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Gretta Fahey posted a blog post

UN AGENDA 21 is an enslavement process and nothing else.

Dark occultists are hiding inside both the United Nations as well as the Vatican.All dark occultists who work within the umbrella of the United Nations are now legally classified as human beings whereas all dark occultists who work outside of the umbrella of the United Nations are still being classified as people  Human beings are now regarded by the United Nations as having far more legal rights than people.The UN Agenda 21 document which was agreed to by over 170 countries in 1992 is a well…See More
Gretta Fahey posted blog posts
Gretta Fahey posted a blog post


A SIGNALS INTELLIGENCE OPERATIVE GAINED ENTRANCE TO MY PRIVATE HOME WITHOUT MY PERMISSION.I have been informed via voice to skull that signals intelligence operatives come around to my private house on one occasion each week in order to use energy frequencies to take readings of the energy in the air of my bedroom and that these signals intelligence operatives come from the near by town of Castlebar in Co. Mayo. I was also informed that one of the names of the aforementioned signals…See More
Jan 10
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Jan 8
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Opulent surroundings combined with elaborate posturing , titles, expensive possessions and ornate uniforms have been used throughout human history in order to help persuade the human race to erroneously believe that some human beings have a higher status than others. This form of trickery is widely used within all organised religions in order to make some individuals erroneously believe that religious leaders have become empowered with mystical capabilities owing to having had rituals performed…See More
Jan 7
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Jan 1, 2020
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Dec 29, 2019

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Posted on January 16, 2020 at 2:33pm 0 Comments

A Voice to skull human speaker has informed me this morning that I will have my bowel forceably removed by theml because of a bowel malfunction which  I suffer from due to extreme stress which mainly comes from them and their direct interference into the workings of my brain and central nervous system and into all aspects of my personal life while I am in the privacy of my own privately own home and they inflict this extreme and constant stress on me by continually forcing me to listen to…



Posted on January 15, 2020 at 7:00pm 0 Comments

My own phone did not recognise me because I was wearing plastic pinhole glasses which cost five Euros.  If that is the case we can easily protect ourselves from weaponized digital media screens.   I can not be accessed from a wireless technological point of view by unknown neuro staff who have been tasked by criminals to Remote Neural Monitor me either.   Please let me know all information about this subject matter.  The human eyes are key to whether we can be electronically captured and…


UN AGENDA 21 is an enslavement process and nothing else.

Posted on January 14, 2020 at 10:00pm 0 Comments

Dark occultists are hiding inside both the United Nations as well as the Vatican.

All dark occultists who work within the umbrella of the United Nations are now legally classified as human beings whereas all dark occultists who work outside of the umbrella of the United Nations are still being classified as people  Human beings are now regarded by the United Nations as having far more legal rights than people.

The UN Agenda 21 document which was agreed to by over 170…



Posted on January 13, 2020 at 7:46pm 0 Comments

I am being targeted by directed energy weapons and a wide variety of other still classified weapons while I am in the privacy of my own home and this is occurring against my will and without my permission.

Today I felt surges of energy surging through my head and I asked the criminal operatives who communicate with me via voice to skull technology directly into my brain what they were doing and why. One of the criminal operatives replied as follows. "We are adhereing our technology to…


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At 2:07am on March 9, 2019, Kelly Wallace said…

Thanks Gretta. You are a good writer and person. You don't deserve this happening to you, me, others. Horrible that Ireland and their army participate in this orture remote ctrl cloning AI program. I'm Irish catholic & I'm not going to visit Ireland because of what I heard about their army raping women & this program on their citizens. How can we celebrate any holiday or anything, when this is happening to us? We try, but we are hostages that need to be freed immediately. We need a court case for the victims.

At 3:09am on October 1, 2018, jane said…

hi gretta, I hope your okay, unfounatlty too many fingers in hand have spoilt the broth, it is occult, I agree, they have put me through hell and they new the truth all along, they paid my ex off for what he did to me, im in a community assignation program, that is how they have twisted the law, to be able to put it in the court of fraud hands, they done it all in the past, to cover up the truth, so it doesn't get out, I have no rights at all, they copy certain emails they want to use, unfounalty now they are trying to take my benefits off me, I don't know your financial situation, they stole receipts out of my flat, my cap, bank statement so they can forward it to guess who, mappa are evil, just gone though hell for 17 years for nothing and my ex gets paid on result, unfounaly the community snitches are trying to make money out of my hell too

At 1:47am on September 1, 2018, jane said…

I know, I have been subject too the lot, do you have a court of protection in Ireland, unfounatly the mental health professional as put my past savings, which the police did an investigation under the procceds of crime act, when it made me ill to save it, for serious medical treatment because my ex from last year abused me, he gets paid on result to cover up what the authorties have done to me, when they new the truth all along, for behaviour caused by everyone else and the authorties, don't know what I can do, taking 20 years out of somes brain is pure evil, psycho surgery, frankinstein baby

At 1:31am on September 1, 2018, jane said…

do you have a diagnois, just gone through it all for nothing, still ongoing destruction of what ever I try and do, unfounatly its all about behaviour, they just use peoples lives for collateral damage

At 11:50pm on June 19, 2018, Ms. Kris Durschmidt said…

There is a psychologist in USA who will give you a clear bill of health, if this is true, and proof your under Neural Monitoring, if needed, I can try to look for her again, I saw other TI's using her...Pres. Trump is still letting much of the Satanic Forces keep going, many don't understand how deep this is: their is colones, and now they are using robots for people!!  They have copied our movements and all actions, then want to eliminate us, people and Targets must do more, act faster, and get Laws passed to stop them, network harder and faster, or we are done for..See/subscribe to my Youtube Channel if you can or wish to under: KDurschmidt..see William Mounts YT for current events and what to use to save us..he as info. no one on Earth is getting...and "demands" Pres. Trump must do, or he will get his loved ones and possessions taken away, little by little,..and so it "plays out"...Earth, they through all evil at many diff types of humans on Earth, an impossible situation to begin with...evidence they destroy us "after they played us all to hate and inflict war on us all"..we must NOT play the game...according to William Mounts newest Youtube video, the evil elites are STILL DOING SATANIC SACRAFICES IN THE SUB-BASEMENT OF THE WHITE HOUSE...THIS IS WHAT "WE" DIDN'T CHECK AND LET THEM GET BY WITH...WE NEED TO INSERT CAMERA LENS IN THEIR EYES, AND WATCH THESE "PUBLIC SERVANTS" MINUTE BY MINUTES..We must get smart fast or perish!!!  They want 7million humans destroyed!!

At 7:03am on March 7, 2017, Kelly Wallace said…
Hi I just wrote a comment and a notice came up that it needs approval before they can post it. Yet my other comments didn't have this notice! I was speaking about doctors who participate in covering up what is being done to me. Psych and medical. A stony brook long island doctor was moving her tongue around at me in the exam room and it was intentionally being done. She said that I mess a gate keeper! And said a doctor is like a gate keeper. She saw sores on my skin made by directed energy, and said she never saw anything like it and didn't know at first what to write down. She didn't examine me the way a doctor should. She just took notes on her computer and looked at my legs. She discredited me in her notes when I told her about emf and my neighbors, and how police were involved in targeting me. I had to call her when I got home and asked to have it amended and corrected to not dicredit me as if I had a psych problem , when I never have. A army veteran make nurse from penn state univ in exam room, had one eye right eye looking to the left and his other eye looking straight at me. I thought this was a joke tactic being done, maybe the guy was a demon, or his right eye was really messed up, or it was a fake eye or contact lens that had been placed in his eye to intentionally try to scare me which it didn't.because the men doing this think women should not be independent or intelligent creative and think they should be submissive slaves. And sex slaves. They have sex with children, women and men and animals, the men targeting me. They are sick sadistic men who connect pain blood sex etc. One clerk man at a ny hotel was gay with long fingernails. The men targeting me I think are military or cops because they force eyes to look at 9-11, military dating ads, military symbols cops fireman, more marine corp, and they think women should be submissive conservative and married, at home, and made to feel dumb retarded dopey etc. Like they are beneath them. There is a catholic and Christian mafia involved in my targeting. They are not real Christians but satanic evil freedom human rights violators. They try to brainwash with religion church food clothes objects people money reading and use family too. They think if I write it's a life.It's not. I have no friends or spouse in 5 ys and been in confinement forced on me daily became of the remote ctrl of eyes brain speech monitoring and mind ctrl in public.can't even get groceries.ive tried many times, and I can't subject myself to what happens anymore. It's too much on my body brain eyes .They take over me, so I try to stay in bed. I don't get to walk sun air as exercise because they are inside of me anywhere I go. I went to a resturaunt and they controlled my eyes hands trying to eat they made hands pour items on food to ruin it and ctrl what I eat how I eat what I do with utensils napkins drink bathroom my thins. They take over and can do control of me and I then can't go out again. I go home crying and feel like dying daily. I'm not suicidal and like who I am. I'm not in a depression our depressed person. They are torturing me and holding me hostage, this is why I'm suffering. They do pain to me as I wrote this.They electric shock my hands now. Its not neuropathy or arthritis. Its the weapons that I think are portable, next to the room I'm in. Doctors participate in the tactics done to the patient. A doctor I had for years participated and lied to another doctor about me!!! He discredited me when I told him in private and have him private documents on emf and victims . He illegally disclosed our visit to.another doctor without my consent or in written consent.
At 6:33am on March 7, 2017, Kelly Wallace said…
Hi Greta, I wrote a comment but a notice came up d's saying they had to approve my comment first before posting!
At 6:32am on March 7, 2017, Kelly Wallace said…
Gretta I cant believe what the criminals told you through voice to skull! I'm in a hotel, forced to move 5xs in 5 ys in ny usa. I don't know where to live because I'm being remote controlled tortured monitored molested,etc thru see thru my eyes feel thru my hands watch me 24/7 interfere involve every minute. I have no life no freedom I feel desensitized. They heat me up when on mobile phone. I'm a hostage and I need freedom. These are human rights violations against un treaties.its not behavioral modification. It feels like a corporal punishment illegal detainment being kidnapped into this and abused like an animal in a lab cage etc. I need help they have no right to say who lives and who dies.They have taken years from me and family members suffering daily.My family has irish descent. I quoted nut want to go to Ireland because of what one ti said that the irish army are raping women there and then trying to get them in psych hospitals if they expose the truth, being ti, etc. They attack my parents and siblings, nephews. They had my mother'give me a photo of nephews one with open mouth and they do facial expression of my mouth controlling opening my mouth against my will or bypassing the past that controls the mouth, and they remote control or to open jaw wide and other horrifying pain torture to tongue neck head skull teeth jaw etc This photo was given as a forced mind control to my mother from them to get a reaction response from me, to make me upset. I don't get to see my siblings. I haven't seen my sister's in years because of my targeting and lies to family as if I have a psych problem that need meds! I don't have a psych problem and don't need harmful meds. In usa they want people to be taking some kind of pill even supplements, vitamins etc. They want people addicted to drugs. And I read that their were a few men in usa that found a cure for cancer and they are missing. One was murdered. I don't know why the people of usa don't get together and fight together against this technology and for humanity of our country and planet. Why are the cops being murderers? They knew what is being done to me and they lie to everyone. They discredit me and try to make it sound lie I have a psych or criminal problem that need behavioral modification of torture rapes electric shocks and other crimes against me. They molest daily with this technology and weapons. They remote control I have no life. I wasn't born to be a remote controlled robot or slave or raped shocked tortured.I did no heinous crime I did no sex crime and I'm not a terrorist or threat to society in any way. I'm not a stalker or fraud. I need help. I can't keep living each day with this. They think this is a life it's not. They till me out of society. I have no friends spouse I don't get to see family alt. Holidays have been ruined for years. I can't be myself and speak about what I want to because they interefer. Congressman zeldin in usa army intelligence didn't care about my letter to his office that I'm being tortured. They claimed they needed medical proof. Yet I have sores from the devices created daily! I refuse to see their dittos in ny became they lie. I'm filled to doctors, and have witnesses to men women going to the office to obtain information about me against Hippa laws, privacy laws doctor patient. The doctors are asked to participate in doing mental tactics in exam room. One nurse who was an army(penn state) veteran, had one eye moving in one direction, and the other looking straight at me. This was intentionally done. A woman doctor Stonybrook, started moving her tongue around at me like a lizard, or sexual or demonic, saying" you need to see a gate keeper"! She said "a doctor is lie a gate keeper"! She also looked at my burn like sores marks made by directed energy microwaves and said"I've never seen anything like this" and she didn't know what to diagnosis it at first! When I told her emf by neighbors and police corruption toward me, she discredited me
At 3:48am on August 25, 2015, Stephen O' Neill said…

Gretta , what you are saying about drinking only distilled water , do you still stand by what you are saying, are the voices now gone?


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"Hello deca I'm pleased to meet you and all the posters in this thread. I have not had a chance to be involved with other long term TI's not just on PeacePink but anywhere as I've been isolated because of hijacking my e-mails, spoofing…"
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"I have just posted a few words about what I experienced over the last years. In my opinion it is purely experimental PSI by one single(!) PSI-group."
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