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If you are being wirelessly violated inside your own home by unknown criminals who are using wireless directed energy weapons and neurological weapons to remotely violate both your brain and body and who also may be using voice transmission technology to force you to listen to them against your will and without your permission you should say the following words to them in order to raise awareness among their colleagues as to what they are doing while they are posing as doing some other type of computer work as follows:-
'Stop wirelessly violating me via your computer keyboard , you unknown sadistic wireless weapon user.'
I know that this will alert unknowing  colleagues of the perpetrators to what they are illegally doing while claiming to perform legitimate activities in any and every workplace throughout most countries in the world now.

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I handed in the following letter to the office of my general medical practitioner Dr William O Connor, Hollymount Health Centre, Hollymount, Claremorris, Co. Mayo, Republic of Ireland this morning, Tuesday 10th November, 2020. It contains information which I have asked him in the letter to raise awareness of. I am placing the contents of it online because all should be aware of this ongoing corruption throughout the Republic of Ireland and throughout the rest of the world. Here below is a copy of the letter:-

Co. Mayo,
F12 Y560,
10th Nov, 2020.


Dear Dr O Conner,
I am herewith enclosing a scientific document called 'Remote Behavioral Influence Technology Evidence' by John J McMurtrey, which was written in 2003 and can be found online on a variety of websites. It clearly explains how microwave and ultrasound can be used from remote unknown locations against human beings and it is backed by hundreds of scientific references.
I personally know several Irish men and women who claim that they are being tortured by wireless remote means and I have a list of their names and contact details. Whenever they report this situation to the Gardai, psychiatrists or general medical practitioners they are immediately sent for psychiatric evaluation and afterwards they are then incarcerated in psychiatric hospitals where they are forced to ingest toxic chemicals which hinder their ability to elucidate their wireless torture experiences effectively. Because of this way of automatically treating anyone who comes forward with the truth about being wirelessly tortured from unknown remote locations the matter of wireless remote torture never gets dealt with and never gets solved. Meanwhile more and more Irish men and women are being wirelessly tortured with directed energy weapons and neurological weapons while they are inside the supposed safety of their own homes.
The side effects from the toxic chemicals which are being forceably administered inside psychiatric hospitals are so extremely distressing that those victims who are being wirelessly and remotely tortured by wireless directed energy weapons and neurological weapons are afraid to come forward and speak to those government appointed staff who have been given false authority over them lest they the victims be then forced to ingest still more of the toxic chemicals with the aforementioned distressing side effects by well meaning but uninformed psychiatric staff.
I will not speak to you or to anyone else face to face about this serious matter of wirelessly enabled remote torture being carried out in the Republic of Ireland on an ongoing basis because I am afraid that I may become legally compromised by psychiatric laws which would allow others to incarcerate me inside a psychiatric hospital in order to silence me. If you ask me about this topic in person I will invoke the right to remain silent in order to protect myself from unjust psychiatric laws. I personally believe that senior politicians, the main stream media, the Gardai, psychiatrists and general medical practitioners are under the influence of a certain amount of microwave mind control because if this were not the case this very serious problem of remote wireless torture would have been solved several decades ago.
The scientific document which I enclose contains only eight pages of reading because the rest of the document is composed of hundreds of scientific references. Please read it and please help to raise awareness of this problem among psychiatrists and medical personnel. Thank you for all your help down through the years. I remain in good mental health and I will see you at my next appointment.

Yours Sincerely,

Gretta Fahey
by John McMurtrey, 23 Dec, 2003
The first American[7][8] to publish on the microwave hearing effect was Allan H. Frey in 1962,
[9] yet radar technicians had anecdotes of microwave perception in World War II[10]. Deaf
and normal subjects, even with earplugs, can hear appropriately pulsed microwaves at least
up to thousands of feet from the transmitter[11]. Transmitter parameters above those
producing the effect result in a severe buffeting of the head with dizziness and nausea, while
parameters below the effect induce a pins and needles sensation. Peak power is the major
determinant of loudness, though there is some dependence on pulse width. Pulse modulation
appears to influence pitch and timbre. The effect "is the most easily and reliably replicated of
low power density (microwave) illumination."[12]. Review of human and animal microwave
hearing confirmation by independent investigators of the effect establishes validity. [13] [14]
[15][16] [17] Designs for scaring birds away from aircraft or other hazards by microwave
hearing[18] and induction of vertigo[19] exist.[20][21].
While working for the Advanced Research Projects Agency at Walter Reed Army Institute of
Research, Sharp and Grove discovered "receiverless" and "wireless" voice transmission. [22]
Their method was simple: the negative deflections of voiceprints from recorded spoken
numbers were caused to trigger microwave pulses. Upon illumination by such verbally
modulated energy, the words were understood remotely. The discovery"s applications are
"obviously not limited to therapeutic medicine" according to James C. Lin in Microwave
Auditory Effects and Applications.[23]
A Defense Intelligence Agency review of Communist literature affirmed microwave sound and
indicated voice transmission. The report states, "Sounds and possibly even words which
appear to be originating intracranially (within the head) can be induced by signal modulation
at very low average power densities."[24] Among microwave weapon implications are "great
potential for development into a system for disorientating or disrupting the behavior patterns
of military or diplomatic personnel." An Army Mobility Equipment Research and Development
Command report affirms microwave speech transmission with applications of "camouflage,
decoy, and deception operations."[25] "One decoy and deception concept presently being
considered is to remotely create noise in the heads of personnel by exposing them to low
power, pulsed microwaves . . . By proper choice of pulse characteristics, intelligible speech
may be created" quotes the report.
The Brunkan Patent # 4877027 "Hearing system" is a device capable of verbal microwave
hearing.[26] The invention converts speech for remote introduction into the head by parabolic
antenna with indication of direct microwave influence on neural activity. The microwave
spectrum granted is broad: 100-10,000 MHz (0.1-10 GHz.) Pulse characteristics are essential
to perception. Bursts of narrowly grouped, evenly spaced pulses determine sound intensity by
their amount per unit time. Although a wide spectrum is patented, with ranges of pulse and
burst duration, preferred operation has burst duration at 2 microseconds, and pulse duration
at 100 nanoseconds. Operation is at 1000 MHz, which is the frequency of optimal tissue
penetration.[27] Another patent application based on microwave bursts is "designed in such a
way that the burst frequencies are at least virtually equal to the sound frequencies of the
sounds picked up by the microphone," though the transducer here is not remote.[28]
Stocklin Patent # 4858612 "Hearing device" 7 affirms the microwave hearing effect. Stocklin
gives exposition to the concept that a microwave component is part of neurophysiology and
electroencephalogram (EEG) potentials.[29] Microwaves are considered both emitted and
absorbed by nerve cell membrane proteins. Microwaves generally excite the brain[30]
perhaps by influencing calcium,[31] a central ion in nerve firing.[32] Stocklin represents the
auditory cortex as normally producing microwave energy, which the device simulates, thus
eliciting sound sensation. Each acoustic tone is weighted for several microwave frequencies
by a formula called the mode matrix, which is used to calculate best perception requirements.
Observation of EEG desynchronization, delta waves, and brain wave amplitudes helps
calibrate the device.[33] The lowest frequency for hearing is estimated by the cephalic index.
Microwave speech transmission in this patent is unremote with the antenna over and sized for
the auditory cortex. Other patents have non-remote transducers of radiowave elicited hearing.
Descriptions in the above patents attribute microwave hearing to direct neural influence.
However, the most accepted mechanism in review is by thermoelastic expansion,12 most
likely inducing bone conducted hearing. The cochlea does appear to be involved, but not the
middle ear.14 This divergence of mechanism illustrates the non-thermal/thermal controversy.
US exposure standards are based on thermal effects, yet there are effects very difficult to
explain by thermodynamics.13[36] All accept thermal effects at some level, yet the thermal
only school is rather dogmatic related to liability issues of commercial[37] and national
security concern.[38] It must be said that the open literature regarding microwave hearing
indicates a thermo-acoustic mechanism.
"Communicating Via the Microwave Auditory Effect." is the title of a small business contract
for the Department of Defense. Communication initial results are: "The feasibility of the
concept has been established" using both low and high power systems.[39] A Freedom of
Information Act (FOIA) request as to the project"s outcome met with denial on the part of the
Air Force, on the grounds that disclosure "could reasonably be expected to cause damage to
national security."[40] Though the Air Force denied the FOIA disclosure, such a contract"s
purpose is elaborated by the Air Force"s "New World Vistas" report: "It would also appear
possible to create high fidelity speech in the human body, raising the possibility of covert
suggestion and psychological direction . . . . If a pulse stream is used, it should be possible to
create an internal acoustic field in the 5-15 kilohertz range, which is audible. Thus it may be
possible to "talk" to selected adversaries in a fashion that would be most disturbing to
them."[41] Robert Becker, whose eminence was enough to have been twice nominated for
the Nobel Prize in biological electromagnetic fields research, is more explicit: "Such a device
has obvious applications in covert operations designed to drive a target crazy with "voices" or
deliver undetectable instructions to a programmed assassin."[42]
The above Army efforts had results. A microwave voice transmission non-lethal weapon is
referenced in the thesaurus of the Center for Army Lessons Learned, which is a military
instruction website.18 The military thesaurus entry lists analogous devices using "silent
Internal voice capability, without discernment by others nearby. is also evident in ultrasoundbased technology. Lowrey Patent # 6052336 "Apparatus and method of broadcasting audible
sound using ultrasonic sound as a carrier" clearly focuses on non-lethal weapon application
against crowds or directed at an individual.[45] Communication is understood as an inner
voice with loss of the directional quality of sound perception. "Since most cultures attribute
inner voices either as a sign of madness, or as messages from spirits or demons, both of
which . . . evoke powerful emotional reactions", quotes the Lowrey patent"s effect on people.
Replaying speech, with a delay impedes talking and causes stuttering. Normal brain wave
patterns can be changed (or entrained), which "may cause temporary incapacitation, intense
feelings of discomfort." This technique is detailed by Monroe Patent # 5356368 "Method of
and apparatus for inducing desired states of consciousness", with license to Interstate
Industries and involves an auditory replication of brainwave patterns to entrain the EEG as
Norris Patent # 5889870 "Acoustic heterodyne device and method", directionally produces
sound on interference (or heterodyning) of two ultrasound beams.[47] The cancellation leaves
the carried audible sound perceivable. The effect becomes apparent particularly within
cavities such as the ear canal. An individual readily understands communication across a
noisy crowed room without nearby discernment. Sound can also be produced from mid-air or
as reflecting from any surface.
American Technology Corporation, which licensed this patent, has an acoustic non-lethal
weapons technology,[48] a cooperative agreement with the Army Research & Development
Command,[49] and is working with numerous other government agencies.[50] The
corporation"s Long Range Acoustic Devices (LRADTM) account for 60% of military sales, and
have integration into the Navy"s situational awareness & radar surveillance systems[51] with
deployment on naval vessels and fleet harbors.[52] A popular magazine writer describes the
device"s inner nature of sound perception.[53] From separate references, non-lethal weapons
treatments affirm sound localization and individual ultrasound effect limitation[54] with obvious
lack of nearby discernment;[55] the latter by a non-lethal weapons program director. A similar
ultrasound method of limiting sound to one person, Audio Spotlight is marketed, with
exhibition at Boston"s Museum of Science and the Smithsonian National Air & Space
Museum.[56] Both the American Technology device and Audio Spotlight are discussed in an
article with some history of ultrasound acoustics, which has origins in sonar.[57] Other
acoustic influence methods may utilize ultrasound.[58][59]
The maintenance of effects on people requires obstacle penetration and target tracking.
These internal voice capable energy forms penetrate obstruction and can be localized. Sound
transmission through enclosures is commonly experienced. An inaudible ultrasound high
intensity carrier wave is unnoticed. Solid defect inspection is one use of ultrasound, which is
being developed to discern movement through walls.[60] Common technology utilizes the
microwave hearing spectrum, which partly or completely encompasses cell phone,[61][62] TV,
and radar frequencies.[63] Commercial signals are not perceived, since the hearing effect
requires pulsation within the limits that elicit perception. A variety of antennae localize the
structurally penetrating microwave illumination with collimation or focusing.[64][65] A patent,
"compatible for mobile platforms with DEWs," (Directed Energy Weapons) includes a modified
Luneburg lens emitting parallel rays with over 50 years utilization.[66]
Hablov Patent # 5448501 "Electronic life detection system" is for microwave radar within the
hearing spectrum that finds and distinguishes individuals through obstruction.[67] Therein is
stated: "the modulated component of the reflected microwave signal . . . subjected to
frequency analysis . . . forms a type of "electronic fingerprint" of the living being with
characteristic features, which . . . permits a distinction between different living beings."
Though this patent has use in trapped victim rescue, another Hablov et. al. Patent # 5530429
"Electronic surveillance system" detects interlopers with security emphasis.[68] Other
literature describes the basic method.[69]
The Hablov et. al. patents discern people thru structures by vital organ motion, but others
offer more detailed imaging. Fullerton et. al. Patent # 6400307 "System and method for
intrusion detection using a time domain radar array" is such a design,[70] and is commercially
available as RadarVision by Time Domain.[71] Further designs for imaging within structures
include: a portable system determining suspect distance,[72] and presentations by the
International Society for Optical Engineering.[73][74] Software for displaying radar detection
on a personal computer is sold.[75]
Rowan Patent # 4893815 "Interactive transector device commercial and military grade"
describes the acquisition, locking onto, and tracking of human targets.[76] Stated therein:
"Potentially dangerous individuals can be efficiently subdued, apprehended and appropriately
detained." The capability of "isolating suspected terrorists from their hostages . . . or
individuals within a group without affecting other members of the group" is stated. Laser,
radar, infrared, and acoustic sensor fusion is utilized to identify, seek, and locate targets.
Locking illumination upon the target until weapons engagement accomplishes tracking.
Among available non-lethal weapons is an incapacitating electromagnetic painful pulse.
Another target tracking system is the Manportable Surveillance and Target Acquisition Radar
by Systems & Electronics, Inc., which is capable of tracking moving targets including
personnel. This system has an auto target track feature, and lists moving target detection as
12 km for a walking man.[77]
A track initiation processor acquires a target, while a data association filter maintains a
tracking lock on the target.[78] An original method for target tracking is the Kalman filter.
Numerous weapons guidance examples utilize similar processes and illuminate targets for
tracking. Laser illumination is also used for non-human targets.[79] Other examples utilize
microwave beam target recognition and weapons guidance.[80][81] Target illumination
tracking systems have nanosecond to microsecond response times. Such responses do not
require a wide scan area to lock illumination upon persons at achievable speeds. At 90 miles
per hour an auto travels less than 1/100 of an inch in a microsecond.
Ultrasound voice transmission technology is publicly demonstrated in museum exhibits. The
numerous microwave voice transmission citations rest on a considerable foundation of
microwave hearing literature. Internal voice non-lethal weapon applications are discussed in
many of the citations. There are examples of either existence or sales of non-lethal weapons
based on both technologies. Numerous designs involving human location, identification, and
tracking methods, have long demonstrated the feasibility of constructing devices capable of
producing internal voice continuously in isolated individuals. To deny such technological
capabilities in the face of extensive complaint is willfully to ignore documented development of
the relevant technologies and engineering competence for complete integration.
Many people who report experiencing remote behavioral influence also perceive mind
reading. Thought reading capacity, or brain wave analysis word recognition, is seriously
reported. Publications by a Stanford group support and report recognition of specific words
from brain waves,[82][83][84][85] with recent enhanced success.[86] Other investigators
publish above chance magnetoencephalographic (MEG) word recognition.[87] The current
publications lack reference to a 1975 US government technical report of prior results from
Stanford comparable to the recent articles,[88] and an apparent Russian report of specific
EEG word recognition before 1981.[89] Electroencephalographic (EEG) instant detection by
syllables of "a content of category which the testee wishes to speak" quotes Kiyuna et. al.
Patent # 5785653 "System and method for predicting internal condition of live body."[90] A
stated use: "the present invention may be use (sic) to detect the internal condition of
surveillance in criminal investigation" by EEG. NEC Corporation licensed this patent. Remote
EEG communication with Armed Forces or clandestine application are the cited uses for
Mardirossian Patent # 6011991 "Communication system and method including brain wave
analysis and/or use of brain activity."[91] This patent affirms EEG word recognition, proposes
transmitter capable skin implants, utilizes neural networks (artificial intelligence), and is
licensed by Technology Patents, LLC.
Activation of brain cell assemblies provides a theoretical framework[92] for the above word
recognition reports, and extensive publications of averaged EEG word category
differentiation. These differentiation reports themselves are consistent with specific word
recognition, since their basis is by visual analysis of averaged categories, without the use of
sophisticated computer programs as are essential for specific word recognition. Based on
EEG/MEG responses, words can be differentiated as to length,[93] and visual nouns can be
differentiated from action verbs.[94][95][96][97][98] Brain wave patterns distinguish proper
names from common nouns,[99] animal names from numerals,[100] or content from function
words.[101][102][103][104] Face, arm, or leg action verbs are reported distinguished by brain
waves as well.[105][106] Concrete versus abstract words,[107] and unambiguous versus
ambiguous noun/verbs[108] have distinctive EEG patterns.
Some of these word category differentiation reports are consistent with both the specific
recognition reports, and/or the differentiation of non-verbal cognition. Based on EEG/MEG
responses, words are readily distinguished from non-words,[109][110][111] or pictures.[112]
EEG differentiation of words rated as to affective meaning such as good-bad, strong-weak, or
active-passive is reported.[113][114] Other literature indicates EEG differentiation of
completely non-verbal cognition. Emotion differentiation by EEG is patented, referencing Air
Force research.[115] Movement anticipation potentials (bereitschaftspotential) and those of
actual movement are detectable by EEG. [116][117] EEG movement signals have been used
to move a cursor left or right,[118] and just the imagination of movement is sufficiently
distinguished by EEG to control switches,[119] or control prosthesis grasp.[120] Guiding
robots through simulated rooms by EEG detection of imagining the spinning of cubes or arm
rising of appropriate direction is reported.[121][122][123] Even more complex grasping and
reaching robot arm control has been achieved by signals from implanted brain electrodes in
monkeys without body arm movement.[124] A number of groups have developed procedures
to detect deception based on the P300 (positive @ 300 millisec.) event related potential
(ERP) from EEG.[125] [126][127][128][129][130] A commercial system, Brain Fingerprinting,
[131] which includes analysis of a late negative ERP potential and frequency analysis in
addition to the P300, even asserts 100% accuracy over five separate studies.[132] [133] [134]
[135] [136][137]
Functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) studies also report differentiation of cognitive
states. Different fMRI brain activation loci for face, natural and manufactured object
recognition are reviewed.[138] Neural network differentiation of fMRI response to noun
categories for fish, four legged animals, trees, flowers, fruits, vegetables, family members,
occupations, tools, kitchen items, dwellings, and building parts is reported.[139] Distinguishing
truthful from deceptive responses by fMRI is also reported.[140] [141] [142] [143] The ability
to discern the state of romantic love towards an individual by fMRI has report as well.[144]
The research arm of agencies with missions to covertly acquire information would certainly
develop to operational capability any technologic thought reading potential. Assertions that
such development has progressed are multiple, and two are confirmed by details of the 1975
government EEG specific word recognition report, which itself is evidence of development
covert to open databases.83 An International Committee of the Red Cross Symposium
synopsis states EEG computer mind reading development by Lawrence Pinneo in 1974 at
Stanford.[145] A letter by the Department of Defense Assistant General Counsel for
Manpower, Health, and Public Affairs, Robert L. Gilliat in 1976 affirmed brain wave reading by
the Advanced Research Projects Agency.[146] "Thought reading or synthetic telepathy"
communications technology procurement is considered in a 1993 Jane"s[g] Special
Operations Forces (SOF) article: "One day, SOF commandos may be capable of
communicating through thought processes."[147] Descriptive terms are "mental weaponry
and psychic warfare" Although contemplated in future context, the availability of a technology
without adaptation to troop level requirements is implied, since anticipation of mobile
deployment would have to assume prior development.
In 1976, the Malech Patent # 3951134 "Apparatus and method for remotely monitoring and
altering brain waves" was granted.[148] Example of operation is at 100 and 210 MHz;
frequencies penetrating obstruction. "The individual components of the system for monitoring
and controlling brain wave activity may be of conventional type commonly employed in radar";
and "The system permits medical diagnosis of patients, inaccessible to physicians, from
remote stations" are quotes indicating remote capacity. License is to Dorne & Margolin Inc.,
but now protection is expired with public domain. The Malech patent utilizes interference of
210 and 100 MHz frequencies resulting in a 110 MHz return signal, which is demodulated to
give EEG waveform.
The capability of remote EEG is predicted by electromagnetic scattering theory using
ultrashort pulses, which are not part of the Malech patent.[149] Ultrashort pulses are currently
defined in the range of 10-12 to 10-15 second. Considering that EEG word elicited potentials
are comparatively long (hundreds of milliseconds), indicates that remote radar EEG capture is
adequate to word recognition, with ultrashort pulses allowing some 109 or more radar
reflections in a millisecond (10-3 sec.)
The possibility of impressing an "experience set" on an individual by ultrashort pulses is also
contemplated.143 The above patent can alter brain waves as well as detect them. Microwave
non-lethal weapon brain wave disruption[150] and behavioral change including
unconsciousness[151] are known.35
The above EEG telemetry patent and ultrashort pulse method are by active radar probe. Yet a
passive field extends as far as 12 feet from man as detected by a cryogenic antenna.[152] A
technical article maintains this device as entirely adaptable to clandestine applications, and
pointedly comments on the disappearance of physiological remote sensing literature since the
1970"s for animals and humans, while all other categories of remote sensing research greatly
Complete rejection of assertions of a remote mind reading capability is just as presumptuous,
in the face of complaints, as has been the dismissal of internal voice capacity. Considerable
capacity to detect and differentiate mental states is evident from literature reports particularly
by EEG. The fact that EEG movement imagination signals are detected for robot guidance on
a voluntary unprompted basis[121] [122] [123] suggests a similar capacity is feasible for
specific EEG word identification, which has only been reported for word prompted responses.
Though references to remote EEG are less, they provide plausibly exploitable mechanisms,
which may be covertly developed.
References to behavioral influence weapon use by government bodies and international
organizations are numerous. Negotiation submissions to the United Nations Committee on
Disarmament affirm the reality of microwave weapon nervous system effects.[154] European
Parliament passage of resolutions calling for conventions regulating non-lethal weapons and
the banning of "weapons which might enable any form of manipulation of human
beings" [155] includes neuro-influence capability.[156] A resolution relates to HAARP, High
Frequency Active Auroral Research Project, which has environmental consequences, and
although utilizing high frequency, ionospheric extra low frequencies (ELF) emanation results.
Since ELF is within brain wave frequencies the project has capacity to influence whole
populations.[157][158] President Carter"s National Security Advisor, Zbigniew Brzezinski,
predicted development of such capacity.[159] Nature News reports concern by a French
government panel about the potential for thought reading and such a remote capacity.[160]
An American draft law prohibiting land, sea, or space-based weapons using electromagnetic,
psychotronic (behavioral influence), and sound technologies "directed at individual persons or
targeted populations for the purpose of information war, mood management, or mind control"
has not yet passed.[161] Russian electromagnetic standards are nearly 1000 times lower
than the West, so their weapon law forbidding electromagnetic weapons exceeding Health
Department parameters is strict.[162] The Russian draft law explicitly references behavioral
influence non-lethal weapons, and development in several countries.[163] Resolutions by the
International Union of Radio Science recognize criminal use of electromagnetic technology,
though largely relevant to use against infrastructure.[164]
The microwave irradiation of the American Embassy in Moscow received little publicity until
the winter of 1976 instillation of protective screening, but irradiation was known since 1953.34
Original frequencies were 2.56-4.1 GHz with additional intermittent 0.6-9.5 GHz signals being
permanent by 1975 in a wide band frequency hopping[h] consistent pattern with one signal
pulsating. The irradiation was directional from nearby buildings and modulated. Complaint to
the Soviets had no avail, but the signals disappeared in January 1979 "reportedly as a result
of a fire in one or more of the buildings."[165] A 9-11 GHz signal recurred in 1988.[166]
Observed frequencies are basically within the microwave hearing spectrum, and pulsation is
required. Psychiatric cases occurred during the exposure period, though no epidemiologic
relationship was revealed with fully a quarter of the medical records unavailable, and
comparison with other Soviet Bloc posts.159 The CIA had Dr. Milton Zaret review medical
Soviet microwave literature to determine the purpose of the irradiation. He concluded the
Russians "believed the beam would modify the behavior of the personnel."[167] In 1976 the
post was declared unhealthful and pay raised 20% 140
The most documented citizen microwave irradiation was of peace protesters at Greenham
Common American Air Force Base in Berkshire England, who prompted investigation of
unusual symptoms.[168] Radiation measurements exhibited microwaves with symptom
experience up to a hundred times the background level, and rose sharply on protests nearer
the base.160 Symptoms became pronounced on cruise missile transport, a protest focus.160
Recorded were wide ranging complaints: skin burns; "severe" headaches; drowsiness;
temporary paralysis; incoordinated speech; two late (5 mos.) spontaneous abortions; an
apparent circulatory failure; and unlike usual menstrual synchronization, irregular or
postmenopausal menstruation. The symptom complex fits well with electromagnetic exposure
syndrome 160 It has also been reported that some of the women "heard voices."[169] The
base closed finally in 1991.
Criminal directed energy weapon use has been reported in Germany.[170] In a number of
cases there is similarity of circumstances, complaints, and symptoms. In at least one case
microwave fields have been measured with exclusion of the usual sources (cell phone towers,
etc.)[171] Plans for construction of a crude device from a microwave oven are sold.[170]
Measurement of non-ionizing radiation fields in the vicinity of an Australian victim is described.
[172] The intensity ranged from 7 mV in an adjacent room to 35 mV next to the head. The
victim suffered from multiple personality disorder attributed to ritual abuse, and claimed an
implant with radiological evidence.
Ultrasound behavioral influence technology use in Northern Ireland is cited [173] The device
could focus on one person; and utilized ultrasound cancellation like those patented. It was
employed in Vietnam by the Americans, and is known as the squawk box. Mentioned
infrasound frequency (ultrasound carrier directed) is like Loos 1/25/00 patent, with
psychological effects summarized as "spooky." More detail by a defense journalist is quoted:
"When the two frequencies mix in the human ear they become intolerable. Some people
exposed to the device are said to feel giddy or nauseous and in extreme cases they faint.
Most people are intensely annoyed by the device and have a compelling wish to be
somewhere else." [174] British police inventories list the specific device, though a spokesman
denied use.[166]
Sophisticated behavioral influence capability is confirmed by ex-intelligence officers. Julianne
McKinney, Director of The National Security Alumni Electronic Surveillance Project is
prominent. This is a largely classified employee victim study with internal voice transmission
The logic in the prediction by Brzezinski[176] of the appearance of a more controlled and
directed society dominated by a power elite willing to use the latest modern techniques for
influencing behavior without hindrance by liberal democratic values is compelling.153
Potential behavioral influence targets are multiple. Since those supposedly expert regard a
victim"s perceptions as psychotic, all complaints are disregarded, not to mention capability to
bear witness. Targets may include anyone worth neutralization: domestic adversaries;[177]
security risks, which may only comprise classified disclosures; persons witnessing serious
improprieties; and those prone to committing advantageous felonies. Legality is readily
circumvented by executive orders, (particularly declaration of a crisis or emergency situation),
which can be sealed, and this prerogative is only accountable to co-equal branches of
government as is now the case with terrorism suspects. Internal voice technology is most
applicable within the same language and culture. Space here limits more than mention of
remote EEG influence capacity, hypnosis, and footnoting remote subliminal technique.
Hypnotic or subliminal message presentation represent particularly insidious means of
influencing thought, mood, behavior, and undermining civil liberties.
Most complainants allege public sector involvement or sub-contracted private companies.
[178] Remote behavioral influence research has long been funded by the US,39 with
evidence of development19 22 36 45 46 and weapons,18 44 47 48 51 though denying on
national security grounds project results37 and foreign literature analyses.[179] Some thirty
countries evidence active behavioral influence weapon research.[180]
Though there is some scant psychoanalytical acknowledgement,[181] current medical
awareness ensures effective neutralization of the afflicted. Not all those affected are
stigmatized. However phenomena of "hearing voices", or perception of remote manipulation,
when recounted to health professionals results in various stigmatizing diagnoses,[182][183]
totally without investigation. Determination of relevant fields around complainants is
mandatory, or abatement by proven shielding of such phenomena. Professional opinions
formed without excluding these technologies are negligent.
The medical community has long heard either identical or similar complaint[184] to that above
delineated as known internal voice technology from numerous victims. This fact indicts the
scholarship and presumption of impossibility evident in the pertinent medical literature. In
addition, microwave bioeffects have considerable congruence with reported symptoms of
major psychosis other than "voices." [185] All of society should be disturbed at the prospect of
technologic induction of voice, since the unaware subject would perceive such voices as his
own natural thought, without such an assault as to provoke complaint.
It is difficult to deny the level of substantiation for the possibility that a thought reading
capacity exists, even with references that support a remote basis. The logic that in the thirty
years since the Pinneo work started, this capability has had full development is too sound to
dismiss victim corroboration. It would have to be admitted that funding for projects by the
defense and security agencies is considerably greater than for open science, and that thought
reading would be a priority area. Educated democracies should not be complacent at this
prospect, given the potential for political control, and existence of a remote EEG method in
the public domain.
Acknowledgements: Thanks are given to God for inspiration, and a benefactor of Christians
Against Mental Slavery for financial support. There is gratitude also to Dr. Paul Canner, and
Dr. Allen Barker for their suggestions.
All patents are printable from the U. S. Patent Office website.
EEG word recognition articles are printable thru Pubmed as designated.
Each is free
Pinneo LR and Hall DJ. "Feasibility Study for Design of a Biocybernetic Communication
System" is available from Christians Against Mental Slavery at info@slavery.org.uk.
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1. ↑ Address: 903 N. Calvert St., Baltimore MD 21202. Email- Johnmcmurt at aol.com -
Phone- 410-539-5140.
2. ↑ Financial contribution to this article was made by fellow members of Christians Against
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I have been a wireless slave for seventeen years in the Republic of Ireland. Here is a full explanation of what my enslavement is like and how I was severely punished by psychiatric means for reporting the matter to agents of the Irish state.
I believe that we are now all implanted with nano technology which is to be found throughout our brains and bodies. It got inside us through inhalation and ingestion from chemtrail spraying of the skies over our heads and by many other means. This nano technology which is inside our brains is directly linked by wireless means to computer systems. This allows our would-be enslavers to conduct surveys of our brains and to categorise us under up to a thousand different headings.
We are being analysed for addictions, levels of debt, personality type, attitude, health status, skills, belief systems and many other categories of behaviour and abilities. A selection of us who interest them are then considered for further appraisal and analysis and wireless enslavement via control of our central nervous systems. We could be selected for further appraisal for a reason which might be as simple as our blood group or our location in the world. This further full time intense appraisal and psychological torture is sometimes known as remote neural monitoring combined with remote neural manipulation and those who are selected for it are sometimes known as targeted individuals. I am such a targeted individual.
Over the years those who wirelessly control me on a full time basis are sometimes known as neuro operatives. They appear to be bordering on being slaves themselves because they have taken contracts with individuals who only pay them in material possessions and almost never in money. This practice never being paid in money will eventually lead to their total enslavement. I do not know any of them but they speak to me on a constant basis via voice transmissions into my inner ear which is a covert means of communication which is now in common use among the military and intelligence services throughout the world.
Over many years, the aforementioned neuro operatives and others who I am calling neuro staff have gained more and more physical control over my physical body to the extent that they can now take control of my vocal cords and speak through me. They can take control of my facial muscles and move them about erratically. They can nod and shake my head vigorously against my will. When I am brain to brain interfaced with them which seems to be all of the time they can override my muscle control and they can force some of my muscles to move against my will. They can also control some of my internal bodily functions. Simply by operating their own computer systems they can force me into a frenzy of laughter at a moments notice entirely against my will and without my permission.
I once reported the matter to the Gardai who disbelieved my story and instead of validating my statement they sent me for mandatory psychiatric evaluation. I reported the matter to my own general practitioner who also sent me for psychiatric evaluation. I reported the matter in its entirety to both psychiatrists and psychiatric nurses, none of whom believed me because I now know that they are under severe electronic mind control programming. I can not hope to over ride their electronic mind control programming so I write about my unique experiences all the time and place most of the information on my website which is called www.targetedindividualsireland.net. I also constantly make videos telling of my experiences of being a wireless slave and I place those videos on line in public display in several different video platforms including youtube, bitchute, and others.
I went to a psychiatric hospital of my own accord because I was looking for sanctuary there due to the fact that I had received torture threats from the individuals who transmit their voices to my inner ear by wireless means. I was given mandated psychiatric substances while I was there which had the effect of torturing me internally because those substances caused me to suffer severely from both tardive dysconesia and tardive akathisia. I eventually escaped from the net of psychiatry and I now do not inform agents of the government of my ongoing wireless torture and enslavement because I would much prefer to be dead that to ever be caught in the trap of psychiatric fascist control ever again. Psychiatrists have no idea of the extreme side effects of the substances which they mandate their patients to ingest and they, meaning the psychiatrists, are under severe mind control programming to the point where they abide by their programming and are heedless to any explanations of wireless harassment and torture being told to them by any of their patients. I will never confide in agents of the Irish state again about my wireless enslavement and torture because they are all known to be under external electronic mind control programming but I will continue to reveal all I know to the general public who I wish to help save from a similar fate to mine. I know of several other Irish men and women who are enduring the same fate as myself but they are not being believed either by agents of the Irish state.
This situation which is occurring in the Republic of Ireland is also occurring in almost all other countries throughout the world. Please raise awareness of this so that scientists may develop a firewall to protect our brains and central nervous systmes from external digital signals. The scientific capability which allows others to place their fellow men and women under wirelessly enabled enslavement which is also known as bio-digital control is described in United States patent number US6965816. We the targeted individuals of the Republic of Ireland are now afraid to return to Irish police stations to restate our claims of wireless torture being carried out on us from unknown remote locations because when we do so we are not being allowed to go home afterwards without first attending for psychiatric evaluation. What is to be done in order to break this dead lock with the Irish Gardai,? If you know of any independent scientists who may be able to invent a brain firewall please ask them to do so in order to protect most of the human race from wireless enslavement by a small number of dark occultists who now sit at the top of the worldwide hierarchical based chain of command. If some if not all of the infrastructure which is being used to wirelessly enslave us was disassembled and then banned it would set us free from this wireless enslavement, torture and genocide prison planet. Most of the infrastructure which allows Satanists and dark Luciferians to wirelessly enslave and torture us is at ground level. Satellites are mostly believed to be hoaxes but however both stationary and mobile drones do exist but can easily be shot down by the military.
The reason that the police and military have not been given permission to expose wireless weapons and their current capabilities to the general public is because if they did so the court system would immediately collapse because the public would realise that judges can now be remotely influenced by criminals who use wirelessly enabled electronic mind control weapons as well as wirelessly enabled human central nervous system control weapons. The police and military wont act without permission. They have proven themselves to be unquestioningly obedient and subservient order followers. The orders they follow appear to be generated by the Satanists and dark Luciferians who sit at the top of the worldwide hierarchical based chain of command. The police and military are under severe electronic mind control which comes to them via technology situated in their work place and in some instances it is built into their helmets.
Yours Sincerely,
Gretta Fahey, Newbrook, Claremorris, Co. Mayo, Eircode F12 Y560, Republic of Ireland.

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The unknown perps who are forcing my muscles to move against my will by wireless remote means by transmitting modulated electromagnetic frequencies to my central nervous system have said that they would prefer to be imprisoned rather than to have to continue to attempt to bio-robotize a real live human being. However, they can not turn themselves in to the police without arousing suspicion in the individuals who control the computers that they themselves have become willingly tethered to without realising what they were letting themselves in for. They now regret everything that they have done to myself Gretta Fahey from Newbrook, Claremorris, Co. Mayo, Republic of Ireland. The perps themselves have informed me via voice to skull classified military direct voice transmission technology which inserts voices directly into my cranium that they are currently visiting Great Britian but they are originally from the United States.

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Posted on November 23, 2019 by gretta fahey

Civilian leaders cannot usually hope to challenge their militaries by means of force, and thus must guard against any potential usurpation of powers through a combination of policies, laws, and the inculcation of the values of civilian control in their armed services. The presence of a distinct civilian police force, militia, or other paramilitary group may mitigate to an extent the disproportionate strength that a country’s military possesses; civilian gun ownership has also been justified on the grounds that it prevents potential abuses of power by authorities (military or otherwise). Opponents of gun control have cited the need for a balance of power in order to enforce the civilian control of the military.
There are two and a half million military slaves in the United States. They are the United States Military. They are obliged to be unquestioningly and submissively obedient to their commander-in-chief. We now understand that they are under microwave mind control and also body control via manipulation techniques not previously understood but now both understood and validated to be the frequent use of beam weapons which are being used  by the United States Supreme Command to be injurious to both the military soldiers themselves as well as to the American people.
The military chiefs who give orders to the United States military to go forth and to commit acts of extreme evil against other non aggressive members of the human race do not go forth themselves. Said military chiefs  remain in contact with each and every military member via wireless control technology. This puts the military team under extreme duress and many go on to commit suicide rather than complete the acts of extreme evil that they are asked to do on a daily basis by this means. If they refuse to be unquestioningly obedient to the wireless voice commands which they receive on an almost daily basis they are then subjected to extreme duress themselves in many and varied ways.

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 Unknown neuro operatives are  reproducing their voices inside my head using wireless embedded systems.  This process is known as microwave hearing, synthetic telepathy, or sometimes voice to skull direct human communication.  The military and intelligence services have been using this process to communicate with each other as well as their enemies for many decades.  It is being used on a world wide scale, mostly in secret.   Strong radio frequeny signals come from my ears at random times throughout each day as a result of this embedded system which possibly came about due to inhalation and ingestion of nano technology or through direct implantation of micro receivers and transmitters in the hearing centres of my brain.  

 I believe that the reason  that I am being non-consensually interrogated by voice to skull direct human communication technology every day for nearly sixteen years is because I am claiming disability allowance for irritable bowel syndrome and the validity of my claim can not be verified by legal means. Therefore unknown individuals wielding advanced technology which enables them to reproduce their voices inside my head day and night  issue death threats and insults towards me and verbally harass me every waking moment for nearly sixteen years. They are also using similar technology to force me to feel unwanted sensations throughout my body.
When I reply to them by saying the following "Why am I hearing your voice coming from inside my head wholly against my will and without my permission,  that then would allow another of their colleagues to know without any doubt how they are obtaining the non-consensual data they are gathering on me.  They then react in a  frightened manner  as if their colleague now knows that they have used unethical means to collect data on me and that would enable any colleague who happened to be listening to blackmail them or even to steal the data for their own use.

These neuro operatives wish to know if I am responsible for causing my symptoms of irritable bowel syndrome by wirelessly analysing what I eat and they can easily establish what I eat by wirelessly receiving information from nano sensors in my stomach and intestines which are currently being blended into some processed foods.  This is happening on a worldwide scale mostly unknown to the general public.  

I do not drink alcohol at all. I do not smoke cigarettes or take any type of drugs and I do not drink tea or coffee. I almost never eat refined sugar. I eat a plant based diet as well as dairy products. I do not eat meat, fish or eggs and I have no plans to eat meat, fish or eggs at any time in the future. I am not responsible for causing my irritable bowel syndrome problems.

The neuro operatives who reproduce their voices inside my head have attempted to persuade me to drink alcohol and to resume smoking cigarettes which I gave up more than twenty six years ago. They are not trying to help me recover from irritable bowel syndrome. They are attempting to find a way to gain control over my life and if they do so they would then attempt to extrapolate that control system over all other human beings who complained of suffering from irritable bowel syndrome throughout the world. These neuro operatives are knowingly or unknowingly assisting the dark new world order would-be dictatorship in attempting to rigidly control everybody throughout the world by any means possible. I have never broken any law in my entire life.  I can think of no other reason why I would be put on this non-consensual program which is sometimes called remote neural monitoring along with remote neural manipulation, which I also experience.

Hundreds of thousands if not millions of people are currently complaining of similar experiences to mine. We are not being taken seriously due to the fact that electronic mind control is now  in widespread use in my country, Ireland and throughout most countries in the world.

I constantly write about my experiences of being a targeted individual of non-consensual and extremely unwilling neuro weapons research.  I do not get paid for being a neuro weapon research subject and I do not get paid for my continued writing about my experienes of being a neuro weapon research subject and I never would accept payment from these evil criminal neuro weapon researchers  who have harassed and psychologically tortured me for nearly sixteen years wholly without my permission or consent.  

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Violent denial of the existence and abuse of directed energy weapons and internal voice generating technology will not make them go away.  

The dark new world order crime cartel are using neuro weapons and/or other directed energy weapons to subliminally hypnotise teenage body to carry out school shootings in order to bring about gun control which would then cause the ownership of said guns to be transferred from responsible private hands into the hands of criminal agents of the dark new world order crime cartel so that they could then enslave us more easily.

We have all been inhaling and ingesting metallic particulates.  When metal is placed inside a microwave oven it burns brightly.  Microwave transmitters are now being used to burn good living individuals while these good living individuals are inside their own homes.  This process has been enabled because we all have minute particles of metal inside our brains and bodies.  These victims are wrongly being sent for mental assessment.

We must urgently disassemble, destroy and ban microwave transmitters before we all become enslaved.

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I regularly hear wirelessly enabled technologically induced voices coming from inside my head.  These voices are intelligent voices of real human beings who work for the intelligence agencies in the area of brain weapon research.  Because I have been hearing these voices coming from inside my head for more than fifteen years I am somewhat familiar with the work practices of the men and women who speak to me using this direct communication method.  This morning the work supervisor of the brain weapon research team who is known to me as Mrs Courtney was heard to say by me the following " I do not have the technology to monitor them all of the time.  There is distrust in the management.  They bandy names about all of the time".   I myself have interpreted that information to mean that the staff no longer trust their supervisor Mrs Courtney and they are deliberately passing names and other information to me in an effort to alert the wider world of the extreme dangers we are all in from  wirelessly enabled long term torture.  Please warn the world of the urgent need to disassemble and ban all microwave transmitters and 5G millimetre wave transmitters and related paraphernalia.  Otherwise there is a danger to you and your family of being forceably linked by wireless technological means to a network of computers for your entire life where you  would  then be enabled to hear voices coming from inside your head.  These voices would give you orders that you would be forced to obey.  If you refused to obey you might receive a pain signal or you could even be immobilized if there were enough programmable bio-chips in your body to enabled criminals to immobilize you.  This is urgent.  This process is occurring on an incremental basis throughout the world to many individuals.  The remainder of the population appear to be under strong electronic mind control.  It is proving difficult to wake people up to the danger to their freedom.  Please help to raise awareness of the vast scale of wireless enabled capabilities.
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Neuro science is widely being misinterpreted as supernatural occurrences.

The supernatural does not exist. Demonology and demonic possession were scientifically created as a means of wielding mental control over the masses. They were created by the use of rumour and innuendo followed by roll playing and many other forms of trickery including magic lanterns, video films, holograms, nano weapons and brain weapons. Currently, with the use of brain weapons, whole experience sets can be inserted into the human brain to make human beings experience a virtual reality that the uninformed experiencers can not tell apart from real experiences.

We are all currently being sprayed by chemtrail spraying of the skies. This chemtrail spray contains nano-sensors and nano-bots which we inhale and ingest. Our brains and bodies can then be wirelessly targeted by neuro weapons and voice harassment technology. Some good living human beings are being targeted by neuro weapons and when their brains are partially mapped to a certain level they can then be taken over and made to swear against their wills and their faces and necks can be made to grimace and contort against their wills. Their limbs can be made to flail against their wills. In extreme cases, whole body takeover can and has occurred in a number of documented cases which you can find online in the links herebelow. This is the real and scientific explanation for the recent phenomenon of so-called demonic possession. It also provides a logical explanation for why so many stories of human beings biting other human beings are currently being reported by the main-stream media throughout the wider world. This phenomenon of humans biting other humans has never occurred before in the whole history of the human race.

Some individuals are claiming that they experienced supernatural phenomenon when using ouji boards. We can be in-home surveilled by the use of advanced military technology. Also ,there may be some technology built into ouji boards that may alert the psychological warfare department of military intelligence when ouji boards are being used so that their team could use their arsenal of directed energy weapons to conjour up holograms of demons in the room where the ouji board is being used. Focused ultrasound is frequently being used to make objects within rooms move around. Extreme cold can be introduced into a room quite easily by the use of modern weaponry. I know this because I have been a directed energy weapons test subject for nearly fifteen years and I have experienced most of the psychological warfare tricks the criminals who use these weapons can perform to frighten us. These psychological warfare personnel can also introduce fog into a room quite easily. The creation of fear and the creation of false beliefs is all part of the whole psychological warfare that is currently being forced on us. This is being done to subdue us so that we can be manipulated more easily into being obedient to the dictates of the criminal oligarchy.

Brain entrainment technology currently exists which allows military psychological warfare teams to entrain the brains of large groups of individuals while they are at rock concerts or religious gatherings. Human brains can be entrained into states of religious fervour or into states of extreme fear or indeed any state imaginable.

Brain weapons exist that have the capability of manipulating all of the human senses at the one time. These brain weapons use a multitude of capabilities to enforce the human being to simultaneously see, hear, smell and feel what they erroneously believe to be a demonic entity or an extraterresterial. However, what they are in fact experiencing are advanced brain weapon capabilities. Neither demons or extra-terresterials exist and they never have. The military and others sometimes use fear to manipulate the masses into a state of unquestioning subservience

All of the theologies and all of the philosophies and all of the religions on this planet are all one, based on hermetic science, which was founded in Egypt between fifty thousand and sixty five thousand years ago.

Most of Christianity is an invented technique of mind control so that the serfs would not rebel because they believed that there was a religious basis for their servitude. The Romans informed the serfs that they would be rewarded for their work in the afterlife.

The story of Jesus has numerous parallels with many other ancient Gods, e.g. Horus, Attis, Kirshna, Dionysys, and Mithra to name a few. They were all born on 25th Dec. by a virgin birth. They all had twelve disciples and performed miracles. They were all eventually crucified, died for three days, and were then resurrected. The reason most of the ancient religions have the same general mythological structure, is because they, as well as Christianity, are all based on astrotheology. The virgin Mary is based on the star constellation Virgo. The Jesus crucification sequence is based on the sun moving south in the sky for six months. By December 22nd, the sun is at its lowest point in the sky, in the vicinity of the Southern Cross star constellation. This is where we get the symbology of the crucifiction . Three days later, on December 25th, the sun moves one degree north, giving us the resurrection. For more information see https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=88GTUXvp-50 And for further information see a book called "THE WORLDS SIXTEEN CRUCIFIED SAVIORS" by Kersey Graves. We are told that the Vatican library has millions of books and archived documents, therefore, it is safe to assume that the Vatican clergy already know of the numerous duplications between the story of Jesus and numerous other ancient saviours. Yet they never mention this fact to their followers. They have lied to us by omission. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iI3hskYdJPc


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Court cases are often predetermined in todays world.
A team of experts will first of all analyse the situation involved in the court case. They will then rehearse both the questions given and the answers received during the court case for some weeks prior to said court case.
This team will then analyse the human being who will act as witness in order to access if said human is assessable for bio-energy delivery. The human would need to have access to a digital media screen... on a daily basis for a number of years in order to make them suitable for human bio-robotization.
It takes up to twenty years and a large team of junior staff who work in shifts to fully bio-robotize a real live human being.
That fully bio-robitized human being is then brought into court where they are remote controlled to say exactly what the judge wishes them to say in order to bring about a certain legal precidence.
The subject may be killed or used to hone the torturing skills of the bio-robotizing team after the court case is over.

The wirelessly enabled technologically induced voices which I constantly hear coming from inside my head recently gave me this information. I believe it to be true because I myself have been a target of human bio-robotization for fifteen years and my facial muscles and my eye movements can be remote controlled by wireless means by these operatives who I have never met and who work from a remote unknown location.

Now that we know about some of what is happening to us we will be able to raise awareness of it. I will not be using my computer again.

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Super computers monitor and manipulate all electrical activity in the brains of subjects of Remote Neural Monitoring.   If you are subjected to Remote Neural Monitoring the hive mind team who monitor and surveill you on a twenty four hour per day basis will keep detailed records of everything you say and do as well as detailed records of everything you eat and of each time you visit the bathroom.  Because markers are being placed in the food supply via the packaging, they can also monitor your food as it travels through your alimentary canal.  They can monitor it being digested and assimilated and even eliminated.  Targeted individuals of Remote Neural Monitoring have absolutely no privacy because technology is locked onto their unique brain signature on a constant basis so that their behaviour can be detected and evaluated at all times.  If you wish to keep some privacy in your life you aught to eat food that has not been wrapped in packaging so as to avoid food markers.  Apples and carrots normally contain markers but bananas and potatoes may be safe to eat. Medication contains markers.    When microwave transmitters are banned we will return to absolute freedom on this earth.  The existence of satellites is an easily proveable hoax.

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Billions of Euros have been invested in brain weapons research over the past decade.

This brain weapons research has gone totally out of control to the extent that currently anybody including you or a member of your family can be selected to become a subject of non-consensual remote neural monitoring for no good reason.

First of all, whole countries are being showered with chemtrails which are illegally being sprayed from airplanes. These chemtrails contain nano-fibres which we all enhale and ingest. Said nano-fibres are combined with a fungus which attaches itself and integrates with both our brain cells and body cells. Our unique brain signature is being read and our DNA samples are being obtained covertly by agents of the would-be dictatorship.

When all of this information is obtained anybody can then be selected for non-consensual targeting to have their brains mapped by neuro weapons specialists by means of long range wifi while these unwilling targeted individuals are in the privacy of their own homes. The brain of the targeted individual is then turned into a two way audio and visual system. The targeted individual is forced to hear the voices of the neuro weapons specialists every waking moment of their lives while this process is occurring. The targeted individual can also be made to see holograms and to feel sensations both on the surface of their bodies and internally.

After many years, when the targeted individual is finally brain mapped, the muscle structure of the body of the targeted individual can be partially taken over for a short period of time. This neuro takeover process is being enabled by the fact that the neuro weapons specialists first decode and later re-encode subsets of the motor cortex of that targeted individual by remote means via long range wifi. When remote neural takeover occurs the targeted individual can be made to move and act and speak totally against their own will. Sounds and words and whole sentences can be made to come out of their months totally against their wills. Even though directed energy weapons abuses are becoming more and more widespread main stream media are censoring all information about it in order so that the fabric of society will not be de-stabilised. I disagree with their policy of secrecy because it is a known universal truth that secrecy allows evil to flourish.

The military industrial complex have created the global warming hoax, the space travel hoax, the creation of the false existence of satellites , and many other false stories as a form of psychological warfare in order to confuse and disenfranchise the whole human race.

A small cabal of the super-rich have exclusive control of all of the data which is being collected and collated by the brain weapons research scientists. These super-rich plan to use said research data to instantly immobalise by long range wifi anybody who challenges their attempts at world domination. This research data has also enabled said super-rich to instantly send pain signals by long range wifi to whole groups of individuals similtaneuosly without these people ever knowing whether their pain originated in their own bodies or was sent to them by directed energy weapons via long range wifi.

The police, psychiatry, the military and many other power institutions are both being heavily mind controlled by silent sound spread spectrum coming from their technology and are also heavily bound by unfair and unjust laws. For this reason individuals who are covertly being targeted by directed energy weapons, including voice to skull weapons and neuro weapons can not and will not approach the police. Some of the false stories which were deliberatley created to cover up the brain weapons research and voice to skull technology and other technologies include false diagnoses of mental illness as well as false diagnoses of the targeted individual being demonically possessed. False religious apparations and false extra-terresterial visitations were also created to confuse and destableise the human race. In fact there is a whole false reality construct being created on a daily basis by the now privately owned and controlled main-stream media and the government run public education system along with organised religions. This false reality construct has no bearing on the real reality.

Running beside the false reality construct is a government run legal system where the majority of rules and regulations are based on the Satanic created principles of moral relativism rather than objective right and wrong which is a proven science.

The super-structure that seems to be enabling neuro warfare to continue seems to be the mobile phone masts because the neuro weapons experts need long range wifi to continue their attack on the human race. We aught to disable long range wifi urgently and we will stop the aggressors in their tracks.

The main religious system in the world is currently being used as a front for the technological enslavement of the whole human race. .


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Electronic torture and harassment

I recommend if your feeling stinging or other discomfort on your body make sure to keep track of date, time, and location of city. Also make a note of something unusual, like helicopter, airplane, or van that might be the source. Worst case is its coming from a neighboring building or house. Receipts make a good thing to write on to help verify date and then copy stuff on to a note book or other source. Even better if you can compare notes with someone in the same city. For example, Yesterday there was a helicopter flying around while i kept feeling sting's and other discomfort to the body. If someone in a different part of town experienced the samething it becomes obvious. I still believe the devices being used can be put in a helicopter, airplane, van , or house.By taking good notes hopefully you can start figuring things out.
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SOURCE: http://www.angelfire.com/oz/cv/scalarweapons.html

Comment: This may actually be the weapon that secretly create earthquake around the world.


Published in Commander X's Guide To Incredible Conspiracies



The following seems like science fiction, but scalar beam weapons were invented in 1904 by a American immigrant genius called Nicola Tesla (1856 or 57 -1943) from Yugoslavia. Since he died in 1943, many nations have secretly developed his beam weapons which now further refined are so powerful that just by satellite one can: make a nuclear like destruction; earthquake; hurricane; tidal wave; cause instant freezing - killing every living thing instantly over many miles; cause intense heat like a burning fireball over a wide area; induce hypnotic mind control over a whole population; or even read anyone on the planet's mind by remote; affect anybody's REM dream sleep by sending in subliminal pictures to the visual cortex; cause hallucinagon drug like effects or the symptoms of chemical or biological poisoning; make a disease epidemic by imprinting the disease 'signature' right into the cellular structure; paralyze and or/kill everyone instantaneously in a 50 mile radius and lastly remove something right out of its place in time and space faster than the speed of light, without any detectable warning by crossing 2 or more beams with each other and any target can be aimed at even right through to the opposite side of the earth. If either of the major scalar weapon armed countries e.g. U.S. or Russia were to fire a nuclear missile to attack each other this may possibly not even reach the target, because the missile could be destroyed with scalar technology before it even left its place or origin. The knowledge via radio waves that it was about to be fired could be eavesdropped and the target could be destroyed in the bunker, fired at from space by satellite.

Alternatively invisible moving barriers and globes made of plasma (produced by crossed scalar beams) could destroy any nuclear missile easily while it moves towards the target and failing all these, it could be destroyed by entering the target's territory by passing through a Tesla shield which would explode anything entering its airspace. To begin with, defense using scalar technology could intercept it before it even landed. Secret eavesdropping of radio communications tapping into ordinary military radio contact using undetectable 'scalar wave carriers' hacking in may have heard military personnel say it was about to be fired. The missile may be destroyed from above the site, using satellites equipped with scalar or particle beam weapons or a cloaked UFO (American or Russian made anti-gravity disk originally made by back engineering crashed alien saucers) or aircraft using scalar or particle beams which could invisibly (and undetectably with standard equipment) cause the target to malfunction and drop down. By using a scalar wave (radar like) 'interference grid', which covers both country's entire military activities in the air, underground or undersea, scalar transmitters send waves over large areas at 90 deg angles to each other. These waves follow the earth-ionospheric wave guide and curve around the planet. It is called an 'interference grid' because all solid moving objects show up as a spot of light moving through marked grid squares on an operator's video screen. Scalar waves are a higher form of radar waves, but they go one step further by passing through anything solid too and are able to detect and be able to be made into a focused beam to target anything through the earth or sea as well. 

A scalar beam can be sent from a transmitter to the target, coupled with another sent from another transmitter and as they cross an explosion can be made. This interference grid method could enable scalar beams to explode the missile before launch, as well as en route with knowing the right coordinates. If the target does manage to launch, what are known as Tesla globes or Tesla hemispheric shields can be sent to envelop a missile or aircraft. These are made of luminous plasma which emanates physically from crossed scalar beams and can be created any size, even over 100 miles across. Initially detected and tracked as it moves on the scalar interference grid, a continuous EMP (electromagnetic pulse) Tesla plasma globe could kill the electronics of the target. More intensely hot Tesla 'fireball' globes could vaporize the missile. Tesla globes could also activate a missile's nuclear warhead en route by creating a violent low order nuclear explosion. Various parts of the flying debris can be subjected to smaller more intense Tesla globes where the energy density to destroy is more powerful than the larger globe first encountered. This can be done in pulse mode with any remaining debris given maximum continuous heating to vaporize metals and materials. If anything still rains down on Russia or America, either could have already made a Tesla shield over the targeted area to block it from entering the airspace. 


Scalar wavelengths are finer than gamma rays or X rays and only one hundred millionth of a square centimeter in width. They belong to the subtle gravitational field and are also known as gravitic waves. Uniquely, they flow in multiple directions at right angles off electromagnetic waves, as an untapped energy source called 'potentials'. Potentials are particles which are unorganized in hyperspace - pure etheric energy not manifest in the physical world. In comparison, electromagnetic waves (measured by so many hertz or pulses per second, which we are familiar with e.g. radio waves) exist normally in the physical world, but can only be measured up to levels determined by the sensitivity of the equipment being used as to how many cycles per second they operate.

Scalar waves were originally detected by a Scottish mathematical genius called James Clerk Maxwell (1831-1879) He linked electricity and magnetism and laid the foundation for modern physics, but unfortunately the very fine scalar waves (which he included in his research) were deliberately left out of his work by the 3 men, including Heinrich Hertz, who laid down the laws taught for physics as a discipline at colleges. They dismissed Maxwell's scalar waves or potentials as "mystical" because they were physically unmanifest and only existed in the "ethers" and so were determined to be too ineffectual for further study. These enigmatic (but more powerful than even microwaves when harnessed and concentrated into a beam) scalar waves may have been forgotten except that Nicola Tesla accidentally rediscovered them. He'd originally worked with Thomas Edison who discovered direct current, but Tesla discovered alternating current. The two men disagreed and eventually parted ways and Tesla later experimented using the research of the German Heinrich Hertz, who was proving the existence of electromagnetic waves. Tesla found, while experimenting with violently abrupt direct current electrical charges, that a new form of energy (scalar) came through.

By 1904, Tesla had developed transmitters to harness scalar energy from one transmitter to another, undetectably bypassing time and space. He could just materialize it from one place to another through hyperspace, without the use of wires, it was just sucked right out of the space-time/vacuum and into a transmitter and into a beam which could be targeted to another transmitter. Unfortunately he got no financial support for replacing electricity, which used wires and therefore earned money, and to this day, this is the reason why scalar energy is still not acknowledged in mainstream physics. Tesla, even though he discovered more for mankind in science than many others, is still not credited in science books for his discovery of scalar waves, a source of "free-energy" obtainable as a limitless source of power that costs nothing. Other inventors have sporadically rediscovered "free-energy" but have come to harm or have been silenced by the sum of millions of dollars hush money, a small sum compared to the sale of electricity, oil, gas and a myriad of other energy producers which would then be rendered worthless. Money hungry big business has harshly crushed any opposition to their own riches, generated by multiple obsolete earth polluting fossil fuels.


These finer scalar wave-forms also have been discovered periodically by other mathematicians, who have been able to calculate new equations especially in harmonics (used in hyperdimensional physics) connecting the wavelengths of matter, gravity and light to each other and how all these lock in and create our expression of time (as it manifests in space) - which has been now discovered to be untapped 'potential' energy flowing in hyperspace. Time flows like a wave-form river in hyperspace in a grid pattern. This consists of interlocking great circles which circle the poles and include a lattice grid of lines that are 30 nautical miles or 55.5 km apart. When scalar beams charge through hyperspace these 'rivers of time' get blocked and redirected temporarily. There is a covert plan underfoot to change the way time is expressed on this planet altogether using hyperdimensional physics and Tesla technology, by splicing earth back onto a now defunct Atlantean timeline in which Lucifer hadn't fallen from grace. (see my other work on this in the books The Universal Seduction Vols 2 and 3 at the end of this article)

Our present 'reality' is expressed in the way time runs around the corridors in hyperspace by the pattern it takes. Other 'timelines' exist in a different kind of grid pattern, creating alternative versions of our 'present'. Multiple versions of reality (or for example 2 April 2004) can be manipulated given the right technology, and people can enter into parallel universes do all sorts of things and then enter back into this one. One needs a Tesla Zero Time Reference Generator, which can lodge a specific reality into the time at the center of the universe, in which it stays still, acting like an anchor. Both America and the UK govt are able to manipulate and enter into different realities. 

The various dimensions each comprise a complex pattern of interlocking wave-forms. Matter has been found to be only one wave of a pulse comprising a positive cycle, while the negative cycle manifests as 'anti-matter'. The 'matter' pulse brings something 'into' physical visibility, then it disappears momentarily and returns. But the pulses are so rapid we don't see something as unmanifest while temporarily dematerializing. Physical time is only measured by the visibility of something's aging process, or in other words its passage through a journey starting at one measured time-reference point to another. Different wave-forms only appear to us to be solid because we are comprised of the same matter. If the frequencies governing the time between a matter pulse and an anti-matter pulse are shortened or lengthened with technology, time will go faster or slower in the surrounding space or what it effects. Therefore scalar waves belong to space-time in which anti-matter or hyperspace exists. Time can be altered by harnessed and directed scalar waves (including magnets which give off scalar waves which bend time) because they disrupt the pulse of matter and anti-matter and therefore the rate at which something normally passes through time with its usual smoothness. An experiment with scalar waves in USA once caused all the clocks and watches in the test neighborhood to go berserk for 4 days, until the flow of time resettled back to its normal flow and they returned as before. This was noted by Frank Golden.

Scalar 'potentials' can be created artificially and when focused into a weapon, can do major damage to an object's location in space-time. That which determines the object's natural pulse of matter and anti-matter cycle can become stressed when targeted by scalar waves made of artificial potentials, because they are almost always absorbed by the nucleus of an atom, not the electrons in orbit. Hyperspace can become warped temporarily, although space-time naturally curves around natural vortexes the earth has which form 'chakras' to absorb and release universal energies. These are opened and closed in natural cycles according to the positions of the sun and moon in relation to earth. Because scalar waves are finer than gamma waves they can pass through any physical substance undetected. However the damage inflicted can be so powerful that they can dislodge an object right out of time and space and cause it to temporarily disappear away from its normal movement in time. All objects move in time, and they will also move in space if a physical external force activates the object's own natural internal scalar waves to point in the direction it is sent to causing it to move from A to B depending on how much force is used. Or they are trapped motionless in space by the internal scalar energy within swirling around interlocking into a deadlock, (making it appear still) however the object still moves in time. A beam of scalar energy can cause the timeframe the object resides in to get warped, making it disappear into another reality. 


Particles which are unorganized in hyperspace (potentials) can be harnessed into recreating multiple frequencies of scalar waves and these can now be manufactured artificially and can include frequencies between infrared and ultraviolet. If a transmitter is at a higher reference 'potential' than the interference zone of 2 crossed scalar beams, energy emerges into the plasma 'bottle' which materializes physically and this is called 'exothermic' mode. This can cause explosions and can be 'nuclear like' if set at a high frequency. Even though no electromagnetic energy has flown through space between the transmitters and the target, and because it has bypassed physical space, the energy can suddenly appear faster than the speed of light and destroy something without warning. It is only as a locked in artificial potential that is a directed 'river of force' in hyperspace and it is entirely undetectable with conventional scientific equipment, which is where the danger lies. Nobody can ever know what the enemy is planning or who their enemies are and because it never gets any press normal military personnel without this knowledge would never know what hit them, especially if it is scalar mind control. To extract energy back to the transmitters from the energy bottle of 2 crossed scalar beams the potential must be set at a lower mode and this is called 'endothermic' mode and as energy is extracted out of the 'bottle' area, a freezing will occur, possibly causing a thunderous sound. 

When 2 transmitters send timed pulses, which meet, an explosion will occur which either produces energy or extracts it. If 2 crossed beams are in 'continuous' mode the energy between beams is continuous and Tesla globes and hemispheres can be made which act as a continuous shield to either destroy incoming weapons and aircraft entering it. If multiple frequencies are transmitted on the beams, at the intersection a 3 dimensional globe appears. This can be manipulated to have very high infolded energy with any desired light emission, shape, color or intensity. It can even cause metal to soften or melt. This 'bottle' of energy can be detonated inside the earth to create an earthquake or into a building to make a 'nuclear like' explosion. This 'bottle' can be moved anywhere on the planet or through it and made any size.

The Russians in 1985 once threatened the earth itself by activating their scalar weapons with multiple scalar transmitters turned on at once, endangering the survival of the entire planet. According to nuclear physicist Bearden, they conducted a massive, 'full up' scalar weapon systems and communications strategic exercise. During this sudden exercise American Frank Golden discovered the Russians activated 27 gigantic 'power taps', established by resonating the earth electrogravitationally on 54 powerful scalar frequencies (27 pairs where the two are separated from each other by 12 kHz.) transmitted into the earth and they utilized this to stimulate the earth into forced electrogravitational resonance on all 54 frequencies. Each of the 27 power taps extracted enormous energy from the molten core of the earth itself, and turning it into ordinary electrical power. Each giant tap is capable of powering 4 to 6 of the largest scalar EM howitzers possessed by Russia. Bearden writes: "Apparently over 100 giant scalar EM weapons were activated and a large number of command and control transmissions and it lasted several days. By alternating the potentials and loads of each of the two paired transmitters, electrical energy in enormous amounts can be extracted from the earth itself, fed by the 'giant cathode' that is the earth's molten core. Scalar EM command and control systems, including high data rate communications with underwater submarines, were also activated on a massive scale. The exercise went on for several days, as power taps were switched in and out, and command and control systems went up and down. Bearden claims not one American intelligence lab, or scientist detected this as they didn't have a detector for scalar EM radiation, and that not one officially believes that the exercise ever happened." However, it was monitored on an advanced, proprietary detection system by Frank Golden for several days and by Bearden for several hours. 

This exercise proved Brezhnev's 1972 statement that by 1985 the Soviets would be prepared to do as they wish, anywhere in the world. The Soviets are using unknown attributes of matter, phenomena and laws of nature by research covering the equivalent of 7-8 U.S. atom bomb projects back to back already. However both America and Russia are doing through the earth scalar beam transmissions and ever since then earth's internal dynamo has been affected. It suddenly experienced a sudden unexpected slowdown in rotation 1984. It has become like an unbalanced washing machine, wobbling as it spins. Scalar waves pass naturally between the center of the earth and the sun, and this coupled with multiple annual nuclear tests (which have been proven to disturb the ionosphere and magnetic field) the balance of the earth with the moon, may even cause the earth to flip, if the naturally produced scalar waves are diverted onto another course, which are keeping the earth spinning harmoniously. 


A Tesla shield protecting a military target could be made of three or more concentric shields, that would produce multiple electromagnetic pulse energy and severe heating of anything which enters it. These concentric Tesla shields can also clean up and sterilize any gamma radiation resulting from an explosion of a nuclear warhead. Nicola Tesla even in the 1920s could create a protective 3 dimensional 'shield' or 'dome' formed by 2 or more transmitters sending widened scalar beams linked together over a target in a hemisphere shape. Instead of causing the target to explode which narrow more intense crossed beams would, a wider more encompassing beam could form a large plasma shell outside something to be protected. This acted like an electrifying force field shaped like a dome, which could cause anything which entered it to have its technology dudded, (inoperative) make incoming aircraft pilots die by destroying their nervous system and/or make an incoming missile, aircraft or tank blow up.

Multiple layers could be nested made of different kinds of plasmas which would ensure nothing could penetrate a protected target's groundspace or airspace. The Russians can make a Tesla shield up to 200 miles wide. These large luminous plasma shields have been witnessed by sailors over the oceans from time to time, as various nations test their scalar weapons in secret. Tesla, as early as the 1920s created globes or bullets of plasma with crossed scalar beams sucking the energy out of the air space in a 'cold explosion' causing it to freeze, or sending extreme heat into it to burn as a very powerful laser beam. These powerful beams can also travel right through the earth and create an earthquake at the antipodes of the earth and Tesla also experimented doing this. Hyperspace flux energy (potentials) flows as waves in a sea of intense power in the next dimension unharnessed, however when energy is manufactured artificially it can be made into different modes e.g pulse mode, energy extraction mode or explosion mode. If 2 timed pulses meet, an explosion extraction makes a sharp cooling and all heated energy is extracted out of the air back to the transmitter. This can make everything and everyone frozen. It preserves machines and buildings but not people. If a burning energy is sent the target has a nuclear like 'detonation' because energy emerges to a target destroying the nucleus of the atoms. Multiple scalar wave modes and frequencies can also be blended together into one beam as well.

Tesla globes can be manipulated to be small or large in manifold kinds of energy frequencies and directed to a target by 2 or more far away scalar transmitters. Many intense frequency small globes can be directed towards multiple incoming targets, like cannonballs causing major explosions. Alternatively a larger less intense globe sent can cause the electrics to dud in a plane, helicopter or missile causing it to malfunction and crash land. This technology has been used many times to crash planes or helicopters by using a portable scalar bazooka carried by a hidden terrorist or soldier. The Vietnamese and Soviets used this technology in the Vietnam war against American aircraft. Many planes crashes with inexplicable causes can be traced to this. These Russian made portable bazookas were also used by the Serbs against American helicopters during the Bosnian war. The Soviets used scalar weapons against the Afghanistans during their war. One may wonder if this explains current American helicopter crashes in Afghanistan and Iraq.

Scalar waves can be used for impenetrable communication inside an ordinary carrier wave. Artificial potentials can be used for 2 way communication with submarines, aircraft and ships. Scalar waves can be used to tap into normal communications even when encrypted. They can even destroy the enemies equipment if they wish using lock-in mode to locate the source or just continue eavesdropping. radar invisibility can be done by putting multiple transmitters around something to make a spherical interference shell in the bandwidth of the searching radar. Nothing in the air is safe with scalar weapons or anything on the ground, because any building can be penetrated and the inside contents destroyed from either narrow or wide crossed beams. There is nowhere to hide. Scalar beams can be sent by aircraft or satellite or even from the government UFOs of Russia, Britain, Australia and America. They can be sent from the UFOs the Nazis developed secretly in Germany during WW2, and which were relocated to their underground bases in Antarctica and all over South America before the war ended. 


To totally destroy a person's nervous system and kill them instantaneously, a scalar weapon can be set on 'high intensity pulse mode'. This will destroy every living cell, bacteria and all germs so the body falls down like a limp rag, not even decaying in even 30-45 days. There is no living aspect left to decay. Entire groups of people can be killed this way even in a 50 mile radius on peak power. Scalar beams set on a lower power can render a person unconscious to be revived at a later date for interrogation. Crossed scalar beams can cover a whole range of targets from something right through the other side of the earth, to anything under the sea or ground. Not even metal will suffice to protect, as a metal softening mode can be deployed. Scalar beams can be put into X ray mode where a screen can show what is inside something, even under the sea and earth or inside buildings. This is called a remote viewing radar. 

Anything in the sky can be instantly destroyed even from one country to another. All one country needs to destroy anything skybound in an enemy's country is to put 2 or more scalar transmitters forming a scalar wave-form interference grid whereby a shield is locked over a country in high intensity mode and this will cause anything which enters it to be destroyed. This can also destroy anything in the sea and detonate mines. The explosion shows up on the screen as a blossoming of the moving light on the square. The Russians mainly use their interference grids over the USA to control the weather moving hot or cold air where they can meet and create storms, hurricanes, torrential rain or droughts as they please. Earthquakes can be created along with volcanoes erupting according to Tom Bearden. Moisture can be brought from the ocean and sent overland and cold air from the north sent south. Violent thunderstorms can be created. He also claims since 1989 the Japanese Yazuka and Aum sects lease scalar interferometers from the Russians to do weather engineering over the USA. 

However America can fight back with their own scalar weapons. One can silently down passenger planes as need be by sending low frequency scalar beam to make the engine fail, either from the interference grid squares or from even portable shoulder scalar weapon bazookas which can be targeted at helicopters or any aircraft above. Surface naval vessels can be attacked through their hulls as well as ocean bottom mines detonated. Any aircraft, or land vessels including tanks can be fitted with portable scalar weapons. Though tanks can easily be destroyed with them. 

Tom Bearden claims that the Soviets and Americans have been silently downing each other's aircraft since the 1980s. Soviet made scalar weapons downed American aircraft in Vietnam. Right from when USA put up their first satellites the Russians have been shooting them down in cloaked Russian made UFO's with scalar and particle beam weapons. Between 1977 and 1982 Russia shot down many US satellites. At that time they wanted complete control over the skies and had put up killer satellites complete with beam weapons to target US satellites and even the space shuttles. It has been claimed by Tom Bearden that all the early space shuttles were shot down by the Russians and duplicate shuttles were landed from another base. There was a mad rush by the US govt to develop beam weapons to defend themselves against the Russians and they did this eventually shooting down a couple of the Russian made UFOs containing beam weapons. Revenge silently followed by passenger planes of each other's countries being targeted. 


In the early 1970's Hundreds of inmates at the Gunniston Facility of the Utah State Prison were subjected to scalar wave mind control. Inmates tried unsuccessfully to fight back in court. The University of Utah researched at that time how scalar waves could induce the mind into hearing voices, overriding and implanting thoughts into the mind, as well as reading the thoughts. They also developed eye implants. In 1998 scalar waves were used to test subliminal voices in the head in 2 Utah prisons. In Draper Prison, Utah a man called David Fratus in 1988 claimed voices in his inner ears were induced in him as clear as if listening to a set of stereo headphones. The mind control victims of US govt implants are also subjected to artificial voices in the head which are sent on scalar beam by satellite and and the HAARP transmitters and relayed to the GWEN Towers placed approximately every 200 miles across USA. Many of the messages relayed into these American mind control victims are said to come from aliens, with a 'message for mankind'. These 'alien messages' were first given to the prisoners in Utah and they all got the same messages.

The Russians, having a head start on decoding the brain can send subliminal messages by satellite over whole countries in their own languages, in scalar waves so subtle that the victims think they are their own thoughts occurring. They could make people think "God" is speaking to them and can also give a people suicidal thoughts. There is a suicide wavelength. The Russians and Israelis have been said to do this on mind control data websites. As well, the Americans have been using these subliminals to give 'voices in the head' messages (which includes to those with CIA or military controlled implants) that are supposedly from 'aliens' or "The Holy Spirit" to say e.g. the Second Coming will be here soon or earth needs to be evacuated and the person has been 'chosen'. Only certain people can pick this up according to whether they have implants (which relay messages into the head) or if they are natural telepathics. The mineral selenium when ingested beyond normal levels is said to increase the capacity to hear voices in the head. Though certain races have a higher hearing threshold and are able to pick up synthetic telepathy sent through the atmosphere more than others.

Russia's scalar transmitters are called "Woodpeckers" because of the woodpecker type tapping transmissions detected from them on the radio band. They have the technology to send subliminals right into a person's subconscious, bypassing the brain and could drastically influence the thoughts, vision, physical functioning, emotions and conscious state of a person by sending in subliminal signals even from a great distance. In the late 1960s the Soviets broke the genetic code of the human brain. It had 44 digits or less and employed 22 frequency bands across nearly the whole EM spectrum. But only 11 of the frequency bands were independent. The Soviets found they could make a person do something just by sending subliminals into the body, bypassing the ears. 

Up to 16 of the Russian Woodpecker scalar transmitters have been observed to carry a common phase-locked 10 Hz modulation. 10 Hz is used to put people into a hypnotic state. The Russians can manipulate the moods of everyone in a 75 mile radius, with a circularly polarized antenna, and people's bodies have been shown to pick up the "new" mode of expression. Even "sleep" frequency will make everyone tired and fall asleep. 


According to the book Project L.U.C.I.D by Texe Marrs, John St Clair Akwei claims that the US National Security Agency (NSA) has had the most advanced computers in the world since the 1960's. The Signals Intelligence (SIGINT) mission of the NSA uses scalar waves for blanket coverage of the USA and can wirelessly tap into any computer in the USA and read the contents. As well as track people by the electrical currents in their bodies, which emanates a particular 'signature frequency'. This is possible because everything in the environment gives off scalar waves at right angle rotations off the normal electromagnetic wave. These can be searched for and tracked and are not subject to constraints of time and space. A person's frequency can be stored on a supercomputer and this can be tracked anywhere. They can be sent subliminal words sent in scalar waves which are so subtle that the person will think they are their own thoughts. Also NSA uses a secret program (developed since the MKULTRA mind control program of the 1950s) what is called "Radiation Intelligence". Scientific research from this is withheld from the public and there are international intelligence agreements to keep this technology secret. Using this technology the NSA records and decodes individual brain maps of hundreds of thousands of people for national security purposes. It is also used secretly by the military for a brain-to-computer link. Activity in the speech center of the brain can be translated into the subject's verbal thoughts and can also show up activity from their visual cortex on a video monitor. NSA operatives can see what the subject is seeing. Visual memory can also be seen and the NSA can place images directly into the visual cortex, bypassing the eyes and the optic nerves. 

When a target sleeps secretly images can be installed into the brain during REM sleep for brain-programming purposes. Speech, 3D sound, and subliminal audio can also be sent to the auditory cortex of the brain, bypassing the ears. This "Remote Neural Monitoring" (RNM) can completely alter a subjects perceptions, moods and motor control. Different brainwave frequencies are connected with various parts of the body and when the right frequency to activate a section of the body is sent a person is powerless to stop it. Pain can be induced in mind control victims this way by targeting a section of the body. This has been spoken of by many mind control victims, accompanied by 'voices in the head' by the operators cruelly asking if it hurt and all done remotely without any physical contact with the victim. There has been a SIGINT wireless scalar wave brain monitoring network in the US since the 1940s according to John St Clair Akwei. He tells us how it is done with digitally decoding the evoked 'potentials' (see first section for more on potentials) in the 30-50Hz, 5 milliwatt electromagnetic emissions from the brain. In these emissions spikes and patterns show as evoked potentials. "Every thought, reaction, motor command, auditory event and visual image in the brain has a corresponding "evoked potential" or set of "evoked potentials". These can be decoded into the current thoughts, images and sounds going on in a target's brain. When complexly coded signals are sent to a victim, bypassing the eyes, optic nerves and ears, the faint images appear as floating 2D screens in the brain. Auditory hallucinations can be induced, creating paranoid schizophrenia. 

The frequency the brain areas respond to are from 3 Hz to 50 Hz. For each brain area these are used: Brain Area: Bioelectric Resonance Frequency: Information Induced Through Modulation. Motor control cortex: 10 Hz: Motor impulse coordination Auditory cortex: 15 Hz: Sound which bypasses the ears Visual cortex: 25 Hz: Images in the brain, bypassing the eyes Somasensory: 9 Hz: Phantom touch sense Thought center: 20Hz: Imposed subconscious thoughts Only the NSA modulates this signal band into evoked potentials or scalar carriers. There are about 100 people working 24 hrs a day for the NSA at Ft Meade on this "Remote Neural Monitoring" (RNM). John St Clair Akwei, after being harassed by this NSA technology brought a lawsuit against the NSA. During the lawsuit process he was harassed by 3D sound, and his associates were also harassed to keep him isolated. No action was taken against the NSA in the 1991 lawsuit. In 1967 an "internationally renowned scientist" and Christopher Hills, a pendulum expert, communicated with some ETs. (It is not known who the scientist was but at one time both Hills and Puharich were working with the medium Eileen Garrett and Puharich was communicating with ETs called The Nine.The same ETs that the Bilderberger group (comprised of world leaders and European royals) who control the affairs of the planet) This is what the ETs told Christopher Hills via pendulum:

In short, ETs communicated with us via modulated radio-waves, between 10,000 and 20,000 cycles below the known electromagnetic-spectrum. In the carrier-wave by amplitude modulation, mixed with frequency modulation. Single band energy, transmission power less than 25 watts. A naturally present wave on earth the brain modulated - a wave that resonates between the earth and the ionosphere. All humans influence the ionosphere in this manner. A reflecting technique involved. The brain modulation consisted of pulses, akin to those known from neuro pulses. Two humans can use this. Related to something akin to low frequency radar and to ultrasonic techniques but qualified. A mixed electro-acoustic wave function. The electromagnetic-wave induced an ultrasonic transduction in human tissue. The brain radiation has a sonic component to it as well as an electromagnetic component. Electromagnetic-radiation has a sonic component and it's dependent on the medium through which it travels. The scientist cut through months of work. Now HAARP is slicing up the ionosphere, the world-brain, like a microwave knife, producing long tear incisions destroying the membrane which holds the reservoir of data accumulated by all earth's history. HAARP has already punched 360 x 30 miles holes in the ionosphere.


Tom Bearden also writes that a more advanced form of scalar weapon is known as a 'quantum potential' weapon has been developed by US, Russia, China, Israel and possibly Brazil . These weapons mimic the signature or frequency of a disease by recreating them on scalar carriers. Also any disease can be imprinted onto our cellular system using frequencies ranging from ultraviolet to infrared. Whole populations can have new diseases and death induced as well as latent diseases being activated with quantum potential diseases in targeted areas. Manufactured symptoms of radiation poisoning, chemical poisoning, bacterial infection and even the effects of many kinds of drugs including hallucinogenic ones can be induced with these very subtle scalar waves which flow in hyperspace or the sea of ether. They become imbedded right into the immune system or etheric counterpart of the physical body. 

On the www.freedomdomain.com site a man called Kaznacheyev found that the induction of diseases could be effected by the Woodpecker scalar transmitters in the near ultraviolet range. Experiments at the University of Marburg in West Germany duplicated these disease inducing scalar wave experiments in infrared. Dr Popp of West Germany, after analyzing the virtual photon master control system of the cells found that scalar virtual particle flux which determines the genetic blueprint pattern of the cells can be easily entered with scalar techniques to induce disease and cell disorder at will. 


While the American government rejected Tesla's energy without wires and left him penniless, Russia and Germany asked Tesla to work for them. He turned them down, but according to Preston Nichols he faked his death in 1943 and was spirited away to the UK. From then on it was a frenzied battle between the Soviets and Germany to develop scalar technology. Russia got a head start in learning how scalar waves can be drawn from hyperspace by sending an agent to seek out a man in Utah who built a machine for doing this Utah. A Soviet agent destroyed the device after learning how the machine operated. 

The man, T H Moray learned about Tesla's 'sea of ether' and had made a scalar interferometer. Germany had developed anti-gravity technology in 1939 by back-engineering a crashed UFO. By WW2, they led the world in radar and infrared science as well as radar absorbing materials and radar cross section. Some leading western experts think they developed radar cross section beyond western levels today, but there is evidence of an alien alliance during the war so this may have been influential. The Germans were using time reversed waves, which caused a scalar wave to follow back and respond to the source of a received ordinary electromagnetic wave. During WW2 many of the best Nazi scientists escaped to a base they'd developed secretly in Antarctica, getting supplies from South Africa as well as to German communities in Argentina, Chile, Paraguay, Peru, Uruguay, and other Latin America countries. After the war Americans moved the remainder of the best Nazi scientists to US, with the Soviets, French and British taking the remainder to their countries. However the Soviets became angry at the Americans for taking first choice of Nazi scientific brains, so in 1946 they just cleaned out the majority of scientists and technicians back to the Soviet Union, about 275,000 men plus all their families from Soviet occupied eastern Germany. By the 1950 the Soviets had developed time-reversed waves. They has also forced the captured Germans to build them a fleet of anti-grav saucers complete with particle beam and scalar beam weapons. In Antarctica the Nazis had Tesla's "Death Ray", capable of sending a lethal beam even to the moon to create an incandescent spot, when aimed at it. Tesla devastated with his "Death Ray" - likened to a modern day particle beam weapon. According to Al Bielek the Russians have particle beam weapons which can shoot 1000 miles into space, and they use these to shoot down any UFO within 200 miles radius of their sky. The Americans also have many particle beam weapons and they too shoot down UFOs. There is apparently a war going on in space, and the Russians and Americans have secretly got together to fight it. It is unknown who the UFO occupants are, but the Nazi's in Antarctica are said to be invincible with their superweapons.


Japan now has scalar weapons and has got together with Russia to develop them. In 1991, according to Harry Mason, Russian President Gorbechev offered to lease the Japanese the super-secret intercontinental scalar weapons, capable of producing earthquakes for $900 million, which they'd used in the Soviet Union since the 1960's. Tom Bearden also claims they leased them in 1989. A Joint Russian-Japanese university was set up to develop new weapons with Japanese microchips to overpower the US and jointly rule the world. After Tesla "died" in 1943, his papers were sent to a Tesla Museum in Yugoslavia, where the Japanese obtained the knowledge of Tesla technology. The scalar weapons were developed by a Japanese scientist an IQ higher than Einstein.They too, like the Americans tested their scalar weapons in the outback of Western Australia, possibly using a base in Antarctica in which to send scalar waves to their Australian transmitter to produce earthquakes and Tesla globes. The Japanese scalar scientists are tied up with various cults and feel that the Japanese emperor should rule the planet, as well as having a policy of exacting revenge on former enemies culminating in a "Final War" against the Christian west and Islamic world. It is the Japanese Aum sect and Yakuza mafia who are still leasing the Russian scalar transmitters and have steadily used them for weather engineering over America since the nineties for target practice. Bearden claims that the Japanese may be allowed by the Russians to down planes now and then. The Japanese cult members in their govt are also tied up with North Korean cult members. The Russians have been weather engineering over America since the 1960's using their interference grid to target specific areas. 


Unlike Western universities, Eastern Europe and Russia have always included Tesla's scalar wave research openly in their curriculum and so they got a head start with multiple facilities built all over the Soviet Union to build scalar weapon transmitters starting from the 1950's. This was further hastened by making captured East German scientists work for the Soviets leading that country straight into the space age, giving them UFOs fitted with scalar and particle beam weapons. The UFOs even had cloaking technology. America, even though they had Nazi scientists working for them after the war at Area 51 on anti-gravity, didn't realize how advanced the Soviets had become with scalar technology until they found out they'd been secretly attacked during the 1950's undetected. In 1960 the Soviet premier Kruschev announced to the world, that they had "superweapons". In 1963 they deliberately destroyed a US atomic submarine undersea by Puerto Rico with scalar weapons. They next day over the Puerto Rico Trench the Soviets used scalar weapons in a different mode to produce a giant underwater explosion. US was defenseless against an unknown type of weapon. In 1965 the Great Sandy Desert in Western Australia was mapped out and chosen by the US govt to begin scalar weapons testing. Even though 'officially' Tesla's papers were kept by the FBI after he died and were labeled 'top secret', lest they get into the hands of the enemy, Tesla had passed all his knowledge and research onto a young American physicist 2 weeks before he died in 1943. The US military in Western Australia tested crossed scalar beams aimed into the ground to create earthquakes on a target map of squares and also created Tesla globes from crossed scalar beams in the sky. Pine Gap the secret underground American military base has 2 scalar transmitters and they also have at least another in Exmouth, N Western Australia. Other American scalar transmitters besides various ones all over USA are at Alaska, Puerto Rico, Greenland, Norway and Antarctica.

Though many countries have scalar weapons now, other countries could easily be a target of those with scalar weapons and never know what was the cause of their explosions, mind control or weather engineering. So of course more and more countries are getting the scalar technology needing it to defend themselves as well and this keeps getting passed on especially by the Russians. The other thing is one may know it is a scalar attack but have no idea who did it. The known countries which have scalar weapons are: America, Russia, France, Australia, Germany, Japan, China, Taiwan, South Africa, Israel, Brazil, UK and Argentina as well as various populations of Nazis still operating in Antarctica and all over South America. It is unknown how Brazilians got scalar weapons and quantum potential weapons, but the Brazilians have had alien technology for some time and also the Vatican has covert technology and has been said to have a base for this in Sth America for their secret space program. There is extensive coverage of Brazil's space program in my 40 page article "Scalar Weapons: Read it and Weep" in Vol 3 of the www.theuniversalseduction.com book series. This covers China and Japan's weapons as well as extensive coverage of Russia's attacks on America, especially the space shuttles and the technology of the Nazis in Antarctica. Others may have them such as Ukraine and Nth Korea but as yet no proof exists for these countries. Even in the alternative press not enough has been said about scalar weapons to the extent where normal conspiracy researchers and writers are as familiar with their dangers as they should be because even online they hardly get a mention on conspiracy sites. Yet they are probably the most life threatening thing on the planet.

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Haiti Killer Quake Caused By Scalar Weapon !

  • The endgame is in sight. The Illuminati global élite are making their final moves for their New World Order, One World Government, global fascist police state! Tesla’s Electro-Magnetic Scalar weapons will increasingly be used for the coming wars! It provides plausible deniability. The Earl of Stirling writes:
    The reality of power and its use in the world is vastly different than the perceived reality that most people have. The reality of power is rather frighting and the mainstream news media, ever the tool of those hidden forces that control things from the shadows, indoctrinates the masses against “conspiracy theories”. There is a massive effort in the modern age to keep the citizenry dumbed down and politically immature. They ‘raise’ us rather like mushroom farmers raise mushrooms, “in the dark and fed manure”.
    I write daily on my blog about what is really going on in this world. I have been a consultant to three aerospace/aviation firms; I am a specialist in theoretical weaponry strategy and design. I generally harbor no illusions about the truly evil nature of the global bankingfamilies, their Illuminati organization and related groups, but even I was reluctant to see the large earthquake in Haiti as anything but a natural event. It’s not that I lack knowledge about the little known field of Scalar Warfare, which is largely based on the works of the late Nickola Tesla. I simply, like most people, did not want to face the fact that this could have been a man-created quake instead of something natural. The horror, evident in the pictures and descriptions of the deaths of hundreds of thousands from the quake, simply is so great that it is human not to want to accept that it could have been or even was a deliberate act of mass murder.
    We have long known that there are often certain precursors to natural earthquakes. These natural precursors include low level but widespread ‘Earth lights’ that are sometimes seen in the sky before a large quake, the dropping of well water levels, and strange behavior by certain types of animals. All of which have perfectly logical explanations.
    We also know, that there are technologies, usually dating back to the late Nickola Tesla’s work (he was responsible for a large part of the electrical discoveries and advances of the first half of the Twentieth Century), that can effect weather (even going so far as to create and direct hurricanes; a field known as Weather Warfare) and can cause earthquakes and other really massive events (overall this field is known as Scalar Warfare in its military applications).
    There is documented evidence that a powerful quake in China was created by scalar weapons based on a wedding party video that showed plasma discharge lights in the sky before that earthquake. There is also evidence to show that some hurricanes behaved as if they were being directed and enlarged by this technology. There have been a couple of articles published suggesting that the Haiti earthquake was the testing of a ‘earthquake machine’, perhaps a test that went wrong. Hugo Chavez, the President of Venezuela, has come out with an official claim that America used a ‘weapon’ to create the Haiti earthquake.
    A key bit of evidence was filmed by Christian missionaries over the epicenter of the Haiti earthquake a few hours (see video above) before the quake hit. This was a large very bright orange glow or ‘ball’ in the sky; in reality it was a plasma discharge. Such a massive and bright plasma ‘ball’ has never been seen in natural earthquakes in human history.
    As with any major event that is either a False Flag Operation or a man-made “natural” disaster, we need to ask Qui Bono (Who Benefits) and Why?
    I have come to the conclusion that the use of a scalar weapon on the poor masses of Haiti did happen and is directly connected to the massive little known oil reserves in and near Haiti and to the coming attack on Iran/general Middle East War/World War III. The major oil companies have long known of the oil fields in and near Haiti (as well as other places that have also been kept effectively hidden). These have been kept largely secret as part of long term corporate planning for the day when either Middle Eastern oil would run out or not be available due to war or other reasons.
    The horrific Haitian earthquake has given cover to the military operation to take full operational control over Haiti in order to begin the process of turning Haiti into a replacement for a large percentage of the crude oil coming from the Middle East. Not only will Haitian oil be ‘found’ and exploited but the ports and some of the land will be used for transportation and storage of the crude oil. 



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Those who do not want to immediately expose the two technologies: EM remote surgery and remote mind control are useless to humankind. Humankind would not stand tens of thousands innocent people being killed every day. The 500 people killed in Egypt recently were made by Rockefeller family. The dominating individuals in Rockefeller family (probably the queen and the Scottish son in law) are useless to humankind, since they do not want to immediately expose remote surgery and remote mind control technologies. They are paying more affords on finding excuses of not exposing the secrets. Without exposing the true history of Rockefeller family, it is very hard to make the Rockefellers give up the original plan, which was to kill all the CIAs who know the secrets. Killing me is to hide the secrets of CIA, which is equivalent to the secrets of Rockefeller family. Hiding the secrets of Rockefeller family will kill those who know CIA secrets.


It was suspected that the deaths of President Kennedy and President Johnson were all related to tycoon family controlled CIA. The real Vietnam War started after the death of President Kennedy. Rockefeller family had been running weaponary business. Did Rockefeller benefit from the death of President Kennedy? Nelson Rockefeller started to run for president after the assassination of President Kennedy. Coincident? Former CIA officer Mark Philips said (in Jesse Ventura’s TV show) the Church investigation on CIA mind control Project in 1975 resulted in the transferring of the secret technologies (include remote surgery and remote mind control technologies) to private FIRMs under tycoons. Rockefeller foundation and Ford foundation had been used as conduit of CIA fund. Eileen Rockefeller Growald (born 1952), the youngest daughter of David Rockefeller had been studying mind-body interaction. Did she participate in the secret remote mind control and remote surgery project? The WTC twin towers and the CIA headquarter WTC 7 collapsed by 911 robots were sponsored by David Rockefeller and Nelson Rockefeller. Coincident? In history, Many “Rock” style stars died of bazaar drug abuses, including Michael Jackson. Coincident?

Hearings by US government officials on CIA mind control since 1995 were not reported in mainstream media as what they did to Snowden’s leakage. Why?  In history, nearly 1000 Americans killed in Jonestown in 1978 was suspected to be made by Rockefeller family controlled CIA mind control FIRM. Who else could use advanced technologies to kill innocent humankind except tycoons in <God Father>?


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美国人想方设法使我在法庭上赢不了,回不了加拿大,无法在加拿大诉讼美国的秘密、美国的武器等。2010年初开始,我的脑袋已经被摧残坏了(记忆力属于很差水平、被传入思想、梦境等等)。我给http://www.mindjustice.org/ (Cheryl Welsh)写过E-mail,美国、加拿大、中国有Targeted Individual Victims of mind control weapon。我是在2006年冬天在加拿大开始有卫星跟踪感、监视感,开始生病,2010年11月发现mind control weapon、Targeted Individual Victims of mind control weapon,美国有军事秘密。另外,联系过https://peacepink.ning.com/(Soleilmavis Liu)、http://www.surveillanceissues.com/(Paul Baird、SUZANNE LEBOEUF)。我是这样的受害者。
美国人使用mind control weapon、HAARP等,秘密群控过大量人,这些人的脑袋没坏,许多人意识不到武器。美国有军事秘密。美国的武器不仅脑控人,还秘密使人致命,美国有“无声杀手”——微波、次声波、激光武器等。

Websites about High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program (HAARP), Mind Control Weapons, Targeted Individual (TI) Victims of Mind Control Weapons, Directed Energy Weapon (DEW), military satellite and space weapons...


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The undercover tycoon family member CIA technical boss is the evil source, because he/she did not immediately expose the remote surgery and remote mind control secret technologies in mainstream media massively. He/she made tens of thousands innocent people being killed every single day. Those CIAs who did not try to delete that technical boss is evil’s helper.


29-year-old CIA contractor Snowden did the right thing by making part of the CIA contractor’s behaviors transparent. The US government should make the Surveillance Program transparent if they are trying to attack terrorists rather than attacking anti-terrorists. The monitoring behavior of a government would not be violating individual’s privacy if the government told the general public the bad behaviors (e.g. plan to kill innocent people, do something damaging other innocent people. Victims of mind control are innocent people.) of certain people rather than hiding the information and only allow a few tycoons know the secret criminal behaviors. The monitoring behavior of a government would not be violating Individual’s privacy if the government did not tell the general public the not-bad behaviors of an individual and caused damages to the individual.


Ordinary people are not afraid of being monitored by non-bad people, since we have nothing to hide. Only bad people who do not want to stop doing bad things do not want the general public to know what they are doing. CIA real boss belongs to such people. Majority CIA employees are victims. They did not want to do bad things if they were not forced to do so due to being tortured mentally, physically or economically.


I support transparent monitoring by governments for good purposes. I also support Snowden for making certain CIA behaviors transparent. CIA should be completely transparent if CIA’s existence was not for damaging humankind.

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There is no Marathon or any type of competition going on. It is Rockefeller technicals figuring on how to kill every CIA who knows the secrets


The CIA mind control FIRM under the control of a tycoon family, which might be Rockefeller family, pretending they are competing on something. There is no competition or Marathon as what the CIA real boss told the CIA employees and other victims (targetted individuals around the world). The only thing that is really going on is the CIA Rockefeller family relatives (or other name of the tycoon family that is controlling CIA) are figuring about how to kill every CIA who knows the secrets, so that the killing of two US presidents: President Kennedy and President Johnson can be secret forever and no one knows the killings made by this generation Rockefellers using electromagnetic Remote Surgery and Remote Mind Control technologies.


By making the brain damaged and being tortured CIA employees kill innocent people, the Rockefellers are trying to justify the killings of the CIA employees who know the secrets.


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Only those who know remote mind control are responsible for their behaviors

Those who did not try to delete or disfunction the CIA real boss who does not allow exposing the two secret technologies: remote surgery and remote mind control, in main stream media massively (every media, every day, like the report on Boston bombing rather than the report on Iran earthquake) are helpers of the CIA real boss, who planned to kill every CIA employee who know the secrets.


Killing killers who do not allow exposing the secrets (Remote Surgery and Remote Mind Control technologies) in main stream media massively is saving lives. Every single day, there are tens of thousands people being killed mentally or physically due to the hiding of the secrets.


Those who on purpose fool the CIA robots by making them expose the secrets in non-mainstream media are on purpose making the killings continue. They are the people who are using the time to figure out how to kill every CIA who know the secrets secretly. There is less than 1 person increase per minute in the number of people who know the secrets. However, there are more than 2 more people per minute being killed mentally or physically. The speed of increase is not compatible with the speed of decrease. How could any secrets be exposed without allowing mainstream media report every day?


Recent media report on the death of former British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher, which was highly suspected of being murdered by CIA mind control FIRM, on purpose demolished her because of some of her bad behaviors towards the public, when she was Prime Minister and did not know what was remote mind control. People who did not know remote mind control should not take responsibly for what they did under remote mind control. It was the CIA real boss who on purpose made the CIA dolls kill innocent people (e.g. Margaret Thatcher) in the name of education. The real purpose was to justify killing every CIA employee who knows the secrets, which was the original plan. CIA sent me the plan by showing me only one part of the movie starred by Judy Foster, in which a tycoon holding a small box talked to Judy Foster that there was a big secret in the box and no one else knew it, indicating everyone else who knew the secrets had been killed.


When technology level had enabled human kind not need to worry about food and job, people started to worry about being killed secretly. What made that happen? Tycoon family control of CIA is the real reason that most CIA employees are leaving in hell and non-lethal weapon which should be used to save lives are being used to kill people on purpose.

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