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 Satanists are giving a selection of homeless people food and drinks which are laced with drugs so that the homeless people become unconscious and are then transported to a location where they are locked up. When they wake up a few days later they find themselves unable to escape. The Satanists then wait until the drugs have left the bodies of the homeless people and they then torture them, and they then ritually human sacrifice them and eat their felsh and drink their blood. Please warn all homeless people and others from accepting food and drinks from strangers no matter how hungry or thirsty they are.   I got that information from reading the books of Kerth Barker who claims to have once been owned by a Satanist but who is not a Satanist himself.  His website is

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I have heard from many and varied sources that Satanists run this world now, so because of that I have been researching Satanism in order to know my enemy. Here is some of what I have found as follows:-
Satanists practice torture and public executions in front of other Satanists and Luciferians in order to terrorise their fellow Satanists into absolute obedience to whatever Satanist is at the top of their hierarchy.
Many aristocrats are Satanists or Luciferians and they see themselves at the top of the food chain so in order to prove to their fellows that they are at the top of the food chain they kill and eat people and drink their blood.
When Satanists are selecting people to kill and eat they will mostly select undocumented Americans and they will first lead them to believe that they are charity workers. They will bring them food which has been laced with drugs. When the undocumented Americans wake up from their drug induced coma they find themselves locked in a prison. The undocumented Americans are left there for several days until the drugs have left their bodies. Then they are tortured first in order that their adrenal glands will release adrenachrome into their blood. When they have been sufficiently tortured they will be murdered and their blood will be drank and their flesh will be eaten by the Satanists. Many Satanists are addicted to adrenachrome and they sell it to each other. Satanists also kill children who they select from orphanages and youth prisons, especially those children and youths who never receive visits from their families, because they wont be missed when they disappear. I am worried by the fact that no records were made available of the children of unmarried mothers in the past. Was this action taken to facilitate the ritual human sacrifice of some of those babies. Please answer this now.
At this point in time, Satanists and others own most if not all of the major mass media outlets for television, internet and print media so if we wish to warn the public about the widespread acitivities of Satanists we have to do so by means of dropping letters through private letter boxes or by means of speaking on local radio. You must do your share of activism because we are all in trouble from Satanism at the point in time. Activists aught to organise themselves in small cells rather than large groups because large groups can easily be identified and stopped.
Satanists conceal their intentions from the people of the world. They take actions slowly and continually weaken the people of the world. They are cutting off access to our supplies. They are confusing us with misleading information. They are demoralising us by legally forcing us to believe that it is possible to switch genders and by forcing us to call boys girls, etc. They deliberately create conflict among the people of the world. They destroy the militaries by forcing them to attend for psychiatric evaluation and then forcing them to take unnecessary anti-psychotic medication which is deliberately blended with poisons which generate extremely distressing side effects in key members of the military and their troops. There is a strong corolation between psychiatric medication and military suicides. Satanists are using electronic mind control programming on the people of the world which renders many men and women passive and trusting in the directives of the enemy Satanists. Satanists conduct an economic war on us so that we are eventually empoverished. They transmit voice commands into locations inside our heads and when we report the matter to the police, they have trained the police to automatically send us for psychiatric evaluation without ever documenting our complaints in order to them make them official.
Satanists and Luciferians control the Vatican, Washington DC and the London Financial District. Please don't place your trust in the Vatican or any Pope because you do not know their true agenda. We aught to educate the children of the world by means of using a non-religious moral philosophy as a foundation for their moral behaviour because religions offer no real proof of their beliefs and they are being used to Satanists and others to cause division through out the world.
We aught to know our enemy and because of that I have been researching Satanism. Much of what I have found out is horrifying but I would recommend some of the books of Kerth Barker. I don't know him and I don't agree with all of what he believes. His website is

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Is the Queen of England, Queen Elizabeth ll a Luciferian while posing as a Christian?
Is Prince Charles, who is also known as the Prince of Wales a Luciferian while posing as a Christian?
Is Baron Peter Mandelson who is also known as the lord Mandelson who is a British and European Politician a Luciferian?
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A brain computer interface is being used to feed electrical signals into my brain against my will due to the fact that I have been given an organic brain implant which relies on direct wetware to wetware connectivity. Organic brain implants can be given to us via smart vaccines or via ingestion or inhalation against our wills and without our permission. This organic brain implant has allowed unknown others to take external control of my brain and central nervous system and has rendered me a wireless slave. The same fate is in store of you all .
I did not gain any advantage from this situation. My brain does not interface directly with cloud A.I. My interface does not allow me to communicate directly with robots or automobiles or other technology. Instead I experience constant voice commands, unwanted visions including pornography, instant disablement, pain, electric shock, and forced muscle movement and partial virtual reality holds which I find it difficult to pull myself out of. I am now a wireless slave . An organic brain implant will be given to you without your permission and it is not a digital upgrade. It is a downgrade into total and absolute enslavement where you may be denied permission to move a single muscle in your body if you dare to challenge the slave masters who are the British and American Pilgrim Society who own and control the United Nations and the World Health Organisation. We might have a way out of this enslavement if the infrastructure which allows wireless connections is disassembled and banned. Otherwise babies will be born into enslavement from this time on, under dark Luciferian and Satanic control for all eternity.
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We have metallic particulates inside us which we inhaled and ingested because of chemtrail spraying of the skies over our heads. We can now be burned by microwaves which come from the microwave transmitters which have been installed in all areas throughout most of the world. The dark Luciferians see us as useless eaters who are using up the resources of this earth which they wish to keep for themselves.

It is my belief that the dark Luciferians plan to silently assassinate more than six billion of us by wireless means at random times and then falsely attribute our deaths to a viruses or something similar. I also believe that they plan to enslave the remaining five hundred million and they plan to contain them inside smart city prisons where they would torture any of them who refuse to obey, by wireless means by the use of microwaves or millimetre waves. We must disassemble and ban microwave transmitters and millimetre wave transmitters as a matter of urgency. We do not live in a naïve world where the dark Luciferians love us and would never hurt us. That naïve world does not exist and never has. You have been complacent and naïve while your freedom has been taken away

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There may be a way of deciphering exactly who our real enemies are.  Worldwide social engineers such as MK Ultra or Tavistock strive to create small realities for us through their control over public education, the main stream media, organised religions, book clubs and think tanks among other areas of new idea generation.    According to most archaeologists strong evidence exists which proves that humans have walked the earth for at least five hundred million years.  Some archaeologists have provided evidence that humans have walked the earth for more than four thousand, five hundred million years.   When we think about organised religions and their origins we are strongly encouraged to think in time frames of two thousand years, which does not make sense to the average thinker.   There must have been belief systems in  existence for hundreds of millions of years.  What happened to those belief systems and why did they suddenly end?     According to the late Dr Paul Marko of the online youtube channel Pine Cone Eutopia,  dark Luciferians have strongly influenced human life from behind the scenes for nine thousand years.  He has claimed that up to six thousand years ago said dark Luciferians created many of our organised religions so that they could funnel us all into various belief systems so that they could then overlay those belief systems with mind control which they have been doing successfully since then.
I believe that these dark Luciferians kept their reproductive lives among themselves and they still do.  They do not inter marry with the rest of the human race.  They do not spread their knowledge or wealth to the rest of the human race.  They have come to regard the rest of the human race as inferior to them.   I believe that they have infiltrated all of our power institutions but they never put themselves forward for public elections.   They stay in the background of our lives where they remain in control of the money and weapon supply of the world regardless of what political party gets into office.  They have become so exclusive and power hungry that the inner circle of the dark Luciferians do not even like the outer circle but they tolerate them in order to get political work done.  They live modest unassuming lives so that their vast power and influence over the human race never comes to light.  However, they have a weak point.   In order to save ourselves from enslavement be these dark dark individuals we aught to take many and varied DNA samples until we find a pure strand of DNA which has not been contaminated by other more common DNA for thousands of years.  We will have found them then .  We need to know our enemies.
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Have you noticed the relatively new phenomenon of national radio presenters grovelling to members of the self-proclaimed elite whenever said radio presenters are obliged to interview them?.  Why would an adult sane human being grovel to their own equal like  a sycophant?.   The radio presenter says such things as  " I am very lucky to be in the presence of such a great, great man as you.   I am very nervous to be in your presence.   I will struggle on humbly and attempt to interview you as best I can"   etc.

This radio grovelling has become widespread recently.   I understand why it is occurring.     We do not live in a democracy.     No matter who is elected to any legitimate government in the western world, dark occultist members of secret societies such as free masons, Satanists, dark luciferians and Zionists retain control of both the money supply and the weapons supply of all countries.  They are highly organised and they wish to set up a rigid hierarchical based chain of command throughout the world with themselves as all powerful dictators while the rest of us would be reduced to abject poverty.   In order to pull off the illusion of superiority they surround themselves with grovelling sycophants to are paid to proclaim their greatness to anybody who has the patience and gullability to listen.

This proverbial hierarchical based chain of command that is currently being set up throughout the world would involve children being totally owned and controlled by their mothers who in turn would be totally owned and  controlled by their husbands, who in turn would be totally owned and  controlled by their employers.  The employers would be totally owned and controlled by corporations who in turn are already totally owned and controlled by the  self-proclaimed elite who in turn are about to be totally owned and controlled by the pope.    To achieve this proverbial chain of command, false authority is now being handed out to many government connected authorities such as  main stream medical practitioners  to the extent that now some main stream medical practitioners are being given the false authority  to mandate vaccinations and to mandate psychiatric evaluations on a whim as well as to mandate visits to said medical practitioners whenever they see fit.

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The British police force are being paid significant bonuses if they agree to use a still secret network to force their voices inside the heads of young offenders and even some non offenders with the use of still secret but common place internal technology. This irregular situation came about through an internal agreement with the British government, including Tony Blair who may himself be under duress from the implantation of internal biochips inside his own body, in accompaniment with many other senior and junior politicians throughout Britain and Northern Ireland. Young offenders are being both illegally and immorally implanted with WBANs which are wirelessly enabled body area networks, which include the capability of the British police and a number of other networks to read the thoughts of said young offenders and others and to reply to those thoughts in real time. This illegal implantation of WBANs is meant for eventual electronic enslavement of everybody thoughout the world except for the would-be enslavers who are currently unknown but who undoubtedly belong to secret societies.  Some innocent human beings are now being forced to hear more than one thousand unwanted voices coming from inside their own heads in any given week, so that said British police can earn bonus payments along with their salaries. This system aught to be disabled, disassembled and banned immediately

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The dark luciferian control matrix who have been manipulating the affairs of our planet from behind the scenes for up to six thousand years wish us to be unhealthy, misinformed and egotistical in order that they might slowly and incrementally enslave us.
In order to destroy the health of their fellow human beings they constantly promote the use of refined sugar as well as fructose in our diets.
To that end, their social engineers... promote the idea of using cake in all of our celebrations and social occasions, for example, Christmas cake, wedding cake and birthday cake. They also promote the idea of eating sugar at easter time. They promote the idea of handing out sweets to school children as a reward at the end of term.
The dark luciferian control matrix strongly promote the idea of eating fruit and honey as part of a healthy diet.
Over hundreds of years fruit has been hybridised to the extent that it is now much sweeter than it was in the past, so that our bodies are unable to tolerate such vast quanities of fructose on a year round basis.
The dark luciferian control matrix are so extreme in their manipulation that they may have even introduced the idea of putting sugar in our dinners in the form of sweet and sour sauce.
If you wish to cure yourself of irritable bowel syndrome or a vast number of other health complaints stop eating all refined sugar as well as all fruit, honey, molasses, treacle, sweet and sour sauce, high fructose corn syrup, and any other sweet food. Eat liver and other organ meat. It is far more beneficial than muscle meat.. Eat a wide variety of food as long as it is not in any way sweet.

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