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 Unknown neuro operatives are  reproducing their voices inside my head using wireless embedded systems.  This process is known as microwave hearing, synthetic telepathy, or sometimes voice to skull direct human communication.  The military and intelligence services have been using this process to communicate with each other as well as their enemies for many decades.  It is being used on a world wide scale, mostly in secret.   Strong radio frequeny signals come from my ears at random times throughout each day as a result of this embedded system which possibly came about due to inhalation and ingestion of nano technology or through direct implantation of micro receivers and transmitters in the hearing centres of my brain.  

 I believe that the reason  that I am being non-consensually interrogated by voice to skull direct human communication technology every day for nearly sixteen years is because I am claiming disability allowance for irritable bowel syndrome and the validity of my claim can not be verified by legal means. Therefore unknown individuals wielding advanced technology which enables them to reproduce their voices inside my head day and night  issue death threats and insults towards me and verbally harass me every waking moment for nearly sixteen years. They are also using similar technology to force me to feel unwanted sensations throughout my body.
When I reply to them by saying the following "Why am I hearing your voice coming from inside my head wholly against my will and without my permission,  that then would allow another of their colleagues to know without any doubt how they are obtaining the non-consensual data they are gathering on me.  They then react in a  frightened manner  as if their colleague now knows that they have used unethical means to collect data on me and that would enable any colleague who happened to be listening to blackmail them or even to steal the data for their own use.

These neuro operatives wish to know if I am responsible for causing my symptoms of irritable bowel syndrome by wirelessly analysing what I eat and they can easily establish what I eat by wirelessly receiving information from nano sensors in my stomach and intestines which are currently being blended into some processed foods.  This is happening on a worldwide scale mostly unknown to the general public.  

I do not drink alcohol at all. I do not smoke cigarettes or take any type of drugs and I do not drink tea or coffee. I almost never eat refined sugar. I eat a plant based diet as well as dairy products. I do not eat meat, fish or eggs and I have no plans to eat meat, fish or eggs at any time in the future. I am not responsible for causing my irritable bowel syndrome problems.

The neuro operatives who reproduce their voices inside my head have attempted to persuade me to drink alcohol and to resume smoking cigarettes which I gave up more than twenty six years ago. They are not trying to help me recover from irritable bowel syndrome. They are attempting to find a way to gain control over my life and if they do so they would then attempt to extrapolate that control system over all other human beings who complained of suffering from irritable bowel syndrome throughout the world. These neuro operatives are knowingly or unknowingly assisting the dark new world order would-be dictatorship in attempting to rigidly control everybody throughout the world by any means possible. I have never broken any law in my entire life.  I can think of no other reason why I would be put on this non-consensual program which is sometimes called remote neural monitoring along with remote neural manipulation, which I also experience.

Hundreds of thousands if not millions of people are currently complaining of similar experiences to mine. We are not being taken seriously due to the fact that electronic mind control is now  in widespread use in my country, Ireland and throughout most countries in the world.

I constantly write about my experiences of being a targeted individual of non-consensual and extremely unwilling neuro weapons research.  I do not get paid for being a neuro weapon research subject and I do not get paid for my continued writing about my experienes of being a neuro weapon research subject and I never would accept payment from these evil criminal neuro weapon researchers  who have harassed and psychologically tortured me for nearly sixteen years wholly without my permission or consent.  

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Mind control (symptoms) log, updated frequently

email: cubicle227 at yahoo . ca (you can contact me any time for any reason)

This is a mind control (symptoms) log I will update frequently.

Here, I will try to post symptoms I am currently experiencing caused by the mind control, and related experiences. These are suspicions at the least, facts at best.

I hope to update this post about once every day or few days. I was inspired by Martti Koski who did something similar. Another victim who spoke to me by phone also recommended I write about it each day.

I lost a log I was keeping from a few weeks ago.

"They" usually means the people or beings who are secretly trying to enslave and robotize me.

For more information on how mind control has affected my life and how it began, you can read this blog post:


Sunday, August 10, 2014

They tell me to "remove internet posts about mind control, immediately/completely" through text that briefly appears or "flashes" in my vision.

(May be induced directly or as a learned reaction to thoughts about my posts, from past indoctrination)

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

They close my jaw onto harder foods so as to cause me pain when I eat, which makes me angry and want to use ketamine (teeth are sensitive from dental procedure).

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

They jolt my arms to cause painful collisions when I move close to objects.

They greatly reduced a feeling of joy when I was with a friend, by making my throat muscle "click" in a way I'm trained to react strongly to.

They made me stay in place when I was thinking of moving, by triggering a "drooling" hallucination that grounds me and blocks thoughts about how I will move away.

Thursday, August 14, 2014

They can force me to make simple sounds with my voice, but not full words.

Friday, August 15, 2014

Had a dream related to my hospital-induced trauma, in which parts seemed artificially induced in one way or another: a childish voice telling me "Some people will stay and some will die, but it doesn't matter because one day you'll be the only one left" (similar to what produced delusions about being forced to live forever and being alone on earth when they triggered my psychotic episode). Also, being mocked in the dream when realizing the skull I see (in real life) is related to the damage my psyche endured during one night in the hospital kitchen.

Saturday, August 16, 2014

As is usual, tiny burp-like "clicks" keep me thinking about drugs (and sometimes psychosis, trauma, etc.) in a crude, essentially unimportant way.

Sunday, August 17, 2014

Especially this evening, They are using the tactile hallucinations I'm programmed to react to, to make me think in a more self-centered, subjective, uncreative way. While I wrote this, they symbolized my neck being cut. Every day, they irritate me (emotionally) when I decide to do something (i.e. drink some water). Through this, they are probably reducing my motivation to do things by will, and may be preparing me for another catatonic episode.

Monday, August 18, 2014

They directly made me say "hell" and "yeah/ya,"

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Through the tactile hallucinations they induce, they have been limiting my range of thought to here and now, inhibiting my ability to recall memories or think about things which are not directly present. And even then they try to stop the thoughts.


Wednesday, August 20, 2014

According to them, they work for the CSIS, and indicate they are telling me the truth. They also communicate that my amygdala is greatly damaged. My own mind can see the link between one of the nights in the sunnybrook hospital kitchen and (perhaps) permanent over-activation of my amygdala or part of my brain stem. It's a suspicion.

Thursday, August 21, 2014

They sometimes (only slight today) gradually oversensitize me to hums from machines, which they overload me with when I am vulnerable. Too much mechanical energy. This doesn`t happen much anymore.


Saturday, August 23, 2014

Constant suppression of thoughts as usual, resulting in uncreative and repetitive thoughts about drugs. Thinking creatively about a spiritual, psychedelic reality when I could gave me hope and made me more resistant to their itch torture.


Sunday+Monday, August 24+25, 2014

Constant thought suppression through mini burps and drooling hallucinations


Tuesday, August 26, 2014?

They use itch hallucinations across the Inside of my knees and elbows, which can make me think of bone-breaking. They also mimic a painless version of a needle going through my inner elbow.


Saturday, August 30, 2014

Itches on inner knee when I changed my position or felt comfortable during the night.

For months, I`ve noticed synchrony between my thoughts and actions, and people coughing or honking in their car. It may be used as a way to discourage such actions. This can sometimes be noticed in sitcoms, too.

More than a coincidence, I say.


Out of all the writing I did today, the one above is the only one I was discouraged from writing through throat-muscle clicks.


 Saturday, October 18, 2014

 Psychosis started. I used DXM instead of alcohol, and paid the price. Essentially all drugs seem to aid in my tendency to be programmed against my will, but this is partially because I don't use them when I desire, but rather during moments of anger or even panic.

It is essentially about being given knowledge by "aliens," having them force me to believe they were never here or that it is my own delusion, etc. By giving the universe an idea as to all of my desires, I may also have knowingly and wrongly informed it about myself.

Apparently this psychosis will be painful (as were the other two episodes) and I have tried to warn the universe of the severe consequences. It seems to have tried to warn me, too.

Love, Daniel. And hopefully, I will not be too much more of a robot after this.


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