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Are journalistic scholars who work throughout the main stream media placing any of their resources in researching, investigating and writing about extreme and continuous advances in neuro science and neuro technology, and how they are being used in secret against all of us?
I am being psychologically tortured and physically manipulated by the use of extreme advances in neuro science and neuro technology by wireless technological means. Both because my adversaries are and remain unknown to me and because the methods that are being used against me leave no physical trace I am being disbelieved by some agents of the government that this is happening to me.
Also, because extreme advances in wireless weapons can and are being used to entrain the brains of the populace into states of happy apathy as well as inertia, despite repeated warnings, people are remaining unconcerned about the capabilities and abuses of such weapons when they should be in a state of extreme outrage.
We can do much to help ourselves in order to restore our clear thinking capabilities. We must consider how the technological infrastructure that is being erected all around us is effecting our ability to think and act. We must also consider that this technological infrastructure is being used as a weapons against us.
Many are claiming online that they have already been wirelessly connected to a computerized human control system from a variety of brain and body implants, which enables outside control of their limbs as well as also enabling outside manipulation to their brain capabilities, such as hearing voices, seeing visions, interference with what they conjour up in their minds eye and a variety of other outside manipulations. According to major science literature, all human beings as well as all other sentient beings are due to be connected up to this system which is being called the cerebral internet of things. This system is already up and running and many individuals who keep online blogs are claiming that they have already been connected to it and that they are experiencing outside control of their muscles, their alimentary canals, their limbs and their vocal cords among many other parts of their bodies and brains. Why have their not been any public discussions held on this extremely urgent matter?
My name is Gretta Fahey from Claremorris, Republic of Ireland. My website is called

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Brain to computer interface systems are now live in pockets of society throughout most of the world.  We are being systematically implanted with a wide variety of implants by agents of the C.I.A. and F.B.I.   The CIA is a rogue agency.   In my opinion, the CIA is responsible for most acts of terrorism throughout the world and they take their orders to carry out acts of terrorism from individual members of the Council on Foreign Relations.   In my opinion, the Council on Foreign Relations are actively working towards slowing down the world wide economy by any and every means possible.  They work for the greater evil of the human race.  The the people of the United States should immediately have laws implemented to defund the abolish the CIA combined with the rest of the intelligence services of the United States.

I have been non-consensually  targeted by directed energy weapons and bio-communication methods  for many years.   I hear the voices of agents of what is commonly being called Remote Neural Monitoring in combination with Remote Neural Manipulation coming from inside my head on a constant basis.   I regularly post online some of what these internal voices say to me on many social media sites in order to inform the general public about what it is like to experience being subjected to a brain to computer interface system.   Here below is what some of what these unknown neuro operatives have said to me and about me in the past two days:-

"It is while she is in her bathroom that we obtain most of the information which is most pertinent to our research.  We analyse the contents of her bowel and bladder while she is in there."

"She will not be in her own home for much longer."

"She can get out of bed the same as everybody else."

"Why have you allowed this woman to languish for so long."   

"You don't understand the aim of the game.   The aim of the game is to terrify them."

"I will quell her some day. 

"We can take Gretta Fahey out of the country.  There is not one single person in this country who cares whether we take her or not.   Who would know?   She lives alone."

"Bring her to justice please.  This can not continue."   ( I don't know what that means as I have never broken a law in my life.)

I complained to the inner voices about the fact that they were continually waking me up to ask me questions during some nights and here is the conversation we had as follows:-

   I said as follows "If you wake me up too early or if you persistently wake me up during the night it is counter productive because I then need to go back to bed to rest later on during the day."    I heard the voice of one of the unknown neuro operatives coming from inside my head as follows -  "We have had this conversation before and it doesn't work for us to leave you asleep."

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I am a subject of remote neural monitoring and remote neural manipulation.  The neuro staff who reproduce their voices inside my head by wireless means have been of late attempting to present me in a false positive light.  I wish to present myself in an authentic, honest manner and I am uncomfortable with what I believe they are attempting to do.  Why are they attempting to present me in a false positive light?   I believe that I am equal to everyone in the world.  I would never look up to anyone and I would never look down on anyone.    I am an introvert and have no wish to ever be in the public arena.  I wonder what is going on?

Further to that I believe that the electronic harassment that most targeted individuals undergo is about leading us to a stage when we will no longer react no matter how much they continue to harass us.  If or when targeted individuals reached a stage when they became passive and indifferent to all kinds of electronic harassment and gang stalking, the neuro operatives would then take a reading of the brain wave frequencies in our brains and then they would transmit those frequencies  of passivity and indifference via transmitters and smart street lighting  into the brains of the rest of humanity.  I believe that they are already doing that because targeted individuals are finding it difficult to wake up some other members of the human race to the reality of human technological enslavement.

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I am non-consensually wirelessly linked to unknown neuro operatives who speak to me whenever they wish, and this is happening totally against my will.   In the past ten minutes,  I heard the voice of a female neuro operative coming from inside my head who said the following to one of her colleagues  "A single lady, living alone in the West of Ireland, she is out of the house most of the time.  Why haven't we done something to discourage her from living in her house?"

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A Voice to Skull voice which I heard coming from inside my head in the past twenty minutes was heard by me to say the following  " I command you " .    I replied " What are you going around commanding your own equals for like a plonker"?    The reason he attempted to command me was because I was refusing to remove my computer from  the room I am currently in and extraneous information is coming through from my computer into my brain and body to the extent that the neuro operatives can not work on inputting unwanted digital signals into my brain and body.    I am refusing to remove my computer from the room that I am in on the grounds that I have nothing to lose because these neuro operatives have intimated that they are going to destroy my personhood by remote means regardless of what I do or say.   They implied that there are dark times ahead for my country if I will not co operate.  However, they often imply that there are dark times ahead for my country no matter what anyone does or says, so I will not co operate with them no matter what they command me to do.

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I am currently hearing intelligent sounding  voices of my fellow human beings coming from inside my head.   You will shortly begin to hear voices coming from inside your head which will be sent to you by digital signals.    These inner voices are currently  being generated inside the heads of millions of human beings throughout the world.   There are at least four different types to technological means available to the intelligence services which they and many other groups use widely for the purposes of direct voice communication.  This technology and the work the intelligence services do is covered under various secrecy clauses.  However, it is an open secret that such technology exists and is in widespread use.

This morning, an unknown wirelessly transmitted voice of a real human being asked me a question.   I refused to answer on the grounds that the questioner was forcing his voice inside my head against my will and without my permission in an act of extreme evil.   I then heard the voice report to a colleague that he was being met with resistence.   His colleague feigned surprise that I was refusing to speak to him.  That colleague said that they regularly spoke to the staff during conference calls on a regular basis.   That colleague was then told that I was not a member of staff because I had refused all offers of bribes which were made to me over many years via voice to skull direct communication.    The colleague then went on to announce that I was a criminal and as such they had a duty to speak to me by the use of inner voice forcing technology whether I was amenable to it or not.  The colleague was again informed that I was not a criminal.  The colleague then replied that I was the subject of investigation and as such they had a duty to speak to me by the use of said voice forcing technology. 

My name is Gretta Fahey from Newbrook, Claremorris, Co. Mayo, Ireland.  My landline home telephone number is 0949360901.   I am a real and verified human being.  The voices which I hear coming from inside my head have informed me that my long term receipt of disability allowance is uninvestigatible by the normal means because I am claiming disability allowance for irritable bowel syndrome and bladder problems.  Neither of these conditions can be investigated for eligibility under normal conditions so I was placed on a program called remote neural monitoring more than fifteen years ago.  nother reason that I was placed on remote neural monitoring was because I officially informed a disability assessment doctor that I had been neglected by main stream medicine for my irritable bowel syndrome condition and I had been denied a request for disability allownace which I made to Dr John Connolly, Pontoon, Castebar, Co. Mayo in the past. I have written my whole story on my website which is called ; Most of the story can easily be listened to on several youtube videos which are linked to that website.   If or when 5G , fifth generation technology becomes operational then millions of human beings can be placed on remote neural monitoring at the same time, against their wills and without their permission.  They will by linked via telephone lines close to their homes to hostile and insulting voices which they will hear day and night every waking moment.  They wont be allowed to sleep.  They will sometimes receive electric shocks and other sensations.  This brain wave technology is enslavement technology.  Please organise to have all telephone masts urgently banned in order to save yourself and your children from imminent enslavement.

IrishTargeted individuals of remote neural monitoring and remote neural manipulation  no longer inform the Irish Gardaí or psychiatrists of their torturous experiences of being remote neural monitored and remote neural manipulated  because we are disbelieved by all concerned.   This is more than likely due to the fact that electronic mind control has become universal throughout Ireland and we can no longer get through to them verbally, and we no longer trust man-made laws which have become so out of alignment with natural law and ethics that they should no longer be honoured.

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