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The new world order have created a deliberate universal policy of adding mostly toxic and wholly unnecessary substances to the public food, water, medication, vaccination, tooth filling and toothpaste supply as well as having created another policy of spraying the air with equally dangerous substances. Because of these policies a large percentage of the general public then go on to develop irritable bowel syndrome and a host of other ailments. Further to this, if one claims disability allowance for irritable bowel syndrome one could then be placed on a covert program of remote neural monitoring combined with remote neural manipulation, indirectly because of the dangerous policies of said new world order.

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 Unknown neuro operatives are  reproducing their voices inside my head using wireless embedded systems.  This process is known as microwave hearing, synthetic telepathy, or sometimes voice to skull direct human communication.  The military and intelligence services have been using this process to communicate with each other as well as their enemies for many decades.  It is being used on a world wide scale, mostly in secret.   Strong radio frequeny signals come from my ears at random times throughout each day as a result of this embedded system which possibly came about due to inhalation and ingestion of nano technology or through direct implantation of micro receivers and transmitters in the hearing centres of my brain.  

 I believe that the reason  that I am being non-consensually interrogated by voice to skull direct human communication technology every day for nearly sixteen years is because I am claiming disability allowance for irritable bowel syndrome and the validity of my claim can not be verified by legal means. Therefore unknown individuals wielding advanced technology which enables them to reproduce their voices inside my head day and night  issue death threats and insults towards me and verbally harass me every waking moment for nearly sixteen years. They are also using similar technology to force me to feel unwanted sensations throughout my body.
When I reply to them by saying the following "Why am I hearing your voice coming from inside my head wholly against my will and without my permission,  that then would allow another of their colleagues to know without any doubt how they are obtaining the non-consensual data they are gathering on me.  They then react in a  frightened manner  as if their colleague now knows that they have used unethical means to collect data on me and that would enable any colleague who happened to be listening to blackmail them or even to steal the data for their own use.

These neuro operatives wish to know if I am responsible for causing my symptoms of irritable bowel syndrome by wirelessly analysing what I eat and they can easily establish what I eat by wirelessly receiving information from nano sensors in my stomach and intestines which are currently being blended into some processed foods.  This is happening on a worldwide scale mostly unknown to the general public.  

I do not drink alcohol at all. I do not smoke cigarettes or take any type of drugs and I do not drink tea or coffee. I almost never eat refined sugar. I eat a plant based diet as well as dairy products. I do not eat meat, fish or eggs and I have no plans to eat meat, fish or eggs at any time in the future. I am not responsible for causing my irritable bowel syndrome problems.

The neuro operatives who reproduce their voices inside my head have attempted to persuade me to drink alcohol and to resume smoking cigarettes which I gave up more than twenty six years ago. They are not trying to help me recover from irritable bowel syndrome. They are attempting to find a way to gain control over my life and if they do so they would then attempt to extrapolate that control system over all other human beings who complained of suffering from irritable bowel syndrome throughout the world. These neuro operatives are knowingly or unknowingly assisting the dark new world order would-be dictatorship in attempting to rigidly control everybody throughout the world by any means possible. I have never broken any law in my entire life.  I can think of no other reason why I would be put on this non-consensual program which is sometimes called remote neural monitoring along with remote neural manipulation, which I also experience.

Hundreds of thousands if not millions of people are currently complaining of similar experiences to mine. We are not being taken seriously due to the fact that electronic mind control is now  in widespread use in my country, Ireland and throughout most countries in the world.

I constantly write about my experiences of being a targeted individual of non-consensual and extremely unwilling neuro weapons research.  I do not get paid for being a neuro weapon research subject and I do not get paid for my continued writing about my experienes of being a neuro weapon research subject and I never would accept payment from these evil criminal neuro weapon researchers  who have harassed and psychologically tortured me for nearly sixteen years wholly without my permission or consent.  

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The dark new world order crime cabal have publicly stated that there are too many people in the world and that we are consuming non-renewable natural resources. They have coined the term "useless eaters" to describe us. Their plan to kill billions of us is already underway. They have weaponized many electronic devices as well as smart meters, pharmaceuticals, psychiatry, food, water, vaccinations and many other products. . For further information on the over population hoax and the ongoing worldwide human culling program please watch the following youtube video by Dr Rima Labow

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I currently hear voices coming from inside my head.  The general public must now confront the fact that technology has existed that can transmit voices inside the heads of random members of the public by wireless capabilities for many decades and the science is easily explainable.

The general public must also confront the fact that they have been in denial about this  because to acknowledge the truth would lead to a public crisis like no other.

I have been lead to believe that the following method is the one that is  being used to wirelessly transmit the voices which  I hear coming from inside my head.   We all have ingested neural dust in our food and water.  This neural dust has lodged inside our brains and bodies, some of which has coagulated into larger units over time.  These larger units of neural dust which I will call nodes are being used to draw energy into a computer network from my brain circuits in order to provide information to the neuro operatives about the condition of the nodes.  If said nodes are sufficiently large enough they can then be used to create an electronic circuit board inside the human brain. Each coagulated neural dust node can be connected to another coagulated neural dust node by way of  streaming digital signals from one node to another node through the computer network that they have been wirelessly linked to.  This electronic circuit board can then be used by the criminal neuro operatives to upload voices, images, short videos, odours, sensations and tastes into the brain and mind of the targeted individual.  Furthermore, this electronic circuit board inside my brain is now being used on an almost daily basis to move the muscles of my face and neck against my will and without my permission.

The cover stories that are being most commonly used to cover up advances in neuro science are the cover story that the subject  who is experiencing strange phenomena is mentally unwell or is having supernatural experiences.   Neither is true.

The nodes of neural dust  which have coagulated inside my brain and body over many years are not in my favour.  They are being used to slowly enslave me.  I could find myself in a situation at some time in the future where criminal neuro operatives could close my mouth or eyes against my will and refuse to allow me to open them again unless I do their bidding.   I could also be paralysed by wireless means and from a remote location in the future if I do not find a way to dissolve the coagulated nodes of neural dust inside my brain and body.   Some fellow targeted individuals of remote neural manipulation have suggested I drink ozonated water or Epsom salts in order to dissolve the coagulated nodes of neural dust inside my brain and body.  I am currently drinking both of these drinks.  I have not noticed any change in the level of invasion into my mind and body  by these remote neural monitoring and remote neural manipulation staff.    Please urgently disassemble and ban microwave transmitters if you wish that you and your children to  live in freedom from wireless tethering to computer networks.   Otherwise neural enslavement of many individuals is now imminent.

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Agricultural Advice.

I am slowly and incrementally being primed for wirelessly enabled  technological enslavement and I have now been in this situation for more than fifteen years.  I am wirelessly tethered via internal technology to a network of computers which appear to be owned and run by criminal gangs.   I do not know and I have never met members of these criminal gangs  due to the fact that all of our conversations are conducted wirelessly via military grade implants (perhaps nano or bio technology)  which I believe are embedded in both my ear canals and also  throughout my brain and body.  I constantly hear these human voices coming from inside my head .   If we succeed in disabling and outlawing wirelessly enabling technology and other related technology through out the world we should have no further problems from technological enslavement of human beings.   Along with  attempting to neuro enslave us by wireless technological  means,  the four thousand ruthless psychopaths who now run all institutions and corporations on this earth are also attempting to enslave us by financial, legal, social control,  electronic mind control and food control means.    So,  as well as disabling and outlawing wirelessly enabling technology we aught to change our agriculture practices to suit the modern age.

Nano particulates are being sprayed on much of the current food supply.  These nano particulates can be detected in the  intestines of a selection of human beings by wireless means,  by the use of directed energy.   Unknown   Data analysts regularly analyse the food content of my intestines by wireless means and from a remote location.  This work is being paid for by someone or some unknown organization.  Said data analysts are located in central London.  I reside in Ireland, Europe.

If society is directed to abstain from eating certain foods due to false claims that that particular food is in short supply in the world or due to the fact that we are no longer legally entitled to kill animals because in future animals and humans could be given the same legal status, or for a number of other reasons, your intestines could  then be analysed by wireless means and even from a remote location to ascertain if you are abstaining from that particular food.   This practice is becoming common  among the data analysts who work in this secretive industry. 

  I personally believe that farm owners should consider growing rye or spelt in the future.   Unlike most other grains, both rye and spelt plants have not been hybridized and they do not cause health problems in humans.   Grains that have been hybridized over the past few centuries contain large amounts of starch which is very addictive to the extent that starch based hybridized plants were used to feed slaves in past centuries.  Due to the  strong addictive qualities of high starch based foods, slaves were able to be controlled by constant hunger pangs which were generated from the addictive qualities of said  starch, which is also the basis for other strongly addictive substances such as  alcohol and cocaine.

All meat is due to  be banned from use in the distant future.  Human flesh  would  be supplanted among animal meat in order to encourage humans to become vegetarians.   The ruling psychopaths wish to own and control the food supply on earth.   If that day ever arose , they would process all public foods thoroughly so that you would not be allowed to know the ingredients of the foods you were  eating.  They might  even blend the food with substances in order to dumb us down so that we would be unable to think our way out of enslavement.   We must now act in order to save the children of the human race from this evil fate which the ruling psychopaths have planned for us all.


Secrecy allows evil to flourish.  Full disclosure allows good to flourish.  Please raise awareness of this burgeoning enslavement situation on the understanding that knowledge is power. 

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Super computers monitor and manipulate all electrical activity in the brains of subjects of Remote Neural Monitoring.   If you are subjected to Remote Neural Monitoring the hive mind team who monitor and surveill you on a twenty four hour per day basis will keep detailed records of everything you say and do as well as detailed records of everything you eat and of each time you visit the bathroom.  Because markers are being placed in the food supply via the packaging, they can also monitor your food as it travels through your alimentary canal.  They can monitor it being digested and assimilated and even eliminated.  Targeted individuals of Remote Neural Monitoring have absolutely no privacy because technology is locked onto their unique brain signature on a constant basis so that their behaviour can be detected and evaluated at all times.  If you wish to keep some privacy in your life you aught to eat food that has not been wrapped in packaging so as to avoid food markers.  Apples and carrots normally contain markers but bananas and potatoes may be safe to eat. Medication contains markers.    When microwave transmitters are banned we will return to absolute freedom on this earth.  The existence of satellites is an easily proveable hoax.

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Purchase Land For Homeless TIs


I am seeking your financial support to purchase land. The land will consist of 5 to more acres. We will use it as a safe haven for individuals who are being targeted with electronic harassment and organized gang stalking.

Electronic harassment is a form of torture that involves the use of micro-wave weapons. These weapons are experimental and there use is highly classified. However, they have been known to cause cancer and disabled a person inability to live a normal life. We have been in contact with the government about this problem, but it has been difficult to get them to stop.

Organized Gang Stalking are individuals who have been contracted by the United States government to carry out these illegal experiments. Their role is basically to assist and enforce instructions that is given to them, which includes gathering and reporting data to their superiors.

The land will house a garden and a place for the Targeted Individual to congregate without worrying about some of the harassment that we endure on a daily basis. In the later months, we will use the land to encourage economic independency by encouraging entrepreneurship, which is key to rebuilding our lives.

For instance, we plan to sell some of the produce that we grow to the public. And the other idea is raise awareness by making clothes that highlight our position.

If you believe in Human Rights and want to give us a chance to be whole again, will you consider a kind financial contribution today?

Any amount will be welcome ($1, $5, $25, $50, $100, $250, $500, $1,000) or more. Thank you for your cooperation and we hope we hear from you soon.

Please click this link to donate:

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August 2015 Journal


8-2 Around 6AM heart palpitation and irregular right arm movement. When I turned to the other side, arm palpitation stopped for a short period, but continued with less frequency. The distant between the viewer area is greater than the area I moved from in the beginning. This clarifies what I already knew the attacks are being made by single individuals carrying the technology. So this theory about satellite attacks is not true in this case. Most of all the attacks are person to person, This does not discount any satellite technology, but it is what is happening to me. I’m familiar with the area and where these criminal groups are working from. I have the name of the business, which I will not disclose at this time, but all info will be submitted to the authorities at a later time in my legal documents.

7/8-2 Throughout the month of July I been confronted with a persistant ear infection affecting my left ear. I can feel were they had embedded this technology (which can be done remotely), in the back of my ear. The technology affects the ability to hear and is down nearly 80 percent. I have tried health aids, but that has not help. Surgery will not be possible as it might allow this criminal organization to put more remote technology in my ear. This is just the ways it is at the moment. When you have this much infiltration, you have to live without heart, bad teeth, potential bad health and crime against humanity.

8-2 In the evening I heard someone in the area. Within 15 minutes of hearing them, the attacks increased. They were focused mainly to the face and head. It felt like electricity all over the body.

8-3  At around 5:30A energy was again turned up. In this situation, it felt like my body was vibrating.

8-3 Around 7:30P after experiencing computer problems initiated by the perpetrators, I accidentally formated my external hard drive. The purpose of formating was to make my SD memory readable. Because of this, I had to load a program that will assist in the recovery of these files. A recovery like this takes about 20 hours. This is just another example of being a Targeted Individual.

8-4 Throughout the night, the targeting was directed at my stomach and than my right foot and toes.

8- 6 Dollar Tree Store 336 N Eastern Blvd, Unit 1, Fayetteville, NC 28301
(910) 484-1388. Manager: Carlos. When I entered the store, it looked like it was recently stocked. I purchased Candy: Mary Jane, Graffiti Taffy and GoLightly Sugar Free Hard Candy Tropical Fruit. The GoLightly was sticky and wet, which meant that it had been sprayed before being rewrapped. This is typical with hard candy as their machines can’t embed this tech into hard candy unlike the other varieties. Also purchased Chewy Oat & Honey and Chewy Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip – both made by Select Choice. TJ Farms Select Onin Rings/Broccoli Cuts, Pagasa Macaroni Elbow and Natural Select Snacks.

Food Lion #0367 342 Northeastern Blvd Ste 2 Fayetteville, NC 28301. Manager on duty Ernest. Several employees and non-employees stocking store. Several “customers” positioning themselves in my perimeter as I shopped. Purchased: Food Lion Brand IQF Chicken Wings, Eastern Peaches, Garlic and 5 pound bag of Red Grapefruit.

8-7 Upon consuming these products, noticeable contamination with GoLightly Hard Candy from Dollar Tree and Grapefruit from Food Lion. Attacks to the stomach, Feet increased.

8-7/8 Throughout the night attacks to the head, feet and stomach were felt. Also experienced a rapid heartbeat, which has been the norm for several weeks now.

8-8/9 Left ear crackling; the infection is still present.

8-10 Food Lion #1612 2071 Skibo Rd Fayetteville, NC Tele. No. 910-867-2454. Manager: Bill Vanwinkle. As I was shopping, I did not see the typical stocking that I see in these business, however, I did noticed some contamination with some of the products, which will be explain later. There was typical “customers” that were perp. One particular “customer” was seen near my bags as I was shopping. I seen this individual again as I was checking out. I had to move my bags several times. Anyway, I purchased Jumbo Turkey Franks from Jennie – O, frozen Corn, Peas, Green Beans from Birds Eye,  Frozen Black Eye Beans from PictSweet, Ball Park Beef Franks and Golden Hot Dog Buns, Kraft Original Barbecue Sauce, Oreo Cookies and My Essentials Enriched Long Grain White Rice. Items misplaced or stolen were Pork Country STY Ribs, Pork Neckbones, Turkey Drumbsticks and Food Lion Brand Cheddar Cheese.

8-10 Fresh Market 230 Glensford Dr, Fayetteville, NC 28314. Phone No.: 910 -867- 2588. Manager:  Due to lost receipt, I’m not aware, but it could be found in my credit card records. Memory tells me that I purchased bananas, yellow and regular peaches and Snikiddy eat your vegetables Tasty Veggie Chips with Sea Salt. As I was shopping I noticed several perpetrators positioning themselves in my perimeter. The purpose of these individuals coming into my space is to Transmit Directed Energy to my transplanted body. They all carry devices. Also noted is a specific store employee was right directly behind me. He was seen several times.

8-10 Because I was carrying a lot of bags, I could not keep up with everything. Items misplaced or stolen were Pork Country STY Ribs, Pork Neckbones, Turkey Drumbsticks and Food Lion Brand Cheddar Cheese. Between being forced to move to the front and getting off the bus is when these items disappeared, Before getting off the bus, one of the perpetrators rang the bell and rushed to the front of the bus as I got off. He could have used the back door. This is where these items were lost or taken. I was carrying a backpack, other groceries from Fresh Market and Food Lion and a box of new shoes. This made it 6 bags. The area of this bus stop consist of a manufacture business, and car and municipal depot. There is no residence or retail in this area. And the direction this individual was walking was towards downtown. I know this area enough to know that a person can walk to downtown using the street into the railroad tracks into down. The only reason this individual got off the bus is so he can hit me with Directed Energy as I was getting off the bus. And earlier during the targeting, at least one person gets off the bus when it was my stop. I don’t care where I got off. It is how their devices are configured.

8-10 I did not consume any of the products. In the past consuming the products lead to intensive targeting as the implanted technology is “new”. Also because the targeting I received on the bus leads to a more intensive form of targeting later. This is why I don’t eat the day I’m going to be in a close perimeter to people. All the food and rain water has some tech in it. The food and liquids brought from businesses is worse as it is more controlled.

8-11 Upon consuming the yellow peaches from Fresh Market, I was inflicted with diarrhea. I could literally feel the peach being pushed down to my abdomen. So it was heavy sprayed with chemical tech before it was put on the shelf. I did not have any problems like this with the other products from this business.

8-11/12 The Oreo Cookies and to some degree the Kraft Barbeque sauce had tech in it. Upon waking up from a nap, I was inflicted with a rapid heartbeat. Also, throughout the night into the morning I had symptoms that I didn’t had on the night of the 10th. These symptoms includes attacks to the mid-section, feet, legs and head.

8-13 Consumed Food Lion Brand White rice with Black Eye Peas and attacks to the head and stomach became more evident. Later in the night I can feel directed energy and face. And early in the morning I woke up to DE focused on my fingers. It was around 4:30A.

8-13 Persistent ear infection due to the targeting. The targeting consist of perpetrators remotely placing technology behind the ears and using DE to swell the ear canal. So now there is an extra layer of skin blocking the canal. The result: 80 percent hearing lost.

8-13/14 Throughout the day into the next day I was attempting to retrieve files that was accidentally formatted and the machine battery went out. This isn’t the first time a battery went out. Several months now even if the indicator will tell me that a battery is charging, it is not. The criminals manipulate the battery computer. Meanwhile, the main battery that is feed by solar panel dropped it charge rate and could no longer keep the computer on, Had the computer battery not been manipulated, it would have been able to kept the computer until the main battery was able to pick up a charge again. It was around 3A when the computer shut down. It takes 32 hours to retrieve deleted files from a 2 TB external hard drive. This does not include restoring files to the second drive, which is needed to retrieve files from the first drive.

8-14/15 Attacks to the left ear became evident after using hydrogen peroxide. It was particularly noticeable after waking up at 11:45 PM in the evening. The attacks continued to the next day, which included pulsing of my ear. The hydrogen peroxide was purchased at a Roses on 342 N Eastern Blvd #7, Fayetteville, NC 28301. The re-conditioned of products also includes cosmetics.

8-15/16  Did not consume anything the entire day, not even rain water. Device placed in location. Constant attacks to the mid-section. Attacks to other parts of the body minimum, which was restricted to legs.

8-16 After consuming the white rice I purchased from Food Lion, attacks to the stomach was immediate. Then felt tech behind my left ear, which reduce my hearing by 80 percent. I could feel the tech in my mouth as crystals. Later attacks to my head and face became more prevalent.

8-16/17 Numerous individuals walking in areas that I normally don’t see anyone. 100 percent are African American males. Increase traffic in areas not common at this time of day. It was around 9p when I started walking and now it is about 12:33 A. Lastly, as I was walking someone was spot almost directly behind me. This was around 12:15 A. This is very, very uncommon as this area is very rural. However, due to the nature of the stalking prevalence, it is common. I seen him again, but this time he was programing the towers in the area.

Also heard the sound of sensors being placed throughout the area. I talked about these sensors before as they make a peculiar sound that resembles a cricket, but it is very mechanical. Plus the sound is constant, it does not change in tone. There is a squeaking sound when they are first being placed.

8-16/17 Computer hacking. System would not connect to wifi. Had to roll it back, which the results were favorable.

8-17 Manage to find an area to sleep. Attacks to the feet was noticeable. The attacks to the feet subsided after sleeping on my stomach. I was laying on my back when this happen. Around 4A noticed noise in the area. Attacks to my stomach became more noticeable. When I positioned my stomach to the wall of the highway, attacks stops. I did feel attacks to my midsection, but it was minimum.

8-17 Big Lots Store #5310 Northgate Crossing 3915 Ramsey Street Fayetteville, NC 28311-7673 Telephone No: 910-488-6901. It was around 9:30a when I entered this store. Almost immediately I felt a pulsing signal directed at my head. At no time before did I feel such a signal. I also recognized The Manage (given name) Christy. I had seen her several times before. Usually, if I have shopped at a store in the past, the same people can be seen. Anyway, I purchased Arm & Hammer Laundry Detergent (which I saw someone stocking the shelf). I had verbalized purchasing Detergent to myself earlier. Other item include Oatmeal Raisin Granola, Good Seasame Bran Stick, Gimbal Sour Jelly Beans, Marilan Lime Tartlets, Waymouth Honey Raisin Soynut, Donna Chiara Spaghetti, DI Nicola Penne Rigate, Chick O Stick, Tough Organic Green Tea with Mint, BC Alferdo 4 Serving Pasta, FF Soul Seasoning 8 oz., Garlic Seasoning 8oz., French Fry Seasoning, Fresh Finds Raspberry FR, and Dry Roasted Peanut Jar.

8-17 As I was walking towards Ollies, one of the employees of this establishment was text messaging on their cell phone. He was outside the store. Then when I proceeded towards the store entrance, he decided to walk into the store. I was directly behind him. When I diverted away from the store, he looked puzzled. He had GPS my location for directed energy attacks in the store.

8-17 After logging in the previous post, I went into Ollies on Ramsey Street (910) 822-3116 and purchased 4 items. These items were 4oz Sheila G’s Brownie Brittle, Nestle Crunch Thin Mints, Hot Tamales and Tide Laundry Detergent. When I went outside the store, I see the same employee. He was text messaging on his cell phone. He was wearing a name tag “DON”. It stated he was a supervisor manager. The sells person told me his name was Dawn. Anyway, if a supervisor manger would go to this extent to GPS your location, than it obvious the employees of the store will do the same thing. This also includes the restocking of re-conditioning food and liquid products for the illegal human experimentation that so many Targeting Individuals are familiar with.

8-17 Aldi store #72 3447 Ramsey Street, Fayetteville, NC 28311. Manager on duty was Jeff (I was told by a cashier, Kenneth, that he was told to not mentioned his name). This only tells me the intensitive of the infiltration that is happening in this business. As I was shopping I notice a young man that I have seen before placing “new” items on the shelf. Then later I seen him at as a cashier as I was checking out. This is typical to see employees ending their stocking duties after they see me on the line checking out. Purchased Breakfast Best Homestyle Wafflles, Fit&Active Whole Grain Waffles, Navel Oranges, Black Grapes, IQF Leg Quarters, Lentils, Honey Bear, Frozen Peas, Brown Rice, Happy Farms Deli Swiss Slice Cheese, Happy Farms Deli Mild Cheddar Slice Cheese, Onions, Bagged Broccoli, Vine Tomatoes, Frozen Corn, Parkview Smoked Sausage, Honey Trees Honey Flavored Syrup and Cauliflower.

8-17 When I got back to my location, I noticed the area has been saturated with smart dust technologies and other technologies used to aide these illegal experiments. This prompted me to pay special attention to cleaning the area. However, it only minimize the attacks to the body, which was the upper right arm joint and before sun down and 11:15P the face and head.

8-17/18 Most of the attacks were noise heard from the multiple sensors that was placed in the area. The sensors and smart dust particles allows the criminal organization to target me at a distance and with less people. It also gives them the benefit of being in a single location. But these Sensors and smart dust particles are second level attack mechanisms as the Pulsing devices are the primary modes used for attacking a subject (targeted individual).

8-18 As I consumed one of the purchases I made at Biglots, I could taste the tech in the produc. Then I immediately noticed my left ear clouding up. My left ear clouding up resulted in hearing lost. The product was Marilan Tortinhas Lime Tartlet. Also attacks to my righ arm became apparent. And then attacks o my left foot was noticeable in the form of signaling.

The technologies can be tasted in the food in the form of cystals and these crystals have a moveable sensation in the mouth. Also tasted technologies in the oranges that I purchased from Aldis. Now attacks to the right foot is apparent.

The criminals (referred as perpetrators) setup pulsing devices in the area. They are able to work off the signals that these pulsing devices produce. Then they can manipulate the technologies that is consumed in the body. This is via cell phones, which over 90 percent people have and have been setup with an organized GPS (Global Position Satellite) menu system. The GPS menu system represents points of targeting and anyone with a cellular phone can participate in the attacks on a targeted individual.

But these crimes would not be possible without the cooperation of businesses that restock reconditioned Food and Liquid products. Chem-trails, which have not happened in a while (on a large scale) is just an addition to the targeting, it is not the primary mode used.

After consuming the Good Sense Honey Roasted Soynuts, attacks to the right food big toe occurred.

8-18 The Bear Creek Country Kitchens Alfredo Pasta Mix that I purchased from Biglots was heavily contaminated with nano dust (smart dust – nano crystaline) technologies. It was mixed in with the chicken and broccoli meal. When I first ate it, the technologies in the food was not obvious, but after consuming for some 5 minutes, it became obvious. I’m aware of the perpetrators placing technologies in the area and how it can end up in my food. However, I’m also aware on how they can activate this technologies right after you start eating the food. This is why there is no one else complaining about it. For the perpetrator of these crimes, it is a perfect scheme for manipulating the detection system for identifying infected food.

8-18 Breakfast Best and Fit&Active Waffles that I purchased from Aldis was heavily contaminated with nano dust (smart dust – nano crystaline) technologies. The Honey Flavored Syrup was ok.

8-18/19 The night was very unusual. Unlike previous nights, the attacks were coming individuals from handheld pulsing devices. This is the method used when it is raining as the sensoring technology is less effective.  Attacks were minimum to the heart as it was elevated several times. Late in the morning, pulsing of my right foot was noticeable, but that quickly vanished when I moved around. Also, the sensoring technology could be heard generally in the area around the warehouse, which is the primary location where the criminal organization resides at.

8-19 Computer would not power on until it was plugged in. The battery indicator showed that the battery was almost dead. There is a separated computer that controls what the battery shows and regulates how the battery charges. This has all been manipulated using frequencies.

8-19 Second computer inoperable after attempting to update the bios. I had done this process many times before without problem. So until then, I will be minimizing my computer time until 2nd (or even 3rd machine) is purchased to minimize operation time. Until then, I wish you peace love and happiness, because the whole world needs a lot of it.

8-19 Difficulty on getting o yahoo and facebook. The INTERNET connection takes longer than usual.

8-19 Contamination in the grapes I purchased from Alds and the red hot tamales I purchased from Ollies.

8-20 When I woke up around 1:15a I felt extremely dehydrated. Other attacks included  slight rapid heartbeat.

8-20 Was woken around 7a. Strong rapid heartbeat. Felt directed energy directed at the head and feet. When I got up, attacks to these areas subsided.

8-20 Jelly beans purchased from Biglots! contaminated. This makes more than 90 percent of the products contaminated.

8-21 Woke up to loud sensors.

8-21 Raspberry cookies that I purchased from Biglots was heavily contaminated. It taste like a lot of crystallize nano tech in product.

8-21 In the late Afternoon, felt attacks to the middle-side of my head. It felt like a signal accessing technology attach to a specific part of my head.

8-21/22 Throughout the night into the early morning, I felt my entire right leg under attack. Then I felt energy directed at my head similar to earlier. When I woke up two hours later, it felt like my chest had a device attach to it. I had this tired feeling as if I hadn’t slept for days and urination increased during this period. When I went back to sleep again and woke up around 6a, attacks to the right side of my torso was very noticeable. It felt like a device was attach to this part of body.

8-22 As I pour the dry Macaroni in the a powdery substance filled the air. So as usual I took some rain water and clean the Macaroni several times, then I put the fire on. The next process is to get it hot enough so it would boil and than I clean it again to dissolve any left over reside from the last rinse. The ending result is a safer to eat over-cooked meal with less nano dust contamination. But lessening the affects of nano tech influence requires letting the food sitting over night. The dry Macaroni was purchased at a Dollar Tree store on Eastern Blvd in Fayetteville, NC.

Skipping a day of eating and drinking allows the body to recover from build up of nano tech (other technologies) influences. So at the end, the targeting is minimized.

8-23 Early in the morning I can feel nano tech particles in my mouth. This specifically happened when my side was turned in the opposite direction. When I reverse back to side I was sleeping, the sensations disappeared. The way to understand this is that the particles are placed in the targeted area. Because there is already technology in the targeted body that can be manipulated, perpetrators can then introduce technology to the target without putting it in their food or water.

8-23 As I stated earlier the Macaroni that I purchased from Dollar Tree had nano crystalline in it, but particularly the swiss cheese that I purchased from Alds had it too. The Swiss did not have the white lining in it, but the Cheddar (which was also part of the meal) did. It is very simple “mistakes” like this one that tells me that products are being tampered with. Whether it is for the purpose of illegal human experimentations or not, it is still against the law. But it is also against the law for the government to be involve in this criminal activity as well as ignoring the fact that both malicious food/liquid/water contamination is happening when it is brought to there attention.

8-24/25 Implant found blocking my left ear passage reducing my hearing to about 20 percent. In the night I felt implants in my upper arm joints. It felt like muscle moving against bone. But my arm was not moving. Sharp needle like pain directed at my elbows. In the morning, attacks to the legs and to some degree my head.

8-25 When I place a q-tip in my left ear, I came across a blockage. As I was investigating this blockage, the I hit what appeared to be a metal or plastic part. As I kept moving the q-tip across my inner ear, I can see it was attached my inner ear, which is covering the entire section that would allow hearing. The part refuse to lift up and it was not abrasive, it was hard and smooth.

It has been several weeks and about two months since this implant has been in my ear. When ever my ear is about to open up, I will feel and hear a pulsing sound in my ear. Water gets trapped in my ear, which complicates my hearing.

Later I put some garlic in my ear. I left it there for several hours. Then I applied Hydrogen Peroxide in my ear several times until the garlic was dissolved from my ear. After the garlic was dissolved from my ear something shocking happened. I heard a mechanical sound in left ear.

I never had this problem with implants in my ear (that I’m aware of). I have not had any surgery or my last visit to the doctor was over 10 years ago.So I assume the implants were placed in my food and than attached to my left ear.

8-25/26 Attacks of my ear throughout the night into the morning. The attacks was in the form of pulsing my left ear and the symptom was popping. Minimum attacks to my stomach, legs, head, elbows, arms and feet.

8-26 Constant attacks to my right and left foot. It feels like energy going through my feet.

8-27 Attacks to my feet after waking up around 1a. It felt like electrical current going through my feet. Other attacks were to the legs in the form of bee stings, which is a symptom after the attacks are applied.

8-27 – Attacks to my left foot and bee stings to my left leg after eating brown rice, split peas and sausage. I purchased the split peas and sausage from Aldis, but it was the rice, which I purchased from Biglots that consist of the larger amount of contaminants. The rice needed to be rise down with a larger amount of rain water. However, due to the lack of rain in the area, the rain water used to clean the rice was very limited.

8-27/28 Throughout the night into the morning I experienced a rapid heartbeat. The first rapid heartbeat was strong, but the second was mild in comparison. However, when I was woken the first time, the symptom was limited to my feet. The second time, the symptoms included energy directed to the side of my body I was laying on. Only a nearby pulsing device can produce this kind of sensation. I also felt tired, or like I haven’t slept for days. These symptoms quickly vanish when I get up and start moving around. Moreover, I was given a false dream, which occur every time I go to sleep. But this one had racial connotations in it.

8-28 Did not eat or consumed rain water entire day. Minimum attacks to the feet, legs and arms.

8-28/29 Attacks restricted to the right foot, but nothing like the previous night.

8-29 Hacking and interfering with the time and date mechanism on my computer, which interferes with logging onto Facebook and Yahoo email accounts. The hacking is associated with the targeting or reduced directed energy targeting to the body. When I don’t eat (FAST), the targeting drops significantly.

8-29/8-30 Attacks to the (upper regions of my ) left foot throughout the night into the morning of 2:30A. After banging my feet together for an hour, attacks to my left foot subsided. Attacks to the stomach could then be felt. As I was going back to sleep, attacks to the right foot became evident, but was not as directed as the left foot. Also felt attacks to the head later in the morning.

8-30 I’m upgrading to the Government Sponsored Stalking email service from the Yahoo email service. The purpose is to be able to manage email better, create a list serv for important TI announcements and filter spam much more accurately.

8-30 Constant attacks to the upper regions of my left foot throughout the day.

8-30/31 When I was woken I felt a slight elevation in heartbeat. I ate some kidney beans earlier. I did not have this symptom the previous nights.

8-31 Rain. Used this opportunity to clean the heavily contaminated brown rice I purchased from Big Lots! I also filled all my water bottles. I heard Donald Duck sound in the background. I usually hear this sound when it rains. This is the perpetrator devices that have been modified to put out this sound, instead of the popping sound that I use to hear.

8-31/9-1 Attacks to the right foot throughout the day into the night and the next day. Attacks to this area of my body involves continuous pulsing of the right regions of my right foot. When I hit my feet together, it interrupts the attacks temporary. When I get up, sometimes the attacks stop almost entire. However, when I go asleep and wake up, they return.

Summarize: This concludes the Journal for August 2015. During this month, the attacks were mainly directed at my left ear, which resulted to hearing lost. Until this time, although the attacks have subsided in this area of my body, hearing in my left ear is difficult. Also, due to the lack of rain in the area, I was forced to reside in the same area for an extended period of time. Staying in the same location presents it own unique problems, but having no clean water is just unacceptable. Leaving an area without a significant amount of water would mean that I would be subjected to drinking Tap water or buying bottle water. In the past I have tried drinking both of these options and they were both heavily contaminated. Systems are setup throughout the area to push chemicals and tech in the tap water. And bottle water, which are recently stocked on store shelves, have been reconditioned with the same substances. Although the rain water has tech in it, it is not as controlled. However, during heighten targeting, even the consumption of rain water is reduced. The reduction of rain water always means the reduction of food, because the rain water has help me recover from the consumption of contaminated food. Towards the end of the attacks to the feet have became more evident.

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They programmed me to commit suicide... or began to

email: cubicle227 at yahoo . ca - you can send me an email any time for any reason.

They are probably in the process of programming me for suicide, very slowly.

I thought it would be good for me to write an article about how they programmed me for suicide, at sunnybrook hospital. I am tired, but I will try my best.

Firstly, I believe I was probably triggered to come extremely close to it (knife on my skin) before I was taken to sunnybrook hospital. Once there, I was continuously forced not to resist psychological torture until I began to imagine running into a large food heater, sometimes trying to commit suicide, sometimes trying to escape the hospital. I was made to become secretly attracted to the idea of turning myself into liquid. I would go toward the source of fetishized suffering related to this when I drank alcohol later on.

In the hospital, a staff member often clicked a pen and I was programmed to become more and more triggered by this, to commit suicide. Then the idea of having my body forcefully moved toward the electrical socket became a problem. I imagined my distance from the socket to happen in "steps" related to disobedience.

Continuously, I was forced to imagine things like pouring acid on myself, putting myself into the heater, electrocuting myself or gouging my eyes. They made me insane and blamed it on my psychosis.

Love, Daniel

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