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There is a private army at work inside Ireland and back in the spring of 2003 they  connected me to their computerized control system against my will and without my permission .   They speak to me via microwave direct communication which is sometimes known as voice to skull or synthetic telepathy or microwave hearing or by a number of other names.  One of their operatives is stationed inside Aras an Uachtarain.   

I dont know anything about this private army but I believe that they are composed of individuals who have compromised themselves in some way so that they allowed themselves to be weakened to the point of takeover, for example,  some of them are drug addicts, some of them are possibly murderers and some are heavily in financial debt.  The globalists own and run many private prisons which cruelty is widespread and because of this ownership and power which that ownership gives them  they can easily enlist as many prisoners as they wish for their private army.  

 I believe that the private army are being paid by the globalists who are composed of Federal Reserve Private Bankers, Corporate Owners, United Nations officials and World Health Organisation officials as well as  Sabbatean Frankist Satanists, Luciferians , a selection of Vatican officials and some but not all of the European monarchy. 

 The inner core of the globalists are unknown to the public because they remain in the background at all times.   The inner core of the globalists do not subject themselves to chemtrail spraying of the skies over their heads.   They are not connected to the would-be  worldwide computerized control system.   They never show their faces.   If their plan for worldwide takeover fails their front men and front women will possibly be imprisoned without ever mentioning them because they could be wirelessly tortured from a remote location if they named them.     This hidden inner core of globalists belong to a break away society which has broken away from the rest of the human race for thousands of years.  They have hoarded knowledge for multi generations because knowledge is power.  They have given us misinformation and disinformation.   They have created organised religions because organised religions destroy critical thinking in their followers.  They have created the church/ state paradigm in order to exert hidden control over almost all nations. 

The anonymous inner core of the globalists wish to wirelessly enslave their fellow men and women under an ionized sky.  If we succeed in stopping all chemtrailing of the skies over our heads and if we succeed in having all microwave transmitters and related paraphernalia disassembled and banned we will free ourselves from both their wireless mind control and their wireless body control.  

I know of no scientific way of proving that I am wirelessly connected to the computerized control system of a hidden private army who are at work inside the Republic of Ireland .   The government of the Republic of Ireland may be able to provide technology which would enable myself and others who have become wirelessly connected to the computerized control system of the secret private army of the globalists to prove that this is the case.  I hope they agree to do so because we can free our country from the grip of worldwide wireless enslavement and mind control manipulation if they succeed in helping us prove this.  To the Official Irish Government.  Please help us to scientifically prove without any doubt that I and other Irish residents are wireless slaves.

Yours Sincerely,

Gretta Fahey,  Newbrook, Claremorris, Co. Mayo, Eircode F12 Y560,  Republic of Ireland. 

My website is called ;

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"One can develop a system that can seriously impair the brain performance of very large populations in selected regions over an extended period."
Quote by geophysicist J.F. McDonald who worked for United States President Lindon Johnson in the 1960s.
Our air space is being continually sprayed with metal particulates such as strontium, titanium, barium and others which make our air space highly conductible so that signals can be transmitted and received through it against our wills and without our consent.  We inhale and ingest some of this material which then makes our brains and bodies more accessible to those who wish to analyse or to damage our brains and bodies from unknown remote location.
Here are just a few patents relating to chemtrails and geoengineering for those who doubt the authenticity of what is being claimed:

Patent #1619183
Patent# 2045865
Patent# 2591988
Patent# 3437502
Patent# 3531310
It is now believed that the brain performance of all duly elected politicians,  government employed police and all government employed military personnel (as opposed to private armies which now exist and are presumed to be in secret use) throughout the world has been impaired because they appear unable to act in the face of millions of their fellow men and women being wirelessly and invisibly and silently tortured inside their own homes by microwave signals being transmitted to their brain and bodies from unknown locations by unknown groups.
We must call an abrupt halt to all spraying of the air spaces of sovereign countries. We must call an abrupt halt to forcing the police to work close to microwave transmitters and to carry TETRA communication devices on their person at all times during their working hours. TETRA communication devices are trojan horse devices which combined with nearby microwave transmitters assist in impairing the brain performance of the police, even at the most senior level in each country. We must have microwave transmitters disassembled and banned throughout the world and we must return to the use of wired/corded devices.
The enemy do not spray their own air space with metal particulates and other injurious materials. It is self evident to those who can still think clearly that the earth is fixed and flat. It has been proven that not all areas of the fixed and flat earth are being sprayed with chemtrails which is also known as geoengineering. Madagascar is one country that has been left unsprayed according to one mathematician who calculated the journeys and flight paths of both air craft and drones.

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I am being targeted by directed energy weapons and a wide variety of other still classified weapons while I am in the privacy of my own home and this is occurring against my will and without my permission.
Today I felt surges of energy surging through my head and I asked the criminal operatives who communicate with me via voice to skull technology directly into my brain what they were doing and why. One of the criminal operatives replied as follows. "We are adhereing our technology to your brain stem in order that we in future have direct access to your spinal cord and in so doing also have direct access to your entire physicaly bodily system so that we can entirely contol it of our own volition while denying you any and all access to your own physicality for the entirety of your remainder on earth. If you follow our direction now we will not allow our team to conquer control of your entire body control system. If you continue to operate under your own direction we will go ahead with the plan. I then asked the criminal operatives what aspect of my life they had a complaint with. The criminal operative who I was informed via the system had the most false authority within said control system replied as follows " we have found no reason whatsoever to complain about any aspect of your life so far. However if at any future time we do find a way to lodge a complaint about any aspect of your life whatsoever we will then hesitate to adhere our technology to your brain stem where you would be externally physically controlled from that day forward."

Why do some members of the human race feel they have the legal right to externally control the privately owned physical bodies of their own equal members of this earth by wireless means and thereby deny those targeted individuals the legal right to enjoy the free will of operating their own privately owned physical bodies which they rightfully believe is their birth right to do so and who exactly are those members of the human race who feel they have the right to carry out this act and where is their current permanent legal location or locations?

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Posted on Novermber 2nd 2019 by Gretta Fahey
I am being non-consensually subjected to remote neural monitoring in combination with remote neural manipulation. This process allows criminals to monitor all of my thoughts. Each thought is a unique electromagnetic frequency pattern which is being translated in real time as I think it. Each image which I imagine or which I remember from the past is also a series of unique electromagnetic frequency patterns which are also being translated in real time as I imagine them. Therefore I have no mental privacy and the criminals who monitor my thoughts reply to me in real time through a similar process. I have been informed by one of these criminals by this direct communication method that a small number of Gardaí (Irish police) work with them in this type of remote neural monitoring combined with remote neural manipulation criminal activity. They have also informed me that most senior Gardaí and most other Gardaí know nothing about this secret criminal process.
When these criminals who I call neuro operatives among a variety of other names in my daily online blogs monitor the thoughts of some private individual and if they discover that the private individual who has been monitored has committed an illegal act in the past then the criminal remote neural monitoring staff inform their own Gardaí criminal colleagues of the fact that this is the case. The criminal remote neural monitoring staff could then then secretly monitor the thoughts of any witnesses to the crime until they eventually obtain proof of the crime. The criminal remote neural monitoring staff then inform their Gardaí colleagues some of who force non-consensual subjects of remote neural monitoring to listen to their voices which the subject hears coming from inside their heads and who are the criminal Gardaí laison officers who obtain information via this criminal process.
I have been informed and I have written several months ago about the fact that because of the fact that each thought we think or each image we imagine is a series of unique electromagnetic frequency patterns, each series of unique electromagnetic frequency patterns which you generate each and every second is being uploaded into your smart phone if you keep it close to your person and it is being used to create a detailed profile of you which is being used against you in secret. I am assured that this is true by the criminal remote neural monitoring staff who have begun to inform me of how they achieve results in their work.
I have also written about the fact that I believe that I have been placed on this remote neural monitoring combined with remote neural manipulation program because the criminal hierarchy who now all but control the whole world wish to create new policies to control all who are in receipt of disability allowance for irritable bowel syndrome and other hidden disabilities. I have not committed any crime.
My name is Gretta Fahey from Newbrook, Claremorris, Co. Mayo, Republic of Ireland. My landline home phone number which a post online in order to verify my identify is 0949360901. My website which I alone own and control is called

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Remote neural monitoring technology (and other psychotronic technology) is technology which allows a person to listen to a person's inner dialogue and see a person's thoughts (as well as injecting thoughts, moving body parts, etc). (The tech works by decoding the electromagnetic field emitted from human beings) Currently, this technology is classified and is being used for psychological experimentation on human subjects which can be described as harassment to torturous and cruel and unusual (people use this technology for gangstalking).

I am a long term victim of non-consensual Remote Neural Monitoring combined with Remote Neural Manipulation.  I am wirelessly connected by a two way link to a computer network which is being controlled and operated by neuro operatives.  These neuro operatives are able to force me to listen to their voices whenever they wish against my will because I hear their voices coming from inside my head.   This has become part of the normal process  for people who are being non-consensually Remote Neural Monitored and Remote Neural Manipulated.    I post online what I hear the neuro operatives  saying to me and about me on many social media sites on an almost daily basis.   Here below is a small sample of what the voices of the neuro operatives said which I heard coming from inside my head in the past few days.

"Undesirable information is coming through about our activities on to the social media blog on a daily basis.   I need to put information online that makes her look bad."

"We don't want this information going through at all.  It is far too incendiary."

"Church and state propaganda are essential to govern citizens.   This woman Gretta Fahey has essentially eliminated all state propaganda from her life due to the fact that she has no television and she no longer reads newspapers and she refuses to attend church.  She is a curious case." 

"You have been warned.   If you allow this woman to post any more incendiary information online you will be court marshalled."

"She has a whole house to herself.  That will not be tolerated in the future."

"She isn't going to get away with random intake of food."

"She is non compliant because she dared to speak to me in an uncivil manner."  (I refused to pronounce a word the way it is pronounce in the United States.  I am Irish.)

Other targeted individuals of Remote Neural Monitoring throughout Ireland as well as myself  have complained to the state about their extremely cruel treatment which would be classified as soft torture in a court of law.  However, agents of the state  including judges, lawyers and the police may not yet have heard about Remote Neural Monitoring because it is still classified.   They do not take us seriously and they continue to wrongly send us for psychiatric evaluation.  We are now afraid to approach agents of the state  because we do not wish to be wrongly incarcerated in psychiatric hospitals.   In fact we would be forced to invoke the right to remain silent if they asked us outright about our experiences of being targeted with wirelessly enabled electronic weapons lest we compromise ourselves with psychiatry by speaking freely.    The only legal safe way for us to communicate our dilemma to the public is to post digital messages online.  How long more are good living individuals going to be subjected to this cruel and unjust psychological torture  before it is stopped.  

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The voices which I currently hear coming from inside my head were once heard by me to say the following  "  You are shouting down a live line to the inside of her head".

These wirelessly induced inner  voices have recently informed me that I am in shared bondage with several informational sources from around the world via the world wide web.

One wirelessly induced inner voice also informed me that he uses technology which is known as a sonar beam to transmit his voice down a live line to the inside of my head.   He accumulates data from studying me which he then stores on the hard drive of his computer.    My personal data which is stored on his hard drive gets picked up by a computer network at a time unbeknownst to the operative who steals my personal data from my brain and body.   He is sent all kinds of coupons which entitle him to free stuff by registered mail on a weekly basis.  He was first told about collecting data from real live human beings by wireless technology via email by a mate of his.  He asked to join up, not fully understanding where this was leading.  Now that this data is installed inside his personal computer he has nowhere  to go but straight to jail if he is found out.  He is attempting to help me Gretta Fahey,  from Newbrook, Claremorris, Co. Mayo, Ireland, by giving me important information which would be helpful to the Claremorris Gardaí if I had the courage to return to them.  However, the last time I visited them they sent me for a psychiatric evaluation.  Death is preferable to incarceration in a psychiatric hospital so I can not risk it.

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The new world order cabal have been using the strategy of "divide and conquer" in order to gain power over families, communities, nations and the whole human race. They have attempted to break down the family unit by many and varied subtle means. They have used both church and state to push their agenda. Most agents of church and state can not see the big picture.

Many decades ago before electronic mind control took over, trauma based mind control was used by schools and churches. The clergy urged parents to severely physically discipline their children on the understanding that if the children were not totally obedient to the teaching of the church they would burn in hell for all eternity and the parents might also burn in hell for not disciplining the children enough. Many parents believed this dictate because there was no conflicting information allowed into circulation via the main stream media at the time. This practice alienated many children from their parents.

Parents were also encouraged to lie to their children when the children were at a vulnerable age where they needed to totally trust their parents for reasons of survival. Parents forced the Santa Clause lie and the Tooth Fairy lie on their children so that the children could never fully trust their parents again in the future. This also served to inculcate the children into the belief that it is acceptable to be dishonest.

The main stream media attempted to break down strong family units through promoting promiscuity in magazines which were published for teenage readership on the understanding that Teenagers are at an impressionable age and can be much easier to manipulate than adults.

Private home ownership is a source of power for families who are fighting against the interests of the new world order cabal. The main stream media successfully pushed the idea of not allowing adult children to live in the mostly privately owned family home after the age of twenty four. The new world order cabal wishes young people to either borrow large amounts of money so that they become debt slaves or else to live in rented accommodation where they could be evicted if they did not fall in line with the wishes of the new world order cabal. In recent times, algorythms have been used to place ownership of homes out of the reach of most young adults.

Church and state encouraged parents to send children to school when the children had turned four years old. A childs mind can be compared to liquid which does not set into a solid mind set until the age of seven on average. When the state has access to the minds of children before the age of seven agents of the state can easily inculcate the child into a heirarchical based mind set to the extent that the child becomes unable to challenge false authority in adulthood and in this way they can allow themselves to be enslaved.
For every one homeless person in our country there are three homes lying empty and going derelict. If a homeless person was allowed to live in one of these homes they would keep it warn and clean and they would stop it becoming derelect. All of these empty homes are a source of value to our country. However, man made laws are being used against our interests at every turn.

The new world order cabal is actively building conflict between ethnic groups in Ireland at the moment. They have achieved this by first of all enacting unfair laws in favour of the travelling community so as to set up the travelling community as a hate group. They then subtly inflame hatred against the travelling community in a process where they use gradualism and incrementalism to achieve their aims. I believe that many travellers are being subjected to remote neural monitoring because I heard of one travelling family where four members committed suicide within a short space of time. The travelling community are difficult to control because they constantly move around, which is their birth right. The new world order cabal wish to rigidly control and eventually enslave all of us. They may wish to eliminate the travelling community entirely. In order to solve this situation, we aught to set up motor home parking facilities which we all can use at the edge of each town for the purposes of taking vacations, and which the travelling community can use for the purposes of continuing their nomadic lifestyle. In that way, we can befriend and integrate with the travelling community and protect them from hate groups.

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Satellites do not exist. Antennas are placed on the highest mountains in order to simulate the existencce of satellites. Undersea fibre optic cables relay all worldwide data to those antennas who then further said data to the human race.

The existence of satellites lie was invented in order to make NASA appear invincible.

If satellites really existed all of our satellite dishes would be pointing straight up to the sky in order to receive and transmit signals. However, our satellite dishes are pointing sideways in order to receive signals from microwave transmitters and these signals that said microwave transmitters are transmitting are being relayed from undersea fibre optic cables.

Further to that, so -called satellite navigation data is being obtained from triangulation of signals which are being transmitted from cell phone towers which are also known as phone masts.

Under sea fibre optic cables are responsible for transmitting all internet and other data across the world. Google, Amazon, Facebook, Microsoft and Apple are all building and laying their own under sea fibre optic cables in order to transmit their own computer data across the world as per the enclosed video link.


(The information in this blog is not my own work. It is online information which I have reposted.)

" No matter how big the lie, repeat it often enough and the masses will regard it as the truth". Adolf Hitler.

There is a secret Breakaway civilization of people who wish to take over control of the earth and enslave the rest of us. They own the main-stream media and dumb us down by lying to us about science, history, organised religion, archaeology, and many other subjects. Serious scientists who disagree with the so called establishment have no way of getting the word out to the public that they disagree with officialdum because the mainstream media is heavily controlled. This secret shadow government have been pursuing their objective of worldwide control for hundreds of years, and have infiltrated all worldwide institutions. However, humanity is now waking up to the realization that our enemys have taken control of western governments and banks and is pursuing an agenda which is not in our best interest. We are fed a false reality and we live in a mental cage.

There is a Space Travel Conspiracy. The purpose of NASA is to fake the concept of space travel, in order to appear to further America's militaristic dominance of space.The purpose of NASA's creation from the very start was to appear to put weapons into space. The motto "Scientific exploration of new frontiers for all mankind" was nothing more than a front.

The mission of Nasa is to bury true science and truth itself. It has nearly succeeded in its mission. However, most people are at last beginning to wake up to the fact that we are being lied to on an unimaginable scale.

See this quote from president Lyndon Johnson:

"Control of space means control of the world. From space, the masters of infinity would have the power to control the earth's weather, to cause drought and flood, to change the tides and raise the levels of the sea, to divert the gulf stream and change temperate climates to frigid. There is something more important than the ultimate weapon. And that's the ultimate position. The position of total control over the Earth that lies somewhere in outer space." —President Lyndon Johnson, Statement on Status of Nation's Defense and Race for Space, January 7, 1958

One month later, Lyndon Johnson and the Senate Special Committee on Space and Astronautics drafted a resolution to change the name of the US Army's Ballistic Missile Arsenal to the National Aeronautics and Space Administration, NASA.

NASA's early rocket research is well documented to have been a complete failure, plagued by one disaster after another. At some point, perhaps after the Apollo 1 disaster, it was decided to fake the space program outright and use rockets which only needed to fly into the air until they disappeared from sight. NASA went from nearly every launch being a failure to a near flawless track record, able to land man on the moon multiple times without error, and with only two public spectacles of failure in 45 years.

The earth is portrayed as round in NASA media. At the time of NASA's creation the general population already believed that the earth was round, based on the handed down teachings from Galleleo and Copernicus.

All bodies in the universe go around a centre of mass, which never moves. The fixed centre of mass has been proven to be the earth, by many different experiments performed in the 19th century.

In the Michaelson/Morley experiment in Cleveland in 1881 and again in 1887, scientists attempted to measure the motion of the earth, moving round the sun. To the astonishment of every scientist on the planet, they proved that the earth was stationary. However, scientists could not bring themselves to admit that the catholic church was right all along with regards to geocentrism, because the Copernicun revolution had elevated science to the top of the heirarchy of knowledge, above theology. So Einstein came up with an excuse as to why their experiment was wrong. He claimed that time was shrinking, and that was why it appeared the earth was not moving. The theory of relativity has been disproved by the Michaelson Morley experiment.

In order for the Big Bang Theory to hold true, everything in space has to be homogenous. Everything had to look the same. However, a probe called the WMAP was launched in 2001. The discovery was made that, in fact, everything is space was not homogenous. In the cosmic microwave background, scientists found, to their astonishment, that there were universe wide plains between the warmer and colder sections, aligned with one another. These defined an axis which directly aligned with the ecliptic and equinox of earth. This is in fact a universe wide arrow pointing at earth. This means that the theory of relativity does not exist. The Big Bang never happened.

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