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I'm from Cape Town, SOUTH AFRICA. Since 2005 my brain, body and physical space and privacy have been extremely traumatically violated, monitored and interfered with 24 hours a day 7 days a week. I have been, and am being subjected to SRA,  Psychotronics, Eeg-Heterodyning and Monarch-type trauma base mind control. They have completely stolen my identity, and now live my life as though it was an entitlement to them. They have completely built a failing life for me to suffer from. They have all stolen my identity and replaced my identity with their mistakes

The programming of a mind control slave at the hands of a sadistic handler. It shows a pair of creepy metallic hands transforming an old doll into a new one. If one examines this scene closely, “with eyes to see”, it symbolically (and creepily) depicts how MK slaves are taken, traumatized, and programmed by a handler–represented throughout the movie by a metallic hand.


The creepy hands of an unseen creep are about to get to work on this doll (which represents an MK slave).




             Its clothes are removed using scissors (a reference to abuse?)




Eyes ripped out. As you might know by reading Vigilant Citizen, the removal of eyes is the main symbol representing MK programming. Sewing buttons onto her eyes means that she would permanently become the handler’s puppet, who would then, as the movie states, “devour her soul”. In MK terms, she would lose control of her core persona by staying stuck in the dissociative world created by her handler (the equivalent of devouring her soul).


The concept of eyes (and the lack thereof) is extremely important in this movie, as it is in actual MK Programming symbolism. While the occult elite represent itself with the All-Seeing Eye, Mind Control is represented by removing eyes – causing the slave to lose sight of reality.





“Coraline is then locked in a room where she finds the ghosts of other kids who became the handler’s slaves. In this scene, the ghosts are hiding one eye while asking Coraline to find their eyes, the only way their souls will be freed. Right eye refers to the creative side and unlimited potential, which is why it's typically covered in mk programming. Left eye/left brain is responsible for carrying out orders unconditionally and indicates an mk slave.”

The insides are forcibly removed (representing the removal of the slave’s core persona?)






The doll is then refilled by the handler and made to look like Coraline. The creation of the alter persona is symbolically complete.


Spend a few years experiencing a reality that’s very, very unpleasant, controlling, limiting, frightening, and stressful.


  My room/house bombarded with electronic energy and microwaves



Psychic vampirism is when another person attaches him/herself astrally to your soul and the relationship is of detriment.

(Remember, sex and money are both generated from the 2nd chakra).


Navel/Sacral Chakra - located in the lower abdomen, genitals, womb, its function is desire, sexuality, pleasure, procreation. Meditation on: I feel. Balancing this chakra is associated with sexual vitality, physical power and fertility. Energies: Fire, Energizing, Charging.

Some nights I am given erections, masturbated by a machine, and occasionally voided of semen (my sperm production has been stopped). My scrotum subjected to repeated reductions and enlargements.

I have been, and am being abused, humiliated and traumatized on purpose for the mind control that they need someone to go through to do whatever they say, as just a puppet, that they can control every move. Trying to survive day to day in the system created, though many tasks are impossible. Some days, the skills for maintaining sanity are really put to the test. Most of the time I feel like I'm only half here. Like part of me is always somewhere else. Somewhere where I'm not. I feel like my life has been taken away from me. They start with wanting to make me obedient slave at first. They do a lot of sensory deprivation, energy ripping, they do a lot of sensory overload, and they switch between the two and do out-and-out torture. They have given me a death sentence, I have been and am receiving ionizing radiation 24/7 which is a slow-kill process. Sleep deprivation, involuntary muscle movements, EEG cloning, personality implanting, time-based command execution programming Life-Force Absorption/Projection, thought insertion, forced speech, dream manipulation, forced sleep, hunger attacks, fatigue attacks, hallucinations, Embarrassing private moments, going to bathroom, changing clothes cannot be hidden, induced and amplified cravings towards drugs and cigarettes, Voices inciting suicide 4 amusement, induced sexual arousal sometimes even around the same sex, blurred vision, attacks resulting in cramps, PTSD., bipolar disorder, de-genitalization, fart torture, corset torture, seizures, itching, burning, artificial heart attacks, nausea, tinnitus, inability to think rationally and independently, memory loss/deletion, blurred vision, unnatural bowel movements, induced vomiting, ringing noise in the ear, manipulations of will, emotions, feelings and perception etc. They are talking non-stop without stopping one minute (crazy!), like they wanted to not let me think, feel and be, to take over my mind, like a non-stop invasion/rape of my mind to make me go crazy, break me down and on and on. These perverted psychopaths allow – even encourage – me to call authority or to send emails publicizing their sadistic crimes.


The operation that I am subjected to is still in progress and will terminate, probably by my destruction












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At 10:30am on December 4, 2017, Wayne Morin Jr said…
At 3:35pm on December 13, 2015, Sally said…

Hi lrvin

Thankyou for caring. I agree that they feed off our negative energy. Its like a drug for them. And yes they are very sexually deviant. I know that they do the sexual stuff to me because it illicits fear in me and they love to feed on ppls fear. They also push ppl to despair to create major negative emotions. My best defence was always to keep my vibration high and be as happy as possible. I do this by my faith in God but lately they are upping the anti so its getting harder to stay as happy as possible. Its interesting what you said about the 7th chakra because when lm able to maintain a happy and loving attitude they absolutely hate this because they cant touch my emotions and therefore go hungry. Despite their continual efforts to destroy my peace and happiness we must do whatever we can to defy them....starve them of theyre drug.

thanks again lrvin


At 5:24pm on November 17, 2015, thegregorys said…

Hello Irvin. Thank you for taking an interest in my situation. To answer your question. I am raped on a daily basis, genital stimulation, resulting in painful priapism, just as I am about to fall asleep. This started at the beginning of 2010, after my Mother was murdered, succumbing to heavy mobbing at work, harassment in the neighbourhood, coming face to face with pure evil in the form of masonic jesuit apostasies and the realization of how much her family was involved in my targeting. Those who have been through the gambit of psychological and psychiatric torture will understand how psych drugs are used to form new neural pathways, bipassing the brains natural defences. they only need one eeg to map brain waves, after that you are at their mercy. I have been a target since I can remember and have never known privacy, peace of mind, friendship, any sense of safety or well being. For me this has never been about change in government as during both regeimes life has been hell. There is so much more as you will know, but right now for me and what's left of my family, the struggle is one of staying alive in a South Africa where murders occur daily and attributed to 'crime'. What 'crime' there is only organised harassment and assassinations. 

At 6:37pm on November 6, 2015, Linda Bressendorff said…

Hi, my name is Linda and I am a Targeted Individual.  I have, and I’m sure you have too, filed complaints with different agencies and have gotten nowhere. I think it’s time we take a different approach. We’ve all heard the saying: “There’s Power in Numbers.”  With that thought in mind, I would like if you will all join me in filing a Group Complaint with the United Nations Human Rights Council. If we unite as one to tell our similar stories, it will send a powerful message to the Human Rights Council.

I am attaching the Human Rights Complaint Procedure Form:HRCComplaintProcedureForm.doc To participate, all you have to do is (Open) and then (Edit) form by filling in your information. Send completed form to my E-Mail Address: as an attachment. For those with no access to a computer, you can visit your neighborhood library and sign up for a library card. You will then have free access to the computers.

The deadline for this project has been extended from November 10th to November 25th to give everyone time to gather their thoughts. Thanks for your cooperation.


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"Hey, I didn't know it was dangerous, and that so little help was/is available. My deepest sympathy that we are all "in the same boat.""
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Our brains are now being interfaced with without our consent by means of the internet of bodies capabilities. Unique sequences of EEG patterns which are being generated by our brains are being transmitted to computerized control systems where they are translated at high speed into the emotions we are experiencing and the thoughts we are thinking. In some instances peoples thoughts are being replied to by means of bio-communication where we are being forced to hear simulations of voices which we…See More
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Gordana Filipovic posted a blog post

An open letter to Mr Gutererres to the UN Secretary General

Dear Mr Guterres,In Serbia, some publicity was given to your words on the occasion of the 76th anniversary of the liberation of the Auschwitz Birkenau camp! Today, on the International Holocaust Remembrance Day, flowers were laid at the monument to the victims of the genocide at the Old Fair in Belgrade. The president of the state wrote on his Twitter – Serbia remembers!  And I think – what? Let that remain a question for historians!You Mr. Gutteres, for us, the targeted individuals, represent…See More
Stephen O' Neill commented on CM's blog post PLEASE HELP
"Hiya CM, I would be careful giving out your email address like that asking for just anyone to contact you as you could get perps or anything. Yes we are all in the same boat and no one is helping any of us. Just try to think positive , no one knows…"



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