed the wearing of any organic copper jewellery serve to inhibit digital signals from being sent into the brain stem by remote wireless means,  in order to turn a human being into a biological robot over time? Do you know of any other measure which might provide a firewall for a human brain against remote digital attacks against the human brain and body?

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We are all aware that a social credit score system has been set up in China and is due to become mandatory in 2020. Data is being collected by electronic means on every citizen in China. Computerized algorithms award or deduct points based on every piece of data which has been collected. These include amount of hours worked each week, the amount of taxes paid to date, credentials, financial debts, financial credits, motoring penalty points, grocery purchasing history, clothing purchasing history, legal involvement, history of raising children, as well as many other pieces of data. A profile is being built on each human being who uses a smart phone, based on everything they say while in the proximity of their smart phone, and also everything they do while in the proximity of their smart phone based on electronic signals which come from their bodies and are being read by said smart phone. The smart phone also collects data on wherever they travel to and how long they remain at each location.
If the amount of points awarded to a Chinese citizen is low they are penalized in many and varied ways. They could possibly be denied access to public transport or be denied access to public buildings such as libraries or art galleries. Their credit card could cease to work if they attempted to purchase luxury items and would only work if they attempted to purchase groceries or other basic needs.
In order to set up a social credit score system which works by computerized algorithms in Ireland, this social credit score system but be first set up manually. Individuals, including myself have been selected for around the clock monitoring so that all of our words and actions can be studied in great detail in preparation for setting up a social credit score system at any time in the future. We are also being monitored in order to conduct many and varied types of research on us. I feel that I have already been partially if not fully incorporated into a manually run social credit score system already. My debit card ceases to work at inopportune moments. The individuals who speak to me via classified wireless voice to skull bio-communication methods have informed me that they deliberately wirelessly disabled my debit card so that it would not work because I have not answered them respectfully. Many other negative occurrences in my life have also been instigated by these same individuals. A social credit score system is an enslavement system. We must stop it ever being set up in Ireland. In order to stop we need to disable the technological infrastructure that supports it.
A social credit score system could possible be installed in Ireland above the heads of our senior politicians because a remote neural monitoring system combined with a remote neural manipulation system has already been instigated throughout the whole island of Ireland and our senior politicians claim to know nothing about it. Has the Irish nation lost its sovereignty?
For information about my unique experiences of being a targeted individual of directed energy weapons in Ireland, Europe please read my website which is called www.

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Classified technology is being used to turn real live human beings into remote controlled human robots to the extent that their bodies can be moved against their wills and without their permission by criminals who use directed energy weapons and work from a remote location by wireless means.  This crime of non-consensual human robotization is happening throughout the world and it is being allowed to continue unabated because any  government officials who have been made aware of these occurrences are locked into secrecy clauses which blocks them from revealing this ongoing crime to the general public. Many targeted individuals have openly confessed to being slowly bio-robotized by wireless remote means and they are being falsely alluded to as being mentally ill in order to maintain stability in society.  It is believed by many that they have inhaled and ingested bio-technology which has then dispersed widely throughout their bodies and this bio-technology is then linked to a network of computers in order to enable this remote manipulation. 

If this epic crime of human robotization is not publicly acknowledged urgently then human beings could be remote controlled to carry out acts of evil against the rest of the human race.  If we succeed in ending the use of microwave transmitters which are being used in this evil process then we will have succeeded in solving one of the cruelest crimes that have ever been committed against human beings at any time in the history of the world.


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I have never committed an illegal act in my entire life.  Yet, I am being subjected to remote neural monitoring and remote neural manipulation.  The voice to skull directed energy enabled voices which I hear coming from inside my head are behaving like a lynch mob.   I am in receipt of disability allowance for irritable bowel syndrome and I also have bladder problems.  The individuals who illegally force their voices inside my head via voice to skull technology insult me on a constant basis.  Even though one hundred and twenty five million human beings from both Europe and the United States confess to suffer from irritable bowel syndrome largely because of chemicals in the food and water supply as well as experiencing  trauma based mind control in public schools and have poisonous fillings placed in their teeth as well as the deliberate miseducation of general practitioners and specialists in the area of irritable bowel syndrome, I am being made a scapegoat for the whole world by this unknown mob.  Some of the individuals who verbally abuse me via voice to skull technology do so in a frenzy of hatred and vitriol while speaking to me via advanced technology which I hear coming from inside my head.  Bullying can now be done in total secret.  Bullys are in their seventh heaven with delight.

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If you donate your sperm or eggs to a sperm or egg bank, they can hypothetically be used to create children in secre, some of whom could be raised in a setting far away from the rest of the human race where they could be hypothetically schooled into believing in  a false set of beliefs with  a totally distorted understanding of reality.

They could in essence be used for scientific experiments where their DNA could be spliced with the DNA of a lower animal.    Dark Luciferians are capable of this feat. 

Naivety is not an attractive characteristic in an adult human being in the 21st century.

  Please ban and outlaw sperm and egg banks and all related scientific enquiries  including neuro science as a matter of great urgency.

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Many  human beings have secretly been wirelessly tethered to a computer network by both their brains and spinal cords in the last ten years.  This has come about through spraying the environment with copious amounts of nano technology which we later inhale and ingest and which then lodges inside us.  This nano technology links us by a continuous two way stream of low frequency electromagnetic waves to computer technology which is being both monitored and manipulated by a selection of  personnel  within some government departments, at a high level,  namely the secret police, and  the military..   These criminal military and intelligence  personnel are now able to remotely monitor and measure all of the electromagnetic activity in both the brains and bodies of all human beings and all other living things on a continuous basis throughout each day.     These high level personnel  fuse their data  with personnel  in similar positions throughout the world.  The offices where worldwide data is fused  are sometimes known as fusion centres.

All high lever criminal personnel who have access to mass remote human and animal  manipulation technology can now   kill anybody they wish on a whim, provided that person uses a digital media screen on a regular basis and provided these high level criminals have obtained a record of the targeted individuals unique brain signature.  They can also force sounds, visions, voices, pain signals, as well as  neuro manipulation inside the heads and bodies of any targeted individual.   Whole groups of individuals can also be manipulated on a whim by these criminal neuro weapon operatives, simply by changing the vibrational frequency which is used in technology near each targeted individual.  This technology includes smart street lighting which has the capability of transmitting various vibrational frequencies to a whole town to render half of the towns people sleepy while the other half could be rendered aggressive or agitated, depending on the vibrational frequency being transmitted from all of the televisions, smart phones, advanced computers and street lighting in that part of the town.

Remote Manipulation weapons have been developed to mind control the minds of the general population into a state of happy apathy and into a state of  total and absolute trust in any information that comes through a government department.   Meanwhile, unbeknownst to the majority of civilians,  a selection of individuals have been selected for in-home psychological torture experimentation.  The majority of civilians refuse to believe their stories, and choose instead to believe that these targeted individuals  are mentally ill because their government tells them that this must be the case.

I myself am a targeted individual of Remote Neural Monitoring and Manipulation. On one occasion in the distant past a technologically induced voice of a woman coming from inside my cranium nagged and insulted me to a point where I reached a level of deep despair. When I asked why she was provoking me she informed me that she was being paid per insult so that a team of neuroscientists in the next room to where she worked could gauge and measure the reaction inside my brain every time she provoked me to react strongly to her insults. She further informed... me that she gets paid directly by cash so that she has no way of knowing who is paying her salary. Further to that conversation a voice who I believed to be a neuroscientist spoke to me from inside my head. He informed me that the neuroscientists and other technical experts were asked to accurately gauge the strength of my emotional feedback each time I was emotionally provoked by said technician. He informed me that the stronger each reading of my emotional reaction was the more unstable I was deemed to be. In such a case I would then be targeted and harassed even more until such a time as I learn to stabilise my emotions which means that I must eventually make my emotions totally quiet. This protocol is being enacted on all targeted individuals throughout the world in order to gain knowledge as to how to create a docile society in the far distant future. If we refuse to dismantled all mobile phone masts as previously discussed in the future artificial intelligence will be made to harass and taunt all children until such a time as they learn to dampen down their emotions and become mindless drones for the rest of their lives. In my case they were having no success whatsoever. We learn very valuable lessons from our ability to feel emotions.

In recent years, many young healthy celebrities have died suddenly in mysterious circumstances.  They normally die on a Saturday night so that their deaths can be announced on the Sunday morning newspapers.  Whenver this happens, neuro weapons research teams would be on duty to monitor the brains of the population in order to measure the emotional reaction of the population of each country concerned with the death.  It is in the interest of the would-be enslavers of the human race if we failed to exhibit any emotional reaction to shocking news.  In that way we would be much easier to control.

We aught to urgently ask our political representatives to outlaw all microwave transmitters, 5G millimetre wave transmitters, telephone towers and all related paraphernalia that is currently enabling this wireless mind control combined with wireless in-home physical torture before we are all permanently enslaved.  Please do so urgently.




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The disturbing proof of the us government crimes against humanity programs.
Even more disturbing, is the government has lied and claims to have ended these heinous programs and crimes.
They are continuing to this very day, with even more sophisticated technology, and still there is no oversight.
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The highly influential World-Check database has also listed major charities, activists, and mainstream religious institutions under its category of "terrorism". Dozens of terror profiles in the database owned by Thomson Reuters seen by VICE News include:


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Tyrone Dew TI is Homeless He Needs Your Help


Due to the nature of the crimes inflicting him, he has been forced out of his home and into the streets. But that has not discourage him from exposing these Targeted Individual crimes against humanity.

He is in need financial assistance so he can use the money to eat, shower and live some level of existence.

Your financial contributions should be sent to Paypal to the email address:

Thank you for your support and have a nice day.

Video: Where To Invade Next? Targeted Individual Awareness

Video 2: I Need Your Help. Please Help Me.

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The Anthrax Files: US Forces Conducted Multiple Secret Anthrax Experiments in South Korea

Column: Society
Region: Eastern Asia
Country: South Korea

The initial admission by the Department of Defense that one sample of  live anthrax was inadvertently sent to  Osan Air Base in South Korea has now been revealed  to be grossly inaccurate.

According to a recent report by a US/South Korea joint working group, a US military defense laboratory at Dugway Proving Grounds mailed anthrax to South Korea at least fifteen times prior to the previously acknowledged March, 2015 delivery. These other anthrax samples were delivered to Yongsan Garrison, in central South Korea, between 2009 and 2014.  In addition, a 1-milliliter sample of the Yersinia pestis bacterium (which can cause the bubonic plague) was sent along with the anthrax to Osan.

The United States has denied accusations that it lied in a May press release, which stated that: “The laboratory biological defense training, part of the Joint United States Forces Korea Portal and Integrated Threat Recognition Program at Osan Air Base, has been halted pending further review… This was the first time the training has been conducted.”

In an email reply to the Washington correspondent with Korean publication JoongAng Daily, Pentagon spokesman Bill Urban wrote:  “Following the inadvertent delivery of potentially live Bacillus anthracis, the 51st Fighter Wing at Osan Air Base correctly informed the public in the Osan area that the shipment supported the first Joint U.S. Forces Korea Portal and Integrated Threat Recognition program’s training at that location.”

JoongAng went on to report that  Urban suggested that the press release had been misunderstood and the intended meaning was  that “the first time”  training only referred to the first in Osan, not in all of South Korea.

It has recently come to light that the Pentagon FedExed live anthrax to all fifty states and to nine foreign countries. The Department of Defense has declared that errors in the process of inactivating the anthrax resulted in the inadvertence wherein live anthrax was FedExed to foreign and domestic laboratories. 

The joint working group has refused to discuss the amount of the anthrax samples used in Yongsan, citing “military secrets.” The working group’s conclusions are already under fire, with allegations being mounted that it relied too heavily on input from Washington.

Under current regulations, the US does not need to inform the South Korean government if it sends “inactive” germs. Since the recent crisis involving live anthrax being sent to South Korea and elsewhere, recommendations are being considered to change this practice to include advisories to foreign countries that biological materials are being shipped in, and for what purpose.

The US states that the anthrax sent to Osan was to be used to test protective gear. The US has consistently stated that North Korea maintains an offensive biological weapons program and is manufacturing weaponized anthrax and smallpox, among other agents, at a facility at Pyongyang.

In response, the North Korean government has offered to throw open the doors of the Pyongyang plant and has invited the Americans in to check the facility, which North Korea states is a pesticide manufacturing plant. As reported in The Guardian, a spokesman for the North Korean National Defence Commission said, “Come here right now, with all the 535 members of the House of Representatives and the Senate as well as the imbecile secretaries and deputy secretaries of the government who have made their voices hoarse screaming for new sanctions.”

A report from US Undersecretary of Defense Frank Kendall concerning the DoD review of the laboratory procedures which resulted in the purported failure to inactivate the anthrax has raised further questions. Kendall states that Dugway Proving Grounds has had “a relatively high incidence (20%) of post-inactivation viability tests that showed unsuccessful inactivation, but failed to address all the root causes of this high incidence.” (emphasis added)

 Kendall also makes a curious reference to an apparent intent behind the failure to inactivate anthrax at Dugway. He writes: “I agree with the Review  Committee that the combination of unique characteristics  at DPG, to include high volume production, low sampling size, intentionally impure products, and more immediate post-inactivation viability testing are possible contributing factors.” (emphasis added)  The report by Kendall does not elaborate on why “intentionally impure products” might be utilized or manufactured at DPG.

A former member of the military disagrees with the purported “inadvertence” of the live anthrax mailing. Speaking under terms of confidentiality, a source with former military connections had this to say about the US’s biological weapons program:  “…weaponizing bio & chem materials is in full swing at government research labs (Dugway & Tooele being one of the biggest – as I witnessed back in the late 1980’s). The obvious thing is that they could not have shipped out such quantities with the level of relevant ease if they were not in full swing.”

 According to Department of Defense spokesperson, Adrian J.T. Rankine-Galloway, Major, U.S. Marine Corps, “To date, there have been no joint working groups in addition to the Republic of Korea-United States Biological Defense Cooperation Joint Working Group.”

It would therefore appear that the other eight countries known to have received live anthrax from the US– Japan, United Kingdom, Australia, Canada, Italy, Germany, Norway and Switzerland –did not exhibit extensive concerns about the receipt of the active germ warfare agent.

And really, what’s the problem with a bio-bomb among friends, anyway?

Janet C. Phelan, investigative journalist and human rights defender that has traveled pretty extensively over the Asian region, an author of a tell-all book EXILE, exclusively for the online magazine “New Eastern Outlook.

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it was a cop that started this shit and your own american government. there doing shit to people blaiming other. blaiming otherthe goverment and fbi chipped people and they got hacked by others there stupid amreicans.

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Ok here is the story people had masters and slaves a long time it's not just Remote Neural Monitering it's Remote Neural Asscess A.K.A Slaves And Masters it's how to controal some one i know they been doing this to me and my wife for years. people wanted to steal technologie and there stupid. you know how people black out and can recall what happened ?

Ok someone tryed to do this to my wife moments ago there idiots. this is how some people think there cool they try to make girls do stuff and men there loosers. see some used this for self defence and others use it to be assholes.

when they talk of masters and slaves the master can make people do things here not spose to some did this for self defence others are offencive. to try to make girls sex slaves and do harm to others.

this is what i fought against for years to end the chips. they try to access a chip and remote controal other humans this is what these losers do. there are ways of doing it some call it mastering. it''s done through a mind controal device or implant. alot of people been hideing and lieing bout this for years.

people are not spose to speak of it they do not want it stoped. since they just tryed to make my wife jennifer do something to me im releaseing the info. the more they do the more i will release.

see whit the mind controal devices it's posable to do these people are dangerous some so they want to blaim 2 my wife never realy knew about it and now she is like knowing some stuff becouse people are trying to make her know to pretend she knows alot she dose not now.

you ever have a thought you never knew where it came from ?

you ever just say something and you do not recall ?

now you know how it was done.

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See they keep trying to get me to remove my web page i just witnessed someone logging into my computer with a RFID chip and trying to mess with the dvd burner. see chips people are assholes 99% of them and need to be remove from the public there logging the computer so now there a threat to national security so lets wait for them to break into a military system . lets not talk about the chip like they say and act like it's 2 people. yes it's how they do it the technologie is called clear. see it's a digital repentation of a human beaing it's spawned like a vdeo game. it's done through a chip this has been around for like 5 years. so people can apear before you and they also have called a ghost clear and a shadow clear to mimic a shadow this is how you do not see them. this is all a chip mod. look up modding like for a video game so these people do have chips or equipment. and they need one to do it if they do not have a chip or a peice of hardware it can not be done.

most of these chips are mind controal s it's done through computer programming and mind controal it's all the chips do. see they need to stay tuned into the people to make it work. it means they need to connect to you some how.
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The layman's truth in a nutshell

An email that was sent to me that I want to shareBegin forwarded message:> From: kim stirling> Date: 18 April 2009 19:59:34 BST> Subject: The layman's truth in a nutshell>> The layman's truth in a nutshell (or the bigger picture) by Joe> Stirling>> The NWO (New World Order) is very real and a serious threat to your> future. Don't take my word for it, do your own research via the best> websites recommended here. All of these humanitarian, academic,> professional people have done the research for you. I wrote an article> more than two years ago called "Freemasonry is a criminal> organisation" it was published all over the Internet. Guess what? not> one person has disputed this or even defended Freemasonry. I will> continue to help and educate you.>> Top of the pyramid is the Zionist Mafia (aka The Illuminati). The> English dictionary says "Zionism: movement to found and support a> Jewish homeland in Israel" Do not take this out of context as there> are lots of good Jewish people who are totally against the Zionist> plans, checkout The NWO is> something the Satanic Zionist Mafia have been planning for centuries.> They control almost everything and they do this through The> Bilderberg, (secret meetings by corrupt leaders), the CFR (Council on> Foreign Relations), The Trilateral Commission, Royal Families (see 13> Satanic Bloodlines) and all the way down to dodgy shadow governments,> CIA, FBI, MI5, MI6, Military, NHS, Police, Local Councils, their> Media, etc. They use extremely evil tactics to destroy anything good> or anything thats a threat to their evil plans. They use their MCDs> (Mind Controlled Drones), and DEWs (Directed Energy Weapons). They> also use low level ignorant foot soldiers within all Religions, Secret> Societies, Gangs, Debating Groups, etc. Incidentally, only affiliated> members (+ a few ignorants) get gongs from the Queen of Crooks. (fact)>> Here is some of the the main tactics that they use on unsuspecting> victims and their own members. They use the members of all secret> societies and religious cults (and ordinary religions) to carry out> collective Gang-Stalking (where they psychologically terrorise their> chosen victims), Mobbing (where a mob of them get very close to their> chosen victim in shops and car parks, etc) Gas-lighting (where they> sow seeds-lies into people's heads), Brighting (where they blind their> victims with their car headlights on full beam, even on sunny days),> Stasi tactics (the East German evil in the community during the second> World War), Mind Control via MK-Ultra> and Monarch Programing at> This site also covers all of the topics> listed above. These tactics are all done stealthily and most people> don't know or see these invisible terrorists within every community.> See Les Dove's brilliant article called "The Torture Report" at>>> Security..... every law abiding person should become an independent> policeman, journalist, investigator or whistle-blower. Get yourself a> small hand held "FLIP" video-cam (its about the size of a mobile> phone) its really simple (and fast to start) and will record for about> one hour (costs £60-£70) Also get yourself a Digital Voice Recorder> approx. £30-£50. You should watch and document the activities of> people you suspect of being a member of these criminal networks. You> can even set them up as they would do to you. A Freemason (and all> other secret societies and religious cult members) is a person who> knowingly destroys innocent (law abiding) people's lives for self> gain. Every MCD is an active terrorist and will follow orders as soon> as instructed. Their minds have been hijacked and they are controlled> by fear. Their Masonic handlers can flick their psychological switches> anytime. MCDs have to develop multi personalities to try to help> themselves cope. They will be ex-communicated by their pretend> brothers and sisters and their lives destroyed if they don't perform.> There are some really deranged MCDs who realise that they are above> the law, they are the most dangerous. One of their initiation rules> is to become a prolific liar for the brotherhood. (fact)>> Checkout this about mind control and unanswered questions about the> inside job of 911,> sourced> from Also search for Alex Jones's "The Obama Deception"> buy it or get it on YouTube (best quality)> or read this mind blowing> article "A Conspiracy Too Monstrous To Conceive" at> Do your research on "Masonic> Theatre" (911 was classic MT), the NWO's G20 summit was their stage> and coincidentally they own the media. Did you fall for it? Were you> impressed? We have all been duped again, big time.>> Fact. Masonic charity only helps Masonic charity. Most lower> Freemasons are not aware of the evil inner core of Freemasonry.>> Here are some of the other good Scottish guys/groups exposing the> truth for you at or or> and my own website with all of the> other good guys (world-wide) at>> More facts for you.... If you mug someone, you go to jail. If a Banker> mugs you, he gets rewarded?> The Government makes us feel guilty about our carbon footprint while> they agree to build new runways?> Masonic controlled CCTV only works when it's in their favour,> otherwise the CCTV wasn't working that day.> Corruption and closed doors or transparency and true democracy? it's> your choice. Fight for your FR33DOM, now, today.>> I have tried to keep this brief as there is much more to add. Get> focused, I/we are trying to help us all to "STOP THIS MADNESS" by> these devil worshipping ZIONIST NUTTERS ! It just doesn't have to be> like this. Don't be foolish as hatred, revenge or riots are not the> answer. If you don't trust your lawyer, judge, doctor, police,> politician, etc. Get them to sign a DOT (declaration of truth) that> they are not a member of any secret society, society with secrets,> religious cults, etc. Please forward this information to everyone you> care about. Do your own research and blog, website, flyers, truth> groups, expose them. We all must do our bit or they win.>> The immediate answer....... Give us a public register of all> Freemasons. This will comprehensively prove if it's a good or criminal> organisation. It will also reveal who are the NWO/ Illuminati's> foot-soldiers. Get rid of the secret societies, it's ridiculous that> we continue to ignore them. Their very sophisticated networks control> all organised crime and illegal drugs. If someone you know says its> just conspiracy or made up nonsense, then they are obviously part of> the problem. Here are some quotes from>> "If we don't believe in freedom of expression for people we despise,> we don't believe in it at all." -- Noam Chomsky>> "Economic crises have been produced by us for the goyim by no other> means than the withdrawal of money from circulation." - Protocols of> Zion>> "Every time we do something you tell me America will do this and will> do that . . . I want to tell you something very clear: Don't worry> about American pressure on Israel. We, the Jewish people, control> America, and the Americans know it." - Israeli Prime Minister, Ariel> Sharon, October 3, 2001>>--~--~---------~--~----~------------~-------~--~----~LEGAL JUDICIAL POLITICAL REFORMERShttp://www.ljpr.infoMasonic judges OUT Juries IN
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