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Advanced technology has been introduced into my body at a time when I was unaware that it was occurring.  I am now under remote analysis of most of my brain and bodily functions.    Further to that, neuro operatives constantly monitor the electrical activity and  many other types of readouts from both my brain and body.  From the electrical activity generated by my brain and body, neuro scientists can deduct information about how I spend my day.   They can tell how long I have slept, how many times I have eaten a meal, what type of food has been eaten, how many times I have visited the bathroom, if I have taken a shower, what words I have spoken throughout the day, how long I have been using my computer each day, how much exercise I have taken each day and many other types of data such as my pulse rate and my mood  throughout each day.     This  data that is collected from my brain and body is further perused by data analysts who award or deduct points based on my  behaviour throughout each and every day.     They also input unwanted signals into my brain and body.

In future, algorithms would be enabled to award or deduct points for my day to day behaviour,  which would then enable further algorithms to disable my broadband connection or to disable the electricity from my home or to delete my bank account if I did not obey certain protocols.  This system would be used in conjunction with a social credit score system which is already in evidence throughout China.

Further to all of the above, neuro scientists come to a viewing centre each and every night where they discuss what can be done to enhance the dispersal of many types of technology throughout the human body in order to enable further exploration of the human body and brain from a distance totally without the consent of the human being who is being monitored.  This process is possibly being built in order to enable enslavement of the whole human race.  We must save ourselves from worldwide enslavement  by disassembling and banning all technological infrastructures that enable this enslavement method.   Many people are now under electronic mind control and they have no awareness of the imminent danger they are in from this worldwide enslavement method which is being developed by agents of the new world order cabal.  You can now have a virtual reality experience downloaded to your brain without the need to wear a virtual reality headset.

False cover stories are being used to cover up what is really occurring behind the scenes of our lives such as the demonic possession hoax, the near death experience hoax, the extra-terresterial hoax, the artificial intelligence has now gone out of control hoax, and a myriad of other hoaxes.  



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My name is gretta fahey.  I live at Newbrook, Claremorris, Co. Mayo, Eircode #  F12 Y560, Ireland.   My landline home phone number which I am posting herein as a validation of my identity and which is billed to me from Pure Telecom, Ireland, on a monthly basis is 0949360901.   I am currently in receipt of disability allowance, half of which is paid to me by the tax payers of Ireland and the other half is paid to me by the tax payers from the rest of Europe and I was informed that this is the case when I first was accepted for disability allowance payments.   I have been on a covert system of control for more than fifteen years.  This covert system of control that I am under is commonly known as remote neural monitoring and remote neural manipulation.    My brain and spinal cord and my muscles are imbedded with neural  dust and I have been wirelessly connected to a network of computers from said neural  dust.    Because of this situation my thoughts can now be read in real time and unwanted voices of individuals who I perceive as criminals  are being transmitted into   the auditory centres of my brain on a continual basis, each and every day for more than fifteen years.  As well as this,  visions and holograms and sensations are occasionally transmitted into the centres of my brain that govern seeing images and feeling sensations,  at random times.

Further to that,  the neural dust which has become imbedded in my brain, spinal cord and muscles have been interlinked with a network of computers to the extent that criminal neuro operatives now move the muscles in my face and neck  whenever they wish, which they do on a daily basis.  I know of other targeted individuals of remote neural monitoring and remote neural manipulation who are complaining of having the same experiences as I am.  I know of one particular  targeted individual who was forced to beat himself with his own fist repeatedly totally against his will.   In order to cover up these scientific capabilities the cover stories of demonic possession and other false super-natural events have been used.   Further to this,  false psychiatric diagnoses have been ascribed to the experiencers.

I believe that there is a simple but urgent solution.  Disable all wireless capabilities throughout the land for the following two reasons.  Wireless capabilities are being used to remote neural manipulate individuals and wireless capabilities are  also being  used to electronically mind control the masses of the population into a state of unconcern at a time when their freedom is about to be taken away  if nothing is done.   The existence of satellites has been proven to be a hoax.  All of the technology that is being used both to remote neural manipulate and to electronically mind control us are easily accessible to us so that they can easily be disabled, then disassembled and banned.    We must also ban all aerial traffic and drones from the skies over our heads because they are being used against us.  All air travel must cease and we can return to the use of ships when we wish to travel overseas.

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We all have been inhaling and ingesting neural dust for the past dozen years or more from chemtrail spraying of the skies over our heads.  That neural dust has now lodged in our brains, spinal cords and muscles.  We can be made to have virtual reality experiences against our wills without ever wearing virtual reality head-sets. False cover stories are being used to cover up these virtual reality experiences such as the experiencer is being accused of being mentally unwell or they are falsely informed that their experience was super-natural in origin when in fact it was scientific and technological in origin.   The neural dust which is lodged in our brains, spinal cords and throughout our bodies is being used to electronically mind control a large percentage of the western world and it is being used to electronically body control a smaller percentage of the western world.

When the section of society who are under electronic body control attempt to raise awareness of their plight to the much larger electronically mind controlled sector of the human race, the electronically mind control sector of society react inappropriately to the news.  Because of their electronic mind controlled state they go into denial and accuse the messenger of being mentally unwell after which they return to a state of unconcern.   We are in extreme danger from advances in technology. We need to disassemble telephone towers, microwave transmitters, millimetre wave transmittters and related paraphernalia.  We need to ban all aerial traffic from our skies including drones. Which group do you belong to, the electronically mind controlled sector or the electronically body controlled sector?  Either way, you are in big trouble.

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