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Massie Munroe is collecting Testimonials of victims for United Nations.
Massie Munroe said she has close relationship with someone who can talk to a high position United Nations officer. It is a great oppertunity for victims to bring our cases to the United Nations.

Instruction from Massie_
* *Do not exceed 3 pages*
* *Tone page he petition goes to the 4th page*
* *please leave all the yellow highlighted lines more distinguished*
* *the blue lines are just to demonstrate how your attachments are going to be if you have any....*
* *Your attachments are the evidences and your important explanations that you did not get to express within the 3 pages.*
* *Please stay with the format do not deviate from the Temp let*
* * Tell your story short but very effective and factual, then the rest of your story if it is really important put it as an attachment*
* *Please leave the Road Map as it is on page two since , this is how we arrived to this place.*
* *Only change the Road Map if you are not in the USA*
* *Please leave attachment #1 as attachment #1 that is going to be the same for every one . I will provide you that attachment later.*
* *Do not change the Petition unless you are in some other country*
* *Every one can not have their own petition when we are going as one voice even if some of those are not applicable to you but as a whole we are going through it for each of us it may differ a little. we are applying as a whole ....*
* *If we provide them with so many different ideas and demands we will get them confused we will dissipates their energy towards ourselves*
* *Our evidences are similarities of what we are going through so be specific and factual and emphasize on the universal things happening to us *
* *If you think you have to change something please cal me let us discuss it do not just change and send something to me i have to read them it takes a long time*
* *Do not submit your testimonial unless you have it exactly like the Templet*
* *Please work hard i have still a few of your Testimonials in e-mail or just in a few pages without following the format of the Templet*
* *Please do not send anything in hard copy till i receive your e-mail format and we confirm together that is good then send me your hard copy *
* *Please be reminded that i am going to send you attachment #1 you can read it on the sample Templet i have as an attachment in this e-mail*
* *Please plan at the end to provide a copy of your picture i will let you know when we get providing our picture we want to show that we are profesionals not criminals we want to look ourselves professionals no so happy not so sad.... *
*If you have any question please contact me by e-mail or my cell: 818-943-0661

Sample of Testimonial:

Date: 09/25/2008
Name: Mary Marcelle Vivian
Date Of Birth: January 11, 1951
Place Of Birth: Stratford, Ontario
Country Of Citizenship: Canada
Contact Information Address: 72 Stanley Cres, Elora, Ontario,Canada, N0B 1S0
Email Address:
Telephone Number: (519) 846-8272

Subject: Urgent Health Issues
Urgent Financial Issues
Urgent Security Issues


Dear Sir or Mam:

I, Mary Vivian, Say publicly the following Testemonial:
I am 57 years old, employed for 32 years by Bell of Canada, (Telecommunications Company), with a secretarial and engineering background. I retired in 2002 and for 5 years I volunteered as an Auxiliary Police Officer for Toronto Ontario Police Force performing details such as: Pope John Paul II’s Visit, marathon runs, disasters, crowd control for celebrities such.( Road Map & My Pettion Attachments)

Health Issues:
I enjoyed good healthy until approximately april of 2004, when I was exposed to the DIRECTED ENERGY WEAPONS & THE ORGANIZED CRIMES abuse and agression my health is deteriorating. I Am experiencing many rashes, red sores, eye problems, mouth sores such as swollen tongue, tooth problems, cankers, etc. I am very diligent about what I eat, do not smoke, do not take illegal drugs and promote a daily exercise program. My Sister and elderly mother are victims of this crime as well. (See Attachment # – Mary Vivian’s Health Issues)

Continuously pursued via organized stalking when shopping, at appointments, in the park, or travelling by vehicle. My vehicle has been tampered with a “beep” sound at certain locations. I have e-mail messages blocked, telephone calls transferred, and calls cut off. The Royal mail is interfered with resulting in calls to utility companies obtaining reprinted bills. In London, 1994-1995 when the perpetrator moved in, there were incidents of something occurring but no explanation as to what is was. (Attachment #3 – Surveillance.)

In Elora, Ontario, the ENTIRE home and ENTIRE contents were sprayed with a yellow chemical. White and black chemicals on heating pipes, reddish/brown chemicals on floorboards in basement. Under-aged youths are recruited, coached by adults, utilized to carry out vandalism and manipulating my wellbeing and my environment. The recruitment of such under-aged youths in such criminal activities are in violation of their Civil/Constitutional Rights, as well as mine. (See Attachment #4 –Vandalism )

Financial Devastations:

The financial attack on my limited pension income, vandalism and destruction of both homes, money stolen, replacement of personal property and items has been substantial over the years. (See Attachment #5 – Invoice for replacements-new appliances & beds purchased in 2004, cost of Naturopathic Doctor 2008.)

Organized Criminals /Crimes:
I believe the surveillance, vandalism, etc. are part of an ongoing organized crime which are mostly sponsored by some sector of the government. The organized criminals are equipped with the most sophisticated electronic surveillance tools that are not possible for regular/normal citizens to gather evidence, even if any evidence is gathered the organized criminals can easily access and retrieve the evidences.

Agencies Approached:
Contacted Ontario Provincial Police about prowlers, police made a notation. A second call to the police regarding the spraying, the lasers and the constable recommended sending Forensics the next day (no show) and follow up with the neighbour about the lasers. (See Attachment #6 – Agencies Approached Menatal health)

The Reason For My Being Targeted Per My Experiences Are:
My story as I have come to experience it:
1. The perpetrator was involved in satellite fraud involving DirecTV and NDS Americas Inc. (Smart Card).
2. The perpetrator required “a pardon” from our Canadian Government to enter Canada, after being deported from the United States of America (U.S.A.).
3. This perpetrator was arrested at Tampa Airport June 2004, on an immigration charge, re-entering the U.S.A. under a false name, charges of satellite fraud and TV piracy.
4. Once arrested, why didn’t the London police address our complaint about the thefts and retrieve our stolen property?
5. Employed by Bell Canada, formerly volunteering for a police organization, 3 single women living alone, and knowing about the operation made me the perfect target.
(See Attachment # 7– Mary Vivian’s Health Issues.)

Under Which Law I May Have Been Accuzed To Be Categorized Of Criminality:
The only indication of any laws or policy that has been utilized to criminalize me is by the London Police Force and Medical Doctors’ comments stating ‘MENTAL” due to numerous calls for assistance. June 2008, Fergus, Ontario Emergency Department’s notation on form stating ‘MENTAL” when I went for medical treatment for laser burn to the face.
In past years, Royal Canadian Mounted Police conducted two Security Clearances: for employment with Bell Canada and volunteering as a Toronto Auxiliary Police Officer.

Under What Circumstance I Was Accuzed of Mentaly ill And Which Agncey Is Responsible For Such Accuzations
Our family doctor recommended seeing a psychiatrist based on numerous calls for assistance. The police psychologist advised the London Police Department that I was considered “MENTAL”.

Which Court Of Law I Have Filed And What Was The Out Come:
I have not filed any documentation with any court at this time.
The Reason I did Not File A law suit In Any Court of Law:
I am waiting for more solid evidence before proceeding with a lawsuit.
The Reason I did Not File Any Official Complain:
I am not aware of where I can go to make an official complaint due to the fact that Medical and Police won’t assist you. I have called many different organizations, they are not aware of “Directed Energy Weapons”. Still waiting for an investigation by London Police for the return of my stolen property.

The Road Map To How We Were Taken From Our Normal Path Of Life and WE Were Froced Into This Holocustal Never Ending Detour :
People who commit criminal act(s) & are declared mentally ill is the only justification the government needs to expose them to the directed energy weapons/mind control experiment/ torture and organized criminals. It is perhaps justified that it is necessary in order to keep them “under control so they would not harm public or the national security”!! Such people/victims are involuntarily experimented and tortured upon. The organized criminals are every where even in the most remote locations working among the security system establishments, the organized criminals are furnished with the most sophisticated surveillance and torture equipment based on nano technology.
How it began: 1) any law enforcement and/or governmental agencies would chose an innocent citizen who is in conflict with their personal agenda then, 2) the organized criminals utilizes local law enforcement and/or mental health institutions to generate, manipulate, and falsify criminal and mental reports against that person’s life. Whereas the Domestic Violence Act, the Police non-disclosure investigative reports and the “Patriot Act', The FISA and The Military Commission Act of 2006, “Courts of No Due Process” and the Crowd Control Act of October 1st 2008 and other such laws and policies are enforced to cover-up the“death sentence imposed upon those innocent citizens”.
Without the protection of “Due Process” the law enforcement, mental institutions and organized criminals can impose massive transgressions against humanity in the USA and will continue until stopped. No one is exempt, the under-aged are utilized in these crimes and/or subject to the same circumstances as adults. The US Senate Secret Intelligence Committee, Pentagon, Homeland Security and US Defence Department, FBI are aware of such laws, policies and violations. Given that, the organized criminals are mostly hired by the police and the law enforcement or any governmental agencies and are mostly compensated by the US Department Of Treasury. This crime is taking place in the USA since September 11, 2001 the magnitudes are growing exponentially one could very well declare it as a National Security concern. These crimes are taking place overseas as well and are astonishing similar in the style of execution.
We believe these crimes are conspired and are imposed upon us by that sector of USA government (0r Canadian Governemnt) which operates under the No Due Process laws/policies and is in non- conformance to the US Constitution and the US Civil Rights.
Please see attachment #1 which presnts the history of American government experimenting on its own citizens/people such as Conitelpro, Mkultra as a proven consparecy.

I Declare That The Above To Be True Under The Penalty Of Perjury.
Signature _________________________________ Date ____________________

Attachment #1: US history of Experimentation on People of America
Attachment #2: Mary Vivian’s Health Issues
Attachment #3: Surveillance
Attachment #4: Vandalism
Attachment #5: Invoice for Replacements-new appliances & beds purchased in 2004
: Cost of Naturopathic Doctor 2008
Attachment #6: Agencies Approached
Attachment #7: Mary Vivian (Photo)
Attachment #8: Family Photo of my mother Florence and sister Marlene

Urgent Demands and My Petition:
1. an urgent end to the Directed Energy Weapons (DEW), surveillance, isolation, and the Organized Criminal/crimes against my wellbeing; including any implants and/or any types of gases used against me.

2. any and all law enforcement agencies including police criminal reports and/or investigative documentations prepared pertaining to me to be disclosed without costs.

3. to investigate law enforcement agencies’ misconduct and mishandling to my person and/or documentation pertaining to me without costs.

4. any and all mental health reports, documentations, and/or medical doctors’ statements prepared pertaining to me be disclosed without costs.

5. legislate to educate psychiatry and psychology professionals of existence of DEW.

6. to investigate mental health agencies’ misconduct and mishandling to my person and/or documentation pertaining to me without costs.

7. to investigate Directed Energy Weapons source of funding such as: covert Senate Intelligence Committee, Pentagon, Military, Department of Defence, FBI, Homeland Security, Canadian Security Intelligence Service, private contractors and/or unknown individuals or unknown institutions.

8. to investigate the organized Criminal’s Crimes against innocent people and me.

9. Investigate US Department Of Treasury’s or any Canadian agencies connection in funding Organized Criminals.

10. education of the general public on DEW, torture and such Crimes against humanity. Legislate under the Truth of Information Act to inform the Public. Due to lack of information most victims are not aware of their exposure to these crimes.

11. the disclosure of what grounds any agency has the right to impose upon me any crimes of assaults and tortures and what these assaults and tortures included.

12. outlaw of the “No Due Process” procedure under the Patriot Act, Crowd Control Act, or any other governmental legislation and Courts such as FISA.

13. the outlaw of any and all DEW Tortures against humanity worldwide, Surveillance upon people.

14. full treatment for any and all physical and medical injures, present and future, which resulted from crimes incurred due to the criminal activity from these organizations and unknown individuals, until sufferers are restore to normal health.
15. full compensation for the financial losses incurred due to the criminal activity from these organizations and unknown individuals.
16. unclassify any and all classified information generated by Senate Intelligence Committee, Pentagon, Military, Department of Defence, FBI, Canadian Security Intelligence Service, private contractors and/or unknown individuals or unknown institutions regarding DEW/Torture and Organized Criminals/Crimes.

Please be note: This testimonial will also possible be used for petition to Government, Human Rights organizations and medis. if you want to keep your personal information as secret, please tell Massie Munroe.

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Please help immediately!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! From Bob to To all TI's: Sharon Jones is a TI in NY City who faces a court hearing on Thursday to determine whether she should be deprived of her freedom for an indefinite period of time. What crime did Sharon commit? She told a psychiatrist the truth about the DEW attacks that she has experienced. Since psychiatrists know that the Constitution prohibits our government from torturing its citizens, her story was obviously impossible. Sharon was diagnosed as delusional. A hearing is scheduled Thursday morning to determine whether she should be institutionalized until she “recovers.” At the institution, they will try to brainwash Sharon into believing that government torture of citizens cannot happen in this country. The satellite DEW attacks will continue wherever she goes, but Sharon must not complain of the pain. She must recant her “false beliefs” and try to lie her way back to freedom. But Sharon isn't willing to play a game by those rules. She says that she won't let them do this to her. She says that if they come to taker her away, they will carry her away in a bag. If you think you're living in hell now, think of Sharon and remember that it could be much worse. If you were about to lose your freedom, would you want other TI's to come to your aid and confirm that you were telling the truth about DEW attacks? You would desperately need all the support you could get. Sharon Jones now desperately needs all the support that she can get. If you want to have the support that you may need at some future time, you must be willing to give Sharon your support now. I am asking each one of you to write a statement supporting the truth of what Sharon has said about her personal experience with DEW attacks. It can be as short or as long as you like. A few words is much better than nothing. You can address your statement the same as I have done to Carlosa Clemens, Adult Protective Services. The email heading should be: Sharon Jones. You don't need to give your full name. You can sign it “Jim in NJ” or whatever you like. I did give my full name in the statement that I have sent. It is not included below since I am giving permission to anyone to post this statement anywhere. I suggest that you keep my statement below to use in case you are ever threatened with being put away because you told the truth about your DEW experiences. If that should happen, you'll want all the help that you can get. Please show that you deserve that help when the time comes by giving Sharon the help that she desperately needs from you right now. We need your statement as quickly as possible. I'm sending this to you on Tuesday night. The hearing is on Thursday morning. I want you to send your statement to Adult Protective Services in NY with copies to me and to two friends of Mayra in NY so that they can print them and take them to court to be offered in evidence. The APS office probably closes at 5 pm, eastern time. Try to get your statement out at least by 4 pm. If you can't meet the deadline, send it anyhow so that it can still be printed and taken to court. The addresses to use are:, Don't delay. Do it now. Look at my statement for ideas. You can say the same things that I say using your own words. We can't let them get away with this. If they can put Susan Jones away, they can put you or any other TI away just as easily. Sharon deserves your support now just as much as you will deserve everyone's support if they come to take you away. If you let them succeed with Sharon, we will all be in greater jeopardy. Saving Sharon Jones means saving yourself! As a group, we must work to save each other and particularly to save the person in the most desperate need of help. If you don't help to save Sharon at her time of desperate need, don't expect anyone to help you when your time comes. Think of the few minutes that I ask of you as buying an insurance policy for the future. Please join with me in a full scale effort at SAVING SHARON. Bob S MY STATEMENT: To: Carlosa Clemens Adult Protective Services I am a retired attorney living in North Hollywood, CA. I am writing to you as a friend of Sharon Jones in NYC, whose case has been assigned to you. Sharon has or will soon today contact you to authorize you to communicate with me regarding her problems. My understanding is that Sharon is facing a hearing on Thursday to determine her sanity and that as a result of this hearing, she may be committed to a mental institution. I understand that Sharon has been diagnosed as delusional by a psychiatrist who assumes that her described experience of attacks by directed energy weapons (DEW) cannot be true and must therefore be delusions. I know that these electronic attacks on Sharon are totally real. I am in contact with hundreds of other people who are having the same experiences. It is proven, documented fact that agencies of the federal government have very actively engaged in secret, harmful experiments on involuntary, uninformed human subjects since the 1940's. The past history of these illegal government experiments has been thoroughly proven. Notable examples are the CIA mind control experiments under the code name MKULTRA and the Atomic Energy Commission's radiation experiments. Attached is a basic fact document on non-consensual DEW experiments on involuntary subjects. The subjects of these experiments are never informed that they are being used as human guinea pigs. Without any warning, government agencies proceed to carry out illegal, unconstitutional experiments on their selected subjects. These experiments are often painful and may be permanently harmful or even deadly. Congress knows about these experiments and tacitly condones them. It refuses to investigate complaints from the victims. Sharon is one of the many hundreds, perhaps thousands, of victims of these experiments. I am another. The victims of this secret government torture have no legal remedies. They have no way of proving which persons in government agencies are responsible for the harm they suffer. They do not even know which agency is responsible. Without such proof, they can accomplish nothing through litigation. Presently available legal remedies are inadequate. Three attempts by victims at achieving a solution through litigation have failed. A fourth attempt is now underway. To demonstrate the reality of this situation and the efforts that are being made to find remedies, I am attaching correspondence between myself and an attorney in Colorado who is representing a group of victims. Adding greatly to the torment of the victims of DEW experiments is the attitude of the uninformed public, including the medical profession, that true statements of fact are delusions. Sharon has been diagnosed as delusional by a psychiatrist because she told the truth about her experiences as a victim of government DEW experiments. This misunderstanding and disbelief of true facts by the medical profession is sometimes carried to the extreme of institutionalizing a victim of secret government experiments and attempting to brainwash her into a denial of the reality of her experiences. This will be the cruel fate imposed upon Sharon unless I can obtain your help in recommending to the court that Sharon should not be committed for having stated true facts about her very real, very painful experiences as an involuntary subject of government DEW experiments. I can provide extensive documentation to support this sad truth. Your responsibility is to work in your client's best interest. Sharon is about to be deprived of her freedom because she has told the truth about her experiences as one of the involuntary subjects of government DEW experiments. Your responsibility should be to save this sane person from being treated as insane because she has reported true experiences, which are beyond the present knowledge of the public and of the medical profession but which match the experiences of many hundreds of other victims of government DEW experiments. I can provide you with unlimited amounts of solid evidence from reliable sources to prove the truth of what I have said. I can provide more than 600 statements from other victims of secret DEW testing. I can provide extensive historical documentation about the past history of secret government experiments on involuntary subjects. You can find well documented, understandable information about DEW technology at Many people think that such things cannot happen in a nation which has been dedicated to constitutional rights. What they do not understand is that when federal law enforcers are criminals, there is no one to enforce the law against them. It is impossible for the victims of government criminals to enforce the law against criminals in government who cannot be identified and whose responsibility for secret crimes cannot be proven. The doctrine of sovereign immunity prevents federal agencies from being held responsible for the crimes of government employees. The capability of intelligence agencies to operate in total secrecy makes it impossible for the victims of DEW crimes to learn the identity of the criminals in government. Please let me know what kind of evidence you would like to see to demonstrate the truth of the unbelievable but true facts that I have stated. I will gladly supply whatever kind of documentation you request in whatever quantity you are willing to review. Since there is very little time left, I hope to hear from you soon to learn to what extent you are able and willing to work toward saving Sharon from a fate that would to her be worse than death and which may very possibly produce her death. Sincerely,
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(1) An anonymous Survey for Mind COntrol Victims all over the world (In many languages) Produced by Soleilmavis(English and Chinese) , And Translated by Mr. Zhou (German); Mokureni (Japanese), Monika Stoces (Dutch). This survey has been translated into English, Chinese, Japanese, German, Dutch. and Still looking for help to translate into other languages. You can choose any of the following link to take the survey. Please also forward this survey to more victims in your contact listing. 一份非记名大脑控制武器受害者调查问卷,制作Soleilmavis(英文和中文),翻译:周先生(德语),Mokureni(日语)Monika Stoces (荷兰语)。这份调查已经翻译成了英语,中文,德语,日语, 荷兰语。仍然在寻求帮助翻译成其他语言。 您可以选择如下任何一个连接,采用您喜欢的语言回答这份调查。 也请您转发给更多的受害者。 ( English) (chinese,中文) (Danish-Dansk) (Dutch-Nederlands) (French-Franais) (German-Deutsch (Sie)) (Greek-ελληνικ维) (Italian-Italiano) (Japanese-日本語) (Russian-Русский) (Spanish-Espaol) (Swidesh-Svenska) (Turkish-Türke) (Vietnamese - Tieng Viet) Please go to "forum"--"survey" to download survey result. And find other surveys (2) Mailteam calls all victims to join our Mess petitions Please go to "forum"--"Mess Petitions" to find the email addresses
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Citizenship:  China

Year Torture/Abuse Began:  Dec 2001






I am a victim of electronic harassment, organized stalking and torture with Directed Energy Weapons (DEW).

I live in China . I have Chinese citizenship. I was first attacked in December 2001 when I was studying for a Master’s Degree in Australia.


Everything started with some noises which I heard from the floor below mine. The other people who lived in my house could not hear those noises. I moved to a one-storey house in January 2002, the noises sounded as if they were coming from the neighbors. I started to experience a large variety of symptoms.


The main symptoms are:-

Pain all over the body: stomach pain, toothaches, headaches, leg and arm pains. I also had a few high fevers. All these symptoms would disappear without any medical treatment. Or sometimes, a pain would persist, even if I had strong medication.


I went to the police in January 2002 to report that someone was following me and using technology to read my thoughts. I told the police that their voices sounded as if they came from the neighbors. The police retorted that it was illegal to use mind-reading technologies in Australia.


In February 2002, I moved to a new one-storeyed house. An increase in the symptoms was to be noted: diarrheas for almost a month, involuntary tremor of the hands, inability to stand firmly on my legs, alternation of cold and hot sensations, excessive perspiration, etc. As usual, the symptoms disappeared, without any medication.


On 5 April 2002, I could not bear any more suffering, so I left Australia . After I left , I still could hear those voices. I went to Hong Kong , Thailand, Shanghai and China but the voices still sounded as if they came from the neighbors. The same symptoms came back all the time, and my belongings were often stolen when I was not in my hotels.


In August 2002, I went to New Zealand . Again I experienced the same symptoms. In April 2003, I had already spent all my money. I came back to China and stayed with my parents. I had more symptoms such as astriction, gatism and sexual harassment. They also started to prevent me from sleeping at night, or to wake me up at midnight. Sometimes, they also forced me to sleep when I did not want to. They also forced me to have night "dreams". I knew those "dreams" were totally made up and transmited to my brain via their weapons. The principle is the same as with a silent sound device which can transmit sounds into a person's skull .


After the fourth quarter of 2004, they forced me to have "dreams" every night.

These people can use their electromagnetic weapons to transmit their voices directly to my brain. They can make "voices" sound as if they came from the neighbors or from a nearby person. They can also use their weapons to make "voices" sound like the voices of your friends or your family members.


On my return to China , their voices still sounded as if they came from the neighbors. But I knew they were not my neighbors' voices.After 2005, they no longer used the "voice trick",although sometimes they even tried to let me believe that they were the TV announcers' voices.

I think that they mostly use their own voices. When they started to torture and harass me in Australia , most of them only spoke in English, only one or two spoke in Mandarin without any dialects. Since the second month, more people who spoke in Mandarin joined them. They also asked whether I could speak Cantonese. Other victims said they could hear the voices speaking in Cantonese. After I left Australia, most voices were only in Mandarin. About ten people who spoke Mandarin had been torturing and harassing me 24 hours a day and 7 days a week, between May 2002 and April 2003. After April 2003, about ten Mandarin voices were used and only very few voices were in English, occasionally. I think that they have employed more Mandarin-speaking people to join them .

During the past few years, their weapons have attacked me, no matter where I am. In every country, anywhere, that is, inside a house, under the ground, on a plane, on a ship, under water, inside a car, on the top of a mountain..­.


My efforts of the past few years:-

For the past few years, I have been working hard to stop these fascist atrocities.

I reported these crimes to the police when I was in Australia in January and February 2002. I wrote letters to the United Nations after I left Australia.

I had Peace Talks with them. I told them once that in case they could stop torturing and harassing me within a limited time, I would tell everyone that I was volunteering to let them practice their weapons on me. I had renewed the deadline three times until 12 December 2004. I had tried to encourage them to do something good like "we only have one earth,we need to protect our earth".


If you wish to know more details of my story, please go to:

Soleilmavis Liu, Author of the book: Twelve Years in the Grave – Mind Control with Electromagnetic Spectrums, the Invisible Modern Concentration Camp”, is helping the public understand voice-to-skull, and remote electromagnetic mind control technologies. Her book provides the sound facts and evidence about the secret abuse and torture with such technologies.


Since 2005, I have written some letters to the United Nations,I made some research about mindcontrol weapons on the Internet and got a lot of good information. I found a lot of victims all over the world who are going through the same nightmarish life as me..


After 2006, I made further research about Mind Control and Directed Energy Weapons. I am keeping in touch with other victims and have exposed Mind Control and Directed Energy Weapons torturing and harassing through all channels worldwide. We have already written so many letters to government departments, social communities, Human Rights organizations, the media and the general public.


Other victims' stories:

Currently, there are many victims who claim that they are tortured and harassed by Mind Control and Directed Energy Weapons. The number of victims has been increasing. The victims have very small financial means and cannot afford to buy testing equipment, so even if they get poisoned or get an implant or suffer from brutal electromagnetic weapons torture, they cannot get a check-up nor get any help from anybody.


If you wish to know more victims' story, please go to:-


(1) Many countries have developed various types of Mind Control Weapons (drugs, chips, nano or electromagnetic waves). Have the various governments worldwide also introduced a law system to control the use of such weapons?


(2) What effective legal systems and other measures have our governments set up to prevent the misuse of such weapons.


(3) Once there is misuse of such weapons, how can we get help from our government to protect the victims? And how to expose the torturers to legal sanctions and severe punishment?




Here are some lawsuits I have filed, please help with my lawsuits


Thank you for your attention and your support.

Best Regards




Online Petition:

Ban Mind Control/Directed Energy Weapons abuse and torture

My Cause: Ban Mind Control/Directed Energy Weapons abuse and torture

My Group: Peacepink (Ban mind control/directed energy weapons abuse and torture)

My Page: Peacepink (Ban mind control/directed energy weapons abuse and torture)



(In English)

(In Spanish)

(In French)

(In Italian)

(In Russia)


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Soleilmavis' Story (Apr2002 -- Aug2002)

This is the edited version of Chapter 3.

Before sending to the publisher, Please have a look and point out any mistake of spelling, grammer or other.


Chapter Three: God’s consolation brought joy to my soul


Psalm 94:

18 When I said, “My foot is slipping.” Your love, O Lord, supported me.

19 When anxiety was great within me, your consolation brought joy to my soul.


A bright full moon was hanging in the dark blue sky, so clean, so clear and so high. This was a really unpredictable journey in my life. This was a journey that I was looking for something good to come out of; waiting, hoping and remembering with my life and my heart. This journey was a soul experience, and I was hoping for a future. Looking at such a bright moon in the cloudless sky, I could feel that God was with me. God was like the bright moon, accompanying me with my journey and illuminating my future.


The voices did not harass me as I was listening to a song with these words –


“One world we can make, all wonders love can bring, ……, the whole world following you, to the leader of the land.”


Closing my eyes, sitting quietly, I did not think of anything.


When the airplane landed, I was almost the last one walking out of the airplane. Wearing earphones and listening to the Walkman, I paid little attention to my surroundings. The soothing rhythm and words of the song, “It is me you are looking for” encompassed me. My paces were leisurely, and just fit the melody of the music. People always used to say that I walked fast, fearless and militant, but today, I kept a slow pace.


In the Thailand Airport, I saw some hotel reservation desks. I booked a room in a cheap hotel. The hotel also offered a free, one-day sight-seeing tour to some Buddhist temples in Thailand. The young driver who took me to that hotel had a short conversation with me, while driving me to the hotel. He said his grandfather was from China, and also asked about me, such as, where I was from and what my career was. I answered his questions very briefly with the words, “I am a student from Australia”.


The hotel was located in a dirty and messy area, close to some construction sites. The wind swirled dust about the streets.


After simple dinner and a good shower, I sat in the room and felt bewildered. What was I going to do in Thailand? Where could I go to get help? Who could tell me what I should do? I did not have any plan of action. Sitting on the bed, wearing earphones and listening to the music, I was completely drawing a blank and stared blankly for a long time.


I had wished to hear God’s voice, but God could not talk to me with a voice when there were so many other voices harassing me. Those voices which had been harassing me all most 24 hours a day were human beings. I knew there must be some other way that God could “talk” to me. Suddenly, I remembered something: “The Bible is God’s word!”


I had been reading the booklet that introduced the Bible, which I carried with me when I left the hotel in Hong Kong, but, I did not know which words could tell me what I should do in such a lost and bewildering situation. I took out the booklet, closed my eyes, knelt down, and held the book in my hands, praying, “God, I don’t know what to do. Please guide me. If you are really here, please open the booklet together with me, and use the words in the Bible to guide me.”


I opened the booklet with my eyes closed, and pointed at somewhere of the page with my forefinger. I opened my eyes and found that my finger exactly pointed to a word, “The Queen of the South will rise at the judgment with this generation and condemn it; for she came from the ends of the earth to listen to Solomon's wisdom, and now one greater than Solomon is here”, Matthew 12:42. Also, there was a line of small print which said that the Queen would rise in the South Land.


I felt even more puzzled as soon as I read these words. Was God telling me that I was the Queen of the South? When was the Judgment? Where were the ends of the earth? What was Solomon’s wisdom? How could I find Solomon’s wisdom? How could one be greater than Solomon? What did the queen mean? Did the queen mean that I must find a king to get married? With so many questions to contend with, I found myself in a deeper confusion.


However, I at least understood one important thing; here in the Bible, the queen was not an administrative position of government. Jesus was the King; he had never had an administrative position of government.


Moreover, I had a royal blood, same with Jesus Christ; this should be a coincidence that I had some connection with a queen. Ancestors of my father and my mother were both Emperors of ancient China. I was indeed a princess of an unknown generation of both Han and Tang Dynasties.


My mother’s family descended from Emperors of the Tang Dynasty (618ACE-907ACE). The Tang Dynasty, with its capital at Chang'an (present-day Xi'an), which at the time was the most populous city in the world, was generally regarded as a high point in Chinese civilization — equal to, or surpassing that of, the earlier Han Dynasty (202BCE-220ACE) — a golden age of cosmopolitan culture. Its territory, acquired through the military campaigns of its early rulers, rivaled that of the Han Dynasty. Besides political hegemony, the Tang also exerted a powerful cultural influence over neighboring states such as those in Korea, Japan, and Vietnam.


My father’s family descended from Emperors of the Han Dynasty (202BCE-220ACE). The Han Dynasty was an age of economic prosperity. Spanning over four centuries, the period in which this dynasty ruled was considered the golden age in Chinese history. To this day, China's majority ethnic group refers to itself as the “Han people” (Han Race).


Liu Bang (256BC or 247BCE–June 1, 195BCE), was the first emperor of the Han Dynasty, ruling over China from 202BCE to 195BCE. Liu was one of the few dynasty founders in Chinese history that emerged from the peasant class. Liu Bang was born and raised in a farmer’s family. His non-biological father and his mother, who were called Uncle Liu and Auntie Liu, were farmers in Feng County. In his youth, Liu Bang liked making friends more than learning how to farm. Liu Bang was a man of a merciful and compassionate nature; he loved others and liked almsgiving; he was an expansive person, who was prepared to aim high.


Liu Lei was officially recognized as the ancestor of Liu Bang’s non-biological father, “Lu Shi-Hou Ji” told us that Liu Lei was a descendant of Yao, a legendary monarch in ancient China.


The Records of the Grand Historian, authored by a Chinese historian named Sima Qian, who deserved high praise for recording accurate history that was never deceptively pleasing, nor hiding of any ugliness, during the period of 109 BCE to 91 BCE, told us that Liu Lei was a Dragon Tamer in Xian Dynasty (about 2070BCE-1600BCE). Liu's family regarded dragons as likeable animals which could be tamed, but they did not worship the dragon.


After Han Dynasty, ancestors of my father escaped to Sichuan and Yunnan Province to avoid the wars. Before the ancestors of my father moved to East Shandong Peninsula during about 1650-1750, they had hidden in Yunnan Province for more than 1000 years, to avoid the wars and massacres of those times.


Despite all those questions, there was still another slightest bit of a coincidence. I had just lived in Australia where people called it, the South Land. The booklet said, “The Queen would rise in the South Land”, if I was the Queen of the South, I had fulfilled the condition of the “south”.


The name of Australia came from the Latin word “terraaustralis”, which meant the south land. When Europeans in the 17th century first came to Australia, they believed that the Australian continent was through the South Pole, until today, people still called it the Great South Land – Australia.


Australia's financial and mining booms between 1969 and 1970 (the year when I was born) resulted in the establishment of headquarters for many major companies (BHP Billiton and Rio Tinto, among others) in the city. Nauru's then booming economy resulted in several ambitious investments in Melbourne, such as Nauru House. Nauru had become incredibly wealthy, thanks to the selling of phosphate, and began the Nauru Phosphate Royalties Trust (NPRT) to re-invest profits in international real-estate. Melbourne remained Australia's main business and financial center until the late 1970s, when it began to lose this primacy to Sydney. [1]


Because I did not know Australian universities very well, and I did not have time to cope with all the red tape, I found an agent to search for a good university for me and to handle the application procedures of the university and for a visa. Studying in Melbourne, Victoria, the southernmost city of the Australian continent was only a contingency of my choice, but, was it an inevitable choice of God’s plan?


Before I applied to the university in Australia, I also had applied for General Skilled Migration to New Zealand and got approval in principle.


I closed the book with a sigh. After suffering for such a long time, I felt that my brain was rusty and could not move smoothly. There must be a way out somewhere. But today, I was too tired, I needed a good sleep.


Listening to the Walkman seemed to prevent the harassment from those voices, but sometimes I still could hear a few clear words, such as, “Spy! Spy!”


I was very tired of their voices. I “said” to them, by thinking in my mind, that I was not interested in being a spy. I told those voices, “Although spying is also a kind of job; same as police, soldier, banker, business owner, computer engineer, accounting, lawyer or even a cleaner. I do not want to be a spy. If you want to employ a spy, you can employ Sandy. She is much better than me.”


Still harassing me, those voices said that the USA Embassy in Thailand knew me too.


I wore earphones and listened to the music when I slept. I felt that my thoughts were untied from those invisible strings. I slept very well at night.


The next morning, after taking a shower, I stood in front of my window and looked out. I was pleased and surprised to find some white pigeons flying in front of my window. There were white pigeons accompanying me even when I lived in Thailand! “These white pigeons are my white angels.” A warm feeling flourished in my heart.


I was in a happy mood and went to have some breakfast. As soon as I came back my room, the reception called me and said that three people, who would take me for the free, one-day sight-seeing tour to the Buddhist temples, were waiting for me downstairs. I changed my clothes and met them in the lobby. Having a look simply at the hotel registration card, they drove me on the way.


Our first stop was a temple which had a 700 year old golden statue of Buddha. The temple was crowded with visitors, so I only could cast an eye over the statues. Being there only about two minutes, I asked them to drive me to the next stop. The second temple had a 300 year old statue of Buddha. It was crowded with visitors too. I did not have the patient to wait the long queue to enter the temple; we went to the third temple which had a 100 year old statue of Buddha. Seeing only a few people there, I took out my shoes and entered the temple, looking carefully at each Buddha statue.


I was only 45kg now; wearing a sky-blue short sleeved shirt, a black skirt, all most everyone thought I was no more than 20 years old.


When I was being driven to my hotel after visiting the temples, one of them suddenly said to me, “Look at that building. That is the USA Embassy in Thailand.” Looking at the building, I saw that it was very heavily guarded. I just gave a wee smile and a gentle nod. Since I started suffering from the harassment of voices and tortures, I talked much less. For a long time, I would only use a slight smile, a gentle nod, or shaking my head instead of speaking. My face was consistently calm and I always displayed graceful manners. I spoke with warm, soft, and gentle voices when I had to speak.


The next morning, I remembered that those voices used to say that the USA Embassy in Thailand knew me. I decided to go to the USA Embassy of Thailand to investigate.


I walked to a main street and called a taxi to the USA Embassy in Thailand. Many fully armed police officers (and soldiers) were outside the Embassy. I went directly to a person in charge. I told him I came to look for someone inside the Embassy. He said that an entry permit was required. He also said. “There is an important meeting in the Embassy today; there is a large attendance at the meeting. You can wait here, if someone comes out from the Embassy, you can ask him”. I sat there and waited for a long time. Actually, I did not know whom I was waiting for. I was waiting for someone who would come to me, liked it used to be in Hong Kong, since I just wanted to see whether those voices were telling the truth.


After one hour, no one came to me. The person in charge said to me, “You can go to the visa office to ask”. He showed me the way to the visa office, and I left. I found an officer at the visa office, and talked to him for a while. He gave me an address and told me to go to another office to look for help. It was already 12pm by the time I got to that second office, and there was only a young lady sitting behind a desk. I told her that I was looking for the manager. She told me that they had gone out for lunch and to come back after 1pm.


I did not want to take lunch, so I just waited until they came back. I gave my writing paper to one of them. They had a look at the paper and said, “We cannot help you with this matter”.


Coming out from that office, I went to the visa office again, and gave my writing paper to a lady and said that I wanted to get a visa to go to the USA. The lady read my paper carefully and finally said that she had to report the matter to the authorities. I asked how long it would take to get the results, and she said that it would take a month. I told her I could not wait that long, said goodbye to her, and left.


I got something to eat and went back to my hotel by taxi. At late afternoon, I went out for a walk, and I indeed felt that I was followed by someone. I walked slowly to a small shop and bought some papers, and then headed back to the hotel. I went to bed very early that evening, wearing earphones and listening to soft music while sleeping.


In the next few days, I had no idea of what I should do. I had no interest in going shopping or sight-seeing. Every day, I ordered food from room service. I stayed in my room, reading books or listening to music.


I wore earphones and listened to the CD player almost 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, even when I slept. The music helped me to sleep well. I felt that those CDs were my closest friends, accompanying me every day. When I was crying, the singers seemed to be crying; when I was happy, the singers seemed to be happy; when I was down, the singers tried to bring me up; when I was anxious, the singers tried to calm me. 


When I was listening to the songs and letting my imagination run wild, I would often draw some doodles unconsciously on papers, such as stars, hearts, arrows, my name, and sometimes, houses, cars, and freehand simple stick figures. Even I had not known the meanings of these doodles. I kept all these doodles inside my luggage. I read an article about Ruth Rostron, professional handwriting analyst and vice-chair of the British Institute of Graphologists, who proposed that what you chose to doodle would reveal volumes about your personality and mood. 


According to Rostron, drawing a heart indicated you were in love with someone. I was not in love with someone, but I indeed felt the love from God when I suffered horribly from those voices.


Lots of little stars indicated optimism. If you had drawn one big, bold, embellished star, you had a definite goal in your sights. A determined person with a specific goal in mind would draw arrows, subconsciously “aiming” at his or her “target”. I believed that God had already set a goal for me; I was just not very clear what that goal was now.


Doodling your name or initials was common for those who enjoyed being the center of attention. In God’s goal for me, I needed to be the center of attention, but even I was unclear about this at this moment.


Doodling a form of transport, such as a car or train, often indicated a desire to escape from a situation. Doodling houses indicated a need for security. When I stayed in Hong Kong and Thailand, I did feel unsafe and I longed to escape from my very troubling situation.


I also wrote down some aphorisms while reading books, which I thought they encouraged me during such a hard time.

(1) Using modesty maintains the body; using virtue maintains the heart; using benevolence maintains myriads of things; using morals maintains generation by generation.

(2) In adverse circumstances, we should open up; in smooth circumstances, we should restrain; intelligence is like a mirror: happiness, riches and honor erect it; difficulties and hardships will mill it.

(3) Reputation is conspicuous from mortification (humiliation); Moral integrity rises from bearing patiently.

(4) Staying alone, one should be aloof; staying with other people, one should be friendly; when nothing is happening, one should be clear; when something is happening, one should be resolute and decisive; during complacency, one should be cool; during disappointment, one should maintain perfect composure.

(5) Having good morals is a quality like fine gold and precious jade: they must be forged from raging fire.

(6) To establish great success, one must cross very slight ice.


Those voices seemed as if they were coming from a room upstairs since the second week. Once, I went upstairs to find the source of these voices, but I did not find anyone there. I did not suffer any physical symptoms at this point, but I felt sad that those voices were still harassing me.


On April 17, 2002, I woke up early, standing in front of the window for a while, looking up to the clear and cloudless sky, and looking at white pigeons flying in front of my windows. I had a feeling that I must do something to solve my problems.


After breakfast, I sat in the hotel and listened to the Walkman, “One world we can make, all wonders love can bring, ……, We all have one heart.” Listening to this song, I thought, “We only have one earth; we are indeed living in one world. There seems to be so much fighting due to misunderstandings. I guess that those people torturing and harassing me with such cruelty must be a result of a misunderstanding. Indeed, there must be something I can do to try to solve the problem.”


I believed that through love, care, and respect, we could bring some wonders to our earth, just like what the song said.


At this point, I had no contact with anyone. The only group of people who “talked” to me was those voices. I picked up two words from that song “One world”, and “told” them that I would like to initiate a one world love. “One world” was not an organization. We’re all living on the same earth, in “one world”, and we could initiate some good things together. Even if they were spies, they could do some things other than just stealing secrets.


Did not know how long I listened to the songs, let my imagination run wild, and drew some doodles unconsciously on papers, finally, I thought to myself, “I need to pray to God and see if God will tell me something.”


I pulled myself together and looked at the paper I had been drawing on. I had doodled up a full piece of paper with hearts, using a pink pen; and the words, “I love you”, and “looking for love” using a sky-blue pen. I had doodled up a full piece of paper with hands, and the words, “helping hands”. I also had doodled up a full piece of paper with the words, “love” and “we all have one heart!” I remembered that those voices used to say the words, “Spy! Spy!” I also wrote down some words like, “Kid, do not be a spy, you are a normal girl, not a spy.”


I stopped listening to my Walkman, put the doodled papers inside the luggage, and took out the booklet which introduced the Bible. I closed my eyes, knelt down, and held the book in my hands, praying, “I wish God tell me what to do. Please open the booklet together with me, and use the words in the Bible to tell me what I should do.”


I opened the booklet with my eyes closed, and pointed at somewhere of the page with my forefinger. I opened my eyes and found that my finger pointed to a passage, “But I tell you who hear me: Love your enemies, do good to those who hate you, bless those who curse you, pray for those who mistreat you (Luke 6:27-28).”


What a surprise! I felt very surprised and happy. God agreed with me on giving them a chance to correct their mistakes of torturing and harassing me, and on initiating a world of love. This time, I felt that I was able to successfully interact and communicate in a good way with God.


I wrote down my initial words, “Love your enemies like you love yourself. Love your neighbors. Let there be no murder, no theft, no adultery, and no violence. Put down your weapons and stop the fighting at night.”


I heard some voices say, “We can join her to initiate a one world love.”


However, I still needed to find some people to help me to stop those voices harassing me. Since those voices started harassing me, I had talked about the technologies to many people. Yet, most of them could not believe me, saying, “You must have a mental problem, we have never heard of such technologies.” I knew most people could not help me to settle my problem. I decided to write to Mr. George W. Bush, the USA President, and Mr. Kofi Annan, the UN Secretary General, and ask them to help me.


I sat at the table and began to write my letters. I only wrote a few words, since I could not remember the spelling of many words. Being constantly tormented by those voices had had a negative impact on my memory. This dismayed me, since I used to having a good memory. When I was in middle school, I was one of few students who could reel off all the historical events in our history book. 


I put down my pen and looked for my electronic dictionary. It had disappeared! I turned my luggage upside down, and could not find my electronic dictionary. I then noticed that I had also lost a very expensive Jade Pendant, which I had kept with me for many years. I had no idea when or where my things were stolen out of my suitcase.


After breakfast the next morning, I took a taxi to a post office. Because I suspected I was being followed, I memorized the way my stuff was packed in my luggage before leaving my room.


I sent two letters via Express Mail Service: one to Mr. George W. Bush in Washington, D.C.; and one to Mr. Kofi Annan, in New York City. While I was out, I walked around the streets and bought many ice creams.


As soon as I returned to my room I immediately checked my luggage. The way I had arranged my things in my suitcases had been changed, the Bible booklet was stolen, and there was a Chinese Identification Card in my luggage. Who had made this China Identity Card and put it into my luggage? It seemed that they wanted me to go to China. I could not assume anything in this case. How can I go back to China, when I had not finished my Master’s Degree? I put the ID in an envelope and threw it into my luggage. It seemed clear that one group of people wanted me to go to China; while another group of people was being used to deter me from going to the USA. 


I remembered that my agent had told me that New Zealand Immigration had approved my application for Permanent Residence there. I had applied for the New Zealand Permanent Residence before I had applied to the University in Australia for my Master’s Degree. My agent had informed me I had received a positive result for Permanent Residence in New Zealand before I got my student visa for Australia.


I called my agent. He told me that he had sent a letter to me in November 2001, while I was in Australia, but I never received it. My agent faxed me a visa application form. The next day, I went to the New Zealand visa office in Thailand, but they said I could not apply for a visa in Thailand.


I decided I had to go back to Melbourne first. I thought that those people remotely torturing and harassing me with voices must have left Australia by now. Since my health was getting better, I figured I could go back and continue my study.


I bought an air ticket to Melbourne. The flight stopped for a layover at Sydney for a while and then continued on to Melbourne.


When the airplane landed in Melbourne airport at nightfall, I was disheartened and displeased. Following the crowd, I was the last one walking out of the airport. I decided to book a hotel room for fear that Sandy was not at home. As soon as I started pushing the luggage cart toward the taxi station, several people walked up to me, and one of them asked if I wanted to book a hotel room. I had gotten used to booking rooms at the airport, so I gave them a smile and said, “Yes”.


They immediately responded very warmly, “We can help you book a room.”


I did not care if the facilities there were modern and sound. I just needed a place to stay for the night. I asked briefly about the amenities, and said, “I just need to take a good shower and have a good sleep.”


They took my luggage cart immediately and warmly said, “Yes, we have everything you need, and we have a bus to take you to the hotel.” 


When I saw the minibus, I felt a bit strange; the windows of the minibus had bars on them. I stopped. While I was hesitating, one of them, who was standing behind me, grabbed my arms and pushed me into the minibus saying, “We must hurry, it is already late.”


He was very tall and fat, and looked really like a butcher. He grabbed me by my shoulders, making me feel like a little chick in his hands. I could not move even a little bit.


Sitting in the minibus, and noticing it running faster, I did not feel the slightest panic. Instead, I felt very calm. I used to pray for death when suffering the horrible pain and other symptoms, so I was not a bit afraid of death. “So many things have happened, what else will happen? Let me just wait and see”, I thought to myself.


After a long drive, the minibus finally stopped in front of a house. They took me inside the house. A middle-aged man received me in a room; his attitude seemed to be easy and gentle. He invited me to have a seat. I kept my polite manner and smiled to him, “Where is my room? I need to take a good shower and have a good sleep.”


He said, “Your room is ready, but we have to check your stuff first.”


I felt a bit nervous when I was thinking about how it was odd that so many groups of people wanted to check my stuff. I calmed myself, smiled at him, and said, “Yes, please feel free to do that.”


They checked my stuff very carefully, and finally they sent me to a room. Though my expectation was not high, I was still surprised with the distinctiveness of the room when I walked in. The thickness of the metal door was at least 40cm, and there was nothing inside the small room except an iron bed which was fixed on the ground. It was definitely beyond my imagination. I took just one look, turned round, and said, “I don’t want to stay in this room.”


The fat and tall guy immediately held my arms, and forced me into the room. I waged a desperate struggle for just a second, when suddenly, I understood that it was in vain.


As soon as they closed the door, the room became extremely quiet. I thought to myself, “Be calm and take things as they come”, as I stood in front of the window. I could see a corner of another room, in which there were two men were sitting, but the nearly 15 centimeters thick glass window and the metal door were soundproof so I could not hear any sound. I could also see a tall pillar, which was fixed with a lot of round shaped roundels, looking like small radars.


Who were they, and why did they lock me up here? After a very short burst of anger, my heart was filled with grief again.


Later, someone sent food to me. I asked for water, and one of them said, “I always drink tap water; you can drink tap water too.”


“You can drink tap water, but I cannot”, I said grimly. Soon, they brought me a bottle of water.  


The next day, one middle-aged man came with two very young men, he said to me, “Your visa has been cancelled, but on Monday, you can go to immigration to appeal for your student visa.”


Things had become increasingly complex and hard to fathom. The lady who had stopped me going to the USA and had sent me to Hong Kong had stressed that they would not cancel my student visa if I left Australia, why did this group cancel my student visa?


I opened my mouth, but the words did not come. The middle aged man said, “You don’t know who I am.”


“I don’t know who you are.” I popped out with anger.


“Who are they?!” I thought to myself. I had been dealing with so many people during the past five months, some face to face, some concealed. A strange idea suddenly came upon me: In Chinese opera, when the leading role was go up onto the platform, many extra roles played a short bustling interlude between verses. I actually did not have to know who they were, or why they came to me; what they were doing and what they were going to do. I just regarded them as extra roles, playing short bustling interludes before I was going to play my role in the real life opera. But what was my role in the real life opera? I did not know yet. Maybe God would let me know my life role, in the near future.


I had been suffering from the harassment of the voices and many symptoms for nearly five months now, in constant sorrow and despair through my days. However, I still acted tranquilly, as usual.


Two days later, a few people came to me, saying that they must send me to Thailand. I heaved a sigh secretly, and said nothing. They did not let me go to immigration to appeal for my visa, instead of sending me to Thailand. They held my passport, air-ticket, and boarding pass, and carried my luggage. On the way, a fat and tall man even hooted out, “You must carry your luggage yourself!”


No doubt about it, I was polite, but my voice was low and cold, “If you do not want to carry the luggage, you can throw them away.” He said nothing, and carried my luggage and sent me to the airplane. They did not give me my passport.


This flight seemed very short, the plane landed again. Following the crowd, I was the last one coming out of the airplane. As soon as I walked down the ladder, a few people came to me and said, “We are waiting for you to pick you up.”


A small minibus was stopped beside the plane. They held my passport. I had to follow them to their minibus and the minibus began to roll. They stopped the minibus at the airport building, and brought me out, turning me, left and right. They also forced me to sign some papers. Finally, they sent me to a room where they had locked up many people.


My brain felt rusty: I could not figure out what had just happened, but now, at least, I could have a rest. Looking around the room, I found that it used to be a toilet. Inside the room was a toilet. They locked females up in one room, and males in another. There was only one wide bed in each room for all the people. Doors of these two rooms were always locked, and opened only when new one was brought in and old one was brought out. Several guards sit outside these two rooms, there was another door to the outside.


I had been wearing earphones and listening to the music in the airplane, in the minibus, and now in the room. I kept quiet, thought nothing and worried about nothing. Occasionally, I still could hear those “voices”.


The next day, they did not let me go. I argued with them why they locked me here. None of them gave me an answer. A young female guard became very mean towards me. At one point, she even pushed me with her hands, but a black man who was locked up there too, stood between me and her. Later, when this female guard became mean towards me, the black man always stood between me and her. I was thankful that he was trying to protect me. I wanted to take some photos of the room, but the female guard took my camera and would not return it to me.


I did not want to eat the food they prepared. I started fasting in March of 2002. Luckily, another female guard said that she would help me get vegetables and fruits from outside of this prison. Most of the time, I stayed alone quietly. If other people wanted to talk to me, I smiled at them, politely and gracefully.


A few days later, another black man who was locked up there, said to me, “You must get out of here.”


I asked, “Who is in charge of this place? I don’t know whom I should contact.”


He gave me a telephone card and gave me a telephone number and said, “This is the number of one of Thailand airport immigration officers. You call him with this phone card.”


I asked those young guards, who were in charge of them, and one young guard gave me a telephone number. I was able to make few phone calls.


On May 2, 2002, a lady came to get me. She asked me to pay for an airline ticket from Thailand to Guangzhou, China. Anything to get out of there! A male carried my luggage and took me to the airplane going to Guangzhou. I asked about my camera, but they urged me to embark immediately and did not help me to get my camera back.


This large airplane had very few people on it. Sitting in the airplane, I listened to music. I derided myself, “Now I really feel like a speed-post parcel, but going to China instead of the US.”


They gave me back my passport when the airplane landed at Guangzhou airport. I booked a hotel room there. Since I had not taken a shower for more than a week, my appearance was unseemly in my dirty clothes. After a nice bath, I went to the restaurant to have a good dinner.


After dinner, I made some phone calls from my room. I also made a phone call to Mr. Kofi Annan, because I wished to know whether he had received the letter which I had sent from Thailand, but his office said that he was not in because he had travelled to another country.


Despite the bad news, I had a good sleep that night. The next morning, I went for a walk for a while, and bought some new underwear. I also booked an airline ticket from Guangzhou to Qingdao.


On May 3, 2002, I flew to Qingdao. On the airplane, I was worrying that I was still being harassed by those voices, and there were some people who seemed to be following my tracks. It would be very dangerous for my family members if I went back home now. So, I decided to not go home, but go to Shanghai from Qingdao.  


I booked a hotel room from the airport, and took a taxi to the hotel. After taking a shower, I stood in front of the window and watched the landscape. Oh! again, some white pigeons were flying in front of my window.


I stayed in Qingdao for one night. Unfortunately, one of my luggage was stolen, I lost some jewelries, clothes, documents, and that false China Identity Card, which someone had secretly put inside my bag in Thailand. I went to buy a new luggage on May 4, 2002, and flew to Shanghai the same day.


When the airplane landed at Pudong airport, I booked a hotel room at the Shanghai International Convention Center in the airport, as usual. When I arrived at the hotel, I found there was a very important meeting going on. I took a taxi to the Hilton Hotel.


After taking a good bath, I found the Shanghai Yellow Pages to look for a property agent. This agent took me to Wanhangdu Road, to have a look at a vacant apartment there. Because I thought I would stay in Shanghai for a short time, I wanted to stay just anywhere. I did not care about the facilities and the price. I immediately signed the contract with the house owner, and paid one month rent.


I shifted to the apartment on May 6th. Next morning, as soon as I opened the window, I found some white pigeons flying in front of my window. I found myself hooked up with these white pigeons which made me feel that God and angels were with me. I had a good mood and went out to buy a mobile phone and some books, including two books on macroeconomics and microeconomics, as well as an English-Chinese dictionary.


On May 7th, I went to a Chinese post office, and sent a letter, by Express Mail Service, to Mr. Kofi Annan to look for help to settle my problems. I also sent my visa application form for New Zealand by EMS to the immigration agent in New Zealand.


I received a letter from Mr. Kofi Annan’s public officer after 14 days which did not mention that he could help me settle my problem. I also received a positive reply from the immigration agent in New Zealand, asking me to send my passport to the New Zealand Immigration office in Beijing, to get the visa attached. I took a taxi to the post office, and sent my passport to New Zealand Immigration in Beijing immediately.


Before long, I again felt that someone followed my tracks when I went out for a walk. Each time, before I went out, I memorized the arrangement of my things in my luggage. One day, I found that one of the CDs was moved.


The first week I stayed in Shanghai, the voices left me alone. By the second week however, the voices came again, and I started suffering from many symptoms. I seldom came out of my apartment. I called a housekeeping company and asked them to send a cleaner to my house twice a week to help me buy food and daily necessities, went to the post office to send my letters, or clean the house.


The voices became crueler with the harassment. They did not even allow me to sleep at night. I had already understood that my symptoms were because whoever was behind those voices were using high technologies to abuse and torture me.


They sounded as if they had moved to my neighbors’ houses again, like before. I lived on the 17th floor, and the voices sounded as if they were coming from upstairs or from a room of an apartment opposite my building.


I could not prevent those voices from penetrating directly into my brain; even I wore earphones and listened to music 24 hours a day. I heard those voices talking to me along with the music. At first, I suspected that those CDs had their voices recorded on them. So I sent some CDs to the United Nations on July 21, 2002. In my letter accompanying the CDs, I stated that their voices sounded as if they were living in my neighbors’ houses.


I called New Zealand almost every day, urging the immigration agent to get the visa for me as soon as possible. He said that normally it only took a few weeks to get the visa done, but he also felt strange that this time it took such a long time to get the visa. He said that he called almost every day to New Zealand Immigration in Beijing to urge them to issue the visa.


I still tried to read some books despite the horrible sufferings and harassment, some were English books: macro-economics, micro-economics; some Chinese books, such as “Chicken Soup for The Soul” and some Classical Poems; I also learned French from DVD.


One sentence from a book was immediately rooted in my mind: “5 Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding; 6 in all your ways submit to him, and he will make your paths straight; 7 Do not be wise in your own eyes; fear the Lord and shun evil. (Proverbs 3:5-6)”. As soon as I read it, I really got hooked. I wrote down these words on a piece of paper and kept it in my handbag.


I read a story about God that asked three questions: “First Question: Do you pray for money? If you pray for money, I can make your one of the richest people on the earth. Second Question: Do you pray for the power? If you pray for power, I can make you one of the most powerful people on the earth. Third Question: What do you pray for? If you pray for love, I will give all my love to you.”


I gave my answers without even a moment’s hesitation: “I do not pray for money and power, I pray for love.” I understood my life clearly, in the direction of trusting in the lord and doing everything he asked me to do.


A story about a 35 year old father and a 5 year old son, from “Chicken Soup for the Soul”, made a deep impression on me. The father wore a rubber dragon on the collar which was made by his son as a Christmas gift. He said, “Good will is the most important thing!” The rubber dragon was very cheap and of poor workmanship, but it was made with true love. In the father´s eyes, the poor workmanship of the rubber dragon was actually more precious than all money in the national treasury. Nothing was dearer than love!


I regarded the whole world as the father, and regarded myself as the 5 year old son. I should learn from the five year old son and do something with all my love to the whole world. Would it bring a hope for settling my problems by doing something with love?


Those voices had harassed and tortured me for such a long time, and they now laughed at my every word, my every action. Why had these people worked so hard to harm me and bring suffering to my life? They had been waylaying my harmless soul, and swallowing me alive, like the grave. Did I have a problem or did the world have a problem? I was like an injured angel: I suffered because of the horrible sins of mankind.


God had revealed how much he cared about me and loved me with signs, wonders and miracles when I suffered horribly. Those white pigeons had been accompanying me when I stayed in Melbourne, Thailand, Qingdao and Shanghai; they were white angels from God who had been comforting me. And that it was always raining heavily when I suffered a lot and cried; the heavens and God were crying for my suffering. I knew that it rained for me; that the pigeons flew for me. The love from God could light me, even when I lived in this grave. God’s consolation brought joy to my soul.


According to records, from May to July of 2002, precipitation occurred mainly in the south - in the middle and lower reaches of the Yangtze River. The maximum resultant flow into the Luo Shan hydrometric station was 89100 cubic meters per second, the third historical record only after 1954 and 1998.


I had known that I was a promise from God on March 2002 in Melbourne. I loved peace and fully supported the zero-tolerance policy for torture, but I had made my promise that I would give those voices a chance to correct their mistakes if they could put down their weapons on time. Meanwhile, I had fasted since March 2002 to show them that I would keep my promise.


I had had an experience of being able to successfully interact and communicate with God by praying and opening the Bible with my eyes closed in Thailand. God had revealed that he agreed to have me initiate world love by opening the Bible for me. Even though I did not have a Bible now in my luggage, the paper was still there, on which I had written down (while in Thailand in April 2002) my first intention from quotations to - “Love your enemies, do good to those who hate you, bless those who curse you, pray for those who mistreat you (Luke 6:27-28)”, and “put down your weapons and stop fighting at night.”


I was not going to establish an organization, but just wished to advocate something good - starting with those people who were involved in monitoring me and harassing me with voices, then to other people who would approach me in the future.


I wrote down another intention: Environmental protection. The world population was rising so quickly that the world had become too crowded. Environmental protection was closely related not only to personal life, but also to the entire human race and the world’s future development. Extensive industrialization, which brought about all the conveniences and facilities we enjoyed today, had depended on the comprehensive exploitation of the earth’s natural resources found in the environment. In other words, to protect the environment was an urgent task. I could say for sure that I had been an environmentally friendly individual since birth. I had formed the good habit of frugality since I was young. I never wore new clothes until I entered university, and I seldom bought new clothes until now. I neither wasted food, nor any piece of draft papers. 


I understood that my initiation of one world love was cheap and poor workmanship, like the rubber dragon made by the 5 year old son for his 35 year old father. And so, I believed that God treasured my poor workmanship.


On August 4th, 2002, I received my passport with visa attached from the New Zealand Immigration of Beijing. I called the cleaner to come clean the house, and called the house owner to come to check the house and settle the account. On August 5th, 2002, the cleaner sent me off to the airport. I bought an airline ticket at the airport to Auckland, New Zealand.



[1] Melbourne - Wikipedia accessed August 19, 2013

Soleilmavis Liu, Author of the book: Twelve Years in the Grave – Mind Control with Electromagnetic Spectrums, the Invisible Modern Concentration Camp”, is helping the public understand voice-to-skull, and remote electromagnetic mind control technologies. Her book provides the sound facts and evidence about the secret abuse and torture with such technologies.

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Имя: Soleilmavis
Гражданство: Китай
Начало преследования: с декабря 2001 года.

Уважаемые дамы и господа! Я поддерживаю всемирную компанию против пыток и унижений,
осуществляемых посредством психотронного оружия. Я являюсь жертвой электронного воздействия, организованного сталкинга и пыток с применением оружия дистанционного воздействия. Я живу в Китае. Имею китайское гражданство. Впервые подверглась воздействию
в декабре 2001 года, когда училась на степень Магистра в Австралии. Все началось с каких-то
шумов, которые доносились этажом ниже. Другие люди, живущие в доме, не слышали этого
шума. В январе 2002 года я переехала в одноэтажный дом, шумы, как казалось, шли от соседей.
У меня появилось много разных симптомов.

Основные симптомы таковы:
Боль во всем теле: боль в желудке, зубная боль, головная боль, боли в руках и ногах, иногда был
также сильный жар. Все эти симптомы проходили без какого-либо лечения. А иногда боли не
проходили, несмотря на интенсивное лечение. В январе 2002 года я обратилась в полицию с
жалобой на то, что кто-то меня преследует и использует технику, позволяющую читать мои
мысли. В полиции я рассказала, что их голоса звучали так, как будто шли от соседей. Полицейские
сказали, что использование технологий, считывающих мысли, в Австралии незаконно.
В феврале 2002 года я переехала в другой одноэтажный дом. Симптомы значительно увеличились:
диарея в течение почти месяца, непроизвольный тремор рук, невозможность твердо стоять на
ногах, чередование ощущения холода и жара, черезмерное потовыделение и так далее. Как правило, симптомы проходили без какого-либо лечения. Не имея больше сил терпеть мучений, я
5 апреля 2002 года покинула Австралию. Когда я уехала, голоса все-таки не прошли. Я поехала в
Гонконг, Таиланд, Шанхай, материковый Китай, но голоса звучали и звучали, как будто от соседей.
Те же болезненные симптомы все время возобновлялись и мои вещи часто крали из отелей в
мое отсувствие.
В августе 2002 года я прибыла в Новою Зеландию. И вновь те же симптомы. К апрелю 2003 года
я истратила все свои деньги. Я вернулась в Китай к родителям. Появились новые симптомы: запоры, недержание, преследования сексуальные. Мне также не давали спать в ночное время, или
будили среди ночи. Иногда на меня нагоняли сон, когда я не хотела спать. Иногда мне наводили
"сновидения". Я понимала, что эти "сновидения"- полностью искусственного происхождения и
передаются в мой мозг посредством их оружия. Принцип действия тот же, что и у приборов тихого звучания, которые могут передавать звуки в черепную коробку. В конце 2004 года они
наводили мне "сновидения" каждую ночь. Эти люди могут использовать свое электромагнитное
оружие для передачи своих голосов непосредственно в мой мозг. Они могут делать так, чтобы
голоса звучали как будто от соседей или находящегося рядом человека. Они могут также использовать свое оружие так, чтобы голоса звучали как голоса ваших друзей или членов вашей
семьи. После моего возвращения в Китай, их голоса все еще звучали как будто от соседей. Но я
знала, что это не голоса соседей. После августа 2004 года они больше не использовали эти трюки
с "голосами", хотя иногда они даже пытались заставить меня поверить, что я слышу голоса дикторов телевидения.
Я полагаю, что в основном они используют свои собственные голоса. Когда они начали мучить меня в Австралии, большинство из них говорили по-английски, тоько один или два говорили на
мандаринском диалекте
китайского языка, без других диалектов. Со второго месяца, еще более людей, говорящих на мандаринском диалекте присоединилось к ним. Они также спрашивали, говорю ли я на кантонском диалекте. Другие жертвы рассказывали, что они могли слышать голоса, говорящие по-кантонски.
Когда я покинула Австралию, большинство голосов были только на мандаринском диалекте. Около
десяти человек, говорящих на мандаринском, пытали и преследовали меня 24 часа в сутки и 7 дней в неделю, с мая 2002 по апрель 2003. С апреля 2003 года со мной говорили 10 голосов на
мандаринском и только несколько голосов иногда по-английски. Я думаю, они наняли несколько
людей, говорящих на мандаринском диалекте.
В течение последних нескольких лет их оружие атаковало меня, где бы я не находилась. В любой
стране, везде: в жилище, под землей, в самолете, на корабле, под водой, в автомобиле, на вершине

Моя деятельность в последние несколько лет:
В течение нескольких последних лет я мног работала, чтобы остановить эти фашистские зверства.
Я заявляла об этих преступлениях в полицию, когда находилась в Австралии в январе и феврале
2002 года. Я писала в ООН, после тоо, как покинула Австралию. Я пыталась договориться по-хорошему с психотронщиками. Я им говорила, что если они прекратят пытать и мучить меня
через определенное время, я буду всем говорить, что добровольно позволяла им испытывать их
оружие на мне. Я переносила конечную дату три раза, до 12 декабря 2004 года. Я пыталась
вдохновить их на что-нибудь доброе, типа: "у нас лишь одна земля, нам нужно защитить ее".
Если вы хотите узнать больше про мою историю, пожалуйста, заходите по

Soleilmavis Liu, Author of the book: Twelve Years in the Grave – Mind Control with Electromagnetic Spectrums, the Invisible Modern Concentration Camp”, is helping the public understand voice-to-skull, and remote electromagnetic mind control technologies. Her book provides the sound facts and evidence about the secret abuse and torture with such technologies.

С 2005 года я написала несколько писем в ООН, произвела несколько исследований в интернете по
психотронному оружию и получила массу полезной информации. Я нашла множество жертв с о всего света, которые проходят через тот же кошмар, что и я.
C 2006 я провела дальнейшее изучение темы управления сознанием и оружия дистанционного
воздействия. Я поддерживаю связь с другими жертвами и освещаю тему управления сознанием и
психотронного оружия через все каналы по всему миру. Мы уже написали множество писем в
правительственные структуры, общественные и правозащитные организации, в прессу и широкой

Истории других жертв:
В настоящее время есть много жертв, заявляющих, что их преследуют и мучают оружием управления сознанием и дистанционного воздействия. Число жертв растет. Жертвы находятся в
очень стесненном финансовом положении и не могут себе позволить приобрести оборудование
для тестирования, так что даже если они отравлены, если в них вживлены имплантанты или если они страдают от жестокого воздействия электромагнитным оружием, они не могут ни пройти
обследования, ни получить никакой помощи.
Если вы хотите знать больше об истории жертв, заходите:
1) Во многих странах разработаны различные виды оружия управления сознанием (медикаменты,
чипы, наноприборы или электромагнитные волны). Приняли ли также различные правительства государств систему законов для контроля над использованием такого оружия?
2) Какую эффективную систему законов и прочие меры приняли наши правительства для предотвращения незаконного применения такого оружия.
3) Если существует незаконное применение данного оружия, каким образом мы можем получить помощь от наших правительств для защиты жертв? И как привлечь преступников к ответу и должному наказанию?


Прилагаю некоторые иски, помогите мне, пожалуйста, дать им ход.

Спасибо за внимание и поддержку.
С наилучшими пожеланиями



(Английский )





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Thanks to Mr Rudy from France for translating it into French and into Spanish

Citizenship: China
Year Torture/Abuse Began: Dec 2001


Je suis victime de harcèlement électronique, de contrôle mental, de filature organisée et de torture par des armes à énergie dirigée.
Je vis en Chine, je suis de nationalité chinoise. Les premières agressions commencèrent en décembre 2001, alors que je préparais un diplôme de Master en Australie.
Dans un premier temps, j'entendais des bruits venant de l'étage inférieur, mais que les autres occupants de la maison ne pouvaient pas entendre. J'ai déménagé dans une maison sans étage en janvier 2002, les bruits semblaient venir des voisins. Divers symptômes commencèrent à se faire sentir.

Les principaux symptômes sont:

douleurs sur tout le corps; douleurs à l'estomac; maux de dents; douleurs aux jambes, aux bras. J'ai également eu quelques fièvres élevées. Tous ces symptômes disparaissaient sans aucun traitement médical. Ou parfois, une douleur persistait, en dépit d'une importante médication.
En janvier 2002, j'ai fait une déposition à la police, dans laquelle je déclarais que quelqu'un me suivait et utilisait la technologie pour lire mes pensées.J'ai déclaré que les voix semblaient venir des voisins. La police me rétorqua que l'usage des technologies permettant la lecture de la pensée est illégal, en Australie.

En février 2002, j'ai déménagé dans une autre maison sans étage. J'ai connu d'autres symptômes: Diarrhées (pendant un mois ou presque), tremblement involontaire des mains, impossibilité soudaine de me tenir sur mes jambes, sensation soudaine de froid intense et frissons involontaires, ou sensations d'intense chaleur et transpirations,etc. Encore une fois, tous les symptômes disparaissaient sans aucun traitement médical.
En février 2002, je n'en pouvais plus, et c'est ainsi que j'ai quitté l'Australie. Après mon départ de l'Australie, je continuais à entendre les voix. Je me suis rendue à Hong Kong, en Thaïlande, à Shanghai et en Chine et les voix se faisaient toujours entendre, comme si elles venaient des voisins. Tous les symptômes se manifestaient continuellement, et on venait souvent voler mes affaires, quand je n'étais pas à l'hôtel.

En août 2002, je suis allée en Nouvelle Zélande. De nouveau, tous les symptômes se reproduisirent. En avril 2003, j'avais dépensé tout mon argent. Je suis retournée en Chine pour rester avec mes parents. J'ai connu d'autres symptômes, tels que "l'astriction", le gâtisme et le harcèlement sexuel. Ils commencèrent à m'interdirE tout sommeil la nuit, ou à me réveiller à minuit. Parfois, ils m'obligèrent à m'endormir quand je n'en éprouvais pas le besoin. Ils m'imposèrent également des rêves nocturnes. Je savais qu'ils étaient à l'origine de ces rêves qu'ils transmettaient dans mon cerveau, grâce à leurs armes.(Le principe est le même qu'un dispositif sonore silencieux qui peut transmettre des sons dans le crâne d'une personne).

Après le dernier trimestre de 2004, ils m'imposèrent des rêves, chaque nuit. Ces individus peuvent utiliser leurs armes électromagnétiques pour transmettre leurs voix directement dans mon cerveau. Ils peuvent faire en sorte que les voix semblent provenir des voisins ou de quelqu'un près de vous. Ils peuvent également faire usage de leurs armes pour donner l'impression que les voix sont celles de vos amis ou des membres de votre famille.

Après mon retour en Chine, leurs voix continuaient à se faire entendre comme si elles provenaient des voisins, mais je savais qu'elles ne provenaient pas d'eux. (Après 2005, ils cessèrent de faire croire que c'était la voix de mes voisins ou de mes amis, mais parfois, ils parvenaient à faire croire que c'était la voix du présentateur à la télévision).

Je pense que, la plupart du temps, ils utilisaient leur propre voix. Lorsqu'ils se mirent à me torturer et à me harceler en Australie, la plupart d'entre eux parlaient en anglais, seules une ou deux personnes parlaient en mandarin sans recourir aux dialectes. A partir du second mois, d'autres personnes parlant le mandarin se joignirent à eux. Ils me demandèrent aussi si je parlais le cantonais. ( D'autres victimes déclarèrent qu'elles entendaient les voix parler en cantonais). Après mon départ de l'Australie, la plupart des voix parlaient seulement en mandarin. Celles qui parlaient en mandarin , au nombre de 6 à 10 personnes, me torturaient et me harcelaient continuellement 24h/24 et 7 jours/7, entre mai 2002 et avril 2003. Après avril 2003, les voix en mandarin étaient plus fréquentes (plus de 10), et quelques voix en anglais, de temps en temps. A mon avis, ils utilisaient plus de personnes de langue mandarine que d'anglophones pour se joindre à eux).

Ces quelques dernières années, ils sont parvenus à m'atteindre avec leurs armes, où que je me trouve. Dans tous les pays, partout: à l'intérieur des maisons, dans le métro, dans l'avion, sur le bateau, sous l'eau, dans une voiture, au sommet d'une montagne...

Mes efforts des quelques années passées:
Je m'active beaucoup, depuis ces quelques dernières années, pour arrêter ces atrocités fascistes. J'ai dénoncé ces crimes à la police, durant mon séjour en Australie, en janvier et février 2002. J'ai écrit des lettres aux Nations Unies, après mon départ de l'Australie. J'ai eu des échanges pacifiques avec eux, je leur ai fait comprendre que s'ils pouvaient arrêter de me torturer et de me harceler dans un temps limité, je déclarerais à tout le monde que j'étais volontaire pour les autoriser à utiliser leurs armes sur ma personne. J'ai renouvelé trois fois la date-limite, jusqu'au 12 décembre 2004. J'ai tenté de leur inculquer quelque chose de bon, comme "nous n'avons qu'une terre, et nous devons protéger notre terre".

Si vous souhaitez plus de détails sur mon histoire, rendez-vous sur , 

Soleilmavis Liu, Author of the book: “Twelve Years in the Grave – Mind Control with Electromagnetic Spectrums, the Invisible Modern Concentration Camp”, is helping the public understand voice-to-skull, and remote electromagnetic mind control technologies. Her book provides the sound facts and evidence about the secret abuse and torture with such technologies.
Depuis 2005, j'ai écrit des lettres aux Nations Unies et fait des recherches via internet sur les Armes de Contrôle Mental. J'ai pu obtenir de nombreuses informations intéressantes. J'ai pu trouver de nombreuses victimes du monde entier qui vivent les mêmes souffrances que moi.

Après 2006. j'ai cherché plus d'informations sur les Armes de Contrôle Mental et sur les Armes à Energie Dirigée (DEW) . Je suis restée en contact avec d'autres victimes et j'ai dénoncé l'existence des Armes de Contrôle Mental et les Armes à Energie Dirigée qui torturent et harcèlent des innocents, par tous les moyens, à travers le monde. Nous avons déja écrit de nombreuses lettres aux services gouvernementaux, aux institutions sociales, aux organismes des Droits de l'Homme, aux media et au grand public.

D'autres témoignages de victimes
Actuellement, de nombreuses victimes déclarent être torturées et harceléeS par des Armes de Contrôle Mental et par des Armes à Energie Dirigée. Leur nombre a augmenté. En raison du manque de fonds et de matériels d'examens médicaux, les victimes ne peuvent être examinées ni recevoir de l'aide de qui que ce soit, même lorsqu'elles ont subi un empoisonnement ou un implant de puces, et même lorsqu'elles souffrent de brutales tortures par des armes électromagnétiques.
Si vous souhaitez connaître d'autres témoignages de victimes, rendez-vous sur

(1) De nombreux pays ont mis au point un type d'Armes de Contôle Mental(drogues, puces, nano- ou ondes électromagnétiques). Les gouvernements ont-ils également introduit un système de lois pour contrôler l'utilisation de telles armes?

(2) Quels systèmes judiciaires et quelles mesures nos gouvernements ont-ils mis en place pour empêcher la mauvaise utilisation de telles armes ?

(3) Dès lors qu'une mauvaise utilisation de telles armes est prouvée, comment pouvons-nous recevoir de l'aide de nos gouvernements pour protéger les intérêts des victimes ? Et comment imposer des sanctions légales aux tortionnaires ?


Here are some lawsuits I have filed, please help with my lawsuits


Thank you and Best Regards!
Your Sincerely,









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Traducido por Rudy Andria

Nacionalidad: China
Inicio Torturas: Diciembre 2001


Muy Sres míos:

Soy víctima de acoso electrónico, de control mental, de acoso organizado y de tortura por armas a energía dirigida. Vivo en China, soy de nacionalidad china. Las primeras agresiones comenzaron en diciembre de 2001, mientras preparaba un diploma de posgrado en Australia. Inicialmente, oía ruidos viniendo del piso inferior, pero los otros inquilinos de la casa no podían oírlos. Me trasladé a una casa sin pisos en enero de 2002, los ruidos parecían venir de los vecinos. Distintos síntomas comenzaron a hacerse sentir.
Los principales síntomas son:
dolores sobre todo el cuerpo;
dolores del estómago;
dolores de muelas;
dolores de las piernas, de los brazos.
Tuve también algunas calenturas elevadas .
Todos estos síntomas desaparecían sin ningún tratamiento médico.
O a veces, un dolor persistía, a pesar de una importante medicación.
En enero de 2002, hice una declaración a la policía, en la cual declaraba que alguien me seguía y utilizaba tecnología para leer mis pensamientos. Declaré que las voces parecían venir de los vecinos. La policía me contestó que el uso de las tecnologías que permiten la lectura del pensamiento es ilegal, en Australia. En febrero de 2002, ,me trasladé a otra casa sin pisos. Conocí otros síntomas: Diarreas (durante un mes o casi), temblor involuntario de las manos, imposibilidad súbita de tenerme sobre mis piernas, sensación súbita de frío intenso y escalofríos involuntarios, o sensaciones de intenso calor y transpiraciones, etc. Una vez más, todos los síntomas desaparecían sin ningún tratamiento médico.

En febrero de 2002, ya no podía aguantar más, y fue así cómo dejé Australia. Después de mi salida de Australia, seguía oyendo las voces. Había viajado a Hong Kong, Tailandia, Shangai y en China y las voces se hacían siempre oír, como si vinieran de los vecinos. Todos los síntomas se manifestaban continuamente, y venían a menudo a robar mis efectos personales, cuando no estaba en el hotel.

En agosto de 2002, viajé a Nueva Zelanda. De nuevo, todos los síntomas se reprodujeron.

En abril de 2003, había gastado todo mi dinero. Volví a China para permanecer con mis padres. Conocí otros síntomas, como la astricción, la chochez y el acoso sexual. Comenzaron a prohibirme por completo que durmiera por la noche, o a despertarme a medianoche. A veces, me obligaron a dormirme cuando no sentía la necesidad. Me impusieron también sueños nocturnos. Yo sabía que eran la causa de estos sueños que transmitían en mi cerebro, con ayuda de sus armas. (El principio es el mismo que un dispositivo sonoro silencioso que puede transmitir sonidos en el cráneo de una persona).

Después del último trimestre de 2004, me impusieron sueños, cada noche. Estos individuos pueden utilizar sus armas electromagnéticas para transmitir sus voces directamente en mi cerebro. Pueden procurar que las voces parezcan proceder de los vecinos o de alguna persona a su lado. Pueden también hacer uso de sus armas para dar la impresión que las voces son las de sus amigos o miembros de su familia. Después de mi vuelta a China, sus voces seguían haciéndose oír como si procedieran de los vecinos, pero yo sabía que no procedían de ellos. (Después de 2005, dejaron de hacer creer que fuera la voz de mis vecinos o de mis amigos, pero a veces, llegaban a hacer creer que era la voz del presentador de la televisión). Pienso que, la mayor parte del tiempo, utilizaban su propia voz. Cuando empezaron a torturarme y a acosarme en Australia, la mayoría hablaba en inglés, sólo unas o dos personas hablaban en mandarín sin recurrir a los dialectos. A partir del segundo mes, otras personas hablando el mandarín se adjuntaron a ellos. Me preguntaron también si hablaba el cantonés. (otras víctimas declararon que oían las voces hablar en cantonés).

Después de mi salida de Australia, la mayoría hablaba solamente en mandarín. Las que hablaban en mandarín, de 6 a 10 personas, me torturaban y me acosaban continuamente 24 /24 y 7 /7, entre mayo de 2002 y abril de 2003. Después de abril de 2003, las voces en mandarín eran más frecuentes (más de 10), y algunas voces en inglés, de vez en cuando. En mi opinión, utilizaban principalmente personas de lengua mandarina . Estos últimos años, llegaron a alcanzarme con sus armas, donde sea que me encuentre. En todos los países, por todas partes: al interior de las casas, en el metro, en el avión, en el barco, bajo el agua, en un coche, en la cumbre de una montaña…

Aquí están mis actividades de los últimos años:
dedico mucho tiempo al activismo, desde estos últimos años, para denunciar estas atrocidades fascistas. Había denunciado estos crímenes a la policía, durante mi estancia en Australia, en enero y febrero de 2002. Escribí cartas a las Naciones Unidas, después de mi salida de Australia. Tuve intercambios pacíficos con ellos, les hice comprender que si pudieran dejar de torturarme y acosarme en un tiempo limitado, declararía a todo el mundo que yo era voluntario para autorizarles a utilizar sus armas sobre mi persona. Había renovado tres veces el plazo, hasta el 12 de diciembre de 2004. Intentaba inculcarles algo bueno, como " sólo tenemos una tierra, y debemos proteger nuestra tierra".

Si desea más detalles sobre mi historia, visite

Soleilmavis Liu, Author of the book: Twelve Years in the Grave – Mind Control with Electromagnetic Spectrums, the Invisible Modern Concentration Camp”, is helping the public understand voice-to-skull, and remote electromagnetic mind control technologies. Her book provides the sound facts and evidence about the secret abuse and torture with such technologies.

Desde 2005, escribí cartas a las Naciones Unidas e hice investigaciones mediante Internet sobre las Armas de Control Mental. Pude obtener muchas informaciones interesantes. Tuve la oportunidad de encontrar a muchas víctimas del mundo entero que viven los mismos sufrimientos que yo. Después de 2006. busqué más información sobre las Armas de Control Mental y sobre las Armas a Energía Dirigida (DEW).

Permanecí en contacto con otras víctimas y denuncié la existencia de las Armas de Control Mental y las Armas a Energía Dirigida que torturan y acosan inocentes, en el mundo entero.

Ya escribimos muchísimas cartas a los servicios gubernamentales, a las instituciones sociales, a los organismos de los Derechos Humanos, a los medios de comunicacíon y a la opinión pública.

Actualmente, numerosas víctimas declaran haber sufrido y seguir sufriendo torturas y acosos por Armas de Control Mental y por Armas a Energía Dirigida. Su número aumenta. Debido a la falta de fondos y de instrumentos para proceder a exámenes médicos, las víctimas no pueden ser examinadas ni recibir ayuda de quienquiera, cuando tienen un implante de pulga electrónica o cuando sufren de envenenamiento, de brutales torturas por armas electromagnéticas.
Si desea leer otros testimonios de víctimas, visite

(1) muchos países pusieron a punto un tipo de Armas de Control Mental (drogas, pulgas, nano u ondas electromagnéticas). ¿Han los Gobiernos introducido también un sistema de leyes para controlar la utilización de tales armas?

(2) Qué sistemas judiciales y qué medidas nuestros Gobiernos han establecido para impedir el uso abusivo de tales armas?

(3) en cuanto se prueba una mala utilización de tales armas, cómo se puede recibir ayuda de nuestros Gobiernos para proteger los intereses de las víctimas? ¿Y cómo imponer sanciones legales a los verdugos ?



Here are some lawsuits I have filed, please help with my lawsuits

Cordiales saludos








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Thanks to Ms Giovy from Italy for translating it into Italian.

Soleilmavis – Sintesi del caso di tortura e abuso da Controllo Mentale
Pubblicato da Soleilmavis il 29 Settembre 2008 a 8:30 pm
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Cittadinanza: Cina
Anno di Inizio della Tortura/Abuso: Dicembre 2001



Sono una Vittima di Molestie Elettroniche/ Controllo Mentale/ Stalking Organizzato e Tortura

Vivo in Cina. La mia nazionalità è Cinese. Sono stata attaccata per la prima volta nel Dicembre 2001 quando stavo studiando per un Master in Australia.

Inizialmente ho percepito alcuni rumori provenienti dal piano inferiore, che altri che vivevano nella mia casa non potevano udire. Nel Gennaio 2002 mi sono trasferita in una casa ad un solo piano, i rumori sembravano provenire dai vicini di casa. Il mio corpo ha iniziato ad essere affetto da una molteplicità di sintomi.

I sintomi principali sono:-

Dolore in tutto il corpo; dolore allo stomaco; mal di denti; mal di testa; dolore alle gambe; dolore alle braccia. Ho avuto anche alcuni episodi di febbre alta. Tutti questi sintomi potrebbero scomparire senza alcun trattamento medico. O, a volte, un dolore potrebbe persistere anche se ho fatto ricorso a numerose cure mediche.

A Gennaio 2002 ho denunciato alla polizia che qualcuno mi stava seguendo ed utilizzando mezzi tecnologici stava leggendo i miei pensieri. Ho raccontato alla polizia che le loro voci sembrava come se provenissero da vicini di casa. La polizia mi ha risposto che in Australia era proibito utilizzare tecnologie di lettura del pensiero.

A Febbraio 2002 mi sono trasferita in una nuova casa ad un solo piano. Ho sofferto di più alcuni sintomi: diarrea (per quasi un mese), tremore involontario alle mani, le gambe improvvisamente non più in grado di sostenermi in piedi, sentivo improvvisamente molto freddo e tremavo involontariamente, od improvvisamente sentivo molto caldo, sudando, etc. e tutti questi sintomi nuovamente potevano scomparire senza alcun trattamento medico.

Il 5 Aprile 2002 non potevo più sopportare alcun'altra sofferenza, così ho lasciato l'Australia. Dopo essere andata via dall'Australia, potevo ancora sentire quelle voci. Sono andata ad Hong Kong, Thailandia e Shanghai, in Cina, ancora le voci sembravano provenire sempre dai vicini di casa. Si manifestavano sempre tutti i sintomi, e le mie cose venivano spesso rubate quando non ero nei miei hotels.

Nell'Agosto 2002 sono andata in Nuova Zelanda. Nuovamente si è verificato che tutti i sintomi si manifestavano spesso. Ad Aprile 2003 avevo già speso tutti i miei soldi. Sono ritornata in Cina e sono rimasta con i miei genitori. Si sono manifestati ancora più sintomi: come costrizione, stordimento, e molestie sessuali assillanti. Inoltre hanno cominciato a non lasciarmi dormire di notte, od a svegliarmi nel corso della notte. A volte mi hanno anche costretta a dormire quando non volevo dormire. Mi hanno anche obbligata a “fare sogni” di notte. Sapevo che quei “sogni” erano creati da loro e trasmessi al mio cervello attraverso le loro armi. (Il principio è lo stesso del dispositivo silent sound il quale può trasmettere il suono nella testa di una persona).

Dopo il quarto trimestre del 2004, mi hanno costretta ad avere “sogni” ogni notte.

Queste persone possono usare le loro armi elettromagnetiche per trasmettere le loro voci direttamente al mio cervello. Possono creare suoni di “voci” come se fossero provenienti da vicini di casa o da una persona nelle vicinanze. Possono utilizzare le loro armi anche per creare suoni di “voci” identiche alle voci di vostri amici o di membri della vostra famiglia.

Dopo il mio ritorno in Cina, le loro voci sembrava ancora come se provenissero da vicini di casa. Ma io sapevo che non provenivano dai miei vicini. (Dopo il 2005, non si sono più spacciati per miei vicini o amici, ma a volte possono simulare le loro “voci” come identiche a quelle di un presentatore della TV).

Penso che per la maggior parte dei giorni usino le loro proprie voci. Quando hanno iniziato a torturarmi e molestarmi in Australia, la maggior parte di loro parlava soltanto in Inglese, solamente uno o due parlavano in Mandarino senza alcun dialetto. Dal secondo mese, più persone che parlavano in Mandarino si sono unite a loro. Mi hanno anche chiesto se io potessi parlare Cantonese (Ci sono altre vittime che hanno detto di aver potuto sentire le voci parlare in Cantonese). Dopo che sono andata via dall'Australia, la maggior parte delle voci si esprimeva soltanto in Mandarino. Ce ne sono state circa 6-10 (parlavano Mandarino) che mi hanno tenuto sotto tortura e molestie assillanti 24 ore al giorno e 7 giorni la settimana da Maggio 2002 ad Aprile 2003. Dopo Aprile 2003, le voci in Mandarino sono aumentate, oltre 10, solamente molte poche voci si esprimevano in Inglese occasionalmente. (Penso che abbiano impiegato per unirsi a loro, più persone che parlavano Mandarino piuttosto che persone che parlavano Inglese).

Nel corso degli ultimi anni, le loro armi mi hanno raggiunta non importa dove io mi trovi. In ogni paese, ovunque: dentro la casa, nel sottosuolo, all'interno di un aeroplano, su una nave, sott'acqua, all'interno di un'auto, sulla cima di una montagna...

I miei sforzi negli ultimi anni:-

Nel corso degli ultimi anni, ho lavorato duramente per fermare queste atrocità fasciste.

Ho denunciato questi crimini alla polizia quando sono stata in Australia nel Gennaio e Febbraio 2002. Ho scritto lettere alla Nazioni Unite dopo che ho lasciato l'Australia.

Ho avuto con loro delle Trattative di Pace. Gli ho proposto: se avessero cessato di torturarmi e molestarmi entro breve tempo, avrei dichiarato a tutti che li avevo lasciato usare le loro armi su di me volontariamente. E ho rinnovato la data ultima di scadenza per tre volte fino al 12 Dicembre 2004. Ho cercato di indurli a fare alcune cose buone - ”Abbiamo una sola terra, abbiamo bisogno di proteggere la nostra terra”.

Se volete conoscere i dettagli della mia storia, visitate prego: 

Soleilmavis Liu, Author of the book: Twelve Years in the Grave – Mind Control with Electromagnetic Spectrums, the Invisible Modern Concentration Camp”, is helping the public understand voice-to-skull, and remote electromagnetic mind control technologies. Her book provides the sound facts and evidence about the secret abuse and torture with such technologies.

Dal 2005 ho scritto alcune lettere alle Nazioni Unite ed ho cercato su Internet circa le Armi di Controllo Mentale ed ho ottenuto molte buone informazioni. Ho trovato molte vittime in tutto il mondo che avevano sofferto esattamente come me.

Dopo il 2006 ho ricercato maggiori informazioni sulle Armi di Controllo Mentale e sulle Armi ad Energia Diretta. Sono rimasta in contatto con altre vittime ed ho rivelato attraverso tutti i mezzi di comunicazione, in tutto il mondo, la tortura e le molestie persecutorie con Armi di Controllo Mentale ed Armi ad Energia Diretta. Abbiamo già scritto così numerose lettere ad uffici governativi, comunità sociali, organizzazioni di Diritti Umani, Media ed al pubblico.

Storie di altre vittime:-

Attualmente ci sono numerose vittime che sostengono di essere torturate e perseguitate con Armi di Controllo Mentale ed Armi ad Energia Diretta. Il numero delle vittime è andato aumentando. Poiché le vittime hanno carenza di fondi, non possiedono attrezzature per esami, sono addirittura avvelenate o impiantate con chips o sofferenti per la brutale tortura con armi elettromagnetiche, non riescono ad essere esaminate e sono incapaci di ottenere aiuto da qualunque persona.

Se desiderate conoscere altre storie di vittime, visitate per piacere:

Io desidero vivamente che possiate interessarvi a questa questione.

(1) Molti paesi hanno sviluppato un tipo di Armi di Controllo Mentale (farmaci, chips, nano o onde elettromagnetiche). Il governo ha introdotto allora anche una normativa legale per gestire l'uso di tali armi?

(2) Sono efficaci le normative legali e le altre misure che il nostro governo ha già istituito per prevenire l'abuso di tali armi?

(3) Una volta che c'è abuso di tali armi, come possiamo ottenere aiuto dal nostro governo per tutelare gli interessi delle vittime? E come condannare i torturatori a sanzioni di legge?



Here are some lawsuits I have filed, please help with my lawsuits


Petizione online: Bandire l'abuso e la tortura con Armi di Controllo Mentale e ad Energia Diretta  

La mia Causa: Bandire l'abuso e la tortura con Armi di Controllo Mentale e ad Energia Diretta  

Il mio Gruppo: Peacepink ( Bandire l'abuso e la tortura con armi di controllo mentale e ad energia diretta)  

La mia Pagina: Peacepink ( Bandire l'abuso e la tortura con armi di controllo mentale e ad energia diretta)  








Video: Dio mi ha aiutato

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Note to Everyone





any other unacknowledged or as yet undeveloped means inflicting death or injury on, or damaging or destroying, a person (or the biological life, bodily health, mental health, or physical and economic well-being of a person) through the use of land-based, sea-based, or space-based systems using radiation, electromagnetic energy, psychotronic, sonic, laser, or other energies directed at individual persons or targeted populations for the purpose of information war, mood management, or mind control of such persons or populations.


Thank you sincerely,



Hosea 4:6 My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge. (The Holy Bible)

Donation Requests for


Mind control technologies are weapons which use drugs, electronic microchip implants, nanotechnologies, microwaves and /or electromagnetic waves to subvert an individual's sense of control over their own thinking, behavior, emotions or decision making by attacking the brain and nervous system.

I have collected many reported articles which introduce 'mind control technologies'. The listing of these articles will not mislead readers; it is a short cut for readers to learn what mind control technologies are.

More introduction of this website.


The Fact and evidence of abuses and tortures of mind control technologies:

Mind Control with Electromagnetic Frequency

Soleimavis Liu presented this paper at the E-Leader conference held by Fudan University (China) and Chinese American Scholars Association (USA) in Shanghai, January 5-7, 2015.

Book “Twelve Years in the Grave - Mind Control with Electromagnetic Spectrums, the Invisible Modern Concentration Camp”, authored by Soleilmavis Liu, provides the sound facts and evidence about the secret abuse and torture with remote voice-to-skull and electromagnetic mind control technologies.


The works we have been doing in seeking justice

Works we have done during the past few years

Lawsuits of mind control victims

People who have been helping victims

Peacepink volunteers in your area for supporting and networking

Online groups (all over the world) who are helping victims





Peacepink is a community of diversity and is open to receive new members from all cultural backgrounds. All members are free to give their own opinions, your opinions are respected and your attention will be much appreciated.


If you have advices about this website, please leave your messages here  

You also can write to Peacepink Managers:



Other Online Groups

Facebook Group: Peacepink (Ban mind control/directed energy weapons abuse and torture)

Online Petition:

Yahoo Group:

More victims’ websites and groups


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Statements of Lynn A Surgalla

Lynn A Surgalla, Former Vice-President United States Psychotronics Association

PO Box 2, Monmouth Beach, NJ 07750


To the Congress:

As Former Vice-President of the United States Psychotronics Association, I assure the Congress that the illegal testing, development and use of Psychotronic, Microwave, Laser and other forms of Electromagnetic Directed Energy Weaponry is a matter of grave concern to both the US and International Communities. These weapons are ALL potentially LETHAL, although sublethal injuries may also be inflicted as with the use of any other lethal weapon such as a gun, knife or chemical poison. Assault and Battery and/or torture/murder with any form of Directed Energy Weapon IS Assault and Battery and/or torture/murder with a LETHAL WEAPON. Despite claims to the contrary by criminal elements in our own government, there is NO SUCH THING as a NONLETHAL WEAPON (even those currently in vogue for “Slow Kill” torture-interrogation by war criminals worldwide).

In 2001, HR2977, The Space Preservation Act (2001) was introduced into Congress to BAN ALL Directed Energy Weapons. Its passage has thusfar been blocked. In 2002, the United Nations Institute for Disarmament Research (UNIDIR) formally listed a NEW CATEGORY of WEAPON OF MASS DESTRUCTION (Psychotronic Mind Control and other Electromagnetic Resonance Weapons) in their 2002 Media Guide to Disarmament. In 2003, the State of Michigan passed into Law House Bills 4513 and 4514 BANNING the use of ALL FORMS of ELECTROMAGNETIC WEAPONS against Human Beings in the State of Michigan. In 1999, the European Union Parliament passed Resolution A4-0005/1999 Section 27 which “Calls for an International Convention introducing a GLOBAL BAN on all developments and deployments of weapons which might enable any forms of manipulation of Human Beings.” (PSYCHOTRONIC WEAPONS).

Any person’s claim of being assaulted with some form of DIRECTED ENERGY WEAPON is to be taken very seriously. If the criminal assailants are found to be law enforcement personnel or government employees, then the crime is an EVEN MORE SERIOUS OFFENSE with grave political implications. If the crime is found to be racially or religiously-motivated torture-assault, then the bias-crime laws also apply.

I assure you that similar cases of assault-torture-murder with these weapons are being addressed all over the world. Please give this matter your closest attention. The INTERNATIONAL HUMAN-RIGHTS COMMUNITY is deeply interested in the outcome and concerned that justice be served in all cases of Directed Energy Weapons assault.

Attached to this letter is a copy of my resume and relevant pages from HR2977 which lists the forms of Electromagnetic Directed Energy Weaponry currently in use.


Lynn A. Surgalla

Former Vice-President

United States Psychotronics Association


From: Lynn Surgalla []
Sent: 2008-10-29 09:39

THANK YOU, Marshall !!!


I have an established GOOD reputation as a scientist in the field of Bioelectromagnetics and Public/Environmental Protection----so I have exerted my efforts during my entire career to HELP TO RAISE CONSCIOUSNESS on the subject of CHEMICAL & RADIATION ENVIRONMENTAL POISONS (including the PURPOSEFUL POISONING OF THE PUBLIC & ENVIRONMENT with CHEMICAL & RADIATION/TELEMETRIC WEAPONS).

I (and my colleagues) have already provided a great amount of information about these TELEMETRIC WEAPONS directly to the PUBLIC and to as many PUBLIC INTEREST ORGANIZATIONS AS POSSIBLE.


Lynn Surgalla

Bioelectromagnetics Scientist

From: Lynn Surgalla []
Sent: 2008-11-01 11:28
To:;; 'Dannie Moore'; 'Aaron A'; 'Andre'; 'Barbara B'; 'Belinda'; 'Beth'; 'Cassandra'; 'Danuta'; 'Dave'; 'David'; 'DeLisa'; 'Derrick'; 'Dr Bullard'; 'Dustin'; 'Gloria'; 'Harlan'; 'John Mecca'; 'Juanita'; 'Mary G'; 'Monika S'; 'Natalie'; 'Ophnell'; 'Richard'; 'Timothy'; 'Ultra'
Subject: RE: When Humans Unwittingly Become Electronic Spyware For The U.S. Intelligence Community -- The New World Order's AmeriKa

THANK YOU, James, for the astute evaluation.

And THANK YOU, Dannie, for forwarding it to us.


***There are also generalized TELEMETRIC BROADCASTS (similar to Television & Radio broadcasts) that blast the BRAINS of ENTIRE POPULATIONS with the same message (propaganda).


***There are counterpart RESONANCE WEAPONS SYSTEMS which could destroy all life on EARTH.


***The criminals responsible for this “WAR ON THE WORLD” must be arrested and tried for HIGH TREASON in their respective countries and for WAR CRIMES by the International Community of Nations.


***All that is needed is an Internationally coordinated ARREST & PROSECUTION of these TRANSNATIONAL “CORPORATE” CRIME BOSSES and their henchmen (civilian, military or Public Servants), the IMMEDIATE DISSOLUTION of their TRANSATIONAL CRIME ORGANIZATIONS “CORPORATIONS” (WTO,WEF,IMF.WORLDBANK,”RESERVE” BANKS, WEAPON-MAKING INDUSTRIES, etc…) and the totally CORRUPT (secretly criminal) “AGENCIES” in each National Government , and IMMEDIATE REPARATIONS MADE TO THE PUBLIC, WORLDWIDE, with the SEIZED (stolen-from-the-Public) “ASSETS” of these ILLEGAL (CRIMINAL) ORGANIZATIONS.

***All criminals (Civilian, Military or Public-Servants) who testify against the larger CRIME ORGANIZATIONS in “TRUTH-&-RECONCILIATION” (Whistle-blower”, “People’s Evidence”) should have their legal penalties reduced -------because the INTENT OF THE ARRESTS & PROSECUTIONS is not “vengeance’, but is the TERMINATION OF THIS DEADLY WARFARE before ALL LIFE ON EARTH IS DESTROYED (ECOLOGICAL COLLAPSE).

Love & Blessing & Thanks to ALL of the Heroes, Worldwide, who are participating in this effort to SAVE OUR PLANET from the crazy GLOBO-GANGSTERS.

Lynn Surgalla
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A letter from Rep. Jim Guest

JIMGUEST_LETTER.jpgletter from jim guest.doc JAMES O. GUEST STATE REPRESENTATIVE DISTRICT ADDRESS P.O. BOX 412 KING CITY, MO 64463 Tele: 660-535-6664 To Whom It May Concern: I have worked for 3 years with Microwave and Electronic Harassment victims throughout the US and overseas. It is hard for others to understand the technology that is being used to destroy people’s lives. I know James because he contacted me for help. James has worked to find proof of what has happened to him. Many victims try hard to get help from professional doctors to help find devices such as Veri-Chip. I would request that you and those who can make a difference would help James and others to find answers. Jim Guest ___________________________________ 5th District State Representative 一封来自议员 JIM GUEST的信 我已经跟美国和全世界的微波和电子骚扰受害者一起工作了3年。对于人们来讲,很难理解这种技术正在被用来摧毁人民的生活。我知道JAMES是因为他联系我寻求帮助。JAMES已经努力寻找相关证据。 很多受害者也努力向专业医生寻求帮助以找到相关设备,如:微型芯片。 我恳求您和所有人能够有所不同,帮助JAMES和其他人找到答案。 JIM GUEST
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10 Oct 2008 Mailteam Works--victims work trends (1) DNNY monthly Meeting on 5 Oct 2008 I) Topic: GLOBAL SATYAGRAHA Lynn Surgalla will present a program which will address the GLOBAL SATYAGRAHA. (Our Coalition of Public-Interest groups, Worldwide, (including info re: the 8 years of World Social Fora) and our struggle against the rotten old crime "empire." The last hour will be a Q & A. Invite your friends. Everyone should be aware of the facts that this meeting will reveal! Location: The LGBT Community Center 208 West 13th Street Check at the front desk for room number day of event. Donation $8 R.S.V.P. recommended. Call 917-701-9033 or send an e-mail to: Weaponization of Space Background Lynn Surgalla, a physicist and scientific Advisor to many public interest organizations addressing the use of weapons in space, has supplied New york's DNNY organization with new background information about the weaponization of space. Lynn will be a guest speaker at the DNNY monthly meeting on October 5, 2008. IMMEDIATELY AFTER the 9/11/01 attacks on NYC & the Pentagon, Congressman Dennis Kucinich introduced the SPACE PRESERVATION ACT OF 2001 (HR2977). SECTION 7 of this Bill listed many categories of ELECTROMAGNETIC & ACOUSTIC RESONANCE WEAPONS (including PSYCHOTRONIC WEAPONS, NUCLEAR WEAPONS and TECTONIC WEAPONS, etc.) that need to be SPECIFICALLY BANNED BY TREATY. The SPACE PRESERVATION ACT OF 2002 was a GUTTED BILL (some people called it a "DUMMY" BILL) with SECTION 7 removed. Our COALITIONS of SPACE WEAPONS DISARMAMENT ORGANIZATIONS (including Bruce Gagnon's group and several other SDI-Disarmament groups ) agreed that we could not support the gutted legislation. IN ADDITION, there were LOOPHOLES which EXEMPTED not only the WORST WEAPONS SYSTEMS but EXEMPTED the WORST WAR-CRIMINALS including: MILITARIES PARAMILITARIES POLICE & OTHER GOVERNMENTAL EMPLOYEES (PAID-PUBLIC-SERVANTS) CORPORATE-CRIMINAL HIRELINGS from the WEAPONS BAN. Lynn Surgalla took SECTION 7 of HR2977 (the 2001 ORIGINAL BILL) to the United Nations ----to PUSH THROUGH the NEW 5TH CATEGORY of WEAPONS OF MASS DESTRUCTION which appeared in the 2002 UNIDIR DISARMAMENT GUIDE, and gave DETAILED EXPLANATIONS of EVERY WEAPONS CATEGORY in the ORIGINAL BILL to LARGE INTERNATIONAL AUDIENCES at several GLOBAL CONFERENCES. THE USA PUBLIC must NOT be kept ignorant & disinformed on the topic of SPACE WEAPONS DISARMAMENT. It is CRUCIAL TO PLANETARY SURVIVAL that the TREATIES are NOT allowed to be WRITTEN BY or TO EXEMPT the WORST WAR CRIMINALS on our Planet. We THANK Al Webre for DRAFTING the ORIGINAL BILL and for working diligently for SPACE WEAPONS DISARMAMENT. We THANK Congressman Dennis Kucinich for INTRODUCING the ORIGINAL BILL into CONGRESS. The subsequent gutting of the original bill and suppression of PUBLIC DISCLOSURE & PROTECTION was-----of course---- NOT their fault--------but was DONE BY TREASONOUS ELEMENTS IN THE USA GOVERNMENT who work for the TRANSNATIONAL CORPORATE WAR PROFITEERS. Lynn Surgalla II) New York Disclosure Network NYC chapter -- From Timothy R. White I am an activist, expert witness and adviser to New York State Senator Eric Adams, and too many public interest organizations addressing the use of electronic weapons on the ground and in space. I found my first meeting on 10/05/2008 with New York's DNNY organization with Dr. Lynn Surgalla and myself as guest speaker on the issues of electronic weapons both supportive in interesting. Thank you for the opportunity to address your group. I am seeking your membership in the New York Disclosure Network because of the issues outlined below. New York State Senator Eric Adams is planning a hearing to investigate the issue of advanced technology currently in use by the U.S. Government for convert surveillance and torture of Americans and citizens around the world. The issue may seem like science fiction if it were not for the fact that many people are coming forward with evidence of being victimized by remote neuropsychological and directed energy weapons developed by the US Government. The Senator Eric Adams a well know activist in New York City, is assisting us in combating these issues. The Senator agrees that there is compelling evidence pointing toward the need for governmental oversight and legislation that would protect the rights and liberties of individual citizens against the testing use these weapon systems. Cincinnati, Ohio (PRWEB) June 24, 2008 -- As the issue of torturing foreign suspects plays out in Washington and the news media, there is a little-known aspect of the torture issue that some would find surprising and hopefully alarming. These issues are being brought to light by me and Derrick Robinson USA OHIO: Freedom from Covert Harassment and Surveillance (FFCHS), Massie Munroe USA California, AUSTRALIA: John Finch, USA: Dr. Robert Duncan Hacking the Mind, USA Alaska: Dr. Nick Begich, Controlling the Human Mind & Angels Don't Play This H.A.A.R.P. CHINA: Soleilmavis PeacePink , BELGIUM: Monika Stoces Federation Against Mind Control Europe, CANADA: Mostafa Hosny Rule of Law Defenders, and many others. All are human rights activists and organizations, whose membership is comprised of victims both in the US and many countries internationally. The investigative hearing planned for February 2009, will address the New York State Senate Judiciary Committee, other elected officials and the press. I have contacted you because I am seeking membership in organizations that share our concerns, that I can support, and that can lend support to our campaign to bring these issues to light. State Senator Eric Adams is seeking the following: State and Federal legislation banning the use of this technology in compliance with the European Parliament's resolution international convention ban on all developments and deployments of weapons which might enable any form of manipulation of human beings. The criminalizing all human research without the informed consent of the subject, including all classified behavioral research. He is seeking civil and criminal relief to be awarded to all victims of these crimes. Sincerely Timothy R. White Activist Coordinator 718 601-2073 (2) Mess petition--Human Rights Watch This weeks mailaction is to Human Rights Watch, please participate.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Sample letter: Subject: Silent Epidemics Electromagnetic Weapons Experimentation Please Help in the body (text , message ) of the mail: DEAR SIR/MADAM I SUPPORT THE WORLDWIDE CAMPAIGN AGAINST THE ABUSE AND TORTURE OF MIND CONTROL WEAPONS, DIRECTED ENERGY/ PSYCHOTRONIC NEUROLOGICAL WEAPONS OR REMOTE MANIPULATION TECHNOLOGY. FOR NON CONSENTUAL HUMAN EXPERIMENTATION THIS PROBLEM IS A SILENT EPIDEMIC WORLD WIDE I BECAME AWARE OF MY ATTACK IN ..year.. (for instance: 2003). I am a Victim of Electronic Harassment/ Mind Control/ Directed Energy Weapons/ Organized Stalking and Torture NAME: SOLEILMAVIS Citizenship: China + contact details Year Torture/Abuse Began: Dec 2001 Email: Write more info short like example below (adept for your case ) In case you don't know what to write at all , or you don't know English leave open. I live in China. My nationality is Chinese. I was first attacked on Dec 2001 when I was studying for a Masters Degree in Australia. My details experiences: - (this may be short, keep it clear ) xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx The main symptoms are:- Xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx This technology is able to xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx (do you experience tampering hacking of electronic devices communications ?) I DEMAND AN INTERNATIONAL INVESTIGATION AND RECOGNITION OF THESE CRIMES AND HUGE VIOLATIONS OF HUMAN RIGHTS. (3) Please contact Senator Schumer I encourage you to contact Senator Schumer regarding the implants and our torture. Today, I AGAIN contacted the FBI to request an appointment with the branch that investigates corruption and misconduct by other federal agencies, with regard to our vein microchip implants. I was AGAIN turned away. Senator Schumer should be given the petition of names that FFCHS has (Cassandra has them) and ask why we must endure this torture as mafia, etc crime victims. He should be asking who actually states this torture must continue. Not ONE person will say this must continue and incriminate him/herself. I really feel Schumer needs to be contacted. Best yet, get an appointment with him at his local office. He has shown fairness with our Senatorial candidate, Jim Martin. He may very well help. When I call other states, I am encouraged to call my own Senators, who are NOT interested in helping us at all. Thanks, Pamela Farnsworth Atlanta, GA 404.484.0944 (4) China victims Zhongxiang Li prepared for a letter to the National People's Congress (NPC) of the People's Republic of China, some other victims also had written to NPC for urging law to ban abbuse and torture of mind control, and directed energy weapons. I wish all victims also can send their petition letters to NPC ad partial of THE WORLDWIDE CAMPAIGN AGAINST THE ABUSE AND TORTURE OF MIND CONTROL WEAPONS, DIRECTED ENERGY/ PSYCHOTRONIC NEUROLOGICAL WEAPONS OR REMOTE MANIPULATION TECHNOLOGY. The National People's Congress Mr. Wu Bangguo Legislative Affairs Commission Chairman Hu Kangsheng Vice-Chairmen Li Fei Wang Shengming An Jian Xin Chunying Add: No. 23, Xijiaominxiang Xicheng District, Beijing 100805 The People's Republic of China Email:
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FREEDOM NOT FEAR WORLD ACTION DAY 11 OCT 2008 (in many languages) A broad movement of campaigners and organizations is calling on everybody to join action against excessive surveillance by governments and businesses. On 11 October 2008, concerned people in many countries will take to the streets, the motto being "Freedom not fear 2008". Peaceful and creative action, from protest marches to parties, will take place in many capital cities. Surveillance mania is spreading. Governments and businesses register, monitor and control our behaviour ever more thoroughly. No matter what we do, who we phone and talk to, where we go, whom we are friends with, what our interests are, which groups we participate in - "big brother" government and "little brothers" in business know it more and more thoroughly. The resulting lack of privacy and confidentiality is putting at risk the freedom of confession, the freedom of speech as well as the work of doctors, helplines, lawyers and journalists.................... MEDIA RELEASE Dear .Human Rights and Civil Liberties Supporters On the 11th of October 2008, human and civil rights organizations from all over the world are planning protests in their capitals. This world-wide campaign seeks to raise awareness for the need of greater freedom and democracy in Europe. We organize a protest against the security and intelligence apparatus of states, which contravene human rights by means of surveillance, data retention and biometric databases. The retention of citizen's electronic communication violates fundamental human rights, such as the right to privacy. It prevents confidential communication between priests and confessors, journalists and their sources, doctors and their patients, lawyers and their clients. And it does not increase the success of criminal investigations. Instead it can be used to reveal political, business, and private communication and thus endangers the work of political, direct aid as well as refugee support groups. We kindly ask you to support this major European protest by sending the call for action to your members and other like-minded organizations. We are very thankful for organizational, logistic and financial support, which is still needed in many countries! *Our common goal is to form a broad and sustainable movement for freedom and democracy across the world.* Our vision is that hundreds of thousands of people stand up for a just society. The International Call for Action can be found on the internet. (If you would like to participate, you are kindly requested to translate into your language and release it together with a press release, describing your planned actions.) May we kindly ask you and your national member organizations to sign and support the campaign and its Call for Action. Please be aware that the whole campaign costs a lot of money; e.g. for Germany we estimate costs of 50-100.000 Euro. The organizations in the member states are kindly asked to strive for independent funding as money is desperately needed in every country. We have set up an organizational website, where every country is listed. In some states the contact data of a main organizer are still missing, which simply means that no organization has taken the responsibility of organizing the protest yet. All of you are most welcome to do so. If you have any questions or comments, please do not hesitate to contact me, you'll find my contact data below. Best regards, John Finch, 5/8 Kemp St, Thornbury, Vic 3071, Australia, TEL: 0424009627 EMAIL:, TARGETED INDIVIDUAL and a member of THE WORLDWIDE CAMPAIGN AGAINST TORTURE AND ABUSE USING DIRECTED ENERGY AND NEUROLOGICAL WEAPONS CONTACTS,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, "Mailtem" members of THE WORLDWIDE CAMPAIGN AGAINST TORTURE AND ABUSE USING DIRECTED ENERGY AND NEUROLOGICAL WEAPONS(mind control/human manipulation/PSYCHOTRONIC WEAPONS ) John Finch, 5/8 Kemp St, Thornbury, Vic 3071, Australia, TEL: 0424009627 EMAIL:, FREEDOM FROM COVERT HARASSMENT AND SURVEILLANCE MR DERRICK ROBINSON WEB: EMAIL:,, THE ASSOCIATION AGAINST THE ABUSE OF PSYCHOPHYSICAL WEAPONS PRESIDENT SWETLANA SCHUNIN EMAIL:,, WEB: THE AMERICAN COGNITIVE LIBERTIES ASSOCIATION THE DIRECTOR WEB: EMAIL:,, THE FEDERATION AGAINST MIND CONTROL EUROPE MS MONIKA STOCES, MR DANNY BONTE WEB: EMAIL:,,,, MIND CONTROL - TECHNOLOGY, TECHNIQUES & POLITICS MR ALLEN BARKER Ph.D WEB: , SURVEILLANCE ISSUES MR PAUL BAIRD WEB: EMAIL:, SECRET ILLEGAL SURVEILLANCE AND ATTACKS MS LESLIE CRAWFORD WEB: EMAIL: MIND JUSTICE MS CHERYL WELSH WEB: EMAIL: INTERNATIONAL MOVEMENT TO BAN THE MANIPULATION OF THE HUMAN NERVOUS SYSTEM BY TECHNICAL MEANS, MR MOMJIR BABACEK WEB:, EMAIL:,, GERMANY - VEREIN GEGEN DEN MISSBRAUCH PSYCHOPHYSISCHER WAFFEN WEB: ASSOCIAZIONE VITTIME ARMI ELETTRONICHE-MENTALI MR PAOLO DORIGO WEB: , EMAIL:,,,,, INDIA - NO MORE COVERT MIND CONTROL WEAPONS MR FEISAL SALIM A.S. WEB: EMAIL:, CHINA - PEACEPINK MS SOLEILMAVIS WEB: (in Chinese and English) (in Chinese and English) (in Chinese and English) (Chinese) EMAIL:, JAPAN - STOP MIND CONTROL のサイトは、兵器技術や心理学等を悪用した、マインドコントロールの強制人体実験に反対します WEB: , , (in JAPANESE and ENGLISH) (in JAPANESE) JAPAN - WEB: THE MOSCOW HOUSING ECOLOGY COMMITTEE MS ALLA PETUKHOVA WEB: EMAIL:,, THE ST.PETERSBOURGH SOCIETY OF PERSONS SUBJECT TO REMOTE CONTROLLED BIOENERGETIC TERROR THE DIRECTORS WEB: EMAIL:,, BAN ELECTRONIC WARFARE ON CIVILIANS PETITION 280 + SIGNATURES AND MESSAGES OF VICTIMS & SUPPORTERS WEB: EMAIL:, MIND CONTROL FORUM VICTIMS' ACCOUNTS 600 + VICTIMS' ACCOUNTS WEB: NAFF - ADVOCATING FOR VICTIMS OF MIND CONTROL, TORTURE, SLAVERY & RELATED TERROR MS KATHLEEN SULLIVAN WEB: EMAIL: FASCISM - "9-11" - MIND CONTROL MR JAMES MARINO WEB: EMAIL: RULE OF LAW DEFENDERS MR MOE HOSNY WEB: EMAIL: MIKROWELLENTERROR.DE/ WEB: EMAIL:, INTERNATIONAL COMMITTEE ON OFFENSIVE MICROWAVE WEAPONS MR HARLAN GIRARD WEB: EMAIL: EMF TORTURE CHAMBER MS T. JOSEPHINE WEB: EMAIL:, TECHNOLOGICAL TORTURE MS PAT STEWART WEB: EMAIL: EXOTIC WARFARE.COM WEB: EMAIL:, ORGANIZED CRIME WAVES MS ELIZABETH ADAMS EMAIL: CITIZENS AGAINST HUMAN EXPERIMENTATION MR RICHARD PERLMANN WEB: EMAIL:, THE CENTER FOR COGNITIVE LIBERTY & ETHICS (CCLE) MR RICHARD GLEN BOIRE, DR WRYE SENTENTIA WEB: EMAIL:, THE DECLARATION OF ALARMED CITIZENS MR JEAN VERSTRAETEN EMAIL: US CITIZENS ARE SECRETLY BEING USED AS RESEARCH RATS WEB: EMAIL: MR RUDY ANDRIA - EMAIL: MR WALDEMAR LOTZ - EMAIL:,, MR WALTER MADLIGER EMAIL:, MR DARIUS MOCKUS EMAIL:, MS DENISE S. POMPL EMAIL:,,
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