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#1092 YouTube Videos TIs at Bioethics Commision meeting

1pat21 contacted me when the Billboard first went up asking permission to make a YouTube video. Of course it was agreed to and we Emailed her to tell her OK and Thank You.
1pat21 is at it again doing what she does best for us blowing out YouTube videos of the TIs who spoke for all of us.

Thanks to Marc for sending me what is below.  Peter

Really enjoyed the meeting, got to see the familiar faces that I hear alot doing activism. We really let them have it. Lonnie Ali-wife of Muhammed Ali was down there.

And here is the link to the commissions video:

Bio-ethics commission where many TI's spoke. It will be easiest to see the majority speak at the end of the second day. The last 1/2 hour.   Peter
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Dear readers,

Is anyone familiar with these websites? I'm currently using photobucketto upload photos and videos that I have taken to document these crimeshappening to me. Unfortunately, I have been having trouble uploadingvideos and thought of an idea of using NING to continue thisdocumentation. Has anyone thought of using NING to do the documentation?

NING is quite a bit more expensive than the photos/videoswebsites and offer less features. However, it does offer a forum aroundthese photos and videos and this might just be enough to switch.

Notbeing able to upload videos through traditional onsite functions doeslimit my ability to get this evidence to the public. But the FTP optionis a must for uploading large video files.

Youtube has been thebest offer so far, but I'm very limited on how many videos I can upload.There is just too many videos with a lot of substantial evidence for itto be a logical choice.

Besides, only the strongest evidence iswhat I want the masses to see. The less evidential video is just thereto piggy back on the more prominent material.

Your comments aboutthis subject will be gladly appreciation as it will enlighten me (aswell as others) on which available options exist.

Thanks you foryour comments when given.
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