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The world is currently being set up behind the scenes in a world wide pyramid shape where we receive orders from the a small group of men and women at the top of the pyramid and because we have standardized the functioning of the world wide pyramid in a rigid and ordered way what ever orders are sent from the top of the pyramid must be carried out in the same systematic way throughout most of the world.
We have wrongly been led to believe that Bill and Melinda Gates, Elon Musk, Nancy Pelosi, the Bushes, the Clintons, Mark Zuckerberg, George Soros, Barack Obama and other well known figures are at the top of the worldwide pyramid. That may be the case but they are not the ones who run the world. The individuals who run the world do so from outside the pyramid. For the benefit of this article I am calling them the controllers. They control the technology which allows them to wirelessly mind control those at the top, middle and bottom of the pyramid. We are all being wirelessly mind controlled by those who operate the worldwide wireless mind control and wireless body control technology. The controllers have no public face. They are unknowns.
The controllers have set up Bill and Melinda Gates and the others who are currently at the top of the worldwide pyramid to take the heat when the anger of the masses increase to a level of widespread civil disobedience while the controllers themselves remain anonymous and inconspicuous while living in a quite part of the world. The controllers would then likely watch us on their screens if and when we arrested and imprisoned those at the top of the heirarchy without realizing that their actions stem from being heavily wirelessly mind controlled by the controllers themselves. The controllers would then watch us on their screens while we reorganised the world in a way that would be based on the wireless mind control messages which they would continue to send us. The controllers would then watch us on their screens while we settled back to living our lives believing that we had all of our enemies imprisoned and that we were once again living and working under our own free will.

The worldwide controllers have access to technology which is at least fifty years ahead of what you and I have access to.  They have superior health to us due to their hoarding of knowledge and technology.   They are aware of the fact that refined sugar is so poisonous that it is as bad for human health as cigarette smoking is.  They have knowledge of the optimum diet that supports human health.  They are disciplined, healthy, wealthy, and knowledgeable.  They take their work of worldwide takeover and enslavement of their fellow men very seriously.  They  ensure that we are manipulated to eat refined sugar, drink alcoholic beverages and watch depraved television programming  as a distraction while they set about dumbing us down, destroying our health and wirelessly both mind controlling and body controlling us while many of us are unaware of their very existence.   When you see a senior politician eating refined sugar or drinking an alcoholic beverage you then know for sure  that they could never be one of the controllers.  The controllers despise every form of undiscipline.

We have been deliberately led to falsely believe that the earth is a spinning ball. Mind control of the masses has now become so strong that those who are largely unaware of its existence and use against them will believe anything they are mind controlled to believe provided the lie is constantly repeated on an almost daily basis. Images of a spinning ball earth are projected onto our screens constantly throughout each day. The word ‘global’ is attached to most newspaper and television headlines. The controllers know their plan for worldwide domination will fail if we begin to research flat earth science and if we then realise that we have been lied to on an unimaginable scale for hundreds of years by an unknown breakaway secret society. Because the earth is flat and fixed it has been arranged that not all countires are under aerial surveillance. If the earth were a spinning ball nobody anywhere would be able to live their lives without being surveilled from the air. If you speak to civil engineers and airline pilots they will inform you that they do not take any curvature of the earth into consideration in the course of their work. You will discover that railway lines have been built which travel for a thousand miles or more while remaining level without any curvature whatsoever. However, electronic mind control has now become so strong that it takes alot of mental strength to over ride false teachings. We must disassemble and ban all wireless enabling capabilities immediately.

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Posted on April 30, 2019 by gretta
I am a targeted individual of non-consensual research and this afore mentioned research is being conducted on me by unknown criminal operatives who work from a remote location and use advanced technology to monitor and survey my brain and body on a continual basis and they have been doing so for the past sixteen years. I have been disbelieved by both the local Gardaí, my general medical practitioner and many psychiatrists whenever I have informed them of these unusual and terrifying experiences. I no longer complain to them about my predicament because it would probably lead to me being detained in a psychiatric hospital where I would more than likely be mandated to ingest toxic substances for no reason whatsoever.
I am connected to the afore mentioned unknown criminal operatives by a two way energy link. They force me to listen to their voices on a continual basis. I hear their voices coming from inside my head against my will and wholly without my permission. Earlier today I heard one of the afore mentioned inner voices say the following “We were told you were a mock up of a human being rather than a real live human being.” Another inner voice was then heard by me to say the following “There are no mock ups of human beings. All who are being surveyed are real live human beings and none of them have given us permission to monitor and survey them at any time ever.”

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I am a targeted individual of Remote Neural Monitoring combined with Remote Neural Manipulation from the West of Ireland. I am a fifty nine year old woman of rural background and I still live in the house where I was born fifty nine years ago. I am in receipt of disability allowance for irritable bowel syndrome. I may have been implanted with a wide range of technologies because now I find myself wirelessly linked to a computer network which is operated by neuro operatives who run the program which I am wirelessly and non-consensually linked to. These unknown neuro operatives force me to listen to their voices all day, every day without a break. They also collect data of my body functions which they analyse and collate for the purposes of sending this information out to the scientific community throughout the world which they get paid hansomely for. I do not and would not and have never accepted any money, gifts, bribes or favours from these unknown neuro operatives which I hope never to meet. Almost everyday recently I transcripe some of what they say to me on to my social media site so that others may know some of what it is like to be placed on a non-consensual Remote Neural Monitoring combined with Remote Neural Manipulation program. Here are some of what these unknown neuro operatives have been saying to me recently -
"She will have to be moved to a psychiatric hospital. She will need to be in a secure location so that I can examine her bowel movements wirelessly."
"No one was supposed to know about this. This was supposed to be a private concern. Why is it now public."
"When they transmit voices inside people's heads they do so with impunity because they dont realise that people have started to believe the voice hearers."
"There must be something wrong with the system if it is bringing up this type of verbiage."
"The system does not yet operate automatically. We operate the system by transmitting our voices into the brain of each targeted individual."
"I need you to place some restrictions on this woman."
"I dont need to force speech you, Gretta. All I need to do is to send you pain signals."
"We have a system here that is beyond repair."
"We dont like her transparency. That never serves us well."
"We have a logistics nightmare."
"The democratic process is eclipsing the control system."
"Inner voice assessment terminal believe you will be ok tonight."
"If Remote Neural Monitoring is discovered before it is fully established it will easily be abolished."

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Man you can tell the perps when they are typing. Guys, to those who are real TI's please note that the internet host a web of deception, is cooked and full of lies for TI's. There are people who are paid to spread disinformation, spread fear and lies. If you are a real TI then chances are you are internet harassed as well, meaning hacked. Also because these Org's are working in concert with the big providers on the net you are likely being censored, and search engines are being blocked from real, accurate and helpful information. There are cases on the books, get to the library, law library and research the law books. Buy some law books, get familiarized with the laws in every state, and research cases that involve your circumstance.  

If you are doing all of your research online exclusively, good luck because we are being censored to find the websites, foundations, organizations, and information that they want you to find. Which is unhelpful. Have you ever wondered why not one of these organizations ever offer any help, for shielding, legal information or otherwise? Ask yourself the big, crucial questions. We are being hoodwinked at every turn. Find you a secure place to do your internet searches including secure technology.

There is absolutely nothing they can do, or will do to stop you from defending and helping yourselves. Remember, they are the criminals and committing federal, state and local laws, not you. We are purposely made to feel like we are the criminals and should be in hiding and fear. Fear their as*** NOT, YOU are not the criminals, they are. Regardless of whatever your past is, you are not committing the crimes, they are and need to be brought to justice. Remember who and what you are dealing with. These websites are not what you think they are and are filled with disinformation, fear mongering spreading perps. I know that we being censored. I know that the people, websites, orgs are all cooked to make you feel helpless, and hopeless that nothing can be done. BS. Laws are being broken, laws have been broken for 50 years or more. Research those who were apart of age old programs. Go to the library, do the research. Go to the law libraries even if you have to travel to do so. Find the information. These criminals online are protecting their own self interest and that is not to ever get caught. This network may be huge, but you can fight and get them one person at a time and don't let these disinformation, fear mongering/puppets tell you anything different. To keep us scared, hopeless, not saying anything, and not fighting back is what they want. They are the criminals (REMEMBER THAT), not us, not the real TI's. Of course we are suppose to fight back, sue, litigate. If they threaten you, report it. If they do physical harm to you, report it and prosecute. The fact that there are too many of us hiding, not fighting, not reporting, not documenting, not doing the research is why our plight has been unsuccessful. We need to mobilize, to fight and support each other from every city, state, and country. It's time out for being complacent and complicit to their criminal actions, harassment. Help is out there you have to get out to find it. Good people are out there we have to recognize them. And btw, most of the perps who are around you doing their criminal activities to you are drug addicts, have criminal backgrounds, etc that can be used against them. Find their weaknesss just as they do you.

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What have you REALLY DONE to make this stop

Except for Greg of course. I was wondering what steps other people have taken in their community and what was the outcome? Last time I told my family I was hearing things they tried to Baker Act me, truth and then I tried to baker act myself I wasnt really sure EXACTLY what that meant but a nice police officer came over and talked me out of it, he suggested the Keys maybe for a day or two, He was kind and had gentle blue eyes so I felt better about myself for a moment. Well that was 7 years ago and I have moved 13 times and Im poor now and on social sec disability. So Today I decided to OUT myself,I found large empty bottles of that cheap beer homeless people drink behind the 7/11 in my beautiful 17 year old sons room and I am writing this like its so blase but I almost died from this and I know what it feels like to believe.I have to save our lives I have repeated that for so long being to sick to fight, but I want my son and daughter to be free.  SO I reviewed and gathered my research, tried to dress and present myself like a "normal" person and went to the Fort Lauderdale Police Dept. The officer behind the bullet proof counter told me to go outside and use the phone to call upstairs, so I did and nobody was there I had to leave a message. I already did a report last week but I thought I would do two thinking  that would be better. At this moment I feel ok but living with this secret of electronic harrassment is as bad as the sickness the reality is a death sentence with no feeling but pain and worry for my children. Today I am going to believe in the system. Tomorrow maybe will be real time coming my way when my thoughts manifest themselves before me.Does anyone know how those electronic house arrest anklets work?Even those people can escape undetected. If I cqn save our lives I promise I will spend the rest of our lives trying to save other lives like ours.
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