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good or bad idea?

Started this discussion. Last reply by Fouad Zennari May 5, 2013. 18 Replies

does anyone know if Monika Stoces is ok?

Started this discussion. Last reply by Soleilmavis Apr 15, 2011. 20 Replies


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Jeremy C A Paul left a comment for suzy
"Hi, I'm Jeremy Paul.... I too have been subject to same along with other staff members at a market research company named Sutherland Smith where the directors had sought advocacy from a body that some refer to as "God who have access to…"
Apr 5
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A forum for australians experiencing electronic harassment and our supportersSee More
Mar 5
ghstdtnee commented on suzy's group AUSTRALIANS AGAINST E.H
"Hi Anyone ever note the crossing of International borders with this Issue?"
Nov 20, 2019
Dennis Ku commented on suzy's group AUSTRALIANS AGAINST E.H
"Hello fellow victims, Is anybody here for Sydney? Still a victim? Thanks Dennis"
Sep 11, 2019
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A forum for australians experiencing electronic harassment and our supportersSee More
Sep 11, 2019
ghstdtnee commented on suzy's group AUSTRALIANS AGAINST E.H
"For People to consider- Form a Corporation. Use it for Redress not limited to: Theft of services, Theft Proprietory/ Intellectual/ Trade secret/ Copyright property; Business espionage. People may have to work together or be some part of the list/…"
Aug 20, 2019
ghstdtnee commented on suzy's group AUSTRALIANS AGAINST E.H
"Hi- Try looking at website Citizens advice bureau in UK. Ask where I can obtain redress for Civil/ Constitutional/ Human rights violations. Ask who to Contact leading to an investigation into UK GCHQ conducting Telecommunications fraud mention…"
Aug 8, 2019
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A forum for australians experiencing electronic harassment and our supportersSee More
Aug 8, 2019

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the BS they say......

Posted on April 17, 2012 at 8:19am 4 Comments

Do you get alot of personal harassment from the perps, do they oppose all your opinions, ideas, thoughts and put you down constantly? I dont have the cleanest past. Ive been a substance abuser for many years (in hindsight i think they had alot to do with giving me addiction problems) Apart from that I was in a relationship and cheated on the person and wasnt the best girlfriend i guess. They say my sins are worse than a child-abuser???? What the???

They say im a cheating, lying slut…


i want to end this pain

Posted on April 14, 2012 at 4:00pm 10 Comments

This life is too hard to live. All i want to do is throw myself into my mothers arms and cry non-stop telling her everything im going through, but of course no-one believs me. This is somewhat the most painful part, the inability to get support from the people you love. Im thinking of ending my life, really feeling so much pain its unbearable. I want to take an overdose. Im doing all the wrong things, smoking pot, drinking, dabbling in heroin all in an effort to escape. I hate this existence…


what really gets me down

Posted on April 5, 2012 at 5:30pm 2 Comments

Any form of abuse or torture is the LAST thing ANY creature deserves to experience but my biggest torture is the one to my heart and soul - the loss of my loves ones and friends and human connections I used to make in life. That is all gone now, just a memory that I cherish somewhere inside where it hutrs. The loss of connection with humanity is what kills the most.Sorry Happy Easter everyone, its Thursday Easter evening in Oz. I can hear the commotions of people having holiday parties in…


is anyone else subject to the nightmares

Posted on April 3, 2012 at 10:02am 2 Comments

I get nightmares - horrible!! Including graphic images , doe snayone elase get these?? Is there any way to stop them?

government help

Posted on April 3, 2012 at 9:44am 2 Comments

I have a problem with faith in God also but I have less faith in the government to do anything. People have been trying all sorts of things from law suits to just trying to get official acknowledgements to these crimes to no avail. There is no-one in power to answer us because no-one can, they are not above the matrix that enslaves them.

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At 6:57pm on April 5, 2021, Jeremy C A Paul said…

Hi, I'm Jeremy Paul....

I too have been subject to same along with other staff members at a market research company named Sutherland Smith where the directors had sought advocacy from a body that some refer to as "God who have access to EMF technologies, in particular "Lilly wave/ pulse" that can be transmitted via satellite as a radio wave...

All staff members were subject to the same as myself and I know the details of the directors, Dr Max Allan Sutherland and Mr Bruce Edmond Smith with which to start the investigation as to who sponsored their company, as to who exactly has control over this portentous technology...

they have destroyed my life through the abusive use of this invasive technology here in Australia and since its a radio wave once it's got an imprint of your brainwave pattern a person can be tracked anywhere around the world by satellite...

My life of being abused in Australia the "land down under" the closest this to Hell started when I was 26yo in 1988 with that job and still continues today .. as I mentioned once an imprint of your brainwave pattern is on their database they can track you anywhere around the globe, planet Earth...

I believe that the two directors should be interviewed by the Australian Federal Police and all staff, including myself, act as witnesses who've been abused by this 'emf technology...

*It is confirmed that the specific 'emf used here in Australia is Lilly wave/ pulse that can not only read your mind it can also install any brainwave pattern into the skull ie: any thought, induce dreams, etc... and it's been used in Australia since at least the mid 1980's as far as I know...

**Lilly wave is a radio wave that can penetrate the skull and vibrate the water molecules surrounding the neurons or brain cells. This has the effect of resonating the `ions within the neurons hence altering usual neuronal activity. The `ions within neurons are pushed in one direction then after a brief rest in the opposite direction stimulating the neurons then returning the `ions to their former positions within brain cells. In this manner Lilly wave can not only read thoughts but it can also install any brainwave pattern or thought into a person's mind straight through the skull. It can induce dreams, pipe voice into skull and do much more...

additionally, similar to fingerprint or voice print a person's brainwave pattern is unique to each individual, so once you are on their database a person can be tracked anywhere around the world via satellite with Lilly wave used as a radio wave (an 'emf is also a radio wave), there's no escape..

PS: the only way to escape Lilly wave `emf mind control is by breaking up the waveform by using pink or white noise generators or else it can track and abuse a person anywhere around the globe.!

Please contact me for more detail as I am in the process of writing a book about my life of being abused here in Australia.!!!


My contact details:

Jeremy C A PAUL

Mob: +61 0428 928 308


Facebook: Jeremy Paul (with black & white photo)


PS: I also use WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, and I noted that Ms Soleilmavis Liu's instance of abuse also started in Australia and I believe that the it's the same body that abused her that's been abusing myself along with other staff members at that job with Sutherland Smith who'd sought endorsement by this group who use this portentous mind control weapon, so rudely and abusively

At 10:53pm on January 15, 2017, Lars V said…

suzys home from greg t gamache 497 84 6011 trover 1816 fairgrounds road st charles missouri 63303 usa 636 946 0313 contact me

At 6:38am on August 8, 2012, james said…

Could you please review this page on TI's:

At 6:06am on August 05, 2012, ELISEO PEREZ gave suzy a gift
TO YOU MY FRIEND – Proverbs 27:17 Iron Sharpeneth iron; so a man sharpeneth the countenance of his friend. (United We Will Have Victory).
At 4:18am on July 29, 2012, ELISEO PEREZ said…


I am just here reading my stuff and remembered you.  You are important and I want the best for you in God.  Please keep in touch.  With Love in Christ.

At 1:03am on June 24, 2012, ELISEO PEREZ said…


PLEASE GO TO GROUPS AND FIND ME:  To Disciple, Edify, Teach, and Help Spiritually,  Read all of what I wrote it will help you so much.  I was an Evangelist and what I wrote came from many years of struggles with chip implant surveillance harassments in fierce ways.  They who surveillanced knew Bible scriptures and targeted me like the Devil himself with them, TWISTING THEM.  It tore me down.  But then after years, I got the answer from the Bible.  All is scripture based.  Read: Tips on Living A Surveillanced Christianity.  ALL OF IT.


With Love In Christ

May God Bless You.

At 12:58am on June 24, 2012, ELISEO PEREZ said…




You are not foresaken and God loves you.  Do not obey or give power to any VOICES that speak to you in any way.  The Bibles says in Romans, "Who shall separate us from the love of God?"  Do you know WHY?  It is because IT IS NOT US who has that power of ourselves, BUT IT IS THE LOVE OF GOD THAT WILL NEVER SEPARATE HIMSELF FROM YOU EVER.  Pray to God small prayers and believe in Him.  Trust in him no matter what.  The Bible says, "Whosover shall call upon the name of the Lord shall be saved."  That means that no matter when or your sin, you can CALL UPON JESUS and He will save you.  There is PHYSICAL SALVATION FROM TROUBLES.  There is SALVATION FROM NOT BEING HEARD FROM GOD.  There is SALVATION EMOTIONALLY.



With Love In Christ

At 12:48am on June 24, 2012, ELISEO PEREZ said…



I do seriously doubt almost 100% that your family is chip implanted.  What I have seen is that they who surveillance inject an audio hallucination into your eardrums using surveillance interaction technologies.  And they are able to inject suspicions into you with sentiment injection technologies.  This is how they make the victim believe the neighbors, friends, family, and the community knows about one being chip implanted or surveillanced.  They inject 5 second messages to cause you to believe someone knows about it that is in your community.  It is not.  It is they who surveillance.  It is truly military intelligences of the world that has began this campaign of surveillancing their Citizens.  I have much to show and talk about but right now I am in the middle of a very long exposure of this to the Military Government demanding response.

Eliseo Perez

Don't worry.  What happens between you and your family and anyone else is just COINCIDENCE that is made to look like authentic surveillance knowledge that they get from you being monitored.  REMEMBER, GOD LOVES YOU ALWAYS. 

At 5:43am on May 21, 2012, Ramon Gonzalez Morciglio said…
At 4:56am on April 15, 2012, Mark Iannicelli said…


I want to ask the Cubans to help us surgically remove the implants.

Try and get us a sponsor for political asylum. Don't kill yourself. If you have to end it take an overdose of heroin in a syrynge and plung it into a government perp and the state will execute you more humanely.


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Having this video, "final account", I am not afraid of anything.

Obviously, by hacking International Bar Association and International Criminal Court, they stop me from launching  international (legal  ) proceedings against "them".To end with this video " final account" : send it, please transfer it . Not only for me.UN ICCPR UN Human Rights UN Human Rights Council Amnesty International International Bar Association International Criminal Court International Court of Justice…See More
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Everything in the world to be the property of the state. You penniless.

EVERYTHING THROUGH OUT THE WORLD WOULD BE THE PROPERTY OF THE STATE WHICH IS ALSO KNOWN AS THE CROWN CORPORATION. THEY ARE PLANNING TO MAKE US PENNYLESS SLAVES BUT MOST ARE UNDER MIND CONTROL PROGRAMMING TO THE POINT OF APATHY.Viruses are not contageous. The so-called covid-19 vaccine is a slow acting poison. Those who have received it will die within years. Many who believe that they have received the so called covid-19 vaccine have not actually received it because many nurses who are in full…See More



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